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Presidential Candidate Larry Elder
Presidential candidate Larry Elder.

I got into a very interesting conversation today with a producer, a trusted producer for one of the Chris Salcedo shows. And I was discussing with this producer, the field, the Republican field, and how we felt about each of the candidates and I I said there are certain people in the Republican field that I don’t believe are the problem. I don’t believe Donald Trump is the problem. I don’t believe Ron DeSantis is the problem. 

However, I’m I’m hearing from individuals, I don’t believe him. Scott, for example, is the problem. I’m hearing from a lot of individuals who say it’s got to be Trump or nobody. it’s only President Trump. And on one hand, I see that there really is no other candidate comporting him or herself in such a manner as President Trump is. 

Nor do I see any one of the candidates who have a track record of success and how I measure success is defeating socialism, defeating communism remained laser focus on defeating collectivist thought remained laser focused on preserving our rights, our liberties and our freedoms and making government smaller and more accountable that we the people and not even Trump. Not even Trump could manage that. But I don’t see anybody else. For example, who is committed to stopping rampant uncontrolled illegal immigration? Folks, think about this, for all the caterwauling and bitching and moaning the Republicans have done about Joe Biden’s open borders 7 million illegal aliens 2 million known Got aways into the United States, has any of their caterwauling stopped, stopped one illegal alien from coming into this country? The answer is no. The answer is no. 

And you all know the game, The Wall Street Journal crowd, the big business crowd, the woke business crowd, these individuals on the Republican side are committed, no matter how many Americans have to die, no matter how many illegal aliens have to die, no matter how many people we let into this country that have nefarious goals for this country, whether it be Narco terrorists, radicalized, Islamic, fundamentalist terrorists, whether it be foreign military doesn’t really matter. As long as they get cheap labor. Everything’s cool. They’re they’re relatively secure, that they’ve got enough money to buy protection. They can give a rat’s ass about you being protected, or your family being protected. 

And that’s, that’s the Republican side, the Democrat side, they’re trying to rig elections from here till next Tuesday. And we all know that we all know the game. These people are coming across the border with Biden T shirts, naming their children Biden, I mean, it’s it’s absolute craziness. Thank you for letting us come in and break your laws, overwhelm your entitlement system to where your country suffers. And the Democrats don’t care as long as they remain in control of the crap show. And that’s the way it is, in my view. 

So I think there has to be a and I asked this I think if it was a Republican lawmaker out in California, I had come on the Newsmax show. I said, you know, doesn’t the Republican Party have a problem? And I played this soundbite from Mitch McConnell, Mitch McConnell was out at the fancy farm political Gathering. I guess this is a bipartisan event and Republicans and Democrats show up and they get out there and they have at it. I guess it’s a tradition out there in Kentucky. 

They’ve been doing this for a while. So anyway, Mitch McConnell goes out there and he starts talking, which I guess this is customary to get the the jabs and the Gere’s. But listen to what they were shouting at Mitch McConnell, out there. 

“We’re up against folks and closed schools and then told you the teachers unions know what’s best for your kids. We’re up against folks who’d rather let repeat offenders walk free and get tough on crime. I’m glad Governor Beshear finally decided to come to fancy farm. It’s been the first Saturday in August for 143 years. But Andy only seems to make time for you all. When he’s staring down Election Day.”

Fancy farm again 143 year tradition. And you heard the people out there yelling, “retire, retire,” and those are the Republicans. Those are the conservatives. I mean, I would imagine I’m imagining but I know how I feel about Mitch McConnell as a staunch conservative. I know how I feel about John Cornyn. I’ve been yelling that he should be. He should retire tomorrow, John Cornyn, for what he’s done to us here in the state of Texas. But I said to this Republican official, doesn’t the Republican Party have an identity crisis? Because we’re not convinced those people in the crowd were not convinced that Mitch McConnell and you heard him talking about Andy Bashir, the governor of, of Kentucky, a Democrat, Mitch McConnell, just letting the words roll off his tongue with no meaning or anything behind them. He doesn’t care about what the Democrats do. 

Nobody believes that Mitch McConnell opposes Democrats. Nobody believes that Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski opposes Democrats, nobody believes John Cornyn opposes Democrats. Nobody believes the 18 senators that passed the omnibus bill opposes radicalized socialist Democrats, those Republicans believed in funding those radical socialist Democrats. Nobody believes the 20 Republicans who voted to protect Adam Schiff and his lies actually put their constituents first and have any any semblance of core values. So I think it is it is safe to say the Republican Party has an identity crisis. 

They can’t make up their minds whether they want to kiss the rear end of the nearest Democrat, or actually oppose the Democrats, communist leftist agenda that is really harming this country. I talked to Larry elder. He’s a he’s a Republican candidate for president. And one of the guys I believe, that isn’t just going to talk about differences with Democrats, but he will actually act on differences with Democrats, chief among them, wanting the American people of all colors to remain prosperous, and to remain free and a constitutional republic. 

