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Polls, Polls, Polls...It's Not Pretty For Beijing Biden

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Jim McLaughlin is a nationally recognized public opinion expert, strategic consultant, and political strategist who has helped to elect a U.S. President, Prime Ministers, Senators, Governors, etc. He serves as a consultant and market research strategist to Fortune 500 companies. He and his brother John run MCLAUGHLIN & ASSOCIATES polling.

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The polls they’re not looking good for Beijing Biden, my friends, it’s pretty bad out there. And it’s leading to a lot of speculation that the Joe Biden may be swapped out maybe switched out for a more palatable Democrat, one that has his mental faculties one who can basically spin a line of BS and convince the American people that all the crap that Democrats do to them, that harm their families harm their bottom lines, harm their futures, is really a good thing. 

You know, like a Barack Hussein Obama Who was so eloquent and his line of BS, that his slacks were creased so sharply, that he could basically stabbed the knife in the back of the American people. And we didn’t realize the knife was going in because of his his eloquence that that’s what the Democrats want. There was a, a, an exchange between Corinne Jean Luc Picard and and a member of the press that was asking about the falling poll numbers. And Kareem Jean Luc Picard responded this way, have a listen. 

“I’m not challenging the accuracy here. That’s not what I’m doing. What I’m saying to you is that, you know, we’re not going to change the minds of Americans, I get that Americans are going to feel how they feel. And we’re going to respect that. And I’ve said that many times from here. Many times. I said that moments ago. What I can tell you is what our perspective is what I can tell us how we see things.”

Yeah, it’s up to it’s it’s for us, by the way, the headlines coming out of that folks out of that exchange, where Biden does not dispute. The polls, what really the headline coming out of that was, the White House just admitted, oh, it’s not about what you think it’s about what we think we don’t we respect what you’re saying. But we’re just going to talk about what we think. And that’s not the job of government in the United States. 

Then the biased press was out there saying a given all the dismal poll numbers. Do you think you guys might want to change things up a bit, just to maybe a little bit. 

“And I suspect if we polled the rooms, many of us will probably ask some version of the following question. Given the President’s sagging poll numbers and the fact that he is currently placing behind any Republican opponent, has there been any talk in this White House about a change in strategy are staffing going forward and reflection of those numbers to continue to show them underwater? No. No.”

Okay. First off, staffing, that the biased press up. It’s not, we don’t want you to change your policies that are screwing everybody over. But we want you to change your staffing. So so you can get somebody in there that’s better and be assessing the people. Right. So so that the press was oh, no, they didn’t want to know whether there was a policy change coming because Americans are dissatisfied with Beijing Biden, and the policies are harming us know, the press wanted to know Hey, who you’re going to get rid of to come in here and, and give the illusion that there’s change coming but nothing will be coming. And there’s the Biden White House stubbornly saying, Nope. Why should we change? 

We are succeeding wildly at destroying the United States. Why would we change you know what, you know who has who has the back of these Marxist socialist Democrats, the the rhinos, the Republicans in name only as if the word Republican meant anything anymore. But these individuals who are so called centrists like like Mitt Romney.

“Who do you like in the Republican field? Anybody? You know, I would, I’d be happy to support virtually any one of the Republicans, maybe not Vivec. But, but the others that are running would would be acceptable to me and I’d be happy to vote for them.” 

Oh, yeah. Veg, Gore, or Trump? No, but anybody else like Chris Christie, that guy, you know, we’ll just sit down and eat 10 Burgers with that guy. 

“I’d be happy to vote for number of the Democrats to I mean, would be an upgrade from, in my opinion from Donald Trump and, and perhaps also from Joe Biden. Look, I like President Biden. Yeah. You know, I find him a very charming Oh, engaging person. Yeah, there are some places I agree with him, but most places I disagree with him. I think he’s made all sorts of terrible mistakes. But I would like to see someone else run.” 

Yeah, I vote for Democrats. I’d vote for Democrats. By the way, folks. It’s not just Mitt Romney sing the polls. So is morning, Brzezinski. Here is up, Joe, over there at morning Brzezinski. He is He is going to try to lay the blame for what’s happening to the United States right now into the world at the feet of President Trump, who’s not even in the Oval Office, and he’s going to pretend is morning Brzezinski that the world is in good hands, and there and he’s going to pretend that the reason we’re not on the precipice of world war three, it isn’t because of Joe Biden. No, he’s gonna pretend that it’s not Joe Biden at all. Listen. 

