The Luke Macias Show
The Luke Macias Show
Paxton Trial: Where We Stand

Back in may, Andrew Murr, Ann Johnson and the leadership in the Texas House promised that Ken Paxton was a felon. That he was a criminal. They promised that even though they didn’t produce any evidence, or cross examine any witnesses, that the facts and the law would be determined by the Senate, with the evidence produced at the trial.
Well, we are not more than halfway through the trial, and the Texas House has not produced evidence.
Also, the Defend Texas Liberty PAC has released its monthly statewide GOP voter poll and there are some remarkable findings this month. Donald Trump has experienced a post debate bump, and voters are almost unanimous in their opposition of Jacey Jetton’s bill to give taxpayer money to mental health facilities that use transgedner ideology in their treatment with children.



Texas Runoff Preview

Texas Scorecard’s new documentary was just released. We talk about that and overview a bunch of the runoffs going on in Texas.

The Contract With Texas

Some House conservatives are setting the tone for next session early. Also, what questions should you ask candidates for RPT Chair?

Interview: Tom Oliverson for Speaker

Today we have a discussion with Tom Oliverson on why he’s running for speaker and the structural changes he believes should occur to reform the Texas House.

Charges Dropped Against Ken Paxton

A decade-long political witch hunt concluded this week and Ken Paxton won. Tom Oliverson announced his candidacy for the speaker, and Dade Phelan revealed his plan to indoctrinate all the incoming freshmen.