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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Primary Contests Heat Up

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Cliff Wiley is a full-time U.S. History school teacher and an unapologetic, America’s first congressional candidate for Texas District 6 who believes in the Constitution, national sovereignty, and fiscal responsibility. He fought for this country in a combat zone, He says he’ll bring this same, “boots on the ground,” approach to achieve mission success in the halls of Congress.

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Don’t mind the debate I really don’t I don’t mind that we have challengers that come in and have conversations with us about hey, I can do a better job than the current Republican or Democrat. I really don’t mind debates. I think it’s the whole point. The Democrat Party disagrees with me. They’re not having debates. They are canceling all of their debates with Joe Biden. 

They are they are making him the nominee even though the majority of the Democrat Party wants somebody else. The Party is saying Nope, you will take Joe Biden or nobody. And that’s their attitude. That’s how they saved democracy folks by denying democracy. On the Republican side. The big story last week was Chris Christie dropping out of the race just before the Iowa caucuses and I think there’s a tremendous amount of pressure on him to do so. So that New Hampshire all the Never Trumpers, can consolidate and make their last stand in New Hampshire. But even in New Hampshire, President Trump has really got a commanding lead. But speaking of Chris Christie, he was caught on an open mic. Did you guys hear this? He was caught in an open mic. trashing his fellow challengers. 

One A never Trumper the other one. Just a conservative guy from Florida. So have a listen to this back and forth on this debate stage. Listen. 

“You know, 6801 you give land to China and places like that? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, look, she spent 68 million so far, just on TV, spent 16 million so far. 59 million by the Santas, and we spent 12. I mean, who’s punching above their weight? And who’s getting a return on their investment?” 

Yeah. Okay. Wait a minute. So, you didn’t trust me, folks, if Chris Christie had gotten the donations, he’d be spending a lot more. But he hasn’t. He hasn’t been getting the donations. I hate Trump is not a campaign. Make, you know, Nikki Haley, I say what you want to about her, but she does have the ambassadorial experience, the governorship experience. Oh, Chris Christie has gubernatorial experience as well, but he wasn’t what you would classify as successful governor. He didn’t turn around New Jersey. It’s it’s an ever living and ever loving cesspool of Democrat left wing extremism. And Chris Christie did nothing to to reverse any of that. 

“And she’s gonna get smoked. And you and I both know, and she’s not up to this. Whoa, hold on a minute. 12. I mean, who’s punching above their weight and who’s getting a return on their investment? You know, and she’s gonna get smoked. And you and I both know, and she’s not up to this.” 

Wow. Oh, she’s not up to this, says Governor Chris Christie it folks, I, I don’t want to talk out of school, but this is not the first time. I have heard this. I’ve been asked to keep it under my cap from those who, you know, don’t want to, some can’t, some can’t get involved in Republican primaries or in primaries in general. And others just you know, like Nikki Haley, they just know that she really doesn’t have what it takes. She’s kind of like Biden, in that regard. Doesn’t have what it takes to run this country. 

“She’s still 20 points behind krumping Oh, yeah, and he’s gonna still gonna carry out. Yes, always. I talked to DeSantis called me. Petrified that I would be like getting out after I did you hear that? DeSantis called me up, petrified?” 

And then whoever he’s whoever Chris, Chris. He’s talking to saying up? Well, he’s probably going to get out after Iowa. Folks. That’s pretty much it. The vague Ramaswamy is not even being allowed to debate. He’s not polling very highly, but will be you can say about Vivek Ramaswamy, as he he seems to me to be a genuine conservative, and who actually wants the best for this country and doesn’t want to placate Democrats socialists who are doing so much harm, but he’s not polling very well. So DeSantis and Nikki Haley seem to be the only ones. So it looks like it looks like the establishment money and support the Karl Rove Never Trump Network all throwing their support Nikki Haley’s way so that seems to me to be where the dominoes are falling. 

