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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

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For months now we’ve been saying the Dade Phelan is bought and paid for by the Democrat Socialist Party and now folks we have proof Dade Phelan no longer is pretending to be a Republican or a conservative Dade Phelan has now taken the words from his Obama parliamentarian, and he is used those words to silence a sitting member of the Texas House from asking questions by the way. 

The practice of parliamentary inquiry is used a lot, especially by Democrats now Dade Phelan never stops Democrats from using parliamentary inquiries to slow the gears of government down he never stops them because Dade Phelan is a Democrat and supports Democrats. But when when Tony Tinderholt representative Tony Tinderholt stepped up to the microphone to ask some parliamentary inquiries about some of the shady dealings the speaker had partaken in. He was the Speaker was ready for Tony Tinderholt they had prepared with their Obama parliamentarian a response and I’m gonna start and stop this at various points. But here’s Dade Phelan folks silencing in an anti American anti Texan tradition silencing an elected member of the Texas House. Listen to this. 

“Mr. Tenderholt for what purpose whose speaker parliamentary inquiry Mr. Tinderholt before our team, entertain your palm tree inquiry.” 

First of all, this man can’t speak to save his life. This man is and you’re gonna hear him sputtering. It’s like you’re listening to Joe Biden. 

“I would like to read into the record for inclusion in the journal a statement around the body of the house rules governing parliamentary inquiries. I find the congressional precedent cited in on page 12 of the house rules manual for the 88th legislature to be the most helpful in providing guidance on this topic.” 

By the way, this is the federal legislature. He is reading from Nancy Pelosi these rules of the road that she used to silence Republicans now remember Dade Phelan folks? Dade Phelan says I’ve got to elect Democrat shares because we’re not going to be like the House of Representatives on Capitol Hill. And here he is. Citing Nancy Pelosi rules for the US House, not the Texas House. The US House an excuse to silence a conservative.  

“The precedent from the Congressional Record from March 21 of 2010. reads as follows, quote, recognition for parliamentary inquiry is a matter of committed to the discretion of the chair and exercising discretion. The chair endeavors to apply ordinary jurors jurors Prudential its principles.” 

Dear God. I mean, it’s worse than Biden, isn’t it? I mean, seriously, I think we’re being I think we’re being railroaded in the state of Texas by a functional illiterate. 

“A parliamentary inquiry should relate in some practical sense. Due to the pending proceedings, it should not seek in an advisory opinion. The chair declined to respond to hypothetical questions to questions not yet presented and to request to place pending proceedings in historical context. Members should not expect to engage the chair in an arc in an argument. A member is seeking to make a point on the merits of an issue whether it is one a policy, or one a process may do so by engaging in debate. But a member should not expect to have the presiding officer or farm or validate such a point.” 

Let me just stop there, because this is precisely the kind of behavior that speaker Dade Phelan allows Democrats to get away with everything he just articulated. He allows socialist Democrats to get away with on a regular basis. But he’s coming down on representative Tinderholt because he’s a conservative because Dade Phelan hates conservatives. Dade Phelan hates Republicans, and he loves Democrats. Just like the woman who wrote all this stuff out. Nancy Pelosi hates Republicans and hates conservatives. So naturally Dade Phelan would use Nancy Pelosi has precedents to silence conservatives and Republicans and of quote.  

“I will continue to follow this precedent and fulfilling my duty to enforce the rule adopted by this house. And as members do the same, preparing your parliamentary inquiries. Mr. Turnbull if you have a parliamentary inquiry that complies with this precedent, I will entertain your inquiry at this time.” 

Okay, so you hear how imperialistic he is? You hear how he’s setting up Tony Tinderholt for a for a massive fall here. And I’ve got to be honest with you, folks. It is so nakedly transparent what is happening here, Dade Phelan has cratered support around the state of Texas. The only people who support him are those who are on the take in the Republican Party who support him, and the Socialist Democrat Party, the state of Texas, the people of Texas, revile this man, and because everything that he is done, has been wholeheartedly rejected by the people of Texas, because it’s the Democrats agenda. 

