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S5, Ep 87: Are We In For Another Round Of China-Virus Tyranny?

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Dr. Robert Malone, is an internationally recognized scientist in virology and immunology. He’s a bioethicist, an author, and the co-creator of the mRNA technology used in some of the controversial China-virus vaccines.

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Joe Biden had more important things to do than to commemorate the September the 11th attacks the worst terrorist attack on American soil where 3000 Americans lost their lives. Joe Biden was not at the Pentagon. Joe Biden was not in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden was not in New York City. He was in Alaska, and Alaska giving his 911 speech. And, of course, he had just wrapped up an overseas trip trying to get our semiconductors to be manufactured in Vietnam, rather than on the doorstep of Communist China. 

I think Beijing Biden is about ready to gift Communist China, the free people of Taiwan and well, he’s going to be taking our infrastructure out of Taiwan and making them ripe for the picking. But that’s a different story for a different day. So Beijing Biden, on the anniversary of 911. This is how he led his speech. The demand of the people have a listen to this. 

“Governor, Don Levy, it’s good to see you. Governor, I have something in common, both in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I wish I had him playing in my high school ballclub when I was playing? Well, I would have could have been an All American. 

all American? Everybody believes for sure and you’re perfectly normal? Yeah. Joe Biden is perfectly normal folks. He Joe Biden could have been an All American. He could have been a contender. He could have been that guy. You know if he just had the, you know, some Democrat Governor blocking for him right. Now, there’s Joe Biden. That’s a 911 speech. Now here’s Joe Biden, while he was overseas and Hanoi and have a listen to this.

“we talked about we talked about at the conference overall, we talked about stability. We talked about making sure that the third world the Third World, the the the southern hemisphere, had access to change it had access wasn’t confrontational at all. You can say thank you everybody dissents account press conference. Thanks, everyone.”

Thank you, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, Dawn. The dude just sitting there yammering on and embarrassing the nation embarrassing himself, and then his staff comes in. Okay, this is it. This is over Shut up. Folks. The Press says that that’s perfectly normal. No, that’s that’s AB normal. The the czar the alcohols are who knew there was such a thing as in alcohols are the alcohol czar in the Biden regime wants to limit you to two beers per week, two beers per week for you. And of course, that effort by the Biden regime has been raising more than a few eyebrows. The nitwit White House spokesperson was asked about this Have a listen. 

“Does President Biden want to limit Americans to two beers a week? Where’s this coming from? Maybe I didn’t maybe I didn’t miss you so much. All right. Dr. George Kuh, who is the Director of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, says the US may soon follow Canada and recommend just two beers a week. How do you guys think that’s gonna let me tell you what I’m not going to get involved in in in that in that question right there. I have no idea I’ve not seen the data I cannot speak to this.” 

It’s my regime. It’s Beijing Biden’s regime. But we have no idea what’s going on because there is no command and control, Joe Biden is controlled by his regime, not the other way around. It’s not normal. But, of course, according to the biased press, it’s all perfectly normal. 

You’re supposed to accept that which is unacceptable. Beijing Biden, likely infringed upon the First Amendment rights of our citizens when he leaned on social media companies paying them off to remove false or what He classified as misleading China virus content, according to a federal appeals court on Friday. So Beijing Biden violated our First Amendment rights. But we’re supposed to be accepting of this. 

This is supposed to be considered normal because as you know, every Democrat is allowed to usurp your rights. Whenever the hell they want to just ask the New Mexico governor who is clamping down and taking away people’s Second Amendment rights of self defense, citing criminal activity because the criminals break the law. We’re going to crack down and take away your Second Amendment rights as law abiding citizens. 

And this is all supposed to be quote unquote, normal about the lies if if all of the quote science was so ironclad, why did Beijing Biden have to silence those who were saying up up question from the back row? Why did you have to pay with our money, these social media folks to silence our voices? 

Turns out we were right, about a good many things. I’ll expand on this up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Let me welcome on an old friend of the program Dr. Robert Malone, internationally recognized scientist in virology and Immunology. He’s a bio ethicist and an author and a co creator of the mRNA technology used in some of the controversial China virus vaccines. Dr. Malone, welcome back. 

Thanks a lot for having me. How you doing today? 

