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Left-wing Speaker Kicks AG Paxton Out Of The Texas House

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Representative Tony Tinderholt is the conservative who represents District 94 in the Texas State House.
AND Representative Brian Harrison represents the 10th district in the Texas State House. Prior to that he was President Trump’s Chief of Staff at HHS.
AND Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

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In a special session, folks, the the so called Republicans in charge of the Texas House have have done some. Okay, things at least from this liberty loving Latinos perspective. Of course, it is Fair of Texas to ask why they didn’t do this work in the regular session why they had to be prompted by Governor Greg Abbott, to actually work on behalf of their constituents. But in the special session, they passed a vaccine mandate prohibition. It didn’t cover every person and the excuse that was made to continue to allow certain elements of Texas to tell others that they had to take a vaccine. The reason this, the excuse that was given was, hey, the governor said stop all private businesses from imposing vaccine mandates that doesn’t cover nursing students because they’re not working for anybody. 

That was the excuse made by the Obama parliamentarian through the mouth of the left wing Speaker of the House, Dade Phelan. So every effort they could make every every bit of avenue they could they could squeeze out to find a way to use the exact wording of Governor Abbott’s call, they can weasel out and still maintain some sort of power of the of the government over your lives. They did in the Texas House. There was also this bill that they passed. That was that was bandied about into the wee hours of the morning that allows the state of Texas to say look crossing in to the state of Texas if you’re a foreign national illegally is illegal here too. And you are now subject to state penalties if you’re an illegal alien. 

Now, a lot of left wingers were caterwauling about this. Saying that. Well, this means that the state and they were they were laying a lot of a lot of insults at the at law enforcement here in Texas, a guy we have nicknamed up Pancho Nevada’s his real name is Pancho. Pancho Nevada’s. We nicknamed him Pancho because he got physical with Matt Rinaldi on the on the House floor at one point a couple of years back. 

So from that point when this Democrat lived up to who these people are got violent, we have nicknamed him Puncho Pancho Novartis, he jumped on Twitter in the wake of this bill, and said, Folks, I’m just gonna read it as it’s written. Of course, this is what passes for statesmanship on the Democrat side of the aisle, quote, fucking crazy. How do I prove I’m a US citizen and Brady, Texas, or my wife who doesn’t speak much English, some asshole deputy can detain me for whatever. We are US citizens. It’s a stain, and it will solve nothing that’s been shown about his folks. 

Now let me just take this point by point blank in crazy. How do I prove I’m a US citizen and Brady, Texas, you don’t have to prove you’re a US citizen. You just have to give reasonable suspicion if you’ve got a driver’s license and they run your plates and they run your driver’s license. If you break the law, you run a red light or something like that. And it says you’ve lived in a residence for 2025 years, chances are, they’re just going to give you a ticket and let you go. But if you’re not speaking the language, you have no identification. You have no way of communicating that you’re in the country illegally. You may be questioned about your name and then your name has gone Want to be run and they may find out You’re an illegal alien. Of which point Pancho Pancho Nevada’s you have no legal right to be in Texas. 

You have no legal right to be in the United States. If you are an illegal alien sorry, you just don’t. My wife doesn’t speak much English some. A whole deputy says Pancho Nevada’s so there’s a bunch Coronavirus telling everybody what Democrats think about law enforcement it’s it’s defund the police all over again, folks. That’s That’s what these people think about cops just calling them a holes because they do what they enforce the law. And that’s something that Democrats don’t like, from Pancho Nevada is the genie Hinohosa. None of them like it that laws are enforced. And they really really don’t like like James Tallarico. James Tallarico. This is was this was his take on x. At 4am. Texas Republicans passed a hateful, anti immigrant bill. anti immigrant. No, no, this is anti illegal aliens. See, these people are so stupid. They don’t even know what’s being debated. 

Those who are immigrants come into the United States with permission and there is an should be no law against them. It is those who come into the United States illegally. James Talerico I know this is a concept. You are too stupid to grasp. But we’re talking about illegal aliens. And he is alleging this this bill traps migrants which I have no idea why legal migrants are legal people and razor wire. I don’t think this bill does that spends billions to build Trump’s wall, which it doesn’t because it builds it on Texas Land, not the federal land. But which by the way walls work. 

They’re fantastic. I’m not sure why James Tallarico of being, you know, pro illegal activity while he would oppose this and separates children from their parents separate. It’s illegal in the United States to keep children incarcerated for the crimes of their parents. 

