Texas Scorecard
Texas Scorecard
Less Than 10 Days Remain in Third Special Session. What—if Anything—Will Make it Across the Finish Line?
Texas House of Representatives Considering First Bill
  • Of the eight items on the special session agenda, none have passed through the House, and less than 10 days remain.
  • The overall House is set to consider House Bill 1 (the proposed redistricting boundaries for 150 Texas House districts) on Tuesday, October 12.
  • It’s possible that other agenda items—such as regulations on the restraints of dogs and the proposed constitutional amendment related to bail reform—will also be considered this week. They are merely awaiting the House Calendars Committee to set them on a calendar.
Texas Senate in Contrast
  • The Senate has passed seven of the eight agenda items from their chamber.
  • They have yet to consider any legislation related to COVID-19 vaccine mandates and whether any exemptions should exist for such mandates.
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