Look, I I’ve got to ask you, because there’s a lot that’s happened since the last time you and I spoke. The CDC and the World Health Organization has said the China virus vaccines do not prevent infection. They do not prevent spread. Joe Biden, in the meantime has said that we should all be getting the boosters. Well, and then this headline, ultra Vaxxed. Senator Chris Murphy tests positive again for the China virus and then cancels an annual Walk across Connecticut. Dr. Malone what why why do they continue this this fiction that taking this vaccine is a preventative of infection or spread? 

That’s a great question. In it, I use all you can do is hypothesize it’s not like they put up a webpage and say transparently. Hey, this is why we’re lying to you for For some reason, they don’t do that, I don’t know. But it’s clear from the data. It’s also clear from the data, again recently from the United Kingdom, Great Britain, that since they have deployed the vaccines, we have had a unexplained increase in all cause mortality, in virtually every Western nation that keeps records about this. That does not was not there. During the first year of COVID, when we had some of the most pathogenic viruses. We didn’t get this excess all cause mortality, we only saw it after the deployment of the, quote, vaccine products. And now, as we’re probably going to discuss further, Mr. Biden has a muttered about additional funding and development of a vaccine that quote, work is words, right, which implies clearly that he acknowledges that the existing ones don’t work, and implied and then walked back a bit, that everybody was going to be mandated to take this new hypothetical product that would work. And meanwhile, we have Pfizer and Maderna rushing to produce yet another booster that is more attuned to these variants that are, were being darkly warned about that are more infectious, but not apparently more pathogenic. That but that do escape vaccine induced antibody responses, probably because they’ve been selected by the people that have been highly vaccinated. So we’re, we’re in this loop now, where we vaccinate more, quote, unquote, vaccinate more and more against variants that aren’t really causing severe disease. And what it is clearly doing is driving what I had predicted so long ago, on Steve’s, the bench show, the evolution of vaccine resistance escaping, and Peter Navarro. And I also wrote editorials about this in the Washington Times. And of course, we’re fact checked and ridiculed. But here we are, like so many other things. You know, there’s scientism. And then there’s the actual science and–

scientism? I love that scientism? I want to circle back around to that because I’ve got some backup for you in that regard. But I just before we get on to the next question, I do want to, to basically say that I did represent that correctly, because now we have gone from get the job, and it’ll prevent illness, get the job, and you’ll stop the spread. Now we are saying that they’re saying, get the job, because it’ll stop you from being hospitalized. That’s what they’ve defaulted to. 

And that’s, that’s clearly another lie. Yeah, these products will not stop you, they will not prevent you. This is unequivocal, it will not prevent you from hospitalization or death associated with this product. If you happen to be in that very small subset, that are at high risk because you’re obese, or you have diabetes or are aged in frail. They don’t prevent you from being hospitalized or dying with infections from this virus, probably add to your pre existing conditions. Right. And I suppose that’s the truth of it. 

I mean, yeah, and I just wanted to confirm that I was I was representing CDC representing the World Health Organization’s comments accurately and you being a medical professional, I think I think you and I both agree on that. I had, I had to laugh. NBC air quotes news. They came out with a with a so called report. And this so called report had the tone Dr. Malone of we’ve got rising cases of the China virus. Where’s our booster? That should should that be the narrative that so called news organizations are putting out? 

Well, they’re getting paid to do it. I mean, let’s let’s be clear, corporate media is completely compromised now. They’re highly dependent on money from the government and this administration, and the intelligence community that’s pushing that money out and the CDC, and they’re also highly dependent on money from the pharmaceutical industry, particularly including Pfizer, and they are going to say it their horse, they will say what they’re paid to say. And we have clear evidence now in so many instances, where they’re given a grip and you hear the same words being spoken at station after station offensively independently. It’s, you know, we’re now in a situation in which the corporate mainstream media is owned. It’s owned by government. It’s owned by Pharma. They have just become propaganda outlets. They’re not objectively reporting the news like you are. 

Dr. Robert Malone is our guest right now, folks, of course, he is a bio ethicist and the CO creator of the mRNA technology, which is controversially been applied to some of these air quotes, vaccines. Now, I mentioned I wanted to circle back with you on some of the statistics, the fake news and to go with your classification of of individuals being fake news propagators of basically idiocy. Let’s talk about this. The death rate of the China virus they used to scare us initially I’m going to play a montage. Somebody put together four minutes, four minutes of this I’m only going to play about a minute for you but I want you to react Have a listen. 

