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Adam Brandon is the President of FreedomWorks, a grassroots service center to millions of activists who support smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, personal liberty, and rule of law.

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As you all know, Congressman Kevin McCarthy has been ousted from his position as Speaker of the House. And it was over, among other things, overspending spent that the rampant uncontrolled spending now, why did it focus on spending? Well, I shouldn’t say it was just that you’ll know it was. It was Hunter Biden, the Biden investigations. By this time the Democrats socialists had subpoenaed and gotten Don Jr. Up to testify before their committees three times. And there has not been one subpoena issued. For Hunter Biden, even though we all know Hunter Biden’s potential crimes, all are all linked to to Beijing Biden, his dad, the current occupier, the Oval Office. 

So that was a factor. But a lot of this results around spending and what do I mean by that? The Republicans that control the House, according to the Constitution, the House of Representatives, that’s where all spending originates. So there’s a modicum of constitutional power that is there and the House of Representatives to date, the Republicans have not used that power to get any of their priorities passed or to stop the Democrats profligate an irresponsible spending, they’ve just not. 

That’s where they’ve had the power. That’s when, when I call inflection points, that’s what these inflection points came up and the Republicans punted. Now they’re gonna tell you, well, we passed a parent’s Bill of Rights. Yeah. And then it died in the Senate, because it wasn’t part of a must pass bill. All we pass the repeal of the 87,000 IRS agents. Yeah. But it wasn’t part of a must pass bill, which is the spending stuff this is this is where the Democrats get their power. It’s what they love. They love spending other people’s money. So that’s where your your leverage is, and the Republicans have not used it. 

As a matter of fact, spending has only increased under the Republicans, the Republicans have put their rubber stamp on all the Democrats profligate spending. So because of this and some other reasons. Kevin McCarthy is no longer speaker. But Matt Gaetz triggered the vacate the chair agreement that they came with. It only takes one member of Congress to do that. And they voted and eight Republicans would not side with Kevin McCarthy, so he’s out. 

And you know what they were saying folks, before, before McCarthy was voted out, we can’t do this. We’ve got a lot of work to do. We’ve got to we’ve got to get to work. It’s urgent that we we not disrupt our work. You know, the work they didn’t get done before the August recess, the 12 appropriations bills there get there’s the money again. They didn’t do their work overnight. We got to get to work. No, now we got to govern by emergency. Well, you know what they did? 

As soon as Speaker McCarthy was voted out, they were so urgent and ready to get to work. The Speaker Pro Tem sent all the members of the House of Representatives home. That’s how urgent it was, you know, we got to lose business. Oh, no. Our speaker has been removed. Now. We got to go home. Very, very urgent. Now, one of the architects of all this massive uncontrolled spending, which has benefited Communist China has been Mitch McConnell over in the Senate. 

Now, typically, the Senate doesn’t like to weigh in. Unless you’re a big a whole like Mitch McConnell is not going to weigh in Know what happens in the house. And Mitch McConnell decided, you know, it only took him a couple of days before the pro Democrat caucus was chirping up. 

“I have no advice to give to House Republicans, except one. I hope whoever the next speaker is, gets rid of the motion to vacate. I think it makes the speaker job. Impossible.” 

Yes, it all depends on what that job is. The speaker’s job is to deliver for the American people. And if the speaker’s job isn’t focused on doing that, and is focused on delivering for, you know, all of his political cronies, or all of all of you folks that are in Washington, DC, if they think that’s their job, then yes, the the motion to vacate would get in the way of that job. However, if if the speaker is doing the will of the American people, then they don’t have anything to worry about. On the motion to vacate. 

See, this is Mitch McConnell folks, saying that he doesn’t want accountability. And between elections, he wants to be able to screw and once politicians to be able to screw us over without being interrupted, you know, and besides, they only got enough bandwidth to get out there, you know, every two years or every six years and Bs the American public. This is Mitch McConnell openly saying, I don’t think there ought to be any accountability between elections. And frankly, folks, because of the caliber of politicians, we have IE, Mitch McConnell, because they’re lying, they’re untrustworthy. And they’re in it for other reasons other than for the benefit of the American people. Because of that we need we need a mechanism to hold the shrubs accountable in between elections. Mr. McConnell continued. 

“The American people expect us to have a functioning government.” 