And the majority of the voters in the state of Texas are not socialist Democrats. They are Republicans. And dare I say the majority of them are conservatives, who do not like Dade Phelan and his left wing Democrat sensibilities. And that’s what you’re hearing right here, a very frightened and scared man who can feel the walls closing in on him. And he’s not going to allow these petulant peasants that he regards as conservatives to question his dictates any longer. 

“Mr. Speaker does basically what you’re saying is that historical precedent doesn’t matter at this point. Because his I’ve been here 10 years, and we could do parliamentary inquiries on potentially pending things that we would like to do.”

So there’s representative Tinderholt saying, Look, I’ve been here a decade. And this has never been an issue before. No speaker has ever clamped down. You have never clamped down when Democrats do what you’re articulating, they shouldn’t be doing, but you want to come down on me. And so this has been allowed. This these types of parliamentary inquiries have been allowed. Now you’re saying because of me because of a conservative because conservatives are coming for you Dade Phelan now you’re going to squelch American free speech. Now you’re going to squelch Texan free speech? 

“Mr. Tinderholt, that is not a proper parliamentary inquiry, Mr. Speaker from you ever apparently advised that you or your parliamentary inquiries are not proper. And you have repeatedly advised of the requirements under the rules and precedents, and lot of your long history of refusing to comply with those requirements. The chair has no choice to interpret your persistent violation of the rules, as both at both willful and dilatory.”

By the way, dilatory wasting of time. Remember, Democrats socialists with the full permission and blessings of Dade Phelan, do this all of the time? That’s what they do. And Dade Phelan supports that because why they’re anti American socialists, their anti Texan socialist, indeed feel and supports that accordingly. 

“Before entertaining any further parliamentary inquiries from you this session, you will have to come down front and visit with the chair or the parliamentarians to ensure that your proposed inquiries do not violate the rules adopted by this house. And the rules are respected.” 

Yeah, see, you have to come down and check with my Obama officials. You’ve got to come down and check with my Obama lawyers before they’ll let you speak. You got to come down. and check with me. And if you say anything that is inconvenient to my anti Texan, anti freedom agenda, if you say anything like that you’re not going to be allowed to speak. And by the way, all of the Texans who voted for you, Mr. Tinderholt all those you represent. 

They have now been denied a voice inside of the Texas House, because because if your constituents want you to bring accountability to a reckless and anti Texan speaker, who has fundamentally undermined what it is to be an American, the freedoms and liberties were supposed to enjoy here, which has who has set himself up as dictator to sit down and silence people’s voices rather than allowing them to be heard. Not silencing we the people’s voices so they can’t be heard. If you’re going to do that Mr. Tinderholt, then you will not be allowed to speak. I am the dictator of the Texas House. I am Dade Phelan he says and you will not be allowed any longer to question me and challenge me. 

By the way, folks, I’ve got to reiterate this. Tony Tinderholt challenged this speaker for the speakership. So this is Dade Phelan an insecure little man who was really at heart, a socialist, a left wing extremist. He is now using these rules given to him as you could tell they weren’t his words. They were words given to him by a an Obama parliamentarian because he sputtered and stammered like a, like a Joe Biden speech all the way through. This is him saying I’m going to take out one of my political opponents. I’m going to take out the guy who challenged me for the speakership, how very Democrat Have you speaker Dade Phelan? 

It’s why he has to go. It is why he has to go and why Dade Phelan now should be regarded as a pariah not only among individuals who are conservatives are real Republicans, among anyone who values the US Constitution the freedom of speech, and the way we do things in the United States of America Dade Phelan is an insult is a is a boil on the ass of humanity because of what he has done a man who knows full well, what Dade Phelan the corruption Dade Phelan is capable of Attorney General Ken Paxton visits with the Salcedo storm Podcast coming up next. 

I am your liberty loving Latino Do not confuse me with loudmouth leftist Latinos out there. I actually love my country love my state, the United States of America and the great state of Texas. Want to bring on the Attorney General of the great state of Texas, Ken Paxton. Sir, welcome back. 

Good morning. 

I wanted to get your your reaction to the attacks on Israel. I mean, I know every American of conscience which which excludes our political enemies, but every American of conscience is rocked by what has happened. What’s, what’s going on in your mind. 

