On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Dr. Carrie de Moor is a lifelong native Texan, Christian, conservative Republican, and an emergency room physician who is running for the Texas Senate, in District 30. She is a passionate advocate for border security, election integrity, medical freedom, and conservative values.

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How many of you remember the Tea Party? The Tea Party was huge at one point. And the reason why it was huge, is because a significant number of people mostly on the conservative side of the ledger. But there were some Democrats who were also very upset with status quo with what was going on in this country. And how individuals who claim to be representing us weren’t a tea party tea a Taxed Enough already. There are Dare I say some Democrats who still believe in their bottom lines. I don’t know how many are left, actually. 

But there are some who believe that the government isn’t suffering from a lack of funds. The government is suffering from a lack of priorities. And our people should be the priority. At least when we’re giving up our hard earned tax money. We expect our people to be the priorities but sadly, far too many of these politicians are putting their own priorities ahead of ours. So the Tea Party remember all that momentum it had it was sending shockwaves through the Republican Party because a lot of the conservative base which made up the Tea Party had grown tired of this. Hey, you know what, we’re gonna fight? 

Well, we’re gonna fight the Democrats. It’s coming. I promise over and tomorrow never came. There was never any time there was good as far as the Republicans were concerned to stand up the Democrats. So the Tea Party really threatened to upset the Mitch McConnell applecart, the John Cornyn applecart by saying no. I think we’re gonna have to insist that when you say you’re a Republican, or you’re a conservative, that you actually act on that. But Mitch McConnell, rather adeptly infiltrated, co opted and took that energy of the Tea Party. And then once once he did, so once he co opted it, then he began to dismantle it, and now the Tea Party, it’s, you hardly hear about it, because it’s not relevant anymore. 

It was it was defamed by by sellouts in the Republican Party, who claimed Oh, yes, yes, yes, we weren’t we, we want that energy. We, we want to hear what you have to say. And all they did was infiltrate the Tea Party and they dismantled it from within. And pretty soon, it didn’t stand for anything, just like the modern day Republican Party doesn’t stand for anything. And Wallah the end of the Tea Party and the the end of a movement. 

And now, of course, it was reborn and the Make America Great Again, movement, the America First movement, because those people say Still were disaffected. They just didn’t have a banner to go under the Tea Party was dead. So some of you might be wondering, Hey, why is he going over all of this? Well, there’s another one of these movements called the Freedom Caucus movements. It’s it’s centered in, in the political realm. And if you’re a member of the Freedom Caucus, you are never never a Democrat, because they don’t believe in that anymore. 

So you’re exclusively drawing from the Republican side of the ledger, when you are part of the Freedom Caucus. And the Freedom Caucus, however, is is not a trademark, meaning anybody can can become the Freedom Caucus. And that’s what some of these pro Democrat Republicans have done, they’ve infiltrated, they’ve infiltrated the Freedom Caucus, and they’ve made it stand for nothing. So that people go, Oh, man, there’s just nothing. There’s nothing to the Freedom Caucus, because they don’t do anything. So I’m going to abandon the Freedom Caucus, and go find something else. And again, it’s mission accomplished. 

That means there’s no unifying principles to go against these godless rudderless Republicans who get up every day trying to find a Democrat, but chic on which to firmly affix their lips. So the Freedom Caucus has been infiltrated on in many states and cluding. In the state of Texas. This is an excerpt from a Freedom Caucus discussion who put this out, this was a moment of truth podcast, and there was a conversation that was being had with Andy Roth, about the Freedom Caucus the caucuses across the nation, it was very instructive. Listen to this discussion, how it went back and forth them. 

“There is one case study where, you know, this didn’t go as well. You know, Texas, had a Texas Freedom Caucus. And, you know, it started a little bit before all of this started, I think, in 2018, or maybe even before that. Talk me through how you guys think through that case, study what what exactly happened there. And why did that example of a Freedom Caucus not do as well as some of these examples that you’re you’re thinking of? Yeah, so we don’t have a copyright on the Freedom Caucus name, which we did, but we don’t. And so there are a lot of states that have so called Freedom caucuses, I think there’s one in New Hampshire, North Carolina, a couple states out west and Texas. And that doesn’t mean that they’re automatically in the state Freedom Caucus network, just because they use that brand, they have to come to us show that they have a willingness to work with us and do all the things that are part of our vetting process.” 