My interview with Larry elder comes your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast.

Welcome back, my friends to the Salcedo storm podcast. I am your host Chris Salcedo, I am a liberty loving Latino not to be confused with loudmouth leftists, Latinos, I actually love my state and love my country, the great state of Texas and the United States of America. We have put out invitations to all the major candidates for president and a couple of them have responded and we’re just trying to get them in as soon as we possibly can to hear their views. And my my first guest actually was the first presidential candidate we’ve had on this program we did interview DeSantis on the Newsmax show, but on the radio show, and you know what it makes sense because Larry Elder has been part of talk radio for many, many generations. And it has been a household name in this country. 

His one of his greatest contributions other than the fine conservatism has been spreading for many moons is the documentary “Uncle Tom”, which was transformational. Discussion changer. In this country. Larry Elder, proud to welcome you back to the Salcedo storm podcast. Chris, thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it. Don’t forget Uncle Tom to it came out about two years ago or so. It picks up on where Uncle Tom left off, just go to Uncle And watch both these documentaries and they were fantastic. You know, and I on a personal note, and I’m even shot I’m gonna get a little choked up even talking about this on the premiere, i You were kind enough to invite me to the premiere of Uncle Tom, and our friend Herman Cain. That was the last time I saw him. Right. That was the last time I saw him. 

And you know, Chris is one of the reasons I’m running for President because as you know, Uncle Tom and Uncle Tom to talk about, among other things, how strong the black family used to be. It’s a reason that blacks were able to keep moving ahead after slavery, even in the face of Jim Crow and the face of kkk, in the face of very human racism because it was rare for a black child to be raised not a father, and a mother in the home today, 70% of all black kids into the world without a father in the home married to the mother from 25% back in 1955. 

In fact, Chris 25% of white kids now enter the war without a father in the home, married to the mother. What happened in the mid 60s is Lyndon Johnson, a good Texan, Democrat launched a so-called war on poverty. And since then, we have incentivized women to marry the government and incentivize men to abandon their financial and moral responsibility. The numbers are clear. Even Obama, on one side of them, if you’re raised without a dad are five times more likely to be poor and commit crime, nine times more likely to drop out of school, and 20 times more likely to end up in jail. And our side is not talking enough about it because of a fear of being called racist if you’re white being called the black face of white supremacy, if you’re black, if I would call LA Times. 

And the fear is that you’re somehow dissing single moms and grandparents who often raising the kids and we’re doing those things. We’re simply saying, it is much much harder in the government has made this thing worse. And nobody’s talking about it, Chris, now I’m an America First guy. I make America great again, guy. We got a candidate, of course, who pushes those values and who’s the front runner, but we’re not talking about fatherlessness. We’re not talking about the lie, that America remains systemically racist, not just pushing nonsense, like reparations and race based preferences and Dei. It’s also getting people killed. It’s called the Ferguson Effect, or the George Floyd effect. And that’s a phenomenon of cops all over America and big cities pulling back from their normal, proactive policing so that in the last few years, there are 1000s of victims of violent crime, many are dead who otherwise would not have suffered, the police have been doing the normal, proactive policing, but they’re in fear of being called systemically racist narrative that Democrats have been driving and driving and driving. And most of these excess casualties that have taken place in the last few years. Chris, are the very black and brown people that people in the left think that they care about. And finally, there was a disaster. And that’s the word for K through 12. Urban Education in America. We’re just to pick one city, Baltimore, there were 13 public high schools, I kid you not where 0% of the kids can do math at grade level. The Democrats oppose school choice even as a party elites, whether it’s Barack Obama, or Gavin Newsom or Joe Biden have their own kids in private school while denying the possibility of urban kids having the same kind of quality education. These kinds of issues should be put front and center and we’re not and that’s why I’m running well. I couldn’t have said it better myself and again, it’s it’s nice to have somebody who’s a conservative talk radio veteran, be able to articulate so beautifully the challenges not only to to the black community but to every community. 

I want to play something because you This is something I found on Instagram I shared with my team at Newsmax and this is from Charlamagne tha God His he is also a talk show host that I know you’re familiar with. And he was interviewing a man who was, who was saying a lot of the things that you’re saying, I just want to play this and I’m doing it kind of haphazard because you sparked something in me and I’m pulling this up, because it was on my mind. Let’s see if we can get this to play. Listen. 

The truth, slavery didn’t destroy the black family. Do you know that we were still getting married from slavery, Jumping the Broom, in secret, even under punishment of death. We were married or reconstruction. We were married during civil rights. When do you begin to see the rise of the single parented black female household 1970 After they killed Dr. King, the United States government said we must neutralize the black power base. And they determined that the Black Power Base was the black family. It was independent black skilled men and women who financed King financed Mr. Garvey, finance, Mr. Muhammad, finance snick and core the Freedom Riders in the city movement. So they said we want to crush the black struggle, we got to crush the black family. 