Is James Talerico. A left wing extremist nutjob Is he is he actually advocating that we jail children with their criminal parents, innocent children who have come into the United States through no fault of their own is James Talerico. Democrat socialist. Is he saying that we’ve got to jail children, but their criminal parents, folks while all this was going on, something happened that was rather extraordinary. 

And the Texas House the the Speaker of the Texas House, despite his members being desperate to run away from their stupid and vacuous and idiotic vote for impeachment of Ken Paxton. Their speaker inexplicably keeps keeps this feud going and keeps that disgraceful vote and keeps that disgraceful practice of impeaching a, a Attorney General with no facts under oath keeps that in the forefront of GOP primary voters minds. And many of these members are probably wondering, why is Dade Phelan sabotaging our campaigns? Why is he sabotaging? Why is he making it easier to remind conservative voters of our betrayal and our trust of people who we should never have trusted? Dade Phelan and his lieutenants All that coming your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

I got word that something went down to the Texas House. And I’m on a political level on a practical level on a just standard decorum level. I couldn’t believe my ears. So I wanted to get to the bottom because I’m hearing various versions of the story. And and I wanted to get some folks who went online and said, Look, I was witness to this. I saw what happened. And I wanted to get to the bottom of that cuz I’m hearing so many stories out there. And unlike left wing gossip sites here in Texas, we actually get like to get folks on the record. You know, instead of having so called Republicans leaked to them all the time. We just like to go on record with stuff. So I want to welcome to the program representative Tony Tinderholt conservative represents District 94 and the Texas State House. Also want to bring on representative Brian Harrison 10th district in the state house, and also Attorney General Ken Paxton to the great state of Texas. Gentlemen, welcome to all three. Thank you. Good morning to be on. 

\All right. Mr. Attorney General, I’ll begin with you. The reporting on this. I’m not exactly sure why you had you had cause to be over in the Texas House. So tell me how did you come to be in the Texas House. So I got a I get an invitation come over from a couple of House members. I actually go to the Texas Health floor, I went to the back corridor, which is a connection to the House floor, you go up the stairs in the Capitol. And there you also have several offices there, including the Speaker’s office. 

So in order to get to the Speaker’s office, you actually have to walk through this hall. So I met several state representatives, including Brian Harrison and Tony Tinderholt, Steve Toth, a couple others back there just to talk to him and and a few people had invited me over just to engage on a few things and just talk for a few minutes and I wasn’t there, what 5 6 7 minutes, maybe we could call pictures. And that was kind of the extent of it wasn’t anything like, you know, any big deal. 

Yeah, no, I hear you. And so, again, what Representative Tinderholt? What was your understanding? Why was the attorney general asked to come over to the house and visit with certain members? Why? 

Well, several of us have talked to him in quite some time. And we knew that he was available and actually had a couple of members that wanted to apologize to him for the impeachment that happened. And so we had them out in the hallway to say, Hey, I just want to tell you that I’m sorry that I voted yes, on the impeachment. I was wrong. And like like the Attorney General city, I bet he was there, maybe five or six minutes, and he was getting ready to leave. And the speaker I’ll tell you, Jeff Leach walked through the back hallway, saw the Attorney General made a beeline for the Speaker’s office. And within 60 seconds, Sergeant at Arms came out. And we all know that Jeff Leach does not like the attorney general at all. And nor does the speaker and I’m just tired of the gaming that happens in that building. I’m sick and tired of the game and just want to go help 30 million Texans get through life. Yes, way that we can. 

What representative Harrison, Chris. Chris, let me add one more thing in the past. Well, hold on. Let me tee this up. Let me just see this. Representative Harris. And I want first off, was it your understanding that there was some members number one that wanted to apologize to the attorney general, for for trusting the leadership that they were representing accurately the so called evidence they had? Was that your understanding? And and did you also see representative leach make a beeline for the Speaker’s office presumably to tattle on the fact that the Attorney General was there? 