I, frankly folks, Governor Ron DeSantis has a lot more bona fide ease and chops. I believe that Nikki Haley does. But again, just just speaking for you Never Trumpers out there. President Trump is is dominating, because President Trump actually believes in opposing Democrats. So let’s talk about some other electoral contests. One for Congress coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks, Cliff Wylie is a full time US History school teacher and an unapologetic America first congressional candidate for Texas District Six he believes in the Constitution, national sovereignty and Fiscal Responsibility fought for this country in a combat zone says he’s gonna bring that same boots on the ground approach to achieve mission success in the halls of Congress. Mr. Wylie Welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you sir for having me. Happy New Year to you and your family. And I’m glad to be part of the part of the show. 

Well right back atcha and let let’s have a conversation about your your nine to five right now currently, because I gotta tell you, man, I believe the genesis of the reason why this country is sliding off attracts so much as it is. The reason why somebody still wants to vote for a Democrat is because of the malfeasance and the corruption inside of Gov Ed, and am I wrong? 

No, you’re 100% Correct. And I’m in the classroom every day. And I see it now I am fortunate enough to live in a part of the state where that’s a lot of that is not a big issue for our area. But I know other areas of our state and country that is an area of concern. So I got lucky on my end, just from where we’re located. But whatever we can do to to correct that issue is a huge, huge issue for me. 

Republicans in the Texas State House have joined with socialists to kill education, freedom, and parental school choice. 21 of them, 21 Republicans. Do you believe it’s a Republican thing to do to deny parental school choice and education freedom? Or did every one of those Republicans betray the oath to their voters, which, by the way, and I gotta tell you, the overwhelming majority of Texans, Republicans, Democrats, independents, support parental school choice and education, freedom, according to the polling. So what is your evaluation of anybody who is a Republican who would do such a thing? 

Well, I’m, I think that they’re wrong, their job is to represent the people of their district. And as you and you nailed it, like a majority of Texans do support, you know, parents having that option for their students are for their children. And whatever the people want, that’s what the people should get. And but we’ve gotten into this system where representatives not only at the state level, but the federal level as well. They ignore what their constituents are wanting, and they go in for whatever helps line their pockets or their lobbyists, pockets, or whatever it may be, or their donors pockets, and they’re leaving their constituents behind. And I think that we’ve come to a point where people have kind of gotten to that boiling point to where they’ve had enough of it. And I think that we’re gonna see a big change in the way people vote just this primary. We’ll see here in about six weeks. 

Folks, we’re talking to Cliff Wylie, he’s running in District Six, for the United States Congress here in the great state of Texas, there was a story that this is going to combine two big issues, Gov ed, and massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration. In New York, high school students were told they had to stay home and do quote, unquote, online learning, which as you know, from our experience with the China virus, there was a lot of lost learning because of this online dynamic. But they were told they had to stay home to make room for illegal aliens, who are going to occupy their campus. And it wasn’t secure for the students to be there. So Democrats in New York, said that kids have got to stop learning to make way and make room for illegal aliens, putting foreign nationals before our own people. What’s your evaluation of that story? Sir? 

It’s a disgrace. And and I’m aware of that story. I heard about it this morning. And, you know, what, really, you know, annoys me on this is they’re kind of rushing to judgment on this. Has anyone thought about not only the amount of money it’s going to take? Well, not only just the flat out disrespect to the American citizens first, which is a big problem we’re having in our country. But I mean, these schools, like how long is it going to take? And how much money is it going to take to convert these schools, to what they’re trying to get it to be? And then once it’s done, how long and how much money is it going to take to convert it back to a school setting, at which point, you know, this, the students could actually come back. So this is not going to be a short period of time that if they choose to do this, that it’s going to be in place, it’s going to be an extended period of time. And the students in New York are going to suffer as a result of this. They’re already behind the from, you know, the at home learning the remote learning from during COVID. So they’re already behind the curve on that point. And you want to just add to that it’s scary for the future of our country, because that is the future of our country. 