“The World Health Organization a death rate and the Coronavirus is rise 3.4% is higher lice is deadly is previous estimates 3.4% The state of emergency urgency Well I think that 3.4% is really false numbers based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this particular number is way under 1%. And in fact check the World Health Organization says the Coronavirus death rate is 3.4% President Trump lies that the World Health Organization is wrong. The number is 3.4% 2.4% is what it’s been reported around the world making a deadly so much the death rate the percentage is 3.4%. And no hunch from the president can change. Trump lied about the most recent World Health Organization estimate that the global death rate of Coronavirus is 3.4%. The 3.4% death rate was wrong and who data later updated it to a fraction of 1%. Let’s go back into history. Trump has a hunch that the death rate is lower than 1%. way under 1%. way under the sillon. But a mozzarella stick and is stupid.” 

Put a mozzarella stick and a stupid hole that was late night, late night commute so called comedians. But it turns out if you’re if you’re just monitoring like World of meters, they have the death rate at 1%. President Trump said it was well below 1%. And it turns out statistically speaking, it is right in the area if not less lethal than the flu. And the statistics, the data the science shows that correct Dr. Malone? 

Absolutely. Mr. Trump has been vindicated at.

Absolutely. And again, what what do you make of a bias press that you rightly call horrors and individuals on late night, late night, echoing the World Health Organization, they was putting up this what it turns out to be propaganda, a 3.4% death rate. And I remember this show when this all first started happening, we were saying folks give the data some time to play itself out. This, this virus looks like it’s going to be just as lethal if not less lethal than the flu. And it turns out Trump this program, you have been right all along? 

Well, to be honest, which is something I try hard to do. Initially, I thought it was going to be that much higher number. Remember that in the initial month or two. The data were very biased by reporting the worst cases and by the gross mismanagement that happened with a ventilator remdesivir etcetera, both in China and then that was imported into Italy. And then it was also imported those protocols from China into the United States. And what what initially happened was a apparent high mortality rate, but it was false, because they weren’t able to capture all the cases, this is a ratio of one number to another number. And if you don’t have an accurate representation of how many people actually got the virus, then you bias it to the high number. But as you point out, the data are now clear. And in most age cohorts, particularly known, the mortality rate, or case fatality rate is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a percent. But regardless, Mr. Trump was absolutely correct. He was getting good intelligence. And this puts the lie to the thesis that within the White House initially, all that was happening, all it was coming in was the propaganda from the CCP via pottenger right? You We now know because of this compilation and the historic record, clearly Mr. Trump was getting some accurate information from some source. But then somehow we got steamrolled. That’s all I can I all I can think is, is the machinations of Birx and Fauci, et cetera, as, as has been documented by so many, including Scott Atlas. But Mr. Trump in a box, where they compelled and convinced him to believe false information. Now, they, you know, they lied to Congress. They clearly lied to the President. And the rest of us have suffered the consequences in the form of masks locked down. Yes. economic devastation, yes. closures, all those things that are all based on this false narrative. 

Absolutely. And you know, his eminence, Dr. Fauci shares a big part of that responsibility and those who worked under him. Dr. Robert Malone is our guest, internationally recognized scientist in virology and immunology, a bio ethicist, the CO creator of the mRNA technology, which has been controversially applied to some of these, some of these vaccines out there. And, you know, I wanted you to also talk about the science behind masking. I don’t know if you’re aware of who these people are. The Cochrane Institute. 

they very much though, yeah, yep. The fascinating story, the Cochrane Reviews, yeah, study, and I covered it when it came out. In covered the subsequent controversy, you want to talk about that? 

Well, yeah, well, I’ll tell the folks what they did. Cochrane is kind of a metadata aggregator basically. And they do, they do wonderful analysis over there in the UK. And they took all 78 Mask studies. And they they came to the conclusion, they review, the authors found little to no evidence that masking at the population level reduced China virus infections, and that’s or any respiratory virus, right? It’s not just the China virus widget, but just any type of as you as you rightly point out a respiratory virus, it’s an effective at stopping the spread. So your conclusion?

