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Jonathan Newar is the Co-Founder of Captain Experiences. It’s an online platform changing the world of hunting and fishing by serving as a one-stop shop for easily booking solo or group guided trips with the nation’s top guides.
Kevin Sorbo, is a Hollywood heavy-hitter with a long career in roles like Hercules. His wife, Sam Sorbo, is an actress turned activist, and is the host of The Sam Sorbo Show Podcast. They are both in a new film with other Hollywood luminaries Louis Gossett Jr., John Ratzenberger and more. It’s called, Miracle in East Texas.

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Folks, I follow this stuff I eat, breathe, drink, sleep, this, this stuff, that we are mired in what is confronting our country, the politics and the policies. And I’ve got to be honest with you, even for somebody like me, who has a mission, to make sure you’re as informed as you should be about your government and about the actors that are partaking in it, and screwing it up royally in most cases. 

As much as I’m committed to that, every once in a while it gets to me every once in a while. It’s just like, man, you can’t handle this steady drumbeat of the negativity they’ve been serving up to us low these these many, many years. And so every once in a while, you got to stop down, you got to you got to think about some other things. You got it, you got to understand why, why you’re fighting. And there are some, there are some things that I’ve been wanting to get out of the podcast that because of the nature of things have been going on, just haven’t been able to get in into the podcast with so much regularity as I would want. So let’s let’s talk about a couple of things that maybe you can let loose a little bit. 

I guess I was lucky when I was when I was growing up. I had a keen sense right away because we raised chickens, we raised pigs, we raised cows, and a little small plot of land in Southern California, my parents would raise these animals and then they would slaughter them. And then we would have you know, freezer full of stuff for for months and years. Sometimes, you know, depending on how much of his stuff that you ate, and how regularly you ate it. 

So I knew right from the beginning, unlike a lot of left wingers in this society, that that food doesn’t come from the store that food actually comes from a farm. And that you know, ground beef is doesn’t just appear it is actually part of an animal that it has to go through processing and such. Now one thing I haven’t done that I’ve that I keep saying I am going to do is to go out here in the state of Texas, and undertake a hunt for hogs wild hogs. 

In my research, I’ve discovered the hog population here in the state of Texas. They’re not indigenous, they’re actually an invasive species here. And boy, are they thriving? They are they are everywhere. It is folks, it is so bad out there such an ecological disaster that ranchers are begging people to come onto their ranch and hunt for these wild pig these wild boars. So they can stop destroying crops, they can stop, stop destroying grazing. They can and they’re dangerous to be seen that you see that tusks on these things. Oh my Lord, they will Gorya they’ll hurt you. So if not kill you. 

So yeah, I’ve one check that out. There’s also something else I don’t do enough of these days and that’s to get out to the theaters. Now, I know I fully recognize that Hollywood has turned into a a cesspool of anti Americanism. But there seems to be a response to that. And I think we conservatives ought to support it, for example, that the hit the runaway hit of the summer was what? Sound of freedom. 

And it was made by a pro American conservative Christian studio. They wanted to highlight the dangers of human trafficking and the exploitation of, of children not only in the United States, but around the world. And so that movie was, was great. There was Top Gun, Tom Cruise made Top Gun for the fans. And when was the last time you saw a movie that celebrated the United States of America where, you know, we’re the good guys and the white hats, that’s us. And that’s why it did so well at the box office. 

But there is a thirst among our population, a desire to have these movies make a bit of a comeback, there’s a market for it. And while we’re still somewhat capitalist in this in this country, you know, before Beijing Biden is done with us, there are there are people stepping in to fill that void that Hollywood has left Hollywood has turned into a, you know, CGI, cesspool of sex and marketing sex to kids. And parents are like not, you know, not not so much into that. So they’re looking for alternatives. 

And folks, I think we have found quite a few of them out there. So coming up next two interviews, one, if you ever wanted to go on the big hunt, we can help you plus, you want to check out something cool the movie theater that you’re not going to have to shield the kids eyes from. That’s all coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

When I got this, this pitch, I was like this is actually fascinating to me, because of the ecological catastrophe that wild pigs are to Texas and it’s getting worse, folks. For those of you who are avid hunters, in you know, in some states, you got to get permits, you got to go through the whole rigmarole out here in Texas. This this species of pink well actually a couple of them of pigs. They are a menace. And so as I said ranchers will invite you onto their vast ranches to come and do hunting for them for free. You take you take what you shoot. Jonathan Noir is a co founder of Captain experiences. It’s an online platform changing the world of hunting and fishing by serving as one of the one stop shops out there for easily booking solo or group guided trips with the nation’s top guides. Jonathan, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thanks for having me, Chris. Excited to be here. Yeah. Well, let me talk to you about First off the history of these hogs from what I’ve been able to tell DeSoto brought the first batch from Europe as a food source in the 1600s and then In the 1930s, the Russian the Russian bore was brought over. So we’ve got a couple of species here that are just laying waste to the Texas landscape. Is that accurate? 