No, the American people expect the government to be functioning for them, not a functioning American government to do the government’s own bidding the government’s own purposes, the government’s own aggrandizement, the government’s own enrichment. They, the American people want the government to work in their best interests. Sorry, Mitch, you’ve not been doing that with $33 trillion in debt. You’ve not been doing that with prioritizing Ukraine. You’ve not been doing that. But making sure that the borders remain open, and helping out Beijing Biden do that you’ve not been doing that by enabling Beijing Biden to continue the Crime Wave across the United States. You’ve not been doing that by making sure that the FBI and the DOJ are fully funded to continue to target Americans, innocent Americans, so shut up on that. You got anything else to say?

“On the Senate side? We need to get our as many appropriation bills passed as possible.” 

Okay, the appropriations bills that’s called regular order, folks. Now, the reason why one of the reasons why Kevin McCarthy is out is because he failed. He failed to produce 12 appropriations bills when required by law by June. They didn’t do it before the August recess, because they were they were screwing around, they were screwing off. So they didn’t do their job. Now, they did get 70% of those bills done. Just so you know, you know how much Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer have teamed up to do over in the Senate. They’ve got 0% of the bills done zero in appropriations. And by the way, like I mentioned, Mitch McConnell is one of these architects of this fake budget bastardization of funding the government. He he’s one of the brain children that that foisted this piece of crap on us. And you know, what the omnibus spending does, folks, you know, what their continuing resolutions do. Everybody comes in with their wish list. 

And they they put everything in there. Everybody gets everything. Democrats, Republicans, everybody, everybody gets it. They all their lobbyists all in one big steaming pile of crap. And then they go to all their members who have not been paying attention because they’ve been again, strewn around screwing off all year long, and they say you must pass this, or else the government will shut down. Dun dun da. It’s governing, sorry, ruling by emergency. And Mitch McConnell has been one of the primary architects of that. So no wonder he doesn’t want accountability between elections. More about this profligate spending coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

The overspending in this nation is out of control $33 trillion in debt, and continuing. Adam, Brandon is the president of freedom works, a grassroots center dedicated to serving the American people responsible governance, responsible taxation, free markets, personal liberty and the rule of law. Adam, welcome back. 

Hey, thanks very much for having me. 

During the continuing resolution fight, Senator Chuck Schumer putting out a statement saying that well, we may have a deal. And I know why he does this, because he likes to send the signal to conservatives like me that, hey, the Republicans are about ready to cave again. What are you hearing? 

Well, I tell you what I’m hearing so much. And let’s just take a quick step back where we are at Yeah, at the end of the month, and the month we run there’s there’s no legislation that keeps the government open. But what does that mean? Well, we’re only talking about discretionary spending. So we’re talking about let’s just say 25, you want to round up 30% of the total budget. So most of the government 70 plus percent is going to continue to function, Social Security checks go out core, most essential function, we most government is just Social Security and Medicare. So that’s where the majority of the money is going to be spent. So we’re talking about a very small part of the pie. And that’s what gets shut down. But not even all of that gets shut down. Because you don’t have these bills that basically authorized spending. So Republicans can’t find a way that to get the to 18 to something they agree upon. And even if they did, it still has to get negotiated through the Senate and passed by the White House. So even if Republicans can come together, the chances that the Senate and the White House veto are that are pretty strong. Which means if I’m a betting person, I’m going with a window, and I’m putting a big bet that we are going to have a government shutdown. The question is how long will it last? And what kind of deal because is there going to be Republicans figure out something they’re going to advocate for, or the big rumor in town and this is the big deal that’s happening is there’s been unnamed, but at least five to 10. Republicans, some of them are kind of talking a little bit louder now. He has potentially struck deals with a keen Jeffries and the Democrats to use a parliamentary trick called a discharge petition. Yep. Where if Democrats all act together, you only need five Republicans to vote with them. And they actually circumvent the Speaker of the House. So essentially, it become a democratic takeover the House of Representatives, that is that the possibility we see something like that happen, is growing by the minute. 

Yeah. And of course, those Republicans, would we be sacrificing their electoral futures for the Democrat Party because as you know, Republicans believe in sacrificing their own voters, to the Democrats. It’s kind of a ritual up there on Capitol Hill. It’s actually a ritual here in Texas to win the Texas State House. But yes, I’m hearing all of that. And, you know, my in my mind, it’s the House of Representatives according to the Constitution is where all spending originates. The house should should have produced their 12 spending bills. They should have been working on this I hate this governing by emergency because it’s it’s allowed so much garbage and crap. Amen to be taken to that shoved down our throats. So that I mean, I would I would shudder to think that Kevin McCarthy was following the Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell model of governing by emergency in collusion with socialists, but I mean, why wasn’t this on the docket much sooner than after the August reasons? 

