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Dr. Robert Malone, is an internationally recognized scientist in virology and immunology. He’s a bioethicist, an author, and the co-creator of the mRNA technology used in some of the controversial China-virus vaccines.

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Don’t get me started on Fauci the middle, folks. I could tee off on this guy, his Eminence Dr. Fauci. I mean, there’s so many levels to go after his Eminence Dr. Fauci on, whether it be him being the highest paid person paid more than the President of the United States. From the way he handled the pandemic. To his contradictions. Twist, pro communist proclivities. His Eminence Dr. Fauci has earned the scorn of the American people for all those things, plus his greatest sin of all, he undermined nearly single handedly, America’s lack of confidence now in the scientific and the medical community, because he use strong armed thug tactics to intimidate people into accepting that which they knew was untrue. 

For example, you can provide cures for viruses, you can’t because they’re ever evolving. You can’t, they’re ever changing. So the idea that you are going to find a cure to a Coronavirus, has been shown to be an absolute pie in the sky dream that His Eminence Dr. Fauci, according to one doctor who told me he had this, this delusion of grandeur that he would be the one to cure. The Coronavirus using this mRNA technology didn’t turn out to be the case. 

And of course, now that he’s caught now that he was caught diverting funds over to Communist China to get some of this controversial gain of function research done. Now he’s backtracking on everything. He’s backtracking on everything that he advised us to do. For example, this idea of locking down his Eminence Dr. Fauci is out there saying, I never wanted to lock down the country. 

I never advised to lock down the country. I was talking about this with Shan Shan staying on the show behind the show. And we actually put this together. This is a soundbite of His Eminence Dr. Fauci saying I never said shut down. And then the soundbite where Dr. Fauci admits he called for a shutdown, he advised President Trump to shut the country down. Listen. 

“I wonder if you would recommend locking down schools if you have to do it all over again? Well, you know, again, it’s, first of all, I didn’t recommend locking anything down. I recommended to the President that we shut the country down. And that was very difficult decision.” 

Yeah. Just like it’s a difficult decision to lie about it after the fact. There’s a guy that brought a lawsuit or was part of a lawsuit, Dr. Aaron curity he spoke to the Chris Salcedo show on his Eminence Dr. Fauci shaming doctors who actually knew the score who actually knew what was going on, who actually wanted to practice medicine, and His Eminence Dr. Fauci in an effort to cover up for himself and to and rich Big Pharma, attacked, virtually attacked actually virtually did attack, practicing physicians listen to this. 

“That the NIH and specifically his nai ad division of the NIH funneled money to the woman Institute of virology for gain of function research on guess what coronaviruses through an outfit called Eco Health Alliance. So Fauci and NAD were funding in front of function research first, at the University of North Carolina, by the administration got word of it, they shut that down. And then that was exported to this lab in China. And we have a whistleblower from ego Health Alliance, who has disclosed some of those details and we’ve got a paper trail in terms of the money that was given through grants. And so Dr. Fauci came out against the lab leak theory, not because it was implausible, but because it could have potentially implicated him and he attempted to smear any doctors, scientists, however credible that raised that possibility.” 

Exactly. Those scientists were saying, Look, this, this virus looks engineered. Dr. Fauci tried to destroy their lives. He tried to co op them first. And when they wouldn’t go along, then he’d threatened destroy their lives. And there are emails where his Eminence Dr. Fauci knew that the virus wasn’t naturally occurring, but he needed to spread that fallacy he needed to spread that misinformation disinformation. So nobody would find out that it was he who was sending money over the chai calms against Barack Hussein Obama’s prohibition. And then we knew that this guy was talking out of both sides of his mouth when we caught him taking every side of the mask debate, listen. 

“People should not be walking around with masks. Let me just state for the record that masks are not theater, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and masks are protective. And it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is, there has not been any indication that putting a mask on and wearing a mask for a considerable period of time has any deleterious effects. There are unintended consequences. People keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face. And can you get some schmutz sort of staying inside their horse? You do not need to wear a mask indoors if in fact, you’ve been vaccinated but good that you’re vaccinated. But in a situation where you have people indoors particularly crowded, you should wear a mask.”

Okay. That was the same flippin interview with the non critical thinking Neil Cavuto, he took both sides of the issue in the interview Neil Gibbon Oh, yeah, His Eminence Dr. Fauci farts and we think he admits chimes over at the Never Trump Karl Rove network, folks, we have a lot to talk about, about the current situation we find ourselves in as this country tries to get right and hold people accountable for what they did to us during the pandemic, Dr. Robert Malone up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks I give you Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky Listen. 

“We have evidence yes that they were dishonest that Anthony Fauci lied in hearings to me which is a felony punishable up to five years. We now have emails that show him saying that he knew he was gay. To function that the virus looked manipulated, and that he was worried that this came from the Wuhan lab, February 1 of 2020. Then he spent the last three years saying nothing to see here. We also know that there was a safety committee that should have reviewed us. And we know that Anthony Fauci went around the safety committee, the safety committee set up in place to make sure this wouldn’t happen. Never saw the Wuhan funding, because Anthony Fauci allowed the funding to go around the safety committee.” 

