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Corey DeAngelis is a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children. He is also the executive director at Educational Freedom Institute, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, a senior fellow at Reason Foundation, and a board member at Liberty Justice Center.

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In a stunning betrayal of Texas parents and Texas Children 24 Republicans joined Marxists joined big government socialist Democrats in their efforts to make sure that our children are brought up with left-wing, Democrat, anti-American anti God values. Now look, a lot of folks are out there on the left saying that if you believe in God that somehow are a disqualifier for you being in the in the public sphere. 

Well, I’ve got to remind them and the left is apoplectic over what happened with Coach Kennedy. Because Coach Kennedy remember was a man who was a football coach, at the end of the game would kneel in prayer to God for all of his blessings and the safety of his team and and either a victory or the sportsmanship. Whatever he was praying for, and then he got fired for doing so because he refused to stop. And the court case wound its way to the courts. And the Supreme Court ultimately determined that you cannot prohibit God out of the classroom. 

It is a First Amendment right. And it doesn’t stop at the schoolhouse door, nor does it stop if you take a government job. So that ruling, which I didn’t know, we just had a discussion on this last week, right here on the Salcedo storm podcast. What I didn’t realize is that that ruling undid 50 years of left-wing Democrat, anti God precedence and allowed God back on the campus. I think getting God back on the campuses would go a long way to, to curtailing a lot of the violence of school shootings. 

And of course, there are statistics out there, I’m told that say that it is very good when it comes to bring suicide rates down to zero or near zero. So, you know, I I’ve never bought into this contention that so many in the left, and a lot of people who call themselves Republicans are using Oh, you just want to send taxpayer dollars to religion. And they spit it may see that it’s like no, no, what we’re trying to say is the money should follow the child and the best determinant of how that child is educated in where is the parents, not the state. And that’s that’s the fundamental truth. 

The money should follow the child now, there were Democrats, universally, nearly universally, there’s one Democrat I can think of who said, You know what school choice, we’ve got to do that to rescue our minority children. Of course, there are white, pro-Democrat Republicans who don’t give a rat’s about consigning minority children to underperforming schools that are pushing CRT that are pushing LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism and left-wing extremism and compliance with government rather than than teaching the rights of the American people the Constitution, the rule of law, reading, writing math in the sciences, they would much rather have an indoctrinated population, those pro Democrat Republicans and who are these people? 

I think it’s kind of important. We know their names. This is, of course, the Chris Salcedo shows and the Salcedo storm podcast. This is our voting guide that I believe you should be focused on there are other people who say that there are some smaller voting guides. The Dirty Dozen, for example from the Texas scorecards, brilliant documentary, The Texas heist, but I believe this is a great voting guide. Now for those of you who believe in keeping our children in underperforming schools, keeping left-wing indoctrination, being the call of the day instead of making sure our children are educated, then you want to vote for these Republicans because they’ve sold out our children’s future for the payoffs of today for the political convenience of today. 

If you though, want to put our children first and their education first, you want to vote against these Republicans. And here’s the list, according to the recorded vote, which prohibited taxpayer dollars be spent on parental school choice and education freedom. 

24 Republicans who voted with socialists against the funding of education savings accounts were representatives, Steve Allison, I should say representatives who don’t represent Steve Allison, Trent Ashby, Ernest Bayles, Keith Bell, Dwayne burns, Travis Clardy, by the way, Travis Clardy, folks sent his kids to private school he’s okay with a black and brown kids not going and having that ability to take the money that is dedicated to their children to to escape underperforming left-wing indoctrination centers that gov Ed has turned into he’s okay consigning your kids to that failure, but he wouldn’t do it for his own because he had the means to send them to private school. Isn’t that lovely? 

Travis Clardy, a fake Republican. More fake Republicans drew Darby, Charlie Garen of Fort Worth this man despite all of the headlines of all the abuses of children in government, all the abuses of Gov Ed, you know, teaching CRT even though it’s against the law in Texas, Charlie Garin said, Yep, don’t care, don’t care getting paid too much by the Education lobby and besides, the most important thing to me is getting gambling into the state of Texas. 

Anyway, more pro Democrat Republicans Justina Holland, Kyle caecal, Ken King, John Campbell, Stan Lambert, Brooks Landgraf, Andy Murr Yeah, one of the impeachment architects of Ken Paxton, that one of the guys who wanted to make sure that the CO conspirators were not under oath so they could put up the biggest lies to trick some Republicans into voting for the impeachment, Angela, Angela or for price John Rainey, Glen Rogers, Hugh shine, Reggie Smith, David spiller and Gary van Deaver. 