Well, I have lots of friends over there right now, and I have lots of friends in Israel. And obviously they’ve been one of our greatest allies. Maybe our greatest I’m so very concerned about what’s happening seems like it’s very coordinated by Israel’s enemies and thus should be our enemies. And I hope the administration does everything possible to help defend and protect our greatest ally. 

Right. There’s already calls for a a ceasefire, from from the Biden regime after after they experienced over in Israel, their 9/11. Actually, it was 10 times worse, statistically speaking, than 9/11. And now Now the Biden regime in deference to Hamas showing their true colors. They want to they want to call for a ceasefire. Where are you on that? 

Oh, absolutely. Anything that comes out of the Biden administration typically is exactly the wrong thing to do. So usually, if I hear them say something, I’m pretty, pretty sure that what it is, even if I don’t know much about it is the wrong answer. But I do know this, working with Hamas, Hamas, and Hezbollah, not a good idea, we should never work with them, we should always be on the other side. And so I completely support Israel, or whatever they need to do to defend themselves. And people have a hard time, I think, understanding if you haven’t been there, it’s a very narrow, small country, they’ve got enemies on every side of them. And as Americans, while we have a border that’s being invaded, and being allowed to be invaded by the Biden ministration, we haven’t had to experience the level of insecurity and risks that they have to live with every single day. So it’s hard to relate to that. But as Americans, I think we need to be aware of what situation they’re in. 

Yeah. And I want to bring that home and discussion as as this discussion unfolds with you and me. And you know, by the way, it is never a good idea to give the number one state sponsor of terror resources like oh, I don’t know $6 billion. Giving them resources is always a bad idea. It’s never been a good idea. I want to talk to you about something happening here at home. There when we talked about this when we first got word that you and Senator Paxton, Angela Paxton, were doxed by by the House managers, and many people in the conservative movement pointed out that there that there is a law, that that makes that Doxxing illegal, you you have filed criminal complaints against the house impeachment managers for allegedly leaking that information. Tell the folks what happened, how you were doxxed, and tell the folks the punishment for violating section 42.074. 

So it’s remarkable, these guys lost. They they ran a sham impeachment process, which was done secretly with the purpose of basically forcing me out without letting the public know what their actual charges were or who their witnesses work. And then after having to go through the process, because they thought I would quit, they had to actually present their evidence. And we all saw what happened there. And, and they’re they’re just really bad losers, and they’re continuing to attack me. So they decided to kind of release all this information, which serves no purpose, part of which was in personal information. I address my phone number. And just by the way, I get death threats on a regular basis. And so it concerns me that they released that information. And then their lawyer, Rusty Hardin, then it’s been threatens me with criminal action because I asked for an investigation. That’s all I ask for ask them to investigate whether the state law that they almost all voted for just in the last legislative session. I truly believe they should be held accountable just like any other citizen, and that they’ll just walk away. And it doesn’t apply to us.

Yeah, it went into effect in September as a matter of fact. So let me just ask you, because, as you know, the evidence that they released, the senators, the Texas Senate had access to all that information that they had released with your address and phone number and stuff on it. How do we know? It wasn’t the senators, or somebody in the Senate? Who actually released that information? How do we how do we know it was the house managers? 

So my understanding is they just released a lots of information, including it’s on there, it was on their website. So it was the house managers that put it out there. So I didn’t see any documentation that any senator had been participating in releasing the information. I’d be surprised if the Senate would go to that level. I’m not surprised by anything. The House House would watch them violate every state law that was in front of them. They are they have no respect for law, and they have no respect for my family’s privacy and our safety. 

Right and God forbid if something were to happen, the the the culpability would be on their hands and I just I think you’re right. I think the rules and the law should apply to everybody. Yes, even even speaker Dade Phelan who does the the work of the Democrat party here in the State of Texas, folks, we’re talking to the Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton. For the first time, you’re getting involved in primaries, we, we just had a conversation on the program with several actually several of these people trying to unseat what I call pro Democrat Republicans. How many races are you getting involved with so far? 