Yeah, that’s accurate. Yeah. The first, you know, hogs came over with Spanish from Spain. But yeah, you know, since then, there’s been a lot of inbreeding between species. And yeah, you know, now we’ve got a massive feral hog frog problem for us, you know, across the US, and especially in Texas. 

Yeah. And, can you tell me why all of a sudden, their population is springing up? So, the seriously, while all of a sudden, a lot of these ranchers are saying, Hey, we’re being overrun, we can’t, we can’t feed our stock. 

Yeah, I mean, a lot of it is just, you know, the habitat that they’re in, you know, it’s really conducive to, you know, population growth, you know, so they have all the food and resources that they need. And then yeah, you know, that that birthing cycle is is just literally exponential. You know, so right now, you know, biologists are saying that, we would have to harvest 66% of the feral hog population in Texas annually to keep those numbers in check at 3 million hogs in Texas, which is just crazy. 

Okay, I gotta make sure I heard this, right. You said that. ecologist and biologists are saying we’ve got to harvest get rid of 60% of the hog population, to where they are symbiotic with our environment, not destroying our environment. Yes. 

Yep. And yeah, we’re just just where that population isn’t continuing to grow. Wow. Wow. 

Okay, single year now, Did I did I cover the proper scope of the damage they’re doing? Is it primarily to ranchers, or are there other side effects of having this massive population? I didn’t mention. 

Yeah, I mean, it’s ranchers and Agriculture and Land managers. But yeah, you know, feral hogs are costing the Texas economy $50 million annually. And, you know, 400 million across the country. Wow. But yeah, I mean, it’s also just, you know, public danger. You know, these hogs has been associated with, you know, injuries to people and attacks and things like that. And so yeah, I mean, they’re, they’re just running wild. 

Yeah, some of these hogs have tusks, and they will Gore you, if they if they charge and they feel threatened. Jonathan Noir is our guest right now. He’s the co founder of camping experiences. Tell us what kind of tours you offer in Texas. And I mean, is it as easy to hunt boar as I as I characterized in the beginning? 

=Yeah. So so, you know, we have over 20 hog hunts across Texas, and that number is growing rapidly. But yeah, you know, we’ve we’ve trips that range from 250, to $4,500. But, you know, they sort of run the gamut in terms of what you can expect, you know, on the lower end, this can be DIY, do it yourself trips, where when managers are allowing you onto the property to harvest your own hogs. And then yeah, you know, on the, on the upper end of that, it’s, you know, a full hunting experience with lodging meals, you know, the whole nine yards. 

Okay, so tell me, because we were talking about this amongst ourselves earlier. Are these hogs good eating? Or are? Are they really really gamey Because if I mean, am I right in saying that, if you’re expecting to, to, to go out and get yourself a boar and have it tastes like the bacon that you’re getting off the store shelf? You may be disappointed? 

Yeah, I mean, it definitely is a little bit game here. But a lot of people appreciate that, you know, it’s sort of like, you know, Turkey, you know, and, you know, harvesting your own wild turkey. It’s not like what you get in the store, but, you know, it’s it’s delicious and tasty in its own right. So yeah, I mean, there’s 1000s of ways to cook it up. And, you know, one Hoggle Oh, keep the freezer full for a family, you know, for about a year. 

Yeah, true. True. And, you know, I want to talk to you about that, too. You said that the price range 250 to 4500. Let’s go with let’s go with the middle middle range trip. Let’s say you want to spend two grand, you’ve saved up you know, all year, maybe a trip with you and the buddies. So walk, walk people through their experience, they’re going to show up, and what’s going to happen? 