So that’s exactly what they did. Mr. Elder they the the the whites in the Democrat Party, the elitist who are now basically telling blacks and and brown people to go abort their children to finance Lily, white Democrat campaigns, through Planned Parenthood and abortion. This has been something that’s systemic, that they have that they have created inside the black community, as you rightly point out. And I think it was from you that I heard this stat right up into the 1950s and 60s, the black family was on par with the rest of America, blacks, browns, people from from the Middle East, from the Asian, the Asian continent, everybody was on par with living the American dream until government stepped in. 

That’s right. If you look at the 1900s 1910. Chris, you will find instances where a black child was slightly more likely to be raised by a mother and a father in the home than a white kid. And you have to ask yourself these questions. How is it that 60% of the homicides, robberies and the shootings in America are committed by black people? How is it that blacks are 50% of the homicide victims in America? How is it that a young black man aged 10 to 43 is 13 times more likely to be murdered than a young white man, same demo? Unless you’re prepared to say black people are just genetically inclined to commit more crime than other people, you have to actually stop what the devil is going on? And what the devil is going on? Is one more time to break down the nuclear intact black family. Yeah, no, 

I agree. And then you get these black lives matter, idiots who are out there. What by the way, they’re made up of whites, blacks, brown people saying they need a communist revolution to get rid of racism. I mean, have you ever heard something so absurd? 

No, and that’s what Uncle Tom two is all about. Organizations like Black Lives Matter. They refute everything that allow black people to keep moving forward after slavery, they are against the nucleon text family. They were founded by self described trademarks as marks for crying out loud, was an atheist who wanted to dethrone God, whereas belief in God was the backbone of the black community going forward. And of course, Marx did not believe in capitalism, or private property. Entrepreneurship was again one of the backbones of the black community coming out of slavery. So every single principle that made black people keep moving head after slavery is now under assault by organizations like Black Lives Matter, that black that Barack Obama has embraced, and something like 80% of black people support. I’m trying to get up there on that debate stage Chris on 23rd of August in Milwaukee to talk about these issues, and I’m still short of the 40,000 individual donations that I need in order to qualify to please go to my website, Larry You can donate as little as $1 All you need is $1 40,000 individual to qualify for that first debate. And once I get up there, Chris, it’s game on hold my beer. 

I can hardly wait I hope I’m doing everything I can to make sure that you’re on that debate stage. And because I think it’s an important conversation to have let’s pivot by the way Larry elder presidential candidate former talk show host and a producer of of Uncle Tom one Uncle Tom two great documentaries transformational documentaries. That should be a part of our national fabric. Let me just give you some word association here. You tell me where that takes you. Communist China. 

biggest threat, geopolitical threat probably we’ve ever faced. 


losing the war in Ukraine. Their economy is imploding. They’ve lost 20,000 troops that will be the equivalent Christmas losing 400,000 There’s been a semi coup. Putin has already lost this war and is looking for an off ramp. We got to give him one good put pressure on both sides and settle this thing. 


Sending the kinds of people that Donald Trump’s that they were sending, allowing a Chinese to enable the grunt cartels to put fentanyl in our streets. The borders need to be secured the wall needs to be finished. 

Okay, 7 million illegal aliens, Mr. Elder have been welcomed in by the Biden regime. There are 2 million known God aways, which means those are known the unknowns probably put it in the neighborhood maybe double that. Now we have no idea whether they are foreign. Narco terrorists, whether they are radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, we have no idea who these people are and why they’re here. They could be foreign military. What plan do you have to to give justice to the American people who have been told that 7 million illegal aliens and 2 million known God aways have just been allowed to be in this country? What’s the remedy? If you take the presidency, 

The remedy if I take the presidency is to put back the same kinds of policies that Donald Trump had. And some of the same officials, I’ve talked to some of the Border Patrol people, I’ve talked to the Acting Chief that Obama had a few minutes Trump had, and they all believe that if they were put back in power, they could find these people and deport them. Again, the remain in Mexico policy needs to be reinstated, we have to stop, catch and release. People who enter the country illegally should be arrested. That way we know they’re going to be deported. Once you put them in the interior, it’s very difficult to get them out. And that’s one of the reasons I wrote a book called as goes California, because California, like New York is one of the sanctuary states that’s encouraging this kind of activity is called as goes California, my mission to rescue the Golden State, and save the nation. As you can see, my goals are modest. But I’m talking about what happens to the country. When you have a state like California, which is a single party state where Democrats dominated both chambers of the legislature. They’ve got super majorities in the Senate super majorities in the assemblies. And as a result, Republicans need not even show up for work. Every brain dead policy, pro illegal alien policy you can think of they passed, including expanding the health care access paid by taxpayers that go to illegal alien. It’s outrageous. And what happens in California inspects the rest of the country. That’s why I wrote the book. 

