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S6, Ep. 14: "Republican" Betrayers, Deserve Primary Challengers. Meet one!

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John Perez currently sits on the Spring Branch ISD Board of Trustees. He and his wife, Colette, own and run a process safety engineering company in the Energy Corridor located in West Houston. He is running against a freshman incumbent to restore True Texas Red to the House for HD133.

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Got a lot of concerns about what’s happening in the state of Texas, I have a lot of concerns about what’s happening in the country. But because of my concerns about what’s happening in the United States, my nation, I also have even exponentially more concerns about what’s happening in Texas because Texas here to for has been the solution to all of that. And because individuals have infiltrated the Republican Party in the state of Texas who are left wing, who are decidedly left wing, who want to defeat constitutional conservatism, who want to defeat the rule of law that is now in jeopardy. That’s why I am so distressed by what is happening in the Texas House. 

Do you realize the avalanche the absolute tsunami of conservative legislation that came out of the Texas Senate, it was fantastic. It was it was proof positive that our government could work in our best interest. And then came speaker Dade Phelan elected by Democrats and their legislative session. Dade Phelan got himself a an Obama parliamentarian, the Democrats got in his ear and told him from the very beginning what they would and they wouldn’t accept and he snapped to because here’s the dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about. That started with Charlie gerunds, little rebellion, his little gang of 11 that supplanted conservatism and and traditional republicanism, and installed left wing extremism in the state of Texas in the name of the Republican Party.

And this is why it’s so this is why Charlie gerunds crime is so egregious. For those of you who are Republican voters, those of you who call yourselves conservative. Here’s a guy who is trying to do the Democrats bidding Charlie Garen and Dade Phelan and their their pals, do the Democrats bidding and then put the Republican name on it. And so it’s a twofer. Not only two Democrats, socialists get their agenda passed, or at the very least for the conservative agenda. They get to rip down their opposition’s name, folks, just if you were going to be honest with me. 

And if tomorrow, Texas was, God forbid, Texas was all of a sudden a Democrat state again. Do you think how many of the so called Republicans in the Texas State House would switch parties? How many do you think I think it least 30% of them, maybe even more? I mean, I can tell you definitively there are three who are left wing extremists. Why? Because they facilitated the killing of common sense legislation that would have prevented our enemies from buying land in Texas to compromise our food supply, to spy on our military installations and to spy on our people. 

Those three people are Todd Hunter, Dustin burrows, and Dade Phelan right. They were the ones responsible for killing that common sense. legislation coming over from the Senate. Then of course, you’ve got another list of the Dirty Dozen put out by the Texas scorecard. It’s a baker’s dozen, really, you’ve got 13 of them. Speaker Dade Phelan at the top and there’s the aforementioned left wing extremists Charlie Garin. Then you’ve got Glen Rogers, JC jetan Todd Hunter, the aforementioned Todd Hunter, Ken King, Jeff Leach, Craig Goldman, Dustin burrows that’s from the previous list. Lynn Stuckey Stephanie, click Andrew Murr. And Justin Holland. So that’s the Dirty Dozen. 

Then you’ve got the 24, the the salacious evil 24, who voted against parental school choice and education freedom, then you got the really big list 60 Republicans that join 61, socialists to impeach Ken Paxton, by the way, Andy Murr, one of the architects of that unfair, and, dare I say crooked impeachment of Ken Paxton, based on individuals who were not put under oath for their testimony. And there was a real reason they didn’t do that. 

How many of those folks do you think would actually be socialist Democrats? If Texas Tomorrow became a majority Democrat state? And I think the reason I asked this question, the reason I pointed out is because these people don’t have any core convictions or core values. That’s why That’s why they look at people like me, like the like conservatives, like we’re from a different planet. They’re like, Go, what you’re getting in the way of us making money, you’re getting the way of enriching ourselves off government. Don’t bother me with this constitutional conservatism crap. They say. 

So, look, folks, I think it’s very important that we decide first off what our values are, and then make sure that those we elect are putting those values over the finish line. And I can guarantee you, the Texas House under date feeling and whether it be the three lawmakers, the 12 lawmakers, the 24, lawmakers are maybe 60 that those people are not putting conservative constitutional pro Texas policies into place. 