Yeah. So in other words, you’ve got to have values. You just can’t slap the Freedom Caucus label and say, oh, yeah, well, you get to your Freedom Caucus and get to use their name and get to use those principles and not by principles, but get to use the name, to con your electorate into thinking that you’re standing for something you really aren’t. And that’s what a lot of these freedom caucuses have done across this across the states, recognizing they’re a threat to the establishment Republicans ability to deliver for Democrats, which is what their number one priority is delivering for Democrats. So when you start getting these movements that take away money, support votes from establishment Republicans, they start working to undermine those movements, whether it be the Tea Party, whether it be the Freedom Caucus, and it’s happened here in Texas, when we reached out to the Texas Freedom Caucus, folks, it was clear that they didn’t really want to actually fight. 

“But they liked the idea of being part of the network because of all the benefits that come with it. And so we were like, well, sorry, we can’t work with you guys, because you’re clearly not trying to actually fight for conservative values. And we’ve seen that play out in the in this year’s session in Texas.” 

Yeah, the most left wing, anti Texan anti American legislative session that I have ever seen since I’ve been a Texan. And many people are lifelong Texans have told me that they have never seen the Republicans deliver a such a pro Democrat, anti American anti Texas Legislative session, as we just saw on the regular session. And this last go around. And by the way, Brian Harrison just resigned from the Freedom Caucus in Texas because it’s not it’s not the Freedom Caucus, that and because it doesn’t have the values of this national state Freedom Caucus network. Their expressed desire in the Freedom Caucus in Texas is to undermine conservatives backstab conservatives make sure conservatives get none of their priorities passed. So that and nothing gets in their way of delivering for Democrats, the Charlie guerins of the world, the Dade Phelans of the world, the Dustin, Dustin burrows of the world, they want to make sure that their left wing buddies are well taken care of. So they co opted the Freedom Caucus. And then the people who are in charge of the the actual Freedom Caucus that have principles outlined and what you’re supposed to live up to, and it’s this is the whole thing. 

This is exactly what Dade Phelan and Dustin burrows, and Todd Hunter and all the rest of these and a 21 Republicans who voted against a parental school choice and education freedom, they don’t want you to judge them. They just want you to leave them alone. So they can parlay their their positions in government into paydays for themselves. And nobody does it better. Nope. Nobody parlays a government job into a payday better than the Democrats and their and the Republicans want a piece of it to the so called Republicans who really are Democrats, but they couldn’t get elected as Democrats. So they call themselves Republicans in the state of Texas. 

So anything that’s a threat to them, exposing the game, whether it be the Chris Salcedo show, whether it be the Salcedo storm podcast, whether it be actual conservatives in the legislature, these cats are out there, trying to take them out. And, folks, this is a great case study is to what we are fighting now all week long. We have had so far on the Salcedo storm podcast, politicians, we’ve been bringing up some of the big issues that confront our nation in particular, illegal immigration, and of course, the debauchery of the Biden regime. 

Now, what about the state of Texas? Well, I think we’re gonna bring on an aspiring politician here in the state of Texas, somebody who wants to bring, oh, I don’t know, maybe these conservative principles to make sure that they are well represented inside of government, and somebody who’s going to say, hey, wait a minute, to up to another so called Republican, when they’re not behaving as a Republican, you are not a Freedom Caucus person. You are not a conservative, you are not actually upholding standards that you ran on, that you promised your constituents you would run on. So we’re going to talk to somebody who wants to go to Austin and maintain their faith with their voters, and then also insist that those who are Republicans who are working to betray their voters and service to socialists, that they get called out, it’s all coming up on the Salcedo story podcast. 

