Issues Left Outstanding
  • Despite the Legislature convening four separate times, many Republican Party of Texas legislative priorities (as well as legislation addressing vaccine mandates) remain undone.
  • Republican Party of Texas Legislative priorities left unaddressed:
  • Protecting children from gender modification
  • Abolition of abortion
  • Texas Heartbeat Act passed and is now law, but it still allows for abortions up to a certain point.
  • Monument protection
  • School choice for all
  • Ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying
  • The issue of prohibiting vaccine mandates also remains addressed, despite the fact that the issue was added to the agenda for the third special legislative session, executive orders issued by TX Gov. Greg Abbott, and judicial action on the issue.
  • All of this happened, despite the fact that Republicans control all statewide offices and majorities in the Texas Senate and Texas House of Representatives.
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