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S6, Ep. 11: Terror, Illegal Immigration And The Texas Illegal Alien City

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Todd Bensman is a two-time National Press Club award winner, and former journalist of 23 years, who currently serves as the Texas-based Senior National Security Fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies. He’s the author of the book, OVERRUN, How Joe Biden Unleashed the Greatest Border Crisis in U.S. History.

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You know, it’s kind of easy to blindly declare that we’re being run by idiots that the United States is being ruled by absolute morons. It’s another thing to actually have the evidence these people you know, I have a nickname for Beijing Biden, other than Beijing Biden, that that calls him often wrong, Joe, often wrong, Joe Biden, he has been wrong on every major foreign policy decision. And now it turns out every domestic policy decision and the last 50 years, one of the one of the big domestic policy decisions he’s completely wrong on is the massive importation of millions of illegal aliens military age men into the United States thinking, Oh, this is perfect. This is great. 

Of course, I believe that Joe Biden doesn’t know what he had for breakfast, and that his his evil regime is the one that is doing this with the expressed intent of replicating what we just saw in Israel, having military age man rampaging through the streets of America, and American citizens begging for the government to institute totalitarian rule over us. I believe that’s the end game of the Marxist, they create the tragedy, then they say, Well, we’re the only ones who can solve it, where they create the problems. Oh, we’re the only ones that can solve it. Just give up your rights. And we’ll come in and solve it for you. And when you see military age, man rampaging through the streets, and slaughtering Americans the way it happened in Israel, when their country was invaded by military age men, then, you know, there are a whole bunch of a whole bunch of these left wingers will be out there, trumpeting across the airwaves, give up your rights for the illusion of security. 

The problem is these people are wrong, whether it be because of their idealism, their ideology, or their intent to harm the United States of America. They’re just plain wrong. I think we got to point out, folks that, that President Trump with the historic Abraham accords with the the peace that he brought during his four years, he was ushering in peace in the Middle East that we hadn’t seen before. And had he been given another four years, it would have it would have been probably a resolve situation.

That’s what the Democrats couldn’t hack. That’s what the warmongers like Liz Cheney, and others couldn’t have can’t have peace in our time. What are we going to? Where are we going to spend all of the American people’s money, right? So you’ve got this aspect of American foreign policy, a policy of peace through strength that has been completely abandoned by Beijing Biden, and his Marxists. 

And folks, that it’s not working. I mean, obviously, it’s not working because of what has just happened, not only in Israel, but the entire world is melting down. Our country is melting down because of a lack of American leadership. And all they’ve got on the other side is propaganda. Right. That’s all they have listened to Jake Sullivan. He is the National Security Adviser. Now, folks, I don’t know whether this man is dumber than a sack of rocks, or he’s just spewing out this pablum thinking that, that left wing social media influencers and you people still stupid enough to vote Democrat will believe it either way it’s incredibly dangerous. 

“And what we said is we want to depressurize de escalate and ultimately integrate the Middle East region, the war in Yemen is in its 19 month of truce. For now the Iranian attacks against US forces have stopped, our presence in Iraq is stable, I emphasize for now, because all of that can change. And the Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.” 

Ah, that’s just not true. It was a hell of a lot quieter during the time of President Trump. And we actually had a real president, we actually had real competent individuals who were pro American, pro Western, pro western values. And now, the Western civilized world is under unrelenting attack, because of the retreat of Beijing Biden and the Marxists who run his regime. 

So no, that didn’t age very well, now did it, folks, there is a consequence to having either Marxists or truly stupid people, or truly ideological people running your government. And they don’t have a mindset of protect Americans first and our interests first, and then protect Western civilization because that is directly a direct correlation to protecting Americans. That’s the last consideration of the Biden regime, as, as you just heard, from Jake Sullivan, the so called National Security Adviser. 

And don’t forget, these very same people who are now running this country into the ground, just let in over seven and a half million illegal aliens into the United States, military age men into the United States. Gee, and they’re out there saying just like Jake Sullivan, relatively quiet out there. It’s it’s more quiet on the illegal immigration front than it has been in the last 20 years. It’s all BS. It’s all crap. 

But folks, that’s what they’re out there saying and they’ve got their left wing sickos in the biased press, echoing that absurdity. And how much time do you think it’ll be? Before Americans start paying a price in the streets for the open borders, and the upward of well, by the time Beijing Biden gets done with America and the end of his first term, we’re looking at 15 million illegal aliens, more illegal aliens into the United States by the time he’s done. 