Running for office isn’t easy. And I want to step in the gap. Some claim that some minute John Cornyn wandered around this entire state saying that he was a conservative this and conservative that believing We’re all so stupid that all he had to do was throw out the word conservative and you believe him. And, frankly, he came on this show and said conservative this and conservative that. And we took him at his word. And it was probably a mistake on my part, taking John Cornyn, his word, and we’re all paying for it. We’re all paying for trusting John Cornyn, not knowing who he really was. So we have to vet better. 

Let me talk to somebody who wants to be a state senator in this fine state of Texas. Dr. Kerry DeMore is a lifelong native Texan Christian, conservative Republican, and an emergency room physician who is running for the Texas Senate and district 30. She’s a passionate advocate for border security, election integrity, medical freedom, and conservative values. She says, doctor, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you, thank you for having me. 

The house killed a Texas border patrol, but it did approve a law that criminalizes illegal aliens in the state of Texas. What else do you think Texas ought to be doing? To make sure that illegal aliens are not made easy and in their law breaking in Texas? 

Well, I got to tell you like as an emergency room physician, I am seeing a you know, just every single day she’s coming from the border, I’m seeing fentanyl overdoses. And even in Frisco where I live, and I’m seeing human trafficking, I had a recent really terrible experience with a young girl that I saw in the emergency department that was trafficked with her mother, and, you know, really is just continuing to, you know, shine a light on this for me how important it is. And emergency medicine gives me such a such a view on this. And, and I think you know, if when we’re doing things that will help deter people from coming here, that’s great. But one of the things I think that people need to understand is we are not humanitarian, we are not doing good things by allowing people across our border period in the first place. These people are not coming across for free. We are they are coming across enslaved they are coming across. And and in entering this arena where they’re being trafficked, where they’re, you know, in this abusive environment. And, and, quite frankly, there’s not a lot that’s being done, I saw with that traffic child ended up calling for help from authorities. And they actually did absolutely nothing to the traffickers. So I really support that. But I think, you know, we have to strengthen the border ourselves. Unfortunately, we clearly cannot wait on the Biden administration or the federal government to do the job for us. And one of the things I think we might be able to do is strengthen our Texas guard, to go down and help to secure a border with the personnel and get our border closed. Because we need to make sure the only way through the Texas is through the front door the correct way. And stop. This is insanity. And it’s hurting not only, you know, are native Texans and people here, it’s not good for these people, either that are coming across the border. 

No, you’re right. The death rate for the illegal aliens has skyrocketed courtesy of Democrats. And you know, what have Democrats care. It’s just a bunch of brown people, a bunch of foreigners coming into the United States for their electoral benefit. They believe they don’t care how many of them have to die. How many children are sex trafficked into the United States are sent into forced labor. The Democrats have a political agenda, and they will cut through human tissue. If I can appeal to your medical background, they will cut through human tissue to get what they want, and I don’t believe Republicans ought to be accommodating to them. Speaking of which, Lois Kolkhorst she would if you win the Senate seat 30. She’ll be one of your colleagues in the Senate. And she authored a bill and it was very common sense. The bill said we should prevent enemies of the United States from buying land in Texas. You know, we’re talking about Communist China about about Mother Russia about the People’s Republic of Iran. However, Dade Phelan Dustin burrows and Todd Hunter, they killed that common sense conservative bill from the from the Texas Senate to make sure that America’s enemies could continue to compromise our food supply, spy on our people and spy on our military installations. So what what do you make of the houses actions? And would you be a supporter if Lois Kolkhorst refiled that bill? 