Yeah, we knew this was gonna be coming. This was not a surprise. I know, we do these dates are coming. And so to wait to the last minute is one of the oldest parlor tricks in Washington. And then we create this omnibus crap sandwich that we ask everyone to vote up or down, or we shut the government down. And republican. It’s an emergency, you go back to the Speaker’s fight at the very beginning of the year, the whole thing was about returning to regular order, the whole thing was about we’re going to pass a 12 appropriations bills one bill at a time, the way it was supposed to do. Now, we haven’t done that successfully since 1996. Just think of that 1996. But it’s high time you get back to that because you know what, when we do it this way, what’s really happening is you’re taking bricks out of the foundation of our republic, you are actually you’re actually degrading the power of Congress when you govern this way. And without Congress, Congress is the ultimate check on on the White House. And so you make Congress just this weak little body that it can stand up for the other branches of government that are very system and gets eroded. And nobody wants that. That’s how this all this tells us America experiment ends in a dictatorship. Because if Congress fails to do its job. 

And that’s exactly what omnibus represents dictatorship, three or four individuals, or their staffs getting into a room, creating, as you said, the crap sandwich and then saying, vote for it. It’s an emergency, you don’t want to shut down the government do you? Government’s all important governments, etc, or universe government is everything. And this mindset, instead of focusing on what’s good for our people, is, is one that is is dangerous. And again, as you’re as you’re right, it leads to the fall of the Republican the rise of a dictatorship. Here’s Congressman Matt gates, putting everything in proper perspective, as he typically does. Let’s look. 

“At your record. And our record in this country right now is $33 trillion in debt facing $2 trillion, annual deficits. We’re in so much debt, we’re driving up deficits so fast, we are devaluing American money so rapidly, that in America today, you can’t even bribe Democrat senators with cash alone. You need to bring gold bars to get the job done, just so that the bribes Hold Value.” 

Yeah, just just so the bribes can hold value, because the Congress has so devalued the country that has so devalued our currency, that you’ve got to bring on some real gold to be able to bribe your senator effectively, of course, referring to Menendez, but he’s right, on a substantial level, isn’t he? 

Yes, he is. And the number that I like to point out is 10 years from now, not not 50 years, not 25 years, 10 years, most of your listeners should be still alive at this point. And they’ve got kids and they’ve got grandkids, we’re going to be hitting $50 trillion in debt must in 10 years. Try that one out. That is, so when we’re talking about costs and spending and budget, we’re living in the salad days right now, we’re only $33 trillion in debt. In just a few years, we’re at 50 trillion, and the cuts that are being discussed right now, no one would notice these cuts, these aren’t even that big a cut. This does nothing to solve that problem. But the point is, how are you going to be able to do anything to cut anything? Well can’t even get cuts of this size. 

They’re not cuts. They are reductions in the rate of overspending. And I think we got to get our language right on this. Now. It’s not spending, it’s overspending. They’re not cutting anything, they’re reducing the rate of overspending. And then I would be thankful I’d be praising God for an actual real cut, meaning spending less money next year. Yeah, then we did this last year. 

To gather 50. If we’re gonna avoid this $50 trillion in debt, we’re gonna have a lot of hard conversations. And, frankly, this is just the first serious round of actually getting their hands on it. And you know, Republicans, they gotta decide what therefore, it is. One of the things I always like to point out to people is about 30% of the country’s Republican conservative about 30% is liberal democrat. 40% is independent, overwhelmingly independents. They want to see fiscal responsibility. They want to see it. And so this is a great way for Republicans to expand the pie. This is a great way for Republicans to reach out to millennials. Because it’s amazing to me, these millennial voters who are in their 30s and 40s. Now, they’re the ones who are going to be paying on this debt. 

Yep. overspending is unsustainable, folks at our current rate. The Democrats know what the Republicans know it, but again, I don’t believe we have a majority of grownups on Capitol Hill, to tackle this problem, Adam, Brandon is our guest he is the president of freedom works. Let’s pivot to how other nations are faring, economic decline in Europe, economic decline in China. And we all know why China, their economic decline is being fostered because their population is aging. And they aborted themselves into a demographic crisis. And that’s why they’re getting so belligerent militarily right now, because they know they’re at their apex. And it’s all downhill for them now, and there’s an economic component to all of this. What is it? 

