Larry Blankenship is a Native west Texan, conservative. He’s worked with individuals with intellectual disabilities both on private, and long-term care.
Hillary Hickland is a stay at home mom of four, turned political activist, advocating for expanding parental rights and education freedom to every Texas student. A 9th generation Texan, she loves Texas and is passionate about the same family values that are currently being undermined in gov-ed.

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Folks, I’m guilty of this sometimes even I get caught up in this. us against them mentality that you know, Republicans versus Democrats, it’s, it’s becoming for me, it’s a sideshow. It’s a distraction. It’s not reality because so much they agree upon that it’s harming this country harming the state of Texas. So as much as as like, oh, there here’s the good side with the white hats. Here’s the bad side of the dark hats. You know, what are the black hats? I gotta tell you. 

It’s not that cut and dry. Let me let me give you some examples. John Cornyn, John Cornyn calls himself a Republican even dares to call himself a conservative and he’s done a lot of damage to Texas, with the omnibus vote with a vote with the socialist Democrats to curtail our Second Amendment rights. Contrast him with a guy by the name of Henry Cuellar. Henry Cuellar is a Democrat but doesn’t believe in taking away our Second Amendment rights. He doesn’t believe in open borders. 

Contrast, John Cornyn with a Democrat, who is the mayor of Dallas. He’s Eric Johnson, he just he just became a he was a Democrat. He because the Democrats turn into the Socialist Democrat Party and the anti American Democrat Party, he just became a Republican because they left him because he had a set of values he adhered to. And John Cornyn, adhering to a set of values to that has happened to be the Democrats values, you know, so I try to as much as I can stop this Republican versus Democrat nonsense, because that’s all it is. It’s just nonsense. 

And it’s made to distract us and to, to basically pull the wool over our eyes, and pretend that there’s actually a competition of ideas from those who are running both political parties, because there really isn’t. Now, are there conservatives on the Republican side? Sure. Who are principled? Sure, Ted Cruz? Absolutely. Are their left wing anti American socialist on the Democrat side? Absolutely. There are, and, you know, AOC, and the like, but the guys who are quote unquote, in the middle, who are using the fringes to distract you and me to sit there and say, Oh, well, there’s the good guy. There’s the bad guy. 

And they’re the ones, the ones in the middle these establishments of both political parties, Republicans and Democrats, are the ones doing these deals in smoky back rooms, right? They’re the ones sitting there shaking hands and saying, Yeah, this is how we’re gonna get together and make sure we screw everybody for our own benefit. 

So when this Cabal, whether it be in the Texas House, or whether it be on the federal level, when they get together, there is real harm that is done to our people, real harm done to real Americans, real harm done to real Texans and I wanted to devote some time to talking to some real Texans, individuals who are not politicians, not doing politics like me for a living individuals who were just out there fighting in the trenches for a better life for for themselves and their families, and they are partaking in something we call representative government, which apparently is being rejected by the aforementioned Cabal, the unit party, you know of which Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and Hakim Jeffries are all part of John Cornyn all part of it. 

So I wanted to focus on their trials there tribulations, you’re going to hear from one guy who wanted who is sadly represented by a left wing extremist. His name is Joe moody. Joe moody is a pro black lives matter, dude, who is in the Texas Legislature. He’s a Democrat socialist. And of course, as you know, the Black Lives Matter organization is just come out as anti semitic bunch of Jew haters. They’ve come out way before as Marxists and anti nuclear family. And of course, when you call out Joe moody for his support of such groups and all of his advocacy to harm people.

Well, Joe moody takes it personally and like a totalitarian. He likes to get revenge on we the little people for calling him out. So you’ll hear his story. Plus, there’s a woman out there who has joined the fight for parental school choice and education freedom. And she, like so many other people have been hurt by this gov Ed dynamic that takes our money and says screw you, they’re our kids. And we don’t care what your parents say, or what objections you parents have to what we’re doing. We’re a bunch of leftists and we’re gonna teach your kids to be a bunch of leftists and undermine the nuclear family, yada yada yada. hear from both of these people next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

The first guest today his name is Larry Blankenship. Now many of you don’t know that name. He’s a native West Texan. He’s a conservative. He’s worked with individuals and with intellectual disabilities, both on private and long term care. And he had a rather interesting interaction with one of Dade Phelan’s favorite politicians, Mr. Blankenship. Welcome, sir. 