Well, first of all 100% that I support that I think we need to follow and what Arkansas and others have done to completely have a zero tolerance on the any foreign entities buying and Texas Land and China should not be coming in. I think probably part of this. We’ve really got to start looking at people’s conflicts of interest that they have, look what their family businesses look and see, you know, or they’ve walked in bills that because these are their investors I actually used to and my previous company was in emergency medicine, freestanding emergency rooms. And so I felt that with and development, the real estate side, and I was approached years ago in the mid probably around 2016 17. And told, hey, you know, you can get some Chinese investors, they’ll come over here and they’ll buy the building for you. And I was like, what? That doesn’t sound like something I want to be involved in. But you start to realize if you follow the money, why that might be and why people may be, you know, more prone to try to kill bills like that if you’re killing their investment flow and their money into their business. So I think that could be, you know, part of the reason that got killed, I think that we absolutely have to have zero tolerance on this. And I would 100% support Kolkhorst in that and co sponsor and help her with that agenda. Because, again, I think our border issue in securing our land from foreign people coming in and taking over basically by buying our land is one of our greatest threats to our democracy and to into our state and to country. 

Well, with US Steel now. Being up for sale to an ally, Japan. A lot of people are starting to say what are we doing? Dr. Kerry Demora is our guest she’s running for Senate District 30 in the in the Texas Senate. And yeah, by the way, if you do get up to Austin, you might want to also look at the so called Higher education has ties to Communist China, and how they may be compromising America’s national security. In doing so grubbing for money from these deadly racist Communists who are over in China, the price tag for the Paxton impeachment is sits at $4.3 million. And counting that a tenant governor says the cost of taxpayers he believes is is much, much more. The house has refused thus far to provide a complete accounting according to lieutenant governor’s office. Now it is a crime punishable up to a year in jail under Texas Government Code section 321 dot 019. Tonight allow access to documents requested by the state auditor puts pursuant to an audit. What’s your read on the lack of transparency that is apparently coming from the house as it pertains to what they did with the falsely predicated passionate impeachment? 

Well, I think a lot of this is because before the vote went down, and they impeached a lot of us were calling our and our house members and saying hey, you know, this, this settlement is $3.3 million. That’s really if you look at the overall Texas budget, it’s really disingenuous to say, you know that that’s a huge burden on the taxpayers, if you really look at it was like, I don’t know, maybe like a few cents a Texan or something like that. And if you’ve been involved in litigation before, and you understand, sometimes people settle just to to save money and to do what was best on behalf of the entity representing and I think that’s what the attorney general’s office did at that time. 

Abbott did it. Bush did it. I mean, it’s it is it has been a time honored tradition, rather than go through lengthy litigation and expense to settle with with complainants and move on. And but by the way, you mentioned the 3.3 million that was the settlement, the what Dade Phelan and his left wing lieutenants spent on the impeachment eclipse that Eclipse that dollar figure. And he’s still counting, by the way. 

Absolutely. And I think, you know, that’s we’ve only hit the surface of it. And I think that’s why they don’t want to bring it out. Because we they know we called them on it before it went down. We said this isn’t this isn’t even what you’re you’re going to spend so much more just going after this. When we could have had this completely finished. You were not acting as a good fiduciary on behalf of the office and they know it. 

Well. Yeah, they were they were they weren’t putting people under oath, they want him to be able to say, to throw as much dirt up against the wall or much poop up against the wall to see what would stick. And then when they got under oath, a lot of these people, these co conspirators change their stories. But how concerned were you to learn the Dade Phelan and his left wing lieutenants in the Texas House actually diverted taxpayer money in this effort post post impeachment to left wing causes to left wing entities. 

Yeah, I mean, I think this is the kind of thing that’s the really, at the crux of it and why, you know, you start to understand why they are going after ag Paxton, who’s our most effective Attorney General in this country, you start to understand these things, right? When we look at all the Democrat chairs that have been put in power, we’ve started to cower to that I’ve been asked by a lot of people they’re like, Well, what do you think about you know, working in compromise With the other side and they say, you know, there are certain things maybe we can compromise on where we can all agree on. Sure. But when it comes to our priorities as conservatives, when it comes to what we believe in, we should have a zero compromise policy here. 