Yeah, there are members that are that are furious at the lies that were fed to them from the liberal leadership of the Texas House. I can confirm that. And I can confirm that Representative leach did see us in the hallway and run expeditiously to the floor. I can’t say what he did once he was on the floor. But let me just say this really quick. Having the duly elected fitting Attorney General of the great state of Texas, not on the floor, but in a back hallway kind of near the floor. That was apparently so offensive to the speaker. Then he couldn’t have done like a diplomatic thing and appropriate thing if for whatever reason he didn’t like the fact that the Attorney General was meeting with a few of us back there, instead of doing what a normal person What I had done was to say, Hey, guys, do you guys mind? Would you mind taking this meeting somewhere else, we would have happily stepped into another room that was more, you know, better for their perspective. But no, he had to do the type of thing that only small, petty, insecure little person would do, which is to call the sergeant at arms to try to forcibly remove the Attorney General of the State of Texas. It’s disgusting. It’s reprehensible. And when his taxpayer funded spokeswoman went out and tried to defend what they did, the only thing she could do was point to a house rule that does not explicitly allow the attorney general on the floor. But it needs to be very clear the Attorney General centers himself at no point in time, where we meeting with the Attorney General, on the floor of the house, right over where we were in the admin area for the staff, and every honor matters in liberal. 

Alright, hold on one at a time. Mr. Tinderholt Go ahead. Jump in there. Go ahead. What did you want to say within about within about 10 minutes of this happening? A senior member of the Texas House had their brother on the House floor and I’m sure they went and got permission. But it’s just proves to you. Alright, a duly elected statewide coming to the House floor. I mean, they should it’s ridiculous. The contrast of how they apply these rules. 

Yeah, exactly. And as we know, Dade Phelan allows Democrats to break rules like the ones you were accused, a representative Tinder hold allows Democrats to break rules with impunity, but then drops the hammer on Republicans all the time, like you Mr. Tinder halted to stop your voice from being heard. Mr. Attorney General. My understanding and you correct me if I’m wrong. And I like you to tell me if you’ve witnessed this before. My understanding is that former members of the House as a as a tradition, as a courtesy, are always allowed to be on the Texas floor and you are a former member of the Texas House. Is that your understanding? Sir?

 That’s actually what I was gonna say. Well, a few minutes ago, I served in Texas 10 years I served in the Senate. And when I was in the house, it was not uncommon for us to have many members have foreign members, a lot of congressmen would come to this, especially during reading, they just walk on the floor. There’s always been a courtesy to allow former members on the House floor and in same in the Senate is just common courtesy and it’s a sudden it’s being applied in a very different way. I don’t really know why that’s happening other than Dade Phelan, decided certain forum members. They don’t want to see him. Next to me. 

Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense to a lot of people probably hearing the story for the first time. Representatives Tinderholt. Brian Harrison, and the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, our guests right now. So gentlemen, really quickly, I’m just gonna do a quick around the horn here to all three of you. Why do you think Speaker Dade Phelan applies the strictest of interpretations of of so called rules, but only to those with whom he politically finds disfavor like, like you, Mr. Attorney General, you take a swing at it first. 

Yeah, I mean, I think you see this in a lot of countries, a lot of leaders are afraid of hearing any type of difference of opinions. So they try to control it by shutting down people’s ability to speak or to contribute, we see that we saw that with Tony Tinderholt being shut off. And just guessing questions. I’ve never heard of that, in my entire time and in the House and the Senate and now. And the way they handled my impeachment, they didn’t let me speak. They didn’t want to hear my story that they feel is that very confident in his views and his position. So what he tries to do is shut off the opposition’s ability to talk, speak, or offer an alternative to what he views is the only real way to do anything, and that’s his way. 

Well, which is why he’s earned the nickname dictator Dade. Mr. Tinderholt. What’s your view on this? 

You know, I think that what’s happening in the Texas House is he’s seeing that his speakership was at risk right now. They’ve made a bunch of horrible decisions. They cater to the Democrats, they they make Democrats chairman in the Texas House, and they essentially have a unit party, and he plays Whack a Mole. What I mean by that is anything that he thinks is threatening his his perceived power as the speaker of the house, he’s got to play whack a mole and sit it down. And it doesn’t matter what it is. 

Mr. Harrison, how do you see this? 

Now that’s exactly right. Look here. It’s not just that the rules are strictly enforced against conservatives and not enforced against liberals. That’s absolutely true. If conservatives go to the microphones, we are silenced. We are backed down, shut down. We’re told we’re violating the rules. Our comments are, quote, not germane. Meanwhile, Democrats are allowed for hours on end to speak on non germane topics. They call us racist and sexist and bigots and all kinds of other things that are not germane. They’re allowed to do that with impunity. Whereas whereas we are stuck in I think it goes to the bigger issue and just proves the point. That our liberal Speaker of the House Dade Phelan is owned by the Democrats his power base as the Democrats, he is there to serve the liberal policy interests of the Democrat Party. He puts them in positions of leadership and he is far more terrified of getting on the wrong side of Democrat than he is getting on the wrong side of Republicans. If you’re an average Democrat in the Texas House, you have far more power with our liberal speaker than the average conservative and that’s a shame. It’s not what Texans voted for. It’s got to change and we need new leadership in the Texas House. 