“The crisis we’re going through right now where the world could really spiral into World War Three, but it’s not because a guy who’s actually had 50 years of experience, it shows the contrast between a guy obsessed with marketing his brand, a guy obsessed with gestures, a guy who governed by gesture, versus, well, Joe Biden, who has 50 years of experience.”

Of doing all the wrong things. He’s got a 50 year track record, according to his own people, people that served in the regime, with him, saying that he has been wrong on every foreign policy. 

Every one of his prescriptions for foreign policy has been wrong for the last half century. And that’s the kind of experience that morning Brzezinski wants. And the very idea that If Trump were here, all would be a catastrophe know, when President Trump was in, none of our enemies and adversaries would dare do what they’re doing right now, for fear that President Trump would take action. And they are doing what they’re doing right now around the globe, advancing, taking away people’s freedoms and rights, because they know Joe Biden in the Democrat Party, morning Brzezinski, his favorite party will do nothing, that they are weak and feckless, and really don’t believe in what America stands for really don’t believe in freedom and liberty, and what the Constitution was written to preserve. 

And that’s folks, the polls are telling a story. And I think we ought to look at them because unlike the polls in the past and the era of Trump, that were wildly skewed, as these pollsters decided they want to create public opinion rather than reported. I think the polls are now coalescing, and they’re changing to tell the story and we get into it next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

The polls have been coalescing, shall we say. And they’ve been coalescing around this around this idea that nobody wants Joe Biden to be in the oval office anymore. Nobody has confidence that Joe Biden is actually running anything anymore. And everybody’s lives are more miserable. After three years of Democrat occupation of the Oval Office and majority control of our government, folks are looking for a change. That’s what the polls are telling us. So let’s bring in our guest Jim McLaughlin. He’s nationally recognized public opinion expert, strategic consultant and political strategist who has helped to elect a US president, prime ministers, senators, governors etc. He served as a consultant and a marketing strategist for Fortune 500 companies. He and his brother John, Ron McLaughlin, and Associates polling among many the services they provide. Jim, welcome. 

Great to be here, Chris. Thanks for having me. So the avalanche of polls of which by the way, I’m going to get to one that that you guys put out but there I think it was a Newsmax article, the detailed of the last 13 polls that came out 11 showed President Trump pulling away and Joe Biden sinking like a rock. What do you think? What do you think about the coalescing of these polls? And in B, is it a snapshot? Or is it something we would call a trend? 

Oh, I don’t think there’s any question. There’s a trend here. And it’s been literally forget our poll, which has President Trump up by about five points right now. And we’ve basically had him ahead for the last, for all intents and purposes for about the last two years in the general election. And what’s what’s interesting about that is, in 2016, when President Trump won the presidential election, he won a Electoral College victory. He was never ahead in the national polls, we didn’t even have him ahead in the national polls, but we said he could win, because he could win in those battleground states. But this is really a major shift right now. And if you look at the last 10 polls, the last 10 release media polls, Donald Trump has been ahead in every single one. And in many of these polls, it’s outside the margin of error. And so it’s more than just the trend and what I what I always tell people, and I think you and I have talked about this on Newsmax before is usually presidential elections are decided on the two P’s peace and prosperity. And right now we have none of those because you just said the country is miserable right now with Joe Biden’s failed policies. And that’s why the American people are turning to Donald Trump now. 

Right and they’re not even Joe Biden’s whoever’s running this government. Nobody’s a Nobody believes that Joe Biden is running anything that he’s being handled, and he admits it in front of the press and the press. Shame on the people in the press who say Well, that’s normal. Every everybody in the White House always tells the the sitting occupier, the Oval Office, praise God we get a president back one day tells them what to do. That’s it that just so normal? No, that’s that’s not normal, and the American people get it. Now let me drill down into one of the pieces. You’re talking about prosperity or as the axiom goes, it’s the economy, stupid. The Biden regime is out there trying to use gimmicks and, and and cherry picking data to say, Oh, the economy’s improving. Yeah, after you tanked it. Joe Biden spikes up gas prices to the most they’ve ever been in the nation’s history. Then he wants a brownie button for bringing it back down, you know, a couple of notches. And it’s the same thing across the economic spectrum. And it’s by nomics. It’s Biden omics, and they keep on using it and it’s an albatross around their neck and your poll. And McLaughlin and Associates says 84%, you folks 84% is a massively huge number 84% of our people agree that bidenomics has impacted their families with the costs higher costs and inflation. How huge is this? 