Well, I want to stop you there because you took me right where I wanted to go carry two more is our guest she’s running in district 30, senate district 30. Look, Lois Kolkhorst, I’m going to bring her back up, because this puts an exclamation point on what you’re talking about. She she busted her rear end to put together this bill, they all do. Angela Paxton, and all these senators, they work for two years, they research they get the proper, the proper language. And they put together these bills that help expand freedom for Texas, and expand freedom for our people. And, and then to have some Democrat leftist, put in power by an alleged Republican, just kill it in a community and a committee rather. So what would be your reaction? If you say if let’s say you’re the senator from District 30, in the future, and you bust your rear your staff bus, there we are, and you put together a great piece of legislation, it’s going to it’s going to benefit the people of Texas, then you see it go over to the Texas House, where Dade Phelan, or some left wing, so called Republican Speaker has allowed a Democrat to kill it, because Democrats are anti American, and an anti Texan. What would your reaction be? 

Well, I would be extremely upset. And I think, you know, first of all, I’ll just call him out and call him on the carpet, anybody who is you know, helping the other side out, we need to identify them, and make sure the voters know, it is not their job to go and help the Democrats, Republicans elected them their job is to go make sure they’re representing those values and following what the people who elected them want. So I think making very sure that people know exactly who they are calling them on the carpet and saying, Look, these guys aren’t who they say they are, they are helping the other side. They’re not upholding our principles, that’s a rino over there, and work on trying to get them out next, I don’t sure that there’s much we can do. Procedurally, once it gets killed on the other side, but I think calling attention to it, and not just rolling up and saying, Oh, well, we’ll try again, I think we have to be very transparent and make sure voters know who’s representing them. And what they can do to change that. 

Well, if you do get the Senate, there’s something you could do proactively, you could call out this process that allows the Democrats to choose the Republican Speaker, you can call out that process and say only Republicans should have a vote on who the Republican Speaker is in the majority, if they happen to be in the majority. And maybe when you if you get there if you get their doctor, maybe working on a solution, because you have a keen insight working on a solution to protect Texas from the ravages of Obamacare, Dr. Kerry to more she’s a lifelong native Texan, Christian, conservative Republican, and she is running in senate district 30. Where Can folks go if they want to? If they want to check out your website and maybe support your candidacy? 

Yeah, you can just go and visit my campaign website is Debbie Debbie Debbie that carry some more.com and follow me on x at C demore MB. And we’d love to have you support and come out and learn more about us. Thank you, doctor. Appreciate the time. Thank you. 

I know there are folks out there who don’t want to hear this. I know that there are folks who don’t want to hear that. It is up to we the people to make sure these politicians deliver on what they say they’re going to deliver on. They don’t run us we’re supposed to run them. And it’s not enough just to have some some guy like like your liberty loving Latino here trying to hold their feet to the fire. If I am holding a politician’s feet to the fire. That’s I’m one vote, they need to have 1000s hundreds of 1000s if you’re on the national level of people holding them accountable 1000s here in the state of Texas on your local district levels are your mayor’s but without the credibility of people and their vote and their voice. All of the calling out these issues on media and in social media does us very little good. Rush Limbaugh when when he was alive, he he said, Look, I have the biggest talk radio audience in existence. And he couldn’t stop by himself, Barack Hussein Obama, he couldn’t stop him. Folks. We have got to as people start unifying around principles that make us Americans and when our politicians don’t behave as Americans don’t adhere and live up to those principles. If you’re a Republican, there are principles you have to live up to. And no amount of Bs is going to basically exonerate you from not living up to those, especially when we’re uncovering the fact that it’s all planned, that it’s all being worked out that we’re being gamed. We’re being scammed by the very people that we are trusting to, quote, represent us in government can’t be allowed folks. Visit Texas scorecard.com to be up to speed on some of those issues, where you can hold your politicians feet to the fire. Also, pay a visit Chris salcedo.com And I tell you follow me on social media that’s where we’re doing our best to make sure that you’re informed about what’s happening now. Until we visit again, my friends remember this, a society is worth isn’t measured by how much power stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay vigilant out there my friends. 

Transcribed by https://otter.ai


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