Hi, how are you doing? Well, sir. Glad to have you on board. So let’s up. Let’s talk about what happened between you. And a man by the name of Joe moody. Go ahead and set up the scenario and what happened. 

So Joe moody is my local representative here in El Paso. I’m sorry, I read. I read story. Can you hear me? No, no. I said I’m sorry that he’s your so I read a story in that Texas scorecard where Joe moody and the rest of the impeachment managers had dots today. Ken Paxton is kind of incensed me and so I started calling down the list that Texas scorecard had listed and started with my Representative Joe moody. I called his office in Austin and asked if he could give his personal address. The staffer said no, they couldn’t do that as to exactly why would the then and the rest of the impeachment managers then Doxx’s, Ken Paxton, I told him that was thuggish. And then I said I hope Somebody does it to you. So the staffer in Austin called dps on me. And the next morning, I had a call from an agent with a DPS, Criminal Investigations Division, they handled a high value target, I CSDB, about my phone call. And I said, Why are you calling me? And he said, Well, you threatened to Dox Joe booty. So I’ve never done anything of the kind I said, I said, I hope somebody does it to him someday that it’s kind of thuggish thing for him to do. It was reprehensible. And I couldn’t believe him, and the rest of the impeachment managers had done so to get back. And so that’s how bad he ended up. You know, so I had this phone call from a DPS agent. He says, Well, sounds like you didn’t do anything wrong. I said, No, I didn’t do anything wrong. You know, you shouldn’t be calling me you should be calling them. They’re the ones that actually broke the law. Thank you. Thank you new law in Texas that says you can’t talk to people. And they did. And so I’m glad to see Ken Paxton has eventually recommended criminal complaints against him. I’m sure nothing will happen. But we’ll see where it goes. But that’s how that went down. I tried to go down to job duties local office, they wouldn’t talk to me. Of course, they said that you’re not allowed to call here anymore because you threaten to Doc’s, Joe Moody. So that did nothing at the time. Nobody told me I could call you back. And that’s kind of where it ended up. Well, 

Mr. Blankenship, I gotta I gotta say, so here’s, here’s Joe moody. He’s a left wing extremist. He’s a social, he’s a socialist, he’s a Marx, he’s a Marxist. He supports the BLM Marxist organization, they want to destroy the nuclear family. And they’re Jew haters. And Joe moody supports them. And by the way, Joe moody is dead feelings number one choice for Democrats to put into power positions of power so that they all have this, this support system of supporting anti semitic and Marxist group Dade Phelan and Joe moody and those who follow them. But I want to I want to go over what just happened to you. And then what happened to Tony Tinderholt because it’s the same mindset. You call up and you say, Mr. Moody, you were wrong. If it was you, for Daxing, Ken Paxton and his wife, Angela Paxton, you know, publishing their address and their phone number. And there’s a criminal complaint going on about that right now. By the way, you know, that’s not going to go anywhere, Mr. Blankenship because they have to file that in the jurisdiction where it happened. And a left wing da. 

Ya know, it’s like I say it’s not going to happen at all, that there will be no accountability. No, it’s lightstick. Paxton recommended it but I don’t think it will go any further than that. 

And that D and by the way that DA should be voted out. If they do not follow Texas law. They should be voted out of office. And it should be made up campaign issue by the person that is taking a challenging on the next primary. But so what they did to you and you said, Look, I hope somebody does the same thing to you, that you did to Ken Paxton. You’re saying you know, that’s not a threat. But they’re saying, Oh, you threatened us? Well, no, I didn’t we Yes, you did. And this is our excuse. So we never have to hear from you again. And then. Right. Look at what happened to Tony Tinderholt. Tony Tinderholt questioned Dade Phelan. Dade Phelan doesn’t want to be questioned anymore doesn’t want to have his his efforts to deliver for Democrats ever questioned? So he says, Mr. Tinderholt you, I’m going to silence you. You don’t get you don’t get to speak anymore. Unless you run it by me first. It’s the same totalitarian mindset, isn’t it? 

It is, it does nothing but chill. I mean, I’ve wanted to call since then, but I’ve thought twice about it at this point. So it kills my free speech. For them to say that I can’t call there anymore. You know, or, or if I call it will be harassment charge. I was harassing who nobody is harassing anybody. I’m just calling my local representative. But the agent with a DPS kind of threatens that. I was harassing. So, you know, not, that’s not the case. 

