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Major Property Tax Policy Shift

There is some really good news from last week on the massive shift in the minimum amount of property tax relief that will be considered next session.

The state is currently projected to have a $27 billion surplus.

Several months ago, Morgan Meyer dropped a hint in his Ways and Means Committee insinuating that the Texas House may be considering as little as $4 billion in relief. Dan Patrick followed with a stronger position, but it was still a plan that amounted to a little over $7 billion.

Well, Gov. Abbott said last week that all $27 billion belongs to the taxpayers and at least half of it will be given back this session. While some see the obvious negative of Abbott planning on keeping half of the extra money, it is worth noting that the $13.5 billion is more than has been considered by GOP leaders. Dan Patrick quickly followed this by saying he thought the relief package would amount to even more than $13.5 billion when it’s all said and done.

Dan Patrick has become the top target of a big RINO; Judge Whitely’s power is dwindling, and he’s targeting Dan Patrick for a particular reason.


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