And even here in Texas, as Dade Phelan and his pro Democrat lieutenants abandoned the idea of putting together a Texas border patrol to protect us to be the hedge against Biden’s lawlessness. Well, we have an illegal alien city, right here in Texas 75,000, illegal aliens, a hub for crime, sex trafficking, and G. 

Does anybody think that this could be a base of operation from which to launch all manner of illegal activity across Texas and beyond? Now, don’t interrupt David Phelan and his kissing of the nearest Democrats rear end to confront him with these things? It’s just too much for him to process. But folks, you ought to be thinking about it. We talked about it next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

As you all know, the United States of America has been dealing with massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration because of policies, Democrat policies. And because of those Democrat policies. We have been enduring seven and a half million illegal aliens estimate with two and a half million known got aways estimate and continued massive more on the way it There are estimates out there folks that we will have 15 million more illegal aliens in the United States at the end of Beijing Biden’s first term. I find this completely unacceptable, completely lawless, but completely consistent with Democrats. Let me bring on somebody who has been doing some groundbreaking reporting about the state of Texas that the state in which I broadcast in the state of Texas, we’re supposed to be a conservative state. But we have the Speaker of the Texas House, who defeated a Texas border patrol and a response to the lawlessness being teed up by Democrats. Folks, we have any illegal alien city, according to reports in the state of Texas, and I want to get an update from Todd Benjamin. He is a two time National Press Club Award winner and a former journalist of 23 years currently serves as the Texas based senior national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies. He’s the author of the book overrun how Joe Biden unleashed the greatest border crisis and US history. Mr. Benjamin, welcome back. 

Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. 

The latest on liberty County and colony Ridge, what can you tell us? 

Well, this has caught the attention of the Governor Greg Abbott, senior officials, you know, like lieutenant governor, Dan Patrick, he’s been out there. And Ken Paxton has been out there. And it looks like you know, they want to have a special hearing to kind of consider what might be done about Liberty County, if anything. There is also some reporting that there may be a surge, Texas State Police surge operation in that area, which I regard as a pretty target rich environment. And they’ll be pretty busy if they go in there with a task force. I haven’t finally confirmed that but I am. I do have that from very good sources that it’s a very serious consideration. 

Now. So we’ve reached out, Todd, just really quickly, we’ve reached out to the governor’s office, they sent us back a rather lengthy statement. We’ve heard of the lieutenant governor on other media talking about this, and that there seems to be a focus not so much on the 1000s upon 1000s of illegal aliens, not so much the fact that the narco terrorists are using this as a staging area to distribute narcotics throughout the country. Now they’re using it as a staging area for for human trafficking and, and child sex slavery and regular good old fashioned sex slavery. But they seem to be focused on sanitation. That’s that’s the number one concern I’m hearing from public officials in Texas. Is that a smoke screen in your view? 

Honestly, I don’t know what that is. I haven’t studied that. I know some, some people have in the community and surrounding community have raised that as an issue. I don’t know. I don’t really know about that. I, that comes as a surprise to me. I’m just hearing about, you know, the law enforcement part of it. Which makes sense. I mean, why not? Why not bring bring, they only have about a dozen officers that they could bring to bear at any, you know, two or three a shift, or a population of 75,000. And ice won’t touch the place. They won’t go in there. I interviewed the neighboring county sheriff Greg papers recently who told me that he constantly calls ice and that they just as constantly turn him down, and we’ll come out there so if the Federalists won’t go out there and, you know, take things into account do their thing. That leaves pretty much the state just like at the southern border. 

Okay, so Sheriff Greg capers. He’s in. He’s in an adjacent county correct. If I’m not mistaken, he is in a in a county that is next door to this alleged illegal alien city. That’s right. That’s right. That’s where his his department handled the massacre of the five Hondurans a few months ago. Okay. So this is I think it’s San Jacinto County, isn’t it? 

It’s San Jacinto County, but, you know, the school district I mean, it really the whole areas kind of impacted. It’s not just literally counting its surrounding counties as well and elsewhere and liberty County. 