So you’re a constituent that wants to have your representative represent you and you’re articulating your frustrations. And that’s now called harassment. That sounds about right. 

Yeah, that’s what they that’s what they did. 

See I used to when I was taught in school that’s called a government of by and for the people. That’s what I thought it was. That’s representative government, which is what we’re supposed to have. Larry Blankenship as our guest right now, folks, he’s just a just a guy like you and me out there and he wants to hold his representative accountable. And Joe moody, the man who supports be at the Marxist BLM, the anti semitic BLM, Joe moody, called the cops on him for saying that he gets hoping he gets the same treatment that he gave Ken Paxton. So Mr. Blankenship, what are you going to do in your in your area? What are you going to do to to write the ship in your area? Have you have you become more determined to make sure Mr. Moody doesn’t get elected back into any position of authority or power. 

Well, I definitely won’t vote for him. Unfortunately, El Paso is a very blue city. And usually they don’t even have a challenge or on the Republican side running against a lot of the races out here. So what what you find on the ballot is one choice and that’s for the Democrats. 

Well, isn’t the other isn’t there? Isn’t there another Democrat out there like a JFK type Democrat who doesn’t believe in in totalitarianism and Marxism and anti semitism like Joe moody, like Joe moody supports? 

Not that I’m aware of not yet not I’ve lived here about seven months. And I haven’t seen anything other than you know, the Joe Moody types. Well, right through the city council, everything so. 

Well, dude, I look, I am sorry, that happened to you. You are a victim of of weaponized government brought to you by in the name of republicanism. And no, I think what what’s terrible Mr. Blankenship about what you went through, is it so many Republicans are seeing this totalitarianism happen to their own voters, their own constituents and they’re sitting on their Duff’s and doing nothing about it? I am in a majority in a majority Republican state. It is terrible. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate you sharing the story. 

Thank you for having me on. 

And just to review folks, the former Speaker Pro Tem made Speaker Pro Tem by Dade Phelan a man who was currently a powerful Chairman inside the Texas House, put there by Dade Phelan supports this racist Marxist anti semitic group known as BLM now, Joe moody is staunchly against by the way, parental school choice and education freedom Dade Phelan is staunchly against school choice and education freedom 24 so called Republicans have told they’re the majority of their voters and every Democrat by the way, telling the majority their voters, they don’t want parental school choice. They want to continue to indoctrinate our children to love socialism and communism and have the government tell them what to do dismantle the Constitution. That’s why gov Ed has been churning out it’s why Democrats continue to be elected as because gov Ed continues to churn out non critical thinking people who support the most depraved ideologies on planet Earth. And it’s got to stop. We’ve got to stop funding it. So there are there’s a whole groundswell and I’m so proud of our governor for his strong stance on parental school choice and education freedom, the lieutenant governor as well, the Attorney General all all major leaders who are real leaders support a government of by and for the people giving our people choice. Hillary Hicklin is a stay at home mom. She’s a mom of four, wow, turned to political activist advocating for expanding parental rights and education freedom for every Texas student, ninth generation Texan. She loves Texas, and is passionate about the same family values that are currently being undermined and Gov Ed. Hillary, glad to welcome you here. Welcome to the program. 

Thank you so much. Good morning. 

Good morning to you. The first off tell me how did you get involved? How did you go from a mom who was just taken care of you know, Mama Bear taking care of her, her kids, and then expanding your efforts to unlike our legislature to actually take care of all children. 

It really did start with my family and the issues that we were facing. My daughter was in it was her first year in middle school. And nobody has a good middle school experience as far as I know. And so we didn’t expect it to be perfect. But so we, we anticipated peer issues, but I really didn’t anticipate all the battles that we were going to face and it was too much too much for our family. And so I was also concerned about rigor and all kinds of issues that was just abundantly clear that public school was not right for our family. And I remember the day that I told my daughter, you know, we have options. And it was like a weight just fell from her shoulders and I could literally see like levity and she could breathe again. And she was like okay, and and that’s something that that really stuck with me as I started to think about this and just talking about it with you today. What was the moment that made a difference? And I really think that was it because our family we do have we do have options. But other families don’t and because of funding and that is not right. It’s not right that that my my family can we can homeschool I can stay home or we can send our children to a private school. But not everyone can and and a lot of kids are stuck and that’s not right. 