Chris your home Are 2% Correct? And what that question is, is 84% of Americans say they’re being they’re being affected, and about half of them say they’re seriously being affected by inflation cost of living increases. And one of the questions we’ve been asking is we asked if they think the economy is getting better or getting worse or staying about the same. And we also asked whether or not we’re in a recession, basically, since the summer of 20, of 2021. Americans have been telling us a majority of Americans have been telling us we are in a recession, in spite of what the people with the pocket protectors in DC and these establishment types say, Oh, we’re not in a recession, all this other kind of stuff. We are in a cost of living. We are in in affordability recession right now. Because in spite of what the White House tries to tell us, and they try to spin on us, Biden by nomics has only a 26%. favorable rating. That’s it. They’re trying to gaslight, the American public. And I think it’s a big mistake. If you remember, when Barack Obama was running for reelection, his campaign slogan was forward. He didn’t say this is the greatest economy we’ve ever seen. He didn’t say the economy was booming. He was saying the economy was getting better. We know that there’s problems out there. But you have these knuckleheads in the Biden White House saying, hey, everything’s great out there. And the average typical American is saying no, things are not great out there. They have to buy gasoline, they can’t afford housing, they have to buy groceries, and they know those prices are through the roof right now in wages are just not keeping up with the cost of living with inflation. 

Yeah, and the Biden regime wants to make it more expensive that did this, this invocation of the War, the War Powers Act, to to facilitate the production of these inefficient electric heat electric heat pumps, it’s, they’re less efficient, they don’t work well in sub sub freezing temperatures. So the Biden regime is actively putting American lives at risk for their war on cheap, abundant and clean burning natural gas. And Kamala Harris being pictured with a natural gas stove for her Thanksgiving picture. It just sends it sends the the the signal to the American people Oh, we get the finer things but screw you we’re gonna give we’re gonna give you a electric heat pumps that can be turned off if you vote the wrong way. This is this is just insane. The last thing I want to spend, Jim, before we get to the Republicans, is Corinne John Pierre, and you’ve been talking about the gaslighting, or as we call her, Corinne Jean Luc Picard on this on this program, she was asked by our own James Rosen over at Newsmax Hey, you know, these polls, these polls, Do you dispute that the people are really upset with what’s going on? Listen to her response. And then I want to get your reaction. Because I think it’s telling about who these people are these Democrats are and where their focus is, and isn’t on the American people. Listen. 

“I’m not challenging the accuracy here. That’s not what I’m doing. What I’m saying to you is that, you know, we’re not going to change the minds of Americans, I get that. Americans are going to feel how they feel. And we’re going to respect that. And I’ve said that many times from here. Many times, I said that moments ago, what I can tell us what our perspective is. What I can tell you is how we see things.”

Right? And then it’s all about them, how we see things. It’s all about us. And it’s like the American people are going excuse me, I thought you were there to serve us not serve yourselves. That should have been the headline coming out of that press conference. No. 

Oh, it’s just it’s it’s crazy. And look, Chris, you hit the nail right on the head, these crazy Green New Deal policies that the White House is putting out there. You know who they hurt the most? They poor, they hurt the working class Americans they hate. They heard the middle class Americans. You know, what? All the elites in DC and Los Angeles in New York City. Yeah, they can they can afford this stuff. But the average American can afford it. And that’s why, by the way, you’re seeing the Trump coalition expand right now. And it’s expanding among young people. It’s expanding among black voters. It’s expanding among Hispanic voters. And I’ve been saying this for a while. I don’t think Donald Trump is just going to do well in the general election with Hispanic voters and Republicans across the board. I think in many places, Republicans are going to win among Hispanic voters right now, because they’re the ones that are getting hurt the most when it comes to this kind of stuff. And It’s just so out of touch with this White House to go out there and say, it’s basically saying to the American people, you’re too stupid to realize how good things are and how good things are good. We’re making things for you. And it’s just crazy. And it’s just bad politics and it’s bad policy. My good friend Larry Kudlow told me a long time ago, he said, one of the most important foundational things to any strong economy is affordable and abundant energy source sources. Amen. Right. And right now this White House, they’re giving us anything but those affordable and abundant energy source