And also 10 Republicans who were cowards who voted present didn’t wanted to make sure the Democrats one wanted to make sure that you as a parent and your children were denied the ability to have parental school choice and education freedom, but they weren’t courageous enough to vote openly with the Marxists. 10 Republicans who voted present representatives Brad Buckley, David Cook, man adiala, Frederick Frazier, Cody Harris, John Luhan, Shelby Slauson, Kandra, Tim ash, and Ed Thompson. 

Those are the Chris Salcedo shows slash Salcedo storm podcast, Republicans who I believe because this is the most important issue in my mind, the future education of our children. Or if we stay with Gov Ed, the lack thereof, these people facilitated sold out every child and parent in the state of Texas in my mind, inexcusable and ought not be returning to that state house. We talk more about what I believe to be the answer to Senator Ted Cruz, the civil rights issue of our day, parental school choice and education freedom coming up on the Salcedo store podcast. 

I’m often asked, Chris, what can we do? What can we do? I think first thing you have to do is you have to identify where your problem the genesis of where your problems come from. I can tell you from the Paxton impeachment to government’s overspending to the degradation of our military to the anti-cop movement, the anti-police movement, every everything that the left has been doing to this country to take us down. 

It’s Genesis is gov ED, we We Democrats would not be elected in a majority with their current set of values. If gov Ed didn’t normalize those values, which are lack of values, lack of American values. There’s nothing resembling America inside the Democrat Socialist Party. So folks, you want to know what you can do. You can basically Institute freedom for those who are educating children so they have a shot at growing up and being Americans, not anti-Americans that so much of Gov Ed is cranking out these days. Let me bring on Corey Angeles. He’s a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children. Also the executive director at education freedom Institute and adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, a senior fellow at Reason Foundation and a board member of liberty Justice Center. Cory Welcome back. 

Hey, Chris, thanks for having me. 

With the Paxton impeachment now in the rearview mirror, all eyes now in Texas are turning toward Well, parents that they deserve parental school choice and education freedom. The special session will its alleged to to be underway here within a matter of weeks. Is that what you’re hearing? That’s what I’m hearing to first couple of weeks of October should be a special session to bring the legislature back to pass universal school choice allowing all families to take their kids education dollars to the public or private schools are choosing and Texas should have gotten this done in the regular session. I mean, the Senate passed the bill easy 18 to 13. But then the house they blocked the bill as they did in years past but Governor Abbott’s not backing down he’s calling a special session and he’s fighting for education freedom harder than just about any other Governor out there. 

True. There are already 27 states who don’t have to fight any longer they have joined this the ranks of the civilized American community 27 states provide school choice in some form or fashion and it’s working famously across the country. There you go ahead. 

You wouldn’t think it’d be a big problem in Texas controlled by Republicans. This is on the GOP platform. Polling consistently shows that Republicans overwhelmingly favor the issue last year on the ballot, Republican primary voters voted on it on Proposition 9, 88% of Texas Republican primary voters supporting school choice on the ballot last year. And if you look at other states that recently passed universal school choice, you have Arizona being one of them, for example. They had one seat GOP majorities in both chambers, and they were able to get it done. And so Texas, a much better state should be able to pass it as well. 

Well, you’d think and that actually dovetails perfectly into my next question, because there let me see if you’ve been talking to some of these recalcitrant Republicans, there were 24 of them, who tried to put the nail in the coffin of parental school choice and education, freedom. They are betrayers, they’ve stabbed every parent and child in the back. The reason why parents are asking for this is because gov Ed has completely failed, completely failed in teaching what it was supposed to be teaching, which is of course reading, writing arithmetic in the sciences. So let me see if what’s your read on this is because you’ve got all of these, these legislators who have been legislating against their own Voters in particular with a Paxton impeachment. How many of them? Do you think of the 60? Republicans who voted without any evidence to impeach Paxton? will say, Well, I’ve got to redeem myself and show my voters that I’m listening to them, how many of them will convert over to push school choice parental school choice in education, freedom over the line? How many of you think? 