Well, it’s very true. I mean, Europe is shrinking, their economy is shrinking in real terms. There’s a great statistic that it just a few years into, if you go to Europe, in 2035, the gap between the United States and Europe is the same of the gap between Japan and Ecuador today. So you know, 1015 years you go to Europe is going to be visiting your poor cousins, but but we’re kind of huddled on the same path that they are right now. They just overregulated their economy, their population is stagnant and shrinking. And and they went down this green energy vortex. And it’s hard to produce things if you’re using windmills, and you don’t have stable, reliable, cheap power. So we’re making a lot of the bad decisions they’ve made, we just haven’t fully made them yet. But that that becomes a lack of growth and the weight. One thing that’s happening with this inflation is the I’ve been complaining about deaths and spending, since I came to Washington, I was spending god, that’s why I’m here to fight spending. But we’ve never really felt the pain of all this. Spending, it’s all just been numbers, like, Come on, guys, a few trillion dollars, like, it doesn’t make a difference to me, when you look at the at the interest rates. Now, this, these interest rates are a direct reflection of the spending. And so everything is going to get more expensive, and get more expensive to move if you want to buy a house. And I think a lot of your listeners are gonna have to buy a car sometime in the next few years, try financing a $40,000 car, which is about your average price now, at 7% interest. That’s a major financial blow. But that’s because what’s going to happen in the future, when we have 50 trillion in debt, you’re gonna have to compete with the government For finance, you think of that you, you go into your Ford dealership to buy a car, you’re competing with the feds for that money from the bank well, and so everyone’s going to pay a premium. And that’s going to be paid for with lower standards of living. 

And imagine the interest rate being somewhere where it is now with a $50 trillion balance, and what the interest payment on that will be. And if you every percentage point you go up on interest rates to cool the Democrats inflation, which they will, they will be putting us into a cycle that will continue inflation, inflation, inflation, and our value of our dollar getting less and less and less. And then and then all the money that you’re paying in taxes just to finance the ballooning debt, because we weren’t. Our country wasn’t intelligent enough or stable enough to elect grownups. 

You know what’s scary? This is one of those other gut check moments and just a couple years, what are you spending spending more on interest than we do national defense? Well, interests were we spending more on not even paying down our national credit cards, were just paying more on the interest on the credit card than we do for nuclear bombs, or tanks. And for men and women in uniform? Think about that, and think how are you going to be able to take care of those men and women, when you’re that broke, it gets hard. This is real. This fight is real. This is the beginning of a national debt emergency. And we’re kind of sleepwalking through it right now. And I just wish that God bless these members of the House, they’re standing up saying we’re trying to get something done here. I just wish the rest of them start to understand that. And I think they do know it. That’s the thing. They’re just too cynical to actually have a real honest conversation. 

Now, when you’re, when you’re Pelosi and your McConnell and your Schumer, you’re like, Well, this is going to be I’m going to be long dead by the time that my great grandchildren, my grandchildren have to deal with the crap sandwich that I’ve described. So what do I care? That’s politics. 

That’s not moral that stuff. Josh, I know that this is a moral thing. I know, to pass all this debt down to future generations and say, Hey, guys, you’re young, and you’re trying to start your families and your careers but good luck. Here’s a bunch of interest in debt, you good luck at it, because that’s effectively what we are telling people that is effectively what is happening. And I look, I think you’re starting to see as a consensus. I mentioned the independence, the independence, they want to see this done too. This is a winner. This is not only good politics, cutting spending, which people say it’s the third rail is not but it’s this is good policy that makes the politics and Dave Adam Brandon president of freedom works. If folks want to support what you do and where can they go. 

Freedom works.org But if there’s One thing everyone does today, pick up your phone and call your congressman and your senator and tell them no more of this debt spending. 

Yeah, no more over spending no more governing by emergency, it’s time to get real. And if they don’t want to be a grown up, tell them to resign. Adam, Brandon, thank you very much, man. Appreciate the time as always, that’s gonna do it, everybody for the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, check out Texas scorecard.com That’s one website I want you to go to. If you’re looking to bring accountability to Texas government, that’s where you need to go to get rid of all of these pro Democrat Republicans who have been selling us out lo these many years. Also check out Chris saucedo.com You go to Chris saucedo.com You’ll find all of our social media hookups, and you will find the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast on rumble, simulcast on Newsmax too, and you’ll also find us on Newsmax one in the afternoon, the television show. That’s where you find us four o’clock Eastern, until five Monday through Friday. Until we visit again, my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. Its worth is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, you stay safe out there are my friends. 

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