And they’re, Yeah, they’re admitting they’re admitting that not only we’re not going to give you affordable energy, that’s our goal. We want to make it unaffordable. And it is in the American people are saying, Okay, enough, stop. Every everything that is that is hurting the American pocketbook is courtesy of its own government, a government we are forced to fund and Americans are finally starting to connect the dots saying, Oh, well, wait a minute. I am funding a government that is my enemy, that it is working against my family’s best interests. And Americans are, as you say, they’re looking for an alternative and it and you took me right where I wanted to go, Jim, because President Trump, you’ll look at President Trump, he’s in a primary right now, technically, although the polling I think you’ll concede he is way outpacing his nearest challenger, whoever the fox flavor of the month happens to be this this week. And then, so Trump despite unprecedented incoming, this law fair that has been launched against him that we have never seen in our country, Joe Biden, after decades of stealing classified information, oh, he walks the President Trump as president who have the power to declassify information. I know he’s on trial right now, for an incident incident surrounding his possession of classified information and the American people. The Democrats think they’re too stupid to see what’s going on. And despite all of this, President Trump’s poll numbers continue to go up. Again, I’ve never seen anything like this. You? 

Yes, in both the primary and the general election, his poll numbers are going up. Because, look, again, the American people are much smarter than what the elites in DC and in LA in New York City, give them credit for right now. They know they were doing better when Donald Trump was the president. And I tell people look, one of the main reasons why Donald Trump is as popular as he is, especially in the Republican primary, and now with general election voters. He has a record of success, that is incomparable to anybody else. And there is a significant portion of the electorate in the general election, about 10 to 12% of the vote that voted for Joe Biden, that is now voting for Donald Trump, and he’s has room to grow those numbers. It’s huge. And you’re seeing it again, where I was talking about. He’s expanding that coalition, especially among young people. What was really interesting was, we did some focus groups recently with young people. And these were kind of young swing voters. And one of the things that they were telling us about was, they’re probably getting hit with inflation, worse than even older Americans. And what they’re saying is, look, we, I was doing better. I may not like Donald Trump personally. But in terms of my own economic situation, I was putting money away, I could afford my rent, I could buy a home, I can put gas in my car. Now they’re saying we can’t do that. And it’s really about the more Donald Trump can compare his record on the issues that people care about most, the better. It’s going to be for him in the primary. And also in the general election right now. And look, these numbers that we’re seeing, like I said, 10, straight national polls have had him ahead of Joe Biden, and several of those polls were done by Democratic pollster. Yes. You know, I’m still not convinced that at the end of the day, I think at some point the Democrats are going to try to swap out Joe Biden. 

Well, that was, you know, I gotta give you a credit, you read my mind, because that was gonna be my last question. Because, by the way, folks, it’s not just the national polling, which, you know, a lot of these people are saying, well, the national polls are different than these battleground states. Trump is up by the last poll, I saw eight points in Arizona. He’s up by five beyond the margin of error in Michigan, in left wing Michigan. So the last question I have for you, Jim, McLaughlin, and McLaughlin and Associates is Joe Biden, I’m gonna ask you to predict is Joe Biden, the Democrats nominee going into 2024? 

I think at some point, they’re going to swap them out. Now. There’s a lot of complications to this. But the Democrats are panicking. They’re seeing the same numbers that we’re seeing. They’ve been seeing them for a while just like we’ve been seeing them. And look, they’re literally trying to get Donald Trump thrown off the ballot. I just didn’t like state. They’re trying to get them off in places like Colorado and Minnesota, where Donald Trump doesn’t even have to win in those states. So they’re trying to get them thrown off the ballot. They’re trying to literally do this, you know, third world country, Banana Republic stuff where they’re trying to get Donald Trump thrown in jail. That’s how desperate the Democrats are. And people say, Well, they’re not going to have time to get Joe Biden off the ballot. I still remember back in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, about a month before election day, remember when they bob Torricelli off the ballot, ballots out, they’d already sent ballots out, and they were able to get them off the ballot for Frank Lautenberg because the Democrats knew they were going to lose that race because of the corruption pretty similar what you’re seeing with Joe Biden here. So I think at some point, they’re gonna make a play to get him off. 

Well, Jim, you know, that’s how the Democrats are gonna save democracy. They’re gonna save democracy by denying their voters a vote, and they’re gonna say democracy but denying their voters a debate. That’s how Democrats saved democracy. I think they’re doing it wrong. Jim McLaughlin, everybody, McLaughlin and Associates. Thank you, sir. Appreciate the time and expertise as always. 

Chris, always a pleasure and you do a great show. 

That’s gonna do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Visit two websites, my friends, Texas for big news in Texas, that impacts our state and beyond also visit the Chris Salcedo shows presence on the web at Chris That’s where you’ll find the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s talk radio in the morning simulcast on rumble and getter, and on Newsmax two in the afternoon, the Chris Salcedo show goes to television, and that’s when we’re on with Newsmax four o’clock till five Eastern till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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