And see that’s the problem it because when you when you have a sprawling community of illegality, it tends to be a problem for the surrounding counties. So what is the sheriff done? I know he’s reached out to ice which of course, as you know, ice is under federal control and they don’t they don’t believe in the federal government anymore and enforcing laws. So has has Sheriff capers reached out to the state for help? Sheriff capers has applied for Lonestar operation grant money to build up a force a task force that would work both counties. But his his last I heard his application was rejected. 

Okay, wait a minute, for those of you watching around the rest of the country, because I’m sure you’re biased press outlet hasn’t told you about the massive illegal immigration going on. Operation Lone Star was launched by the state of Texas to combat the massive illegal push by the Democrat party in the national level this this massive illegal immigration push that is being undertaken by the Democrat party in Washington. So there are folks in municipalities and in official capacity that can apply for support from Operation Lonestar So, Mr. Benjamin, you said you talked to Sheriff capers, and he is asking for for help from the state of Texas. And they turned him down? Do they tell him why they wouldn’t send him any help? 

No explanation. It was a rejection form letter. He says that he and some area congressmen are doubling back over there to the to the governor’s office to you know, kind of press the place and maybe don’t get it this time, but I’m not sure whether that’s going to happen if if the state also surgeons, Texas DPS troopers into that area. As I’m hearing they’re strongly considering, but I don’t know how long the Texas DPS task force would be stationed there and operating. So it’s it’s always good to have extra, you know, cops on deck. 

Yeah, yeah. You think especially when you’ve got a community dedicated movings complaining? I’m sorry. No, no, it’s all right. It’s all right. He’s complaining about what? 

Well, in his interview with me, he he said there are four cartels operating in his area next door, and the whole region, really, and he named them. And he said that, you know, they’re, they’re operating stash houses, for drugs, and they’re doing marijuana grows out, out in the woods, and gambling, you know, like cockfighting and prostitution and things like that. And he says that they’re well aware of it, they just can’t really do much they need help. 

Well, Todd Benjamin, our guest right now, folks, he is a, a longtime journalist. And he has a book called, overrun how Joe Biden unleashed the greatest border crisis in US history. Todd, I got to ask you. So given your reporting thus far, on on colony ridge on liberty County in this illegal alien city? What is your evaluation of the state’s response? 

Well, the state has been sort of absent from this, just like everybody else. For 10 years, this community has been booming out there for decades. There has been a lot of local complaints and lawsuits and litigation and fights over the water quality, like you mentioned, and general development, all kinds of different issues. It’s not like it’s a, you know, a big secret or something. I mean, you just have to go look and knock doors. And so, you know, I’m not really sure. I can’t really speculate as to you know, why the Feds haven’t gone in there. You know, even under Donald Trump, I, you know, people out there that are complaining that that ice wouldn’t even go in there under him. So, you know, I don’t really know what what the answer is, but it does seem like you know, they’re starting to get a tension, now the developer is, you know, kind of starting to fight back and they’re disputing they see they see this kind of tsunami coming at them, and bad for business. So Right. They’ve hired a crisis management firm. That does a lot of work for Republicans, actually, really, and they are now putting out, you know, they’re disputing all of these assertions by the local population that people are illegal or disputing. That, that cartels are there and operating, and that sort of so they’re mounting a pushback campaign. And, you know, we’ll see I mean, they’re just speeding a lot of reporting, right now. 

Understood. And so that actually dovetails in my last question, because you and I have been talking about this what we covered this, the beginning of the year, we you and I have been discussing this either on the Newsmax show, or on on private phone calls for months now for over over six months. So we’ve been reporting on this. And but then I’ve noticed a massive uptick, uptick in coverage to where even the UK press is starting to write about the illegal alien city, smack dab in the middle of the great state of Texas. Number one, why do you think it’s getting so much reportage? Now it’s as you mentioned, it’s snowballing. Do you think it’s because now the other side has joined in and defending their illegal alien city? 

I think it has a lot to do with what’s happening in New York, and Chicago, and Denver, and Boston, and DC and all cities all across the country where there’s 10s of 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of the border crossers, are showing up saying feed me and house me and shelter me. And they don’t have the money and they’re complaining. And it’s become a bitter, bitter political issue within the Democratic coalition. And in the middle of that you’ve got just more illegal immigrants crossing the border than ever in the history of the country, actually, ever even in the history of the history breaking mass migration crisis that we’re in, yeah. And media is starting to I mean, they kind of have to pay attention to this. I mean, it looks like the month of September when all the numbers are in and you account for everything, that maybe 400,000 people cross the border in a single month. And it’s gonna keep going like that. It’s the so I think it’s just becoming more of a news story in general. I mean, in that context of this border crisis, you know, then all of a sudden, you talk about a community where people, illegal immigrants can easily buy land and are buying land. I’m not saying everybody out there is an illegal immigrant, but I’ve knocked doors and Max, the ones that said they were illegal. They say everybody around them is illegal. Illegal immigrants, illegal, US citizens that I met out there said all their neighbors are illegal. Yeah, but whatever.