And many are starting to take it personally. And they should. And we should stop allowing the Democrats to pick the Republican Speaker and the Majority, they won’t do it. So we shouldn’t do it. And that’s got to stop. The way we stop it is to get rid of all of these go along to get along pro Democrat Republicans. And I’m going to talk to somebody who’s trying to do just that. Another liberty loving Latino comes your way on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks want to welcome to the program a fellow liberty loving Latino John Perez currently sits on the spring branch ISD Board of Trustees, he and his wife Colette they own and run a and process a safety engineering company and in the Energy Corridor located in West Houston. They’ve been married 22 years still have you beat buddy. I’m coming up on 25 and they have four teenagers running against a freshman incumbent to restore true Texas. Read to our house of representatives HD 133 Mr. Perez. Welcome.

Chris. Thanks for having me. First off, I just want to thank you for making time for me. I’m a fan. It’s been great to watch you across the platforms and your success. I saw a bit yesterday where you called out To Jamal Bowman and his high school prank at the capitol to buy some more time. So always appreciate a fighter that sheds light on the shenanigans of the other side. 

Well, let’s go ahead and start there. Because you know, the Democrats say the laws are made made for you and me those who oppose them, and so they weaponize them. But whenever they break the law, whether it be Hunter Biden or Jamaal Bowman, a known socialist, that this is the double standard that Dade Phelan and his pro Democrat Republicans all love to tout and enforce, what do you think about all that? So greatly? 

What I’ll start by saying is my opponent took $100,000 of House Speaker Phelan’s money. And if you recall, there were about five of these political chameleons. And the top five recipients of Phelan’s money was like $1.5 million. The question you have to ask I think, Chris is what was he buying? Alright, so we look at? Well, we probably know the answer now. Right? 

Yeah, I think I think with a Paxton impeachment, and with the the most left wing socialist session in recent memory, I think we pretty much know what Mr. Phelan was buying. 

Right? And I guess what, what bothers me most when I think about why I’m even doing this, what’s my compelling reason? It’s the deception in the corruption, right? So HD 133, we had two candidates running in a runoff. And they both presented themselves as strong conservatives. And the concern I have with what we have in the house now is we have folks that flat out deceived, they express themselves as a conservative, they said the right things, but when they actually get there, when they take the money, they become part of that purple coalition. They’re part of the assignment of democratic chairs that then stop the red wave of legislation from the Senate, they get killed on the House floor. I just sit there and go, that’s not what that’s not what we deserve. Okay. I don’t know how much you are aware of the HD 133 geographic area. But we went from Chimney Rock to highway six, I ten to Westheimer. And our donor base is probably the largest donor base to the state and national Republican machines. And when you look at our representation, it doesn’t match up with what we’re what we are as a constituency. Well, we need a conservative fighter. 

Yeah, let me stop you there. Because what you’re saying is in there is a bastion of conservatism in the Houston area. And this bastion of conservatism is putting their money trying to save, arguably, Houston trying to save arguably Texas, but the people they’re donating to in the name of Republicans are actually getting up to the statehouse and behaving like socialists. 

That’s right. I think folks need to open their eyes and wake up to the fact that Dade Phelan and his money are not doing the work of true red TLR their money AR t and I know folks are probably out there going, Wow, this guy’s really calling some people out. But they need to be called out. It’s time to disrupt the establishment. It’s time for a group of folks like myself and Andrew hopper and David Covey. We got to get in there and we got to turn the house over. We got to take the house back one feature at a time. It’s as simple as that right. 5060 have to go. 

Right there with you, John Perez, my guest right now, folks on the Salcedo storm podcast. And he is running an HD 133 House District 133 to replace what some of you would call a rhino a Republican in name only then even though we know that being a Republican these days, doesn’t mean anything. Conservatism does Republican ism doesn’t be the Democrats. We know what they stand for. But the Republicans seem to be a disparate group. Some of them are pro Democrats, some of them are going along to get along. Some of them are actually conservatives, and as you can hear from Mr. Pedez as he wants to be a conservative, we’ve been dancing around who your opponent is. So who is the the freshman incumbent in HD 133. 

He that shall not be named as mono de Ayala. 

Wow. Mono that is and he is mono de la is is a lockstep Dade Phelan Lieutenant Correct. 

He is an establishment follower, for sure. I mean, he took the money, he fell in line with the establishment, he got pretty cozy. And he’s kind of the, you know, go along to get along kind of candidate. And the problem is like even at the school board, that’s the problem we had Chris, we had the same problem at the school board where we had maybe some faux conservatives, maybe they started red, but they stay around the educrats too long and you turn blue. And we took that we took back to the board. It took us a while. But that’s why I’m hopeful that we can take back the house a lot of folks out there and say, Well, you know, we’re never going to achieve it. You got to start you got to start with one city and the next seat and before too long. You’ll have the house back and we’ll have a legitimate conservative majority.

