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The Luke Macias Show
Klick Killed SB 1646, Protecting Child Abusers

Facts are facts. Senate Bill 1646 was a strong bill that would have called transitioning a minor “child abuse.” The Texas Senate passed the bill. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick as well as State Sens. Charles Perry (R–Lubbock), Bob Hall (R–Edgewood), and Bryan Hughes (R–Mineola) acted quickly and resolutely to defend Texas children. State Rep. Stephanie Klick (Ft. Worth) then killed the bill and forced Ken Paxton to try to protect these kids without the legislative backing for his actions.

At county and Senate conventions, State Rep. Dustin Burrows (R–Lubbock) decided to go to war with Republican delegates over their focus on conservative policies instead of politician praise. Matt Rinaldi continued to be a defender of grassroots delegates by articulating why Republicans are asking for conservative victories.

Lastly, State Rep. Cody Harris (R–Palestine) made a strong statement aligning with parents against the Marxist indoctrination happening in public schools. This is incredibly encouraging, since Cody represents a faction in the Republican Caucus who votes right of center on most issues but is closely aligned with teacher unions. People like Cody will be vital to building the coalition needed to wrest power away from teacher unions in the Texas House. These types of statements by Rep. Harris are commendable and show that the rightward shift of the Texas GOP is continuing.



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