I mean, well, I gotta tell you, man, that’s what drove it to actually buttress the points you just made. Even the socialists, even the Democrats now because there they are fine with keeping all the illegal aliens harming Texas in the in the border states. But now that it’s coming up to their states now that Joe Biden is so incompetent, that the illegal immigration crisis is now a 50 state problem. Now you’ve got before people who were just adoring sanctuary cities and it just adoring breaking the law, people like New York Governor Kathy Hokulea, changing their tune, listen to this:

“Want them to have a limit on who can come across the border. It is too open right now. People coming from all over the world are finding their way through simply saying they need asylum. And the majority of them seem to be ending up in the streets of New York. And that is a real problem for New York City.” 

Oh, it’s a problem for New York City. It’s okay when it’s confined Todd to Texas, but they have a real problem when these hoity toity leftists have to deal with their crazy idiotic, pro illegal immigration policies. So I think that buttresses your point, that now that it’s hurting Democrats and Democrat voters now all of a sudden it’s a problem. Yes? 

Well, yeah, I mean, I would take issue with one thing she said is that they’re not all going to be York and Chicago, these cities that I just named, they’re they’re moving into cities and towns across America all through the Midwest, the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming. Everywhere there’s no there’s no town or city in America that’s that’s not impacted by this at some at some level and I think that a huge number of mayors, I would bet hundreds of mayors, our Democratic mayors are suffering in silence over what’s happening in their cities find trying to figure out where the money is secret, and quiet with no media coverage. Yep. All across America, this can’t You can’t have all these millions of people pour into the country in such a short time and have it, you know, not impact communities that are already here. And it’s just gonna It’s just now getting, you ain’t seen nothing yet. None of these cities, I know, in towns have seen anything yet. I’m down here on the border right now. And I’m telling you, and I’ve been covering this thing for three years now. Constantly covering this for three years. And I couldn’t believe my eyes for three years. And now my eyes are just blown up. I can’t even this is just like, through the ionosphere, what’s going on now. And they’re looking at the Darien Gap 100,000 People pouring through there this month, you know, and 80,000 Last month, when in any normal year for 20 years, it was less than 10,000. 

I know. It’s it’s all brought to you Todd by Democrats socialist policies and fully funded by Republicans like John Cornyn and others in the United States Senate and the House, Todd Benjamin. Just go ahead, Todd really quickly. 

Okay. Yeah. I mean, if I could just buttress that, you know, I interview immigrants, you know, 1000s of them. I’m down here now. I interview them all over the place. And when you ask them why they’re coming now, what news about the American border? Did you hear that? They do pull up stakes and move. They’ll tell you because they’re letting us in? That’s it. That’s the most common answer I get. They’re not enough at. 

Yep. And that’s they being the Democrats. They’re not us. They’re not going to people, the Democrats and the Republicans who funded them, Todd Benjamin, everybody, the name of the book overrun, how Joe Biden unleashed the greatest border crisis in US history. Great work, man, keep us posted. 

Okay, thank you. 

That puts a rap on the Salcedo store and podcast, you might want to call up your federal representatives and your state representatives, saying You know what, it is no longer a theory it is no longer something that could never happen to the west, after what Israel just went through the idea that you’re letting in millions of military age men in the United States. And that’s not going to have any ramifications for our citizens. That’s out the window, you might want to start picking up the phone and telling your representatives you prize the safety of your family over their stupid politics. You just might want to do that. And to get informed. Go to Texas That’s where you’ll find all that information and so much more about what’s happening here in Texas and beyond. Also, head on over to the Chris Salcedo shows presence on the web at Chris That’s where you find the Chris Salcedo show on talk radio in the morning on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas simulcast with getter, and rumble, and also on end to Newsmax two. You’ll also find us on Newsmax one in the afternoon on television, every afternoon at four o’clock until five Eastern till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people who stay safe out there my friends.

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