Yeah, I agree with you. And you know what? And here’s the kicker. There’s only one Democrat I know of. His name is Harold Dutton, who sympathizes with your plight, and the rest of these mostly white Democrats of these mostly white Republicans. They are they are so so willing to, to consign minority families to terrible gov Ed, which doesn’t have a focus on academics anymore. It’s all LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism. It’s all critical race theory. It’s all hate America, hate your parents, divisive, pneus and all this kind of stuff. That’s all they focus on. The reason why education was founded is completely ignored in gov Ed, because they are, they are an arm of the Democrat Party. 24 Republicans sided with all the socialist except for the one I mentioned, to tell a parent just like you, Hillary, your opinion doesn’t matter. We want to if you can’t afford to use, we’re not going to if you can’t afford to take your child out of our are disgraceful, disgusting, Gov Ed, if you can’t afford that, we’re going to force you to stay there because we are not going to allow you access to the to the money that was allegedly set aside for your child. Because here’s the dirty little secret. It was set aside for the institution. We don’t give a rat’s about your child. When you found out that 24 air quotes Republicans joined nearly every socialist to deny you that choice. What was your reaction? 

I was pretty upset about it. My representative is one of those actually. 

And we’ll go ahead and name a name I’m sure it weighs you side, where who was it? Who was it? Huge shine few shine, is is anti student is anti parent is anti good teachers. That’s that’s good to know who shine. So go ahead continue? 

Well, I was I was really frustrated, I spent a lot of time talking to him to his staff to his office, trying to make my situation clear. Particularly I was very involved in this session with efforts to stop the sexualization of Texas kids, and got to be a part of the redirect to remove, essentially explicit materials from our library. And so I got to be at the Capitol a lot, especially on that issue. And whenever I saw that, okay, we’re making progress on one issue. But then I was aware of all these other issues that are public school, and I want to be clear, good teachers are gold. I know, not all public schools are bad. And I think even with, with schools, this is not an either or, it is opening the doors to all opportunities for all families. And that should be available to to every student, no one should stand in the way of a student’s future and say, This is not an option for you because of money. 

Well, Hillary, you know, the reason why you shun doesn’t want to give you choice, he wants to force you through government power, with the Iron Fist of government, he wants to force you to live in a system that is a failure, because he knows if you have a choice, you’ll leave. So and all those 24 so called Republicans, every Socialist Democrat, they all know if parents had a choice to stay inside of Gov Ed, or leave a significant number of them. And you’re right, there are some good gov Ed schools out there. I know some of them. And you know what parents would stay right there. They wouldn’t go anywhere. Why would you want to mess with a good thing. But But these Republicans and Democrats know that if parents who are being victimized by Gov, Ed had a choice, that they would make it that they would make that choice, that in other words, they recognize their system fails, it sucks. And that that significant number of parents just like you would would escape it. And so they said, well, because we suck so badly as a legislature because we we have failed Texas, we’re just going to force you and your family, Hillary Hicklin to deal with our failure. And by the way, we’re not going to do anything. We’re going to pass laws that prohibits critical race theory. And it’s going to be taught in schools anyway because our laws don’t include any punishment and we don’t care we’re our job now is just to deny you your freedom and to snow you into thinking we’re doing a good job. When you know what the game is now Hillary, what the what all these huge shine and all the rest of them are doing. How does it make you feel? 

Well, that’s not what you know, freedom and liberty is about we we need choices we need to options, especially when it comes to our lives, our families. One thing that you said that I found pretty interesting in areas that have poor choice, it only results in about a 5% reduction in enrollment. Yes, that’s one of the things that I keep hearing is oh, this is gonna be fun at public schools and, and they are all of the arguments against school choice truly as I evaluate them. They all seem to be rooted in fear and control. And I think when we step back and we look at the you know, for lack of a better the players who are who are the voices on this issue, we have to see is, what their motivations are. And that’s something that you’ve been talking about money and and what I’m hearing from one side is the parents are fighting for their kids. And then you have the lobbyists that are fighting to maintain their institution, which is exactly what you’ve said. Finally, that’s have awakened. And this is a lobbyist group that will not stop. Yes, he never stopped fighting for the best thing for their children. 

Hillary, you just nailed it right there on the head. You just nailed it. That and by the way, you’re in the majority, you know that. The majority, the majority of Republican voters, the majority of Democrat voters, the majority of independent voters in the state of Texas, and this isn’t coming from, you know, right wing sources. It’s for the Democrat Morning News for crying out loud. 