I think the number is right around 10. And there’ll be more as we’re, we’re vetting people along the way to make sure that they’re gonna go out and run a hard race, and do what needs to be done to defeat these so called Republicans. And honestly, we, this has been coming for a long time, and it’s been forced on us. And I talked to a group last night as the Collin County Executive Committee, endorsing for members of for people running as members from Collin County. And I said, Look, this all turnout was it was a difficult time. For me, it was unfortunate that the House decided to try to take away the voters right to vote on the Attorney General race. But it also now has has made very clear where we’re at. And if we don’t do something about this, now, we’re not going to have the ability to protect against voter fraud. We’re not going to have the ability to protect our borders. We have we have House members, who I told we have to fix this deal with a Court of Criminal Appeals, where I can’t prosecute voter fraud anymore, and they told me they didn’t have time to do it. So we’ve got it wasn’t just my impeachment. But my impeachment, I think, has shown sort of the incredible problem in in the Texas House date. And if we don’t address them, we’re gonna lose the state. 

Indeed, indeed. And again, there seem to be people doing the destruction of the Democrat party in the name of Republicans, it makes them incredibly dangerous, incredibly irresponsible, in my view, you know, by the way, I’ve got to ask you, because before we move on to the next subject matter here, Glen Hager, the Comptroller, he he withheld your salary during the impeachment process, such as it was, and after you were completely acquitted on all accounts, he still didn’t give you your back pay Has Mr. Hager. First off, does he have a legal leg to stand on when it comes to that? And then secondly, has he relaxed his his position on that? 

No, he is not he was the first one. It was illegal for him to do it in the first place. When we brought it up, he refused to pay a week because my name is on the entire payroll. So he’s, he said, No, we’re gonna not pay any of your employees. If your name is on that payroll, we can’t run it. So they had to take my name off back in June. And then they’ve had to do it more recently, when I requested my my pay. And he is said, Well, I don’t know what the actual law is. I’ll see you in court, baby, is what he said that he’s being very obnoxious about it. And, you know, think about it. They should first of all, they shouldn’t have taken away my pay, I was suspended. They didn’t prove anything ever. Right? When decided, doesn’t matter. If they prove anything. I’m going to take away your pay. Well, then they don’t they fail on the trial. And Glenn says sorry, go sue me. Go spend your personal money to get to get your your your salary that’s required by law by state law to be paid to you. 

Well, let me just hold on. Let me just stop you there, Mr. Attorney General, because by his standards, couldn’t somebody just accused Glenn Hager of a of a horrific crime with no evidence? And then and by His standard? Couldn’t his pay be suspended by using his standard? 

Except he controls that that mechanism? But yeah, the same thing could happen to any state official, or there’s just an allegation. And Glen here says, You know what, I’m good with the allegation. I don’t care if it’s proven. It doesn’t have to be proven. I just, I just think he should have his peg it off. With no basis. In fact, no, nothing proved. Clint had no evidence. It was like he was he was at the trier of fact. And yet he decided, You know what, this would be a great idea. My guess is that the House managers called him or asked him to be a part of this. And he said, Yeah, that’s a great idea. I’d love to be a part of this. We’ve already got him out of office in three days, we’ve taken away all his resources, his campaign money is gone. He still hire lawyers with no money, but let’s take away his salary. See, that’ll be fun. And I think that was a fun idea. 

We’re gonna invite him on to the program. We’ll see if he has the courage to explain to the people of Texas why he’s doing what he’s doing. I doubt it. If I if I if I’m a judge of character, and I think I know these pro Democrat Republicans like I do. I don’t think you’ll have the courage to come on here but but hope springs eternal attorney general explanation and in public where he asked actually, to answer the question. 