Well, it sure is. And it shows you that the Democrats are all too willing to sacrifice that future for the people that are really important to them, which is foreign nationals, illegal aliens that broke into our country. Another story that’s been in the news, the Secretary of Defense, such as he is Lloyd Austin, he went into the hospital, decided he wasn’t going to tell his chain of command for two weeks. It turns out Joe Biden never once called up his Secretary of Defense. And had there been an emergency and attack. Nobody would have known where the Secretary of Defense was and nobody could have made the decisions he could have, could have made it certainly put national security at risk. And now one Democrat has come out and actually called for Lloyd Austin to resign. What is your take on what he has done? And how vulnerable he and his and his parties, Lloyd Austin and Joe Biden, how vulnerable his party is making us and our national security. 

Well, it’s a disgrace to the uniform, you know, into the oath of enlistment that he took when he joined the military. And having you know, being a veteran myself, I’ve seen, I’ve seen young marines lose rank, loose pay, get accept from the military for way less. And if that would, if any, any, anyone lower on the pay scale in the military had done that their career would be over. And for him to just be like, Y’all he’ll take responsibility, responsibility for it, he fesses up he know he did wrong. And when we’ll move on, I can’t believe that they’re going to actually let this get away with zero accountability. And just let him get away with it. It’s unacceptable. And it’s a disgrace to the uniform and to the oath that not only he took, but I took as well. 

Well, you know, what you would like to think it was a one off but of course, Joe Biden has is guilty has admitted he’s guilty of stealing classified information from this country, as a senator and as vice president since 1974. He’s been doing this and he won’t face any consequences. The Democrats have been conditioned to get away with whatever the hell they want to do, because the Republican Party refuses to hold them accountable. And that’s kind of where I want to go next with Cliff Wiley. He is a US History school teacher, and an unapologetic America. First congressional candidate for District Six, the massive overspending that is going on in this country, as you’re probably aware, the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson has done a deal with Chuck Schumer to basically continue the Democrats level of profligate irresponsible and dangerous. overspending. How, from from the criminality, Joe Biden doing doing speeches in churches, which is illegal, the IRS doesn’t go after them from the funding, where Republicans just keep on rubber stamping everything the Democrats want to do, in your view, how, how much of a danger is the Republican Party to being irrelevant? 

Oh, you’re right on it, I get it crisp. In what’s happening here is, is I had a I had one of my voters I was talking to the other day, he thinks that a lot of these Republicans that have just done a complete 180, and they’re voting with the Democrats and all of these issues, whether it’s, you know, foreign military aid, or whatever the issue may be, I mean, these people are in, you know, citizens think that these Republicans have sold their vote for a place, you know, for a place in the bunker, you know, then and that’s what people are thinking, like, they’re trading their votes, because them and their family, whatever thing, you know, finally collapses at some point, that they’ll have a place to go. So they’re trading the vote for that. But these guys have got to stand up for whatever it was, they were saying on the campaign trail, whatever they promised their constituents, they’ve got to start standing up for that. And that’s the whole reason I ran to begin with, I am so sick and tired of falling for these campaign promises from these candidates that say that they’re conservative Republicans. And then once I spend my proud vote on them, they do they go and do a complete 180 once they get there, and they ignore everything that they said on the campaign trail, and they ignore the wishes, you know, my morals and my values as their constituent. And so we as a as a country, as a state need to start really looking into who it is we’re voting for. And if they haven’t, a little, little, little letter ID next to their name on the ballot, skip over them, vote for someone new, if they’re there. Now, if you don’t, if you’re not happy with the way your government, your country is running right now, do not vote for the same people to stay in the office because they will continue to do things the same way. And if I was there, I wouldn’t vote on one single issue until our border was secure. And then I wouldn’t have that attached to anything else. It would be a standalone bill, once we’ve, you know, solved you to solve our border crisis. And we stopped that bleeding of illegal immigration and drugs flowing across our border, then I would be willing to look at other bills. But until that is solved, I wouldn’t look at anything. 