So this has a fascinating backstory, because then there was a spin that the editor in chief of Cochrane Reviews put out that was interpreted as the paper having been withdrawn or revised in some way. And this editor in chief did this without actually consulting with the author’s. And just to amplify in what she said, I just to illustrate, when I took my postdoctoral training on clinical research at Harvard Medical School, the Cochrane Review and Cochrane process was taught as the gold standard for meta analysis. Um, these, these people are literally the best in the world, they wrote the book on how to do this. And this study, as you say, was very appropriately powered, structured. And it was a, it was just the latest update, you know, years long series of having looked into this, and published on a regular basis. So this wasn’t something new. This is something that was just an update on things they’ve been doing for a long time. 


And then this editor in chief depth in apparently under pressure, and she’s hired a PR firm, to try to cover her tracks on what she did here. And kind of overrode the author’s in the press it with some of her statements, apparently in response to pressure coming from governments or from pharma. Yeah, but it’s the study is definitive. And there have been other studies just to kind of add some flavor here. There’s a recent one out with the imprint of the CDC that shows that these paper masks actually cause a variety of different kinds of harm. By concentrating in carcinogens, enabling particulates, you’re re breathing, whatever it is, you’ve got in your lungs, and you’re increasing your co2 levels, which is not a good thing, especially if you’re obese. We just put out a sub stat about the problem with mass and obesity. And of course, obesity is one of the major risk factors for developing the more severe COVID. 

Right, all of you left wingers out there who think that co2 is causing the Earth’s climate to change. I mean, think about how much co2 You’re just gathering there that the planet killing co2 That you’re gathering in your in your paper mask or maybe your n95 you know what Dr. Malone, I always knew that masking was going to be dubious at best because people walking around with a mask It’s not going to be protective whatsoever, because the vast majority of the time how I’ve known this, since I was a kid, they told me, you know, you touch something on the surface and you rub your eyes, and you’re gonna get, you’re gonna get a vibe and go, thank you. So unless you’re walking around routes of infection, like this virus, exactly, unless you’re walking around with goggles, so an ocular, there you go, but you say, so unless you’re walking around full from head to toe, you know, adorned in PPP with goggles, a mask, and you’re but you’re covered from head to toe, unless you’re doing that, then you’re not going to have much success at defeating a virus. 

And these masks are what one uses, if you’re working with an orbital sander, or other, you know, particulates, like dust that you’re trying to screen out, CDC published another little gem, right after the Maui Lahaina fires, pointing out that these paper masks don’t stop smoke. And in that they had a diagram of different sized particles. And it’s a diagram actually showed that a virus particle is so tiny, that it goes right through the mask. But that was, you know, overlooked and not highlighted. But they basically acknowledged it. This is political. 

Yes, it is. And as you and I’m sure have, and many others have pointed out, it seems to be all about control and demonstration of fealty to these dominant powers, these authoritarian that are demanding that we do backflips, you know, whenever they want us to, to prove our fealty to them. 

Well, Dr. Malone, I thoroughly enjoy I subscribe to your substack articles. And how do you think I half half of our interview was structured on stuff I already knew you knew, because I’ve been reading you reading about it and you putting this stuff out. So if folks want to partake in getting your words and wisdom, where can they go? 

Well, thanks. One thing you could do is go to a recent Charlie Kirk episode where we talked about courage and wisdom and those kinds of things. But the substack is Malone And then on all the social media platforms at RW Malone, MD, in thanks, thanks for the push. And don’t forget the book lies my government told me and we’ve got a new one that’s been preparation now. That is about the true disinformation dozen the 12 people worldwide and the US government that have been promoting all these lies, as opposed to the lies that were told about Nicole and Bobby Kennedy and all that the real disinformation doesn’t work for the government and the World Health Organization. 

All of that of all the things we’ve had to endure at the hands of leftists, and Marxists, the politicizing of our medicine, the politicizing of science, has to be the worst offense from these people. Dr. Robert Malone, always appreciate catching up. Thanks for having me on. That’s good to put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor to websites have input first off Texas, Texas You go there to find out the latest about what’s happening in Texas, whether it be the Great Texas heist, or whether it be the impeachment of Ken Paxton, which is falsely predicated and absolutely absurd. Check out how the other side is embarrassing itself daily. Also check out Chris That is where you can find all the information on me. Whether it be our social media hookups, or where you can find the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas or on Newsmax TV till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends 

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