Yeah, I mean, this really helps turn up the heat on a bunch of the rhinos in the Texas House to actually show their Republican voters that they support their values. So this is their last chance, right? Governor Abbott’s giving them an opportunity during the special session, to prove to their voters that they support what what the voters want. And that’s education, freedom for every family, especially after the past few years where the teachers union induced school closures really woke up a lot of parents to feel the woke BS that was happening in the classroom. So you know, before the argument for school choice had a lot to do with academics and getting your kid out of failing government schools when it comes to math and reading test scores. But now families want something even more deeper than that. It’s about sending your kid to an institution that aligns with your values, no one wants to send their kid to a government indoctrination center where they feel like their kids being brainwashed to hate them for 13 years of their lives. So this is really mobilized parents across the country. And the CRT and gender ideology. It’s not just happening in blue states, it’s happening in red states, too, with video, that’s that surfaces all the time loves the tick tock, if you look at accuracy in media videos, undercover journalism, showing that, you know, the public school officials admitting that even if they had a CRT band in their in their red state, they would just teach it anyway, they call it social emotional learning or something else. So school choice is the best answer to all the issues. And look, if, if the Texas so called Republicans in the House don’t pass school choice in the special session, as their last opportunity to do so they’re going to have primary opponents breathing down their neck, so a lot of them already do have primary opponents that have announced the pressures up. Parents are watching. And they’re gonna have a real risk of losing their seats if they continue to come out and attack parental rights by voting against school choice. 

Gov. Ed is is anti faith. Gov Ed is anti parent. Gov Ed is is no longer representing the public. That’s why we we don’t call it public education anymore because it no longer represents the Republic in the public in general. It actually represents the Democrat Party and their anti American agenda. And that’s that’s the truth. I want to focus in on one of these Republicans that you’ve been making reference to His name is Travis Clardy. And he’s one of these left wing Republicans in name only. He’s pushing to deny parents and kids choice, but he sent his kids to private school. Isn’t this man just a big a hypocrite as Charlie Garin? And the rest of them are? 

Yeah, I mean, he sounds like a hypocrite just like Stacy Davis gates, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union that just blew up in the media. Even had CNN left the CNN calling her out went viral thing Hey, you sent your kids to private school. Why? Why denied that opportunity to others? 

Well, hold on, hold on, Cory. I just happen to have that soundbite pulled let this is the first minute and 26 seconds of that interview. I want you to listen to it and then comment. 

“Tonight, the head of the Chicago Teachers Union is facing intense backlash after it was revealed that her eldest son is enrolled in a private Catholic school. Now the reason that this is at all controversial for some people is because Stacy Davis Gates has championed the city’s public school system, while consistently voicing strong opposition to private education. Now, last year, she underscored her position on the issue saying quote, I can’t advocate on behalf of public education without it taking root in my own household. And joining me now is Stacy Davis gates. Stacy, thank you for being here. We wanted to have you on. So you could help explain what happened here. You’ve likened in the past private schools of today to quote segregation academies of the Jim Crow South. Why then send your child to a private school after speaking out so publicly against that? I didn’t speak out against private schools that spoke out against school choice school.” 

Okay, so she, she calls private schools tantamount to Jim Crow and racism, and then says, Oh, I didn’t call out private schools. I called out school choice. I’d like a good little Marxist Leninist. I just want to deny parents choice. Yes. 

Yeah, I mean, and she just used the buzzwords the entire eight and a half minute interview. She just says, oh, racism, racism, this racism, that racism. This is why I’m able to choose school foot for my kid and Oh, my kid plays soccer. So you know, he had to go to a private school. It’s like, well, they have soccer in the in the public schools and charter schools as well. Why not send them there instead of a private school? I mean, it’s a chef, want to eat his own food at a restaurant and the waitstaff want to do so either? Would you eat at that restaurant? Amen. No, obviously, I mean, the Chicago Teachers Union boss, Stacy Davis gates and remembers, they know that the school system is a total dumpster fire and they pull their kids out. I think there was a 2013 aei study that pointed out that 39% of Chicago public T teachers send their kids to private school. So they know what firsthand, that is not working for their own students. So they send their kids elsewhere, but other families have that choice. And you see rhinos like Travis Clardy, in the Texas House, coming out against parental rights in education and sending his own kids to private schools, the same kind of hypocrisy. And I don’t blame these members for sending their kids to private schools should have that choice. But other people should have that choice too 

Agreed. Now there’s there’s a, a group online that has been trying to bring pressure to keep us among the knuckle dragging states and denying parental school choices called pastors for Texas kids. We don’t know who they are. I’ve been trying to investigate to figure out which denomination they represent. They don’t represent anybody. And the news I can tell. I don’t even know that they’re Texans. So what do we know about pastors for Texas kids? It strikes me as some sort of front group. 