All right. There are some other issues that have been have been confronting our people here in recent days. I mentioned this in the setup the last question, but I wanted to pay a little bit more attention to it. Joe Biden was at a church, of course, it’s against the law for churches to be participating in in politicking. But there was Joe Biden and the IRS because he’s a Democrat, won’t be looking into Joe Biden. But then I also mentioned the classified information. We’ve also talked about the illegal immigration and into these into the United States. It seems to me the Democrats get away with what they get away with, because there is nobody on the other side, holding them accountable. And then that those same bite the same bipartisan folks continue to fully fund, a Department of Justice and an end FBI did, for example, show up to a Catholic father’s home at gunpoint and arrest him, and then put him on trial and a judge has to wag his finger at the FBI for their gross abuse of power. All this Catholic father did was defend his 12 year old son from a nutty abortionist who tried to get into his kid’s face. And for that Joe Biden, and Merrick Garland showed up in full tackier the FBI, and guns drawn on a Catholic family of seven. With these types of things happening, courtesy of our own government, is there any excuse for any politician, much less a Republican to be voting to fund this kind of activity from a government that has clearly grown beyond the consent of the governed? 

No, absolutely not. And you know, I’m sure you’re aware of this, but the FBI was just awarded $300 million dollars for a new headquarters building not long ago. And one of the gentlemen I’m running against isn’t one of them is the gentleman that voted for it. So it just makes no sense to me when I get there. These these people are on the chopping block, if you’ve worked for an office that has three letters, as a title, be ready to go pack your boxes, because I’m gonna do everything in my power to limit this, the size of this, this government in this to two tier justice system that we have. Biden gets away with everything. And our former President Donald Trump, who I 100% support, is being thrown to the wolves. Now, I’m hoping none of it sticks. But I’m to the point now, where I don’t know what end to what end they will go to to make sure that he’s not on the ballot. 

Now, you are a US History teacher. And I the Salcedo show has a saying that the reason why our children are so woefully educated when it comes to American history is Democrats don’t want our children learning from history because they’re terribly afraid, our children will learn from it, whether it be this conflict in Israel, the actual genesis of the Jew haters that are trying to wipe Israel off the map are on American history about the reality of The Good, the Bad, and the ugly. And also the history of left wing extremism, communism, socialism, and the misery that it’s brought to this planet, as a history teacher to bring our conversation full circle. If you could change the education system, other than school choice, what would be one of the ways you would do that? 

I would just encourage teachers just to teach the history and what’s what’s in what’s happened in our past, like you said, The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly, and let these children go home, and at the dinner table, have these conversations with their families hate today, we talked about this, and then they can come up with their own conclusions on how they feel about it on their own, it’s not the teacher’s responsibility to make the child feel a certain way about something that happened in the past. All is my job as the teacher is to teach the facts and teach accurate history of what happened. And then if and then you can make the decisions on how you feel about it on your own. It’s not our job to change history, it’s just our job to learn from. And education is power. And we’ve known that for a long time. That’s why, you know, the slave owners, you know, wouldn’t allow their slaves to learn to read or write because that education is power. And so a lot of teachers are trying to hide our true history, because they know that these, they want these, this new generation of citizens to grow up with a certain ideology in their head. And then that was predetermined and taught to them by their teachers instead of being able to form those opinions on their own. 

And it’s an ideology that hates America hates the West, and hates our Judeo Christian ethic. Cliff Wiley, full time us school teacher, US History school teacher, and an unapologetic America first congressional candidate for District Six if folks want to check out what you’re all about, where can they go? 

They go to Wiley for I’m on Facebook, Twitter, all the social media you can put my name Cliff Wiley Congress in any search engine, and then it’ll all pop up. 

Alright, man, appreciate the conversation. Good luck to you. All right, have a good one that puts a wrap on the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, visit a couple of websites Texas and Chris at Texas You can find the Salcedo storm podcast and all the great stories following Texas issues including the effort to get rid of what some would call rhinos, what I call pro Democrat Republicans out of the Texas State House. Also check out Chris follow all of our social media hookups that are there and also the Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas simulcast on getter and rumble, and also on Newsmax two and then check out the television show on Newsmax one later in the afternoon at four o’clock Eastern until we visit again, my friends remember this. A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by govern It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay vigilant out there my friends. 

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