Yeah, so, you know, Katherine experiences, our guides, you know, really set you up for success. So, you know, you’ll get all of the directions and all of the details on your trip, you’ll show up the landowner and your guide will will welcome you in. You know, you’ll set things up depending on the time of day that you get there in the time of the hunt, you might relax and get away at the land for a bit. And then yeah, you go out for your hunt. And so, you know, hog hog hunting is actually pretty interesting in that there’s so many different ways that you can do it. But yeah, I mean, normally you’ll be Uh, you know hog hunting at night is is really when they get active because they’re a bit nocturnal. And so you can use, you know, thermal scopes and, you know, thermal glassing to really see the animals in the contrast against the dark, you know, night sky and all of that. And so yeah, you know, you’ll identify some, they do not see very well, but they have, you know, a great sense of smell and can hear, see, it’s, you know, really quiet sort of sneaky stock, and you’re getting, you know, downwind of them and everything. And then, yeah, you get set up for first shot and hopefully have a successful harvest. 

And so if you don’t have your own, either firearm or bow, and I’m gonna, that’s gonna be my next question. You don’t have your firearm or bow, will you guys feature that? Is that is that an extra? Is that an extra cost? 

Yeah, yeah. So, you know, a lot of these trips, you know, that, you know, the, you know, the guns and things are provided for you. Because, yeah, you know, not everybody has, you know, perfectly scoped you know, thermal. You know. 

Speak for yourself, pal. I’m just kidding. 

Yeah, but but, you know, you can see all of that stuff on the site, you can see whether, you know, it’s included or not, and go from there. 

Okay. All right. Well, and that leads me because I was telling our crew here earlier that my father in law, he he will hunt with a bow and only a bow because he thinks guns give the give the human an unfair advantage over the animal. So he’ll he’ll, he’s hardcore, man, he just goes bow only. So can’t would you recommend hunting these these feral pigs boars with a bow or rifle? What would you go with? 

Yeah, I mean, I would definitely recommend, you know, some some firepower, you know, versus the bow just for people. Yeah, yeah, they’re tough. And then yeah, you know, you generally need to be a bit more experienced, you know, in order to chase them with a bow just to, you know, get that precision shot. And, you know, again, as we talked about, just do it in a in a safe in a safe manner. Because, yeah, you know, if you’re within bow range, and something goes awry, you know, you got to be ready. 

Yeah. Last thing I have for you is because, you know, let’s let’s say you get your bag that bore and it’s it’s the one you wanted and it’s so processing the meat as you said to fill the freezer. I mean, there’s there’s a lot of people are not plugged into this a lot of a lot of our left wing friends think that meat comes from the store. So so if you if you want to show up and and you bag your you bag, your boar? And what do you guys have a plug in process to where folks will be able to get their meat processed, and then shipped to their homes. So they can, like I said, pack the freezer. 

Yeah, definitely. So you know, on all of our trips, you know, game cleaning, you know, you’ll see right there if it’s included or not. In the app, for the most part, it generally is for these hunts. So our guides will help you clean and process your board and your hogs. And then you know, they’ll also know the local meat packers and that sort of thing to really help and get you what you need. Same goes for mounting, you know, if people wanted to get them out. 

Dig it man, Jonathan knew our he’s the co founder of Canton experiences where IT folks want to check this out. Because, folks, I gotta be honest with you. If you go on one of these hunts in Texas, and you’re hunting these, these feral pigs and bores, you’ll be doing Texas a huge service. And you know, you might have a great experience to a good bonding experience with your pals or maybe your son or daughter. You want to take them out on a hunt. So Jonathan, where to folks need to go to check out your information? 

Yeah, folks can just go to Captain and search Texas and select hog and boom, you’ll see all the trips right there and you can put on the spot. Captain Hey, man, it was great meeting you. Thanks for all the information and appreciate your time. 

Of course, Chris, really appreciate it. Thank you. 

You know, there’s there’s a movement going on in an in an unexpected area, and entertainment. And I want to I want to highlight that and highlight a new film that’s out with my next two guests. Kevin Sorbo Hollywood heavy hitter long career in roles like Hercules his wife, Sam Sorbo, is an actress turned activist and is the host of the SAM Sorbo show. And it’s a podcast. They’re both in a new Hollywood film. With luminaries like Louis Gossett, Jr. Starring as well as John Ratzenberger and more It’s called Miracle in East Texas and it’s a pleasure to welcome both to the program. Good morning. Shabbos. 

Morning Good morning. I got I got a preface that it’s not a Hollywood film. It’s a Starbucks studios fan. We don’t work Within an hour when we were outside. 

Very good, you know, I like the distinction. Yeah, as a matter of fact, it’s I want to talk about I’m gonna go ladies first, Sam, what’s what’s the movie about? 