Yes, it is. I mean, they receive donations from Randi Weingarten teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers, they don’t want you to know that, but they do. So their union front group, they pretend that they’re pastors to try to block school choice. In red states, they had these kind of chapters in places like Oklahoma to, I’ve seen bubble up with the biggest one is in Texas, with this union front group, and it’s just it reads as a total parody account on social media, because their main thing, their entire goal as a union front group, and under the veneer of pastors, is they try to say that it’s God’s will to trap you in government schools, that can’t be religious. I mean, give me a freaking break. Pastors are groups that are typically in favor of school choice, because they understand this can allow kids to go to faith based schools, with school choice, taking school choice options away, traps you in schools that in some cases might be anti religious, even if they’re not doing so explicitly in the curriculum, you have teachers in that system, who might be biased against religion and families might want a choice out of that out of that failing system to go to a private religious school. So you know, I mean, it’s just Well, what about this reads as a parody account? 

Yeah. What about the lawlessness because, as you know, Gov Ed, as you rightly point out, Gov Ed, saw this law prohibiting critical race theory in Texas being taught there. There are stories out there that prove that they’re teaching it anyway, Governor Abbott put a issued a lawful order, saying you can’t force children into masks. The school districts do it anyway. So they’re also teaching lawlessness, they break the law. And they’re allowed to, because of the Travis clarities of the world because of the speaker Dade Phelans of the world, because of 24. So called Republicans, they they are implementing a lawless government agency. And and the last thing they want to do is to give parents the ability to escape that lawlessness. Is that Is that fair? 

That’s right. And don’t let anybody trick you into thinking that Texas is some exception, because it has rural areas. And that’s why we can’t have school choice. I mean, look at nine most rural states in the country, according to census bureau data, all have some form of private school choice already, including West Virginia. That was the first state much more rural than Texas. And that’s the first state to go universal on school choice and 2021 wasn’t an issue there. It’s not an issue in Texas for the senators covering the same geographic regions. Maine and Vermont. Some of the oldest school choice programs in the country voucher program started in 1800s. For students in rural areas because they didn’t have a lot of choices. If you didn’t have a public school, you got a voucher to go to a private school or another public school in Maine in Vermont in late 1800s. Though, wait a minute, hold on. Stop there, stop there. 

The reason why is because back then we had real pro Americans who believe that educating children should be the focus, but that’s not what that’s not what the focus of those who are pushing for gov Ed now they will tell you and I’ve seen this, it’s online. We must support gov Ed, we must support public education. They could never do they say we must support children’s education. Because Because and the reason why they don’t do that is because they don’t support children’s education. They support this government agency as a mechanism of their own political power. And that’s the truth. Yes? 

Yes, they support. They’re the people that were already donating to them. It’s all about special interest politics. But thankfully, parents have been organized in a bunch of states, particularly red ones, as a special interest group of their own more of a general interest because these are parents were talking about, and they’re, they’re paying attention they did a lot of there was a lot of accountability in the midterms, when it came to school choice candidates doing a good job 76% of the candidates supported by my organization, the American Federation of Children, and arts, and our state affiliates won their races in 2022. And we took out a lot of incumbents, we targeted 69 of them and took out 40 who oppose parental rights and education. So it’s becoming a form of political suicide. And Texas Republicans are so called Republicans in the House should should be aware of the political consequences of going into your party platform and more importantly, going into parents. 

Travis Clardy, and Charlie Garin should be target one for those who believe in parental school choice and education freedom and, and Cory if folks want to support you and your organization to allow Texas to join the 27 other civilized states who believe and have passed laws to restore parental authority to restore school choice in their states, where can they go? You can follow me on Twitter that the Angeles quarry but also if you want to help us in the fight for education, freedom, you can go to the education freedom pledge, which is that education, freedom pledge.com Or for sure, you can just go to Ed freedom pledge.com And you can track bills in your state to rally around parental rights. Courtney Angeles, he’s a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children. Always appreciate the visit, sir. 

All right. Thanks, Chris. 

That’s gonna do it for this Salcedo store podcast. Go to Texas scorecard.com. Folks, you will see the upcoming battle. You will see how it all takes shape at Texas scorecard.com to give parents and children parental school choice to escape the clutches of Gov Ed, which has been failing our children now for two generations. We can’t afford a failure for a third. Despite what Charlie Garen wants what kind of pay offs Mr. Guerin wants, we must save our children from gov Ed, we must allow the parents since the state legislature doesn’t want to do the job, we must allow our parents to be the protectors of our children. So we must accept nothing else but complete victory on this. And don’t let anybody tell you that it is not your right as a parent to protect your child that that money should not be following the child. Instead, they’ll try to tell you that the money should follow the failed institution, don’t you believe it? Also check out Chris saucedo.com When you go there, you’ll find all of our social media hookups and you’ll find the Chris Salcedo shows presents on am talk radio on ks evey and simulcast on rumble and get her and we have a new partner coming on board in short order so make sure you keep an eye out for that. Also check out where we can be found on Newsmax TV every afternoon, Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there my friends.

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