As a conservative Yes, I believe that that dynamic must change. Now, gentlemen, I have a an issue that I think is not being addressed. I’d like you all to address if you could, Representative Tony Tinderholt representative Brian Harrison and the Attorney General Ken Paxton of the great state of Texas. There there is an audit, there was supposed to be an audit, and a release of dollar figures that, in my opinion, were a complete waste and political attack on the Attorney General of Texas. Mr. Attorney General, have you seen the numbers and the money that was allocated for the what I would classify as the falsely predicated impeachment against you, sir? 

No, I have not and and oddly enough, it doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult to have these attorneys bill for their time. So at the very least, they ought to be releasing the information they have. And I’m not surprised. I don’t I don’t expect Dade Phelan to cooperate. I think it’s pretty. The fact that we’re going to have some transparency here, which should have transparency is not a good thing for him. He’s done everything under the cloak of cloak of secrecy. And I think representative brought that Brian got it right that guy what he is about, is protecting his power base in his power base is the Democratic Party. 

Well, Representative Tinder hold, why doesn’t? Why do not the people of Texas know exactly how much money was spent in this falsely predicated impeachment attempt against Ken Paxton? 

Well, I think the reason I was silenced at the back, Mike is because I asked those questions from the back, Mike. The next day, I was shut down and told I could no longer ask questions. So you know, the few days before I wrote a letter that specifically, I think three or four of us, wrote a letter saying, hey, we want a line by line cost of what this cost. So I went to the mic to ask where these costs were, and they shut me down. And I think the question that I asked, what I mentioned was, I think the cost exceeds the three, the three or so million dollars that they allege brought the impeachment case up, I have a sneaking suspicion of exceed that $3 million. But heck, even if it’s half it, that’s $1.5 million more than Texans should have had to pay for a sham impeachment. 

Representative Harrison, let me ask you, why do you think the speaker and his lieutenants are hiding the cost of the Passion impeachment, the failed, falsely predicated Paxton impeachment from the people of Texas? 

I’m glad you phrased the question that way, Chris, because it’s not just our liberal speaker, Dave’s deal and it’s his entire liberal leadership team, his lieutenants and the simple answer to your question as to why we don’t know is because they do not want to tell us if they wanted Texans to know they would have already told us by now, and it’s important to point to not just the fact that they they force this travesty that this sham of impeachment process, you know, no due process, the attorney general no time to review no evidence is that they chose to do that, while depriving Texans of the things that they elected us to do like Pass school choice Ban COVID. May they do something on election integrity, reign in government emergency powers, stopped the Communist Chinese from buying our land secure our border, they chose that impeachment. That impeachment was more important to Dadeville and his liberal leadership team than doing the big things that matter for the future of Texas and at a bare minimum, he deserves to tell 30 million Texans how much of their tax dollars were wasted on that travesty of an impeachment and the only reason we don’t know it is because they feel and does not want to tell. 

Well, yes. And there’s also something that the impeachment managers are hiding too. I would like to know as a as a Texan. I would like to know who was the one responsible for Daxing Ken Paxton and his and his wife, Senator Angela Paxton. I want to know that, and it seems that real Texans want to know that but some people who are responsible for getting the answers to those questions, don’t want to share that. Tinderholt. Brian Harrison. Attorney General Ken Paxton, thanks for the visit. That puts a wrap on this Salcedo strong podcast do me and yourself a favor my friends, visit Texas If you want to find the good, the bad and mostly ugly in the Texas House, and a lot of good happening in the Texas Senate, go to Texas They will tell you everything that’s going on there. Great legislation, bad legislation and pro Democrat legislation that should never pass and a Republican dominated legislature. Also check out Chris Mmm, that is where you go to find me. The Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s morning talk radio simulcast on Newsmax two simulcast on getter and rumble, and also check out Newsmax one the Chris Salcedo show they’re in the afternoon Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until fine till we visit again my friends remember, a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for we the people. Stay safe out there, my friends. 

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