Yep, that’s a problem. Let’s bring in Dr. Robert Malone. He is an internationally recognized scientist in virology and Immunology. He’s a bio ethicist, an author, and a co creator of the M RNA technology used in some of the controversial China virus vaccines. Dr. Malone, welcome back. 

Hi, Chris. Thanks for having me on. 

Great to have you sir. Well, let’s let’s talk about Rand Paul. First. Senator Paul would go on to say that his Eminence Dr. Fauci deserves to be in jail. Without quote, without question, this man was a traitor to his country. How do you see it? 

I tweeted that out last night. And my comment was God bless Rand Paul, is he’s certainly on fire right now. And justifiably so he was lied to, in congressional testimony, ridiculed for his statements. But he’s now been vindicated, like so many others of us. And he’s the man with a mission right now. He’s very focused on this. 

And he’s a he’s a medical professional. And it’s again, it wasn’t just the senator who was lied to we were all lied to by His Eminence, Dr. Fauci and there has to be a price paid for that. No. 

In a just world, that’s the case. Do we live in a just world where there are consequences for actions by government, senior government administrators, we have a long history of basically allowing the government to be let off scot free. 

True, true. And it’s sad. And actually, it should be just the opposite. It should be we that people holding our government accountable, and it seems to be the other way around. There’s a story out there about the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. They offered a summer course titled Health, equity, and justice, and encourage students to push sex hormones when they got their licenses, and then classified the BMI. The body mass index, I guess, is O stands for they want they wanted to classify that as racist. Now, that all sounds like, well, Paula, I know, I know, it sounds like politics rather than medicine. Am I right? 

So let’s you’re probably not completely attuned to, but many of the dogs in my world are that are involved in medical education, which I don’t do anymore, for various reasons, is that there’s now diversity, equity and inclusion criteria used at the front end in selection of medical students, the medical schools have largely gone, deeply woke. And this has been systematic. And this is just more evidence in support of that. What what’s happening in many ways, for instance, with the imposition of the vaccine mandates, is that they’re functionally screening out anyone who is conservative, the only people that are getting into the high profile universities, and into medical schools, and in much of the medical training professions are people who are are on board with a woke agenda. And they’re doing that through screening criteria before you ever even enter before they ever even look at your other accomplishments, your grades, your MCAT scores, etc. So this is just more evidence of a long term trend in universities, medical schools, professional schools, that is going to have a long term impact because basically, our leadership throughout the country, including political leadership is drawn from these high profile universities. And in the next generation, they’re all going to be woke. 

Well, is it true, they changed the Hippocratic oath. I heard they did that too, to go more woke in the end there, the pledge that doctors take. 

Yeah, that’s overplayed. But because There’s long been a trend for individual schools to use their own versions. That’s not something that’s really codified in any kind of rules. But there’s, it’s absolutely a fact that a number of these schools have have turned to using a modified Hippocratic Oath. That’s very much more aligned with the woke agenda. 

Dr. Robert Malone, our guest right now here on the Chris Salcedo show. And there’s another story out there Maine general health and Augusta, Maine, currently employing nurses who they fired because the nurses wouldn’t take the jab wouldn’t get the vaccine as mandated. They’re now begging those nurses to come back because they’re experiencing who could have seen this coming, a nursing shortage? What what advice as a doctor, would you give those nurses who are seeing this medical system begging for them to come back? 

Well, I think it’s always a personal decision, you know, how much gold are they willing to offer to get you to go back into their system and, and live under their administrators. But you, you know, anybody that’s going to go into this needs to negotiate a contract that is not going to permit the type of heavy handed authoritarian behavior that we’ve seen. But how can you trust these institutions? Now, if you’re a medical professional, what you’re talking about is just one example of a widespread trend, including in pharmacists, we’re just going to talk about that today in today’s substack of what’s happening with the walkouts and strikes and Walgreens and, and the various pharmacies that are pushing their pharmacists to basically become supervisors of nurses that are focused on wellness care and vaccination. Vaccination is very profitable for these companies. And so they’ve got a problem also with pharmacy professionals that are sick and tired of this. They’re not being allowed to actually do their job. This whole politicization of medicine, is going to have a whole bunch of blowback consequences that really haven’t been thought through in this rush to go along with this new agenda. 

Right. And as you I think you rightly point out they have destroyed confidence in our once trusted institutions. The left does that everything the left touches, they poison they destroy and, and sadly, medicine and science is not immune. The Texas senate a committee passed expanded ban on China virus vaccine mandates. Now this dovetails into one of your recent substack articles that you wrote about health care is turning Texas blue COVID Shot mandate started in Texas for a reason. Can you expand on that? Tell the folks what the reason was? 

Yes. So Mary, tele Bowden who is a EMT and sleep boarded specialist trained at Stanford. used to work for Houston Methodist. 