The data is abundant. Yes. Got it? Well, first of all the data on outcomes is that they get better not just for the the the children in in the alternative options, but also public schools get better. And the other data that’s clear, is polling, that the majority wants that across the board in our district 89% of Republican primary voters. Want school choice Yep, that that is mind blowing. What other issues and 89% of Republicans tonight? 

Well, see. Yeah, and let’s leave the parties out of it because there’s a majority of even Democrat voters. And to your point, by the way, Hillary Hicklin is a stay at home mom, folks, she’s turned a political activist, he’s trying to, unlike our legislature, trying to give education freedom and, and liberty to our children, our teachers and our parents. Hillary, the I think it was 53% of Democrats support school choice after watching what happened. It what’s happening inside of Gov Ed, courtesy of the China virus pandemic. But you’re at to your point, there are tons of parents who just say, You know what, I love the fact that my kid is being is not being taught math, they can’t read. I’m glad I’m gonna leave my kid right there so they can learn LGBTQ ABCD EFG Cultural Marxism and radical Gender Studies. I’m perfectly fine with that. Okay, you know, and to each his own, right. But those parents who actually love their kids more than they love failed government institutions. They are the ones battling this. And it bears pointing out that those that those institutions, those institutions have failed over and over and over again, in their declared core mission, which is to educate our children. And here’s another aspect and this is the last question I have for you. The ISDS they’re teaching racism, as you know, through CRT, critical race theory, it’s been you know, it’s been banned the same gov at ISDS. They ignored a lawful order from Governor Greg Abbott, saying, hey, look, you can’t force masks on the kids. It’s the parents call, not your call. They ignored that lawful order from Governor Greg Abbott. The the ISDS, many of them are law breakers. They’re lawless. They ignore the rule of law. And I think that’s a bad lesson to be teaching children. Now, some parents will disagree with me that some parents will say we love law breaking. But shouldn’t the parents who don’t love law breaking, get their kids out of law breaking government run schools? 

I have seen a reluctance in these ministration. To do partner with parents, you know, they, they put forth a lot of efforts. But when it comes down to it, there, I experienced the lack of transparency, when I was asking teachers about specific curriculum in the secondary education level, our middle, our elementary school, education experience was was fine. It was it was great. But as we started to get into those really formative and years, where they’re just so impressionable, I really felt like I needed to be more hands on and a lot of parents can’t do that. parents just want to trust that their kids are going to school. They’re, they’re learning, they’re being valued. And at this point, I think we have to recognize that parents should not have to violate their conscience to send their kids to school. Amen. So when it comes to our families, we’ve got to do what’s right. And, you know, just like you said, it’s about freedom, and most families will still choose Public Schools, and that’s fine. But I think you’re right. You know, there’s there’s been a shift in the focus of education, that there seems to be an emphasis on controversial issues, rather than the basics, and we’re making things matter more than what matters most. And we can see that in the outcome that 50% of our kids cannot read on grade level, and 60% can’t do math on grade level. And you know, So if you look at our graduation rate, we can all be excited about a 95% graduation rate. But what what exactly are we telling you when they hand in that paper? 

Hey, they can’t read. Oh, they graduated. They can’t read and they can’t do simple math, but they really know they’re going to vote Democrat and they really know that, that the most important thing in life is LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism and they really know that racism black kids are taught to hate whites and white kids are taught to be ashamed of their heritage. That’s what’s really important not reading, writing, math and the sciences. Look Hillary Hicklin. I really think you are doing God’s work out there you are, you are putting the people of Texas first and their representatives are stabbing us on the back. Thank you for being here. And thank you for sharing your story. 

Thank you so much for having me and for bringing attention to school choice. We’re gonna have it in Texas for all families and I’m really excited. Amen. hopeful time and education. Yes. And we will join the 27 other civilized states that have that have done this. Thank you, Hilary Hicklin, everybody. It’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor friends visit Texas The fight for school choice, the fight against radicalized democrats and the republicans who support them in the Texas House. You can find it all at Texas Also check out Chris That’s where you find me your liberty loving Latino, and all of our outlets out there social media, every one of our social media platforms listed there at the new Chris as well as the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas simulcast on into and simulcast on gettering rumble can also get information on the Chris Salcedo show on TV on Newsmax one Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until five till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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