Yes. And that’s and again, people like like Mr. Hager don’t do those kinds of things. They actually do stuff to people without ever having to explain themselves. It’s kind of the definition of a totalitarian Attorney General Ken Paxton, our guest right now, folks. So let’s talk about the voting guide. Now I have several and I think maybe I’ve gone over this with I’ve gone over with several people. So I don’t know if I’ve gone over it with you yet. But I I have standards. So for every voter in Texas, let’s say you’re a single issue voter, and you believe like, for example, Hey, I think it’s important. We don’t allow our enemies to buy land in Texas to compromise our food supply and our national security. So that’s your that’s your one issue, right? So if that’s one issue, then you want to you want to make sure that Dade Phelan, Dustin burrows, and Todd Hunter don’t get reelected because they are the ones who killed that common sense Senate Bill. If you’re like your liberty loving Latino here, and you think that gov. Gov Ed has completely betrayed our parents and our children. Then then your your voting guide is 24 Republicans who voted to kill parental school choice and education freedom. If you’re that Texas scorecard, there are the dirty Baker’s Dozen, the Dirty Dozen Dade Phelan and 12 other Republicans who should be voted out of office. But if you’re if you’re a Paxton defender, there are 60 Republicans who deserve to be out on their air for what they have done. Let me just ask you, your personal your personal leanings are where do you think the voting guide should land for folks out there? 

I think the overwhelming weight of the evidence is you can be a one issue voter, but you don’t really have to be. You can look at the evidence which we’ve been looking at all summer that wasn’t there. How about using evidence, which is what you just listed off as evidence to elect somebody different and go through the process that we’re supposed to get through. In other words, we’re not impeaching these guys. We’re saying you haven’t done the job. And here’s the evidence. And we have it in front of us voters, to electing other Republicans, because at this time, these guys are aiding abetting and abetting the other side. And it’s even worse for us, as you said to have Republicans walk around claiming to be part of the Republican process, and then behind the scenes, killing everything that the Senate sends over, killing the school choice from Abbott, and killing all the things that we care about every single day down there. Meanwhile, coming back and saying, Oh, we’re all Republicans, we don’t need your support here. Because our support comes from the Austin powerbait. 

Yeah, and you know what, they’re laughing at us. They’re laughing and conservatives because guys like Charlie Garin and guys like David Phelan, were able to pull the wool over so many of their voters eyes. I’m a Republican, but I vote Democrat. Last thing, you mentioned, special session. We’ve got education freedom, you’ve got the border bill that’s coming out, hopefully something that’s more even more robust than HB 20. And medical mandates. Where do you as the Attorney General sit on the need for having all of those addressed in this special session? 

Well, look, they’re all pretty, pretty important. I have no problem with the governor putting on issues that were not dealt with by the legislature in the regular session. I wish we also had had something related to my ability to prosecute voter fraud. And there there are other things I think could be added, and stick it back in the face of the Republican leadership that killed all these things, and make them not do it again, so that the voters have another example of Dade Phelan, working with the Democrats to kill as many Republican initiatives that are important to our state as he possibly can. So I find together, I stick all that back in his face and say, do it again, give the voters more ammunition as we get closer to the primaries? 

Yep, it does show see and everybody wants to say the Dade Phelan failed, that these The Dirty Dozen failed that these pro Democrat Republicans failed, they didn’t fail, folks, they delivered they delivered for the Democrat Socialist Party. The sad thing is, as Republicans are supposed to deliver with their for their voters, and they betrayed us on all of these, whether it be education, freedom, the border bill and medical mandates. Attorney General Ken Paxton, sir, I hopefully folks will monitor your Twitter feed and for those Republicans that you’re endorsing to take out these pro Democrat Republicans. 

Appreciate your time as always, hey, thanks a lot. I appreciate you having me on and I hope you’ll have me back to talk about these races as we take on these liberal Republicans who have decided they could care less with their voters want you can count on it, sir. 

That’s gonna do it, everybody for the Salcedo store podcast. Do me a favor and visit a couple of websites for me, Texas scorecard.com One of the great resources as these conservatives rise up to take out these pro Democrat Republicans who have undermined their voters undermine the safety and security and prosperity of Texas. That’s where you go to map out where these races are, and to see who the candidates are and who you should be supporting. Also head to Chris saucedo.com That’s where you find me, and a lot of places, not only the Salcedo storm podcast but you also find us on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s morning talk radio simulcast on rumble and get her Newsmax to. You’ll also find me on Newsmax one on the afternoon four o’clock Eastern until five until we miss Is that again my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government whether it be in the federal level, or the state level. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there my friends. 

Transcribed by https://otter.ai