There were four states in the 2020 presidential election, who did not follow their election laws. They are Michigan which by the way that’s been adjudicated a judge bang the gavel and said, Yeah, Jocelyn Benson, did not follow the election laws of the state of Michigan. There was Wisconsin, there was Pennsylvania and then Georgia. Quick question, is it permissible for states to violate their election laws? 

Or it is not and you know, those lawsuits that Donald Trump lost, he almost won the one in Wisconsin that went up to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, he lost it 4-3 And the chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court filed a stinging dissent and said all these drop boxes that were unsecured never should have happened. The Secretary of State of Michigan use COVID as an excuse to send out mail in ballot applications to every registered voter whether they requested one or not. Donald Trump lost that lawsuit two to one, but one of the judges filed a stinging dissent. And in Pennsylvania, you have left wing professors like Jonathan Turley of George Washington, and Alan Dershowitz of Harvard, neither of them a conservative, both of them voted against Donald Trump. And they said the shenanigans cooled in Pennsylvania were outrageous. And Dershowitz predicted a the Supreme Court would take up the case and B the Trump would win it. He was wrong about both these cases. But the point is, these are not wing nuts. He did not conservative wing nuts, either. Smart, solid left wing professors, both of whom felt that way Pennsylvania ran their election was incredibly unfair. That’s why Donald Trump is so angry. And that’s why this indictment is so politically driven. It’s interesting, the 45 page indictment Chris I read it several times. And the special counsel portrays Vice President Mike Pence as a hero for resisting the pressure when he didn’t put in the indictment is that just weeks earlier, Pence is on CNN and said, Well, I did not agree with Donald Trump. There’s nothing in there that leads me to believe he did anything illegal for crying out loud. So the guy you’re portraying as a hero does not believe that these should have been fraud. 

Right. And that’s why I think the Trump team is salivating at getting the star witness under under cross examination. And I, if I were pants, I would I would be because he’s a lawyer, I will be looking at the political peril that he’s putting himself in by being the hero of the left. It didn’t work out so well for John McCain or Mitt Romney or Lisa Murkowski or Mitch McConnell, by the way, Mitch McConnell stepped up to the podium yesterday, and he couldn’t get a word in edgewise because the boos were raining down. And they were telling him to retire, retire, resign. I want to talk to you about people that the common vernacular is Rino Republican in name only. But there really is no values that unite the Republican Party. And that’s the problem. There’s no unifying principle. We know the Democrats are unified by the desire to destroy the country. Well, we don’t have as a unified opposition, as the leader because if you become president, you’re going to be the de facto leader of the Republican Party. How would you change that? How would you change to where the Republican Party actually means something again? 

Well, I’m from the Republican wing of the Republican Party, and that’s up party that believes in strong national security, low taxes, low regulations, maximum personal freedom, and a limited government that reduces the size and scope of government to the point where it gets down to the size the Founding Fathers intended. That’s why one of the many proposals is an amendment of the constitution to fix spending to a certain percentage of the GDP, with acceptance for war and for natural disaster otherwise, government gets bigger under Ronald Reagan got bigger on the George Herbert Walker Bush got bigger under W. He got bigger under Trump, because much of the budget is on automatic pilot, I’m talking about the so called entitlements. Even the word unsustainable describing the entitlements was used by Bill Clinton, and by Barack Obama. But nothing gets done because God forbid any politician that runs promising to reform the entitlements, because he or she will lose because the other side will accuse you of not caring about the poor, the sick, the elderly, the only way to restrain spending is to force them to do so, by law, we need to get the government down to the size it really intended to be. In 1900, all three levels of government state local federal government took less than 10% of the American people. Now all three levels, it takes around 32%. That’s how much bigger governments have gotten in the last 100 years. It’s outrageous. 

Eliminate baseline budgeting and getting back to zero line budgeting and put Congress to work instead of politicking all the time actually doing their jobs in providing proper oversight. And they have to shrink the government to provide that proper oversight. And I think that’s a recipe for victory. Larry elder if folks want to help you get over that threshold, so you can show up on that debate stage and get your perspective out there. Where can they go? 

They can go to my website, Larry Again, it’s $1. And please order my book, it comes out the first week of September is called AZKALS, California. My Risk my mission to rescue the Golden State and save a nation is available on Amazon Barnes and Noble. God’s blessings, my friend, thank you for being here. Thank you, Chris. God bless. Thank you so much for having me. You know where to find me. Yes, sir. The black face of white supremacy? 

Exactly. Thank you, my friend.