Well, I’m looking up I don’t know this list by heart because it’s 24 of them now. I have been put Got this voting guide and I’m gonna get you to comment on the voting guide. But I just want to see among the 24 that are the the Chris Saucedo show slash Salcedo storm podcast. 24 voting guide. Let’s see if let’s see it was I’m going to name them okay. Reps. Steve Allison Trent Ashby, Ernest bales, Keith Bell, Dwayne burns, Travis Clardy. Drew Darby Charlie Garen, Justina Holland. Kyle Keiko Ken King John crumpled Stan Lambert, Brooks Landgraf Andy Murr, Angelina or for price. John Rainey Glen Rogers Hugh shine Reggie Smith, David Spiller, Gary van Deaver and 10 Republicans who voted present. Well looky here. It’s Brad Buckley. David Cook and Manuel de Ayala. Frederick Frazier, Cody Harris, John Luhan. Shelby Slauson, Kandra, I can’t pronounce your last name, Tim match. And Ed Thompson, these are the these are the, the salacious, 24. Folks, these are the individuals who voted against parental school choice and education freedom in the state of Texas, Manuel de Allah enabled the Democrats socialists to deny us school choice, after all of the harm being done by Gov ed to our kids. That’s one voting guide. I think I know where you’re gonna fall on this. But why don’t you tell me where you are on parental school choice and education freedom. 

So I’m absolutely for parental rights across their choices in education space on the universal school choice guy. I know that might sound odd to some folks, because they’re gonna sit there and go, Well, he’s sitting on the board of independent school districts. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive. Right. So my perspective is, there’s no reason why an independent school district should be shying away from competition in a free market space. I run and own an engineering company, we’ve been competing in process at Arena for 20 years. So the markets are pretty good about picking winners and losers. So at the end of the day, go with universal school choice, put a free market construct on top of it. And let’s compete. 

I like that you see it, folks, this is what gov Ed refuses to do under Democrats under socialists under Dade Phelan and his cabal of 24 that they most most people who are in charge of Gov Ed right now, like our guest right now, John, but as he says, Look, I got in there, and a bunch of our school board members got in there, and we’ll put up our school district against any other school out there other school districts or private school or charter school, because we’re think we’re doing it right and that we’re doing it right. And that’s competition. And that’s great. But no, that’s not what Dade Phelan does. That’s not what mano de Allah does. That’s not what the socialist Democrats do. They say, We know we suck. We know our gov. Ed sucks. We know it can’t compete. We know that we have it teaching critical race theory against the law. We know it’s out there teaching LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism. We know it’s out there, Pooh poohing the math, the reading the writing the sciences, in favor of this social indoctrination. And we know it can’t compete. And so we want to prevent parents from escaping this hellhole? Do I have it right? 

You do have it right. And you know, I’ve written a lot about this, because I want to get my thoughts right on this issue from the beginning. And at the end of the day, puppets base has done some harm to themselves, right? There’s a reason why I ran for the board. There’s a reason why we had to take back the board and get a conservative majority on there. And we’re doing the work to clean it up both from a social agenda standpoint, as well as a fiscal responsibility standpoint. Yeah, we’re facing funding issues, but we’ll do the work. We’re gonna make the hard choices. That’s what true red does. So when I sit there and go, Hey, I mean, puppet advocates for you know, zero vouchers or zero ESA s. I can appreciate the fear of the specter. But that’s not what a conservative does. So when you see the Conservatives taken over the board, they should they should be marching towards the competition and say, You know what, we’re gonna do our part and we’re gonna compete well, that’s the choice we’ve made, which you my wife, and I made the choice to put our kids through public school, but I completely respect everybody’s choice. Yeah, homeschool, charter private, let’s go. 

I am a product of Gov. Ed myself back when Gov Ed was actually public education, and it’s no longer it’s now government education because they tell parents Oh, if you object to what we’re doing, we’re gonna call you terrorists. And that’s, that’s a problem for me. So Mr. Perez, let’s Let’s you and I talk as abundant as a couple of liberty loving Latinos, about the 800 pound gorilla in the room which is rampant, uncontrolled illegal immigration. Now, as we know speaker Dade Phelan jumped on the Never Trump Karl Rove network to complain and moan about the open borders. And he didn’t tell the FBI Thanks, folks, and I’m wondering why he didn’t that he was instrumental in killing a HB 20 which was a Texas border patrol. As a matter of fact, Mr. Phelan and his lieutenants have been instrumental in making sure that Texas doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot to stand in the way of Beijing Biden’s illegal immigration push. Where does mano de Allah stand on on these issues of stopping rampant, uncontrolled illegal immigration that is destroying Latino communities in the state of Texas. 