So it’s about the East Texas oil strike, which was the biggest oil strike in the history of America. But we tell it as a comedy because it really was a comedy of errors how this whole thing happened. And and so you watch the movie in disbelief is the subtitle is a tall tales based on an absolutely true story. And, and it’s just, it’s just a fun romp. It’s a great film for families, to get back to the theater to enjoy laughing and enjoy entertainment again, and actually learn a little bit about American history to which I like. 

Yep. Well, Kevin, there’s a lot of as I alluded to a lot of darkness in this world today. How do you think the film’s message is going to help folks, you know, maybe cope with some of the things going on in the real world? 

Well, you know, Sam, Sam forgot to mention this happened in 1930. Right in the heart of the Depression when this happened, and it stories about these two con men that went to Oklahoma and Texas, wheeling widows out of their money on fake oil well, and they eventually strike quarterbacks and of course, they end up getting arrested and all that would have come down to see what’s going to happen to him. But what’s great about this movie, it is a it is a pro America movie, it’s a pro family movie, it’s rated PG, people need to go to Sorbo,, Sorbo, they can sign up right there. And then they can put their zip codes in find out where the movies showing in their area. But it’s a movie that’s got hope, redemption, faith, laughter. Everything Hollywood does not do is what it’s called the circle. 

And he’s Texas to remind people that miracles do happen. And yes, we live in dark times. And so did they. And we made it through and we not only survived, we thrive. 

Yeah, you know what? And Kevin, I’m going to stick with the next question with you because I have a because Sam and I talk quite often about politics and there’s something that’s going on here in Texas that I wanted to get her to weigh in on but So Kevin, there’s been a resurgence from my point of view anyway of a family friendly films films of conscience, you know, your last offering, let there be light. I was watching the trailer and like I didn’t even I mean, I didn’t realize until I was watching the trailer for your current film. I’m like, oh, man, I gotta go back and watch that too. And then of course, you know, the the runaway hit of the summer was sound of freedom. And you got even pro American films like Maverick that did so well at the box office, reminding Americans of who we’re supposed to be. Are you finding that American audiences are are are hungry for this type of this type of I don’t even want to call it escapism anymore. They’re just trying to get back to what what we used to be? 

No, exactly. I mean, a Hollywood look at the movie Hollywood’s doing Walt Disney’s flipping over his grave what Disney is doing his name brand, they go, they’re set to lose well over a billion dollars and movie sales this year, and that the people are tired. I think of the woke agenda. They’re titled The negative messages being shoved down their throats over and over again. And I’m turning the movies like I’ve been doing like what if God’s Not Dead, let there be light left behind Rise of the antichrist that was out in January and February. That’s another movie that Sam and I produced. And I directed and we both started and people want movies that have a better message, I get stopped all the time. It used to be because a Hercules or my other series Andromeda, it’s always now please keep making the family movies you’re making we need something we can take our families who were sick of the agenda and the, you know, the politics or what Hollywood is trying to shut down everybody’s throat. 

But at the same time, films need support. So frankly, mainstream media is not terribly interested in promoting a movie like this, that deals with forgiveness and redemption. We live in canceled culture, which is the opposite of that. And so we need we need support. We need people to go out and watch the movie, we need them to tell their friends we need them to invite their friends to the movies, and, and show show Hollywood and show the rest of the world is this is the kind of entertainment that they want. 

Well, Hollywood does 200 to $300 million budgets and they spend $100 million promoting it. Well, we do three to $4 million movies story, that’s catering budget on those movies. But these are movies that are wonderful movies, and they’re just really I call them I call them just act as movies when I say that, it’s just great dialogue. And it’s characters that are creative that people can relate to on screen, because even though it’s a to Hercules, and you see Spider Man and Thor we can’t be those people but we can certainly be the people we see in movies like you leave the theater uplifted feeling good about yourself about the future about America. 

It’s storytelling. You know, it’s it’s getting back to basics. It’s good storytelling without all the you know, all the fancy shmancy, CGI graphics and all that kind of stuff. You just get in there and tell a good story, which again, has been lacking in America entertainment, folks, we’re talking to Kevin Sorbo and Sam Sorbo. The name of the movie is miracle in East Texas and Sam. Just if you’ll do me a favor and put on your business hat just for a second. Texas right now battling school choice battling for school choice and education freedom, and we’re battling against a cabal of Republicans and Democrats who want to keep our kids in underperforming, underperforming gov Ed schools. And you know what I think it’s because they want to keep the conditioning, which is kind of tangentially what we’re talking about with different messages in movies. If you were gonna give advice to those in the trenches, because I know you’ve been fighting this battle, what advice would you give to activists who are trying to get Texas to join the other 27 civilized states that actually provide education, freedom and school choice? 

