Two notable things happened recently.

First, State Rep. Jeff Leach described House Speaker Dade Phelan’s leadership—which has lead to the killing of legislation that would ban genital mutilation surgery on children—as “principled.”

Sadly, this was after Leach knew that Phelan worked with State Rep. Dustin Burrows to kill HB 1399 and that he slow-walked SB 1311, as well. Knowing this JUST happened, Leach tweeted this:

Kind of disturbing, right?

We’ll get into more details on this issue on today’s episode.

Also, Attorney General Ken Paxton revealed that he thinks that Abbott’s mask mandates were “nanny-state” policies that the left has used to “control and micromanage” Texans.

Of course, he did so while praising Abbott for ending those nanny-state policies. It’s amazing how some Republicans only have the courage to call out leftist policies when Democrats do it, but when our own governor does it, they cover for him.

These statements by Leach and Paxton are what we focus on in today’s podcast. I hope you enjoy!

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The Luke Macias Show
The Luke Macias Show
Leach Praises the Killing of Gender Modification Ban - Episode 118