So I can’t speak for mono Crisco. What I will say is I see him taking airboat rides and advertisements. I see him once again talking to talk. But when it comes down to what he’s truly represented, he’s fallen in line with that purple coalition. And it’s not just HB 20. I mean, you got the declaration of invasion, SR 23, you have the end of in state tuition, mandate of E verify there’s a lot of legislation that just died in the house and models complicit in the death of that legitimate conservative legislation. So to me, that’s where he stands. Right? He can say whatever he wants, but at the end of the day, conviction is demonstrated by action. Right. So for me, I sit there. I sit there, I went to colony Ridge last week just to see for myself. It’s an interesting place. It’s certainly not the place that any of us probably want in our backyard. And it’s a symptom of our failed border policy. 

Is it a is it a Colonia? 

You know, so I’ve seen different definitions of a Colonia. I think you I think different people could probably say it’s a Colonia. I will tell you it’s not a it’s not a woodlands. It’s not a Katy subdivision. I’ll put it that way. 

Well, you know, my first clue was the Mexican flag flying everywhere. 

The Mexican flag in person. Yeah, a flag. I really wish they weren’t on that flag. 

Yeah, a flag of oppression being flown in my country in the United States of America. And so yeah, and there are a lot of people who just want to turn a blind eye to an alleged 75,000 illegal alien city. You know, I interviewed Todd Benjamin on the radio show, and I’m going to actually turn it into a podcast as well. Todd Benjamin told me that the sheriff in San Jacinto county that’s adjacent to Liberty County, he applied for some operation Lonestar funds to help him deal with the crime that is overflowing from the so called illegal alien city colony ridge. And he applied and was denied without any explanation. So I don’t understand what’s going on in our state government. But I do understand, I don’t think we’re doing enough to curtail Joe Biden’s in the Democrats illegal immigration push, are we? 

No, I don’t. It’s not that we’re not doing enough. I think we’re actually facilitating it. So oftentimes, I just look at Auckland’s razor, right? What’s the simplest explanation for something that you see occurring, and here you sit there and go, there has to be an agenda that someone wants this to happen, then you start just following the money trail, you start looking up the ladder and say, Well, who could possibly be allowing this to occur? And when you look at folks that are controlling legislation, I see where the Senate stands, I know where the Senate stands, the senators, they show their conviction, but then it makes it to the house, you see, you know, the rhetoric from our governor’s office, and you begin to wonder, what’s really going on? Right, you look at the donors, and a lot of people will throw out, you know, hey, builders are really looking for this free labor. For me, I sit there and go incentivize Texas first behavior, and D incentivize Texas last behavior. As an engineering company, I have to use E verify with my clients. Why does the builder not have to do that? Right, let’s, let’s start let’s start incentivizing the right behavior. 

Right. And I’m right there with you, folks. John Perez has a track record of standing up for conservatism and actually going into a left wing Bastion, like gov Ed, turning it around and making again the servant of We the People, unlike mano de Allah, who is out there facilitating left wing takeover of our government in the name of republicanism. So Mr. Parez, if you would be so kind as to give your web address let folks know if they if they want to support you and you supplanting one of these go along to get along. Pro Democrat Republicans. Where can they go? 

Everything’s simple Perez for Texas. That is for Texas. P E are easy. The number for Texas. It’s simple. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or X and of course my website www dot Perez for 

Well, John, do me a favor. We got to get you on the the ks tv show. So we can talk with you about the issues because since we are there on radio as well, and we will do that in show Order. It’s great to meet you, man. And thank you very much for being here. 

Thanks for having me on, Chris. God bless. 

That does it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Let me encourage all of you get involved in these primaries. This could save Texas This could save the country, it is time to get rid of pro Democrat Republicans and the Texas State House. To do so go to Texas That’s where you’re going to get all the information on all the candidates challenging these pro Democrat Republicans who have sold out their voters to the Democrat Party. Also check out Chris CHR is Sal And when you’re there, check out all of our social media hookups and the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s conservative talk radio in the morning in the afternoon that Chris Salcedo show on television on Newsmax TV four o’clock until five Monday through Friday. Until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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