Yeah, so I’m very conflicted on this topic, I really want parents to take responsibility for the education of their children, because it’s better for them, and it’s better for the children. And the problem, the struggle that we have with school choice, the school choice, almost inevitably will lead to government education for all, because when you send money to the government, and then ask the government to redistribute the money, when the government takes some of that money, and to the government then controls the people to whom it gives the money. Now, there are some states that are that are sort of trying different ways of going about that. But unfortunately, we have a history of no taxation without representation. And that means that the government is really not inclined to give people money without requiring something in return, that means that the money has strings attached to it. And so it’s a dangerous proposition. And I really don’t know how, how Texas is going about battling this. I think that the call is to make the schools, you know, make the schools behave better. And if you can’t shut them down and hold the politicians accountable in that respect, rather than just trying to get them to release funds. I don’t I it’s a difficult decision. And I know that you are on the side of school choice and so I don’t really want to go like toe to toe. 

No, no, no, no, no. And as a matter of fact, your cautionary tale is one that we have talked about so much that it is vitally important that any legislation that is written cuts those strings so the government can’t get its big fat nose into into destroy they they already destroyed. Gov Ed, we can’t allow government to come in and destroy other educational venues. And, and Kevin, actually, because of the historical nature of your films, and some of the messages you’re trying to put out. I mean, I think it’s important because a lot of people I think I remember reading about two or three years ago, a lot of people were getting their news coverage from these, these left wing comedian shows that’s where they were getting their news from. So how important how important do you think it is in your mission and what you’re doing to get out there actual history actual facts in the film that you’re putting out in an entertaining fashion? 

Well, unfortunately, through our public schools and our universities, they want to erase history right? Turn down statues, you’re you’re totally rewriting what everything happened that made this country great to begin with. And you know, the extreme socialism screencap communism when capitalism has maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s always been the best way and it created this country to be the greatest country in the world in the same country that every one buddy wants to come across our border and live here. And right now of course, as you know, the border that’s a whole different issue, but that’s a scary, scary, scary thing. We’re doing the country now. We don’t have purpose, but I’m gonna keep making the movies that I’m doing I’m gonna keep pushing out the agenda that made America great in the first place. And we got it. We got to fight on our hands. I’m telling people right now, here’s a little movie Sorbo Please go there. Click on miracle nice Texas. Put it just zip code and shows you where theaters near you. We only got two days. Okay. We fill up these theaters right now. We’ll get more days on the screening of this movie. 

Yeah, October 29. And also, if you go to Sorbo, there’s a free download, to introduce you to homeschooling your children based on the film because the film is historic. Right? It talks about the economy, it talks about entrepreneurship, and also forgiveness. These are all topics that you should be having discussions with your children about. 

And by the way, one of the blessings of COVID is did wake up some people in this country realize how bad our school boards and our school system is because it’s a horrible place to use as a babysitting service for your kids. And 2 million more families and our homeschooling because they woke up to the fact that the government doesn’t do everything that government touches horrible. One of my favorite Ronald Reagan quotes is he says here’s the other word. These are words the fear. Hi, I’m from the government. And we’re here to help. 

We’re here to help exactly you guys have you guys have nailed everything, folks, the name of the movie miracle in East Texas Sorbo studios outside of Hollywood because these types of movies aren’t being made by and large in Hollywood, the stars of the show, Kevin Sorbo, Sam Sorbo and a great supporting cast. Guys, thank you very much. Good luck with the film and definitely definitely on the agenda. See, talk to you soon. That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast, visit two websites forming Texas and Chris, Texas. is big news in Texas, whether it’d be in the Texas Legislature and all the cancerous problems from the so called Republican leadership in the Texas House. out or whether it happens to be all the issues facing the various communities around Texas. That is where you need to go folks, real journalism for real Texans. Also check out Chris That’s where you find me the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas that is simulcast on and to on getter and rumble located in the beautiful city of Houston that’s the epicenter and then goes out from there the various outlets. Also check out for Salcedo show on television on Newsmax every afternoon four o’clock Eastern until June we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends.

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