Yeah, we know her. Well. She’s been on several times. Yeah. A real true warrior and a reluctant warriors. This isn’t something that she wanted to do, she felt compelled to do. And that was to resist the leadership at Houston Methodist with their mandates, etc, which they’re trying to reimpose again. And our point or central point is that basically, the medical schools are in universities in general in Texas, are central points where pressure financial and political can be exerted, to kind of open a wedge within Texas to advance leftist agendas. And that that’s what’s really going on behind the scenes. And all of this is that the as we’ve seen across the United States in the world, the issues relating to medical care versus medical freedom or wedge issues that are being used to open up political agendas for this same, you know, leftist, socialist, woke agenda that’s aligned with the UN agenda. 2030. 

Sure. And you know, what, and healthcare is the last thing on their mind? Dr. Robert Malone is our guest, folks. Of course, he is the CO creator of the controversial mRNA technology that has been used in some of these vaccines that have been getting a lot more scrutiny from the public, not exactly from so called individuals in positions of power and authority. So I guess that the broader question with all of these all of these stories coming out, I think, we’ve done an adequate job of painting a mosaic that shows you’ve got the best interests of the people and start conflict with the agenda of the left with the agenda of these power brokers. So I guess my question to you is, because I know you’ve been thinking a lot about this kind of stuff is how do we as a people, fight back against a selfish agenda by individuals pushing this stuff and then protect our family and our friends and our health? 

Well, remember that this is also part of a broader globalist agenda, which is marching on. I just posted something on Twitter, about the massive amount of debanking that’s happened in Canada under Justin Trudeau, who of course, is World Economic Forum trained, and his finance minister. What what’s being done is to deploy a variety of really psychological operations. shins or cyberwar, technologies designed for offshore combat against the citizens of the United States. And their intention is to control everything that we encounter all information, all thoughts, all opinions. And it’s a very, it’s a very immature reaction. Basically, the administrative state has been caught in a series of lies in mismanagement examples. And so they’re trying to cover it up in the way a small child would deny to his parents that he or she did whatever their their sin was. No, Mom, I didn’t do that it was my brother. That’s that’s the kind of thing that’s being done, but with the very heavy handed capabilities of this authoritarian state, and information technology, so what can you do recognize that this is a mind virus, recognize that there’s a concerted attempt to manipulate your thought in mind and belief systems. And you have a choice, your audience all has a choice, you can define yourself as victims. And remember that victimization, and victim blaming and shaming and all that is all central to advancing the woke agenda. It’s one of their key strategies. So you can play along with that and, and pretend that you’re a victim, or act like a victim, or think like you’re a victim, and you will become a victim. Or you can choose not to, you can choose one of the other ways to proceed in the world to define yourself and who you are, as a parent, or a leader. And you can, you can choose to be a warrior, or you can choose to be a mentor, an educator, whatever, there’s a number of different pathways you can take. But don’t be a victim, don’t allow them to victimize you. And do work hard to share truth in your community, with your friends and your family if you have to do it with love. And as I keep saying, I don’t want to, you know, offend those that are agnostic, but if nothing else, Jesus Christ is a role model for how to behave in times of turmoil and crisis, how to be a moral leader. And that doesn’t come from just hitting out and striking out at others. It comes from having a centered peaceful belief in yourself and in your, your morality, and in what is right and wrong. And then interacting with the world on the basis of that, from the standpoint of the true biblical meaning of being meek, which is not to be aggressive, but to be prepared to defend yourself when necessary. That’s that’s the stance. And I think it begins with each one of us committing to not being victims, and being true, independent thinkers and actors in this agenda. And don’t be another biblical thing. Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket. There you go. Go ahead and be be able, allow yourself to speak out and to be true to yourself. And don’t allow them to intimidate and cow you, like they try so hard to do. 

To borrow something from cinema. It’s there they’re offering or we’re offering the red pill or the blue pill. We recommend the red pill, if we could go back to this, this analogy of medicine, but take the red pill folks, and be prepared to use that knowledge to defend yourself, your family, your friends, your communities, Dr. Robert Malone, a folks want to check out all the stuff that you’re writing and you have turned into quite a publisher. Where can they go? 

Thanks. We are working on another book on cyberwar, by the way. And of course, there’s the lies my government told me in the better future coming that you can buy on any bookseller. But our main outlet on a daily basis is we publish essays on substack RW Malone, MD does substack.com And then of course on social media gab GITR, Twitter true social at RW Malone, MD, thanks for asking. 

Dr. Robert Malone. Thank you, sir, for all of your tireless work to get the truth out there, about the pandemic about the China virus, and about how our medical establishment failed us during the pandemic. Folks that’s going to wrap up this edition to the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor and yourself a favor visit a couple of websites, Texas scorecard.com That’s number one. That’s where you find all the big news in Texas, how it impacts you. Whether you live in Texas or whether you live in the States adjacent to Texas. You want to check out that website. Also check out Chris saucedo.com That’s where you’ll find the Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s morning conservative talk radio the simulcast on into on rumble and then get her and check out the Chris Salcedo show on television every afternoon Monday through Friday on Newsmax four o’clock Eastern until fun till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for we the people. You stay safe out there my friends.

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