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Chris and Sean talk cars, music, Jew-haters, and the large cultural shift into the degenerate toilet.

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Show of hands how many of you have been shocked dismayed to see the number of left wing Democrat extremists coming out on college campuses taking over the US Capitol in support of radicalized Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and their butchering of Jews. I I know I have been a little taken aback about how so completely we have been infiltrated. But I suppose I shouldn’t be too shocked because well, frankly, if you look at the people who are have declared themselves my enemy, well, they have been friendly and ushering in anti American enemies into our nation for quite some time, and that those people have taken to indoctrinating our youth for at least two generations to hate our nation live it goes all the way to the top.

My friends, the Barack Hussein Obama, third term in the person of Beijing Biden, listen to what cost Patel is is sending up some warning signals about according to former Chief of Staff of the Department of Defense Kosh Patel, three senior Biden intelligence officials have shocking ties to Hamas, and arann. Speaking to Steve Bannon on Thursday, Patel named Robert Malley, Aryan taba, Tabby and MA here Bataar three senior level intelligence officials in the Biden regime, the intelligence issues by the Biden regime prioritizing away from the southern border away from terrorists away from Iran and from China. 

Do you know who they are? Kosh Patel asked, and he named those three that I just named. And folks, this guy Malley, even though he denies it, this guy Malley is said to have been instrumental and feeding Hamas, the Iranians and then ultimately Hamas. The information they needed to bypass Israel’s defenses on their border, which led to the terror attack. That’s unconfirmed. But this guy Malley has had his security clearance revoked inside the Biden regime. 

And we don’t know where that’s gonna go. But I do know that dating back to Barack Hussein Obama’s first two regimes that the government was staffed full of people who don’t like this country who hate this country. Who are America last enemies first people. Biden’s number one envoy Patel continued is Robert Malley, the guy who was supposed to be keeping us out of a war in Iran had his security clearance suspended by Christopher rays FBI of all people, just two months ago. You got to ask why said gosh Patel, because an individual named Aryan Tao batavi, who by the way is currently running our Special Operations office of the Department of Defense was installed there by who? 

Robert Malley, a biz PAC review, reported taba tabi reportedly in is part of the arann experts initiative and Iranian backed influence operations. So It’s an Iranian backed influence operation and this Tabitha Taibi is somebody who Joe Biden says, oh, gotta have that person as part of our government. Pretty scary, isn’t it, folks? You know, on the practical level, when you see everything melting down across this country on college campuses, Senator Marco Rubio stepped up to the Dyess and said, you know, we gotta do something about these people coming over to America on visas, and then getting out of the streets and then pulling for the terrorists. 

“Let’s revisit her. You’re not even an American. You’re a foreign national, you’re here because we gave you a visa to be here temporarily. And now you’re out there defending and supporting Hamas terrorist organization, you need to go. That’s what this resolution asked the administration to do. And I hope we can get a vote on the Senate.” 

Yeah, well, it’s not going to be much good because all it will take is one senator to put the kibosh on all of that. Here’s Senator Chris Van Holland, who are Republican Josh Hawley want to do to condemn those on college campuses, who were advocating violence against Jews, and leave it to the Democrats to say no, we don’t want to be a part of that resolution. We’re going to kill the whole damn thing. Listen. 

“Mr. President, I have to I haven’t got another meeting. But I have jacked up. It’s hard to believe it. We’ve just heard on this floor defense of the most vile, anti semitic rhetoric. Under the excuse that to call out specifically, the specific statements and denounce them one at a time and say this is wrong, that that is somehow a smear.” 

Now, why would Democrats say that killing Jews is wrong? Because frankly, the Democrat Party doesn’t believe in that the Democrat Party is host to some of the most vile, disgusting, anti semitic Jew haters on planet Earth. And that is part of their voting base as part of their caucus. So of course, they’re not going to condemn it. They saw all those kids on college campuses who hate Jews and wanted to harm Jews and, and made their disgusting pleas to to cause violence upon the Jews and Democrats said hey, those are future voters. We want those of course they’re they’re stupid. 

The Democrats and the kids Bill Maher pointing this out on his program colonizers. Okay, this is again this has become like on the in the media column, we just call the Israelis color. It’s not a colonizing No. But okay. colonizer is when one country that was had nothing to do with another country, like the British or the Dutch in South Africa, marched him with an army and took over a place that had no connection to Israel has quite a connection to Israel Jews. Yes. Yes, most people so many people commenting about this seem to have distorted their understanding of it from five minutes ago.” 

Yeah, that is precisely what they did. Kids who don’t know their rear end from a hole in the ground, whose K through 12 education was was ruined by Democrats, by leftists by the government, who made sure these people were ignorant of history and they’re cranking out a whole bunch of mean, disgusting, anti freedom, anti liberty, anti Western, angry children, and they never grow up. They go to college and the colonizer. America, the colonizer, Jews are colonizer anybody who’s Western anybody who is pro freedom colonizer, colonizer, colonizer, it’s because of what these stupid left wing professors have been teaching them. lo these many years. 

“The Jews are the Native Americans have this piece of land. Yes, you did a land acknowledgement like we do in this country where I’m standing on ground that was I’m standing on ground that 3000 years ago, was King David’s capital Jerusalem board and who do they who does Hamas and many Palestinian sympathetic people who do they refer to as settlers and colonizers, it’s not just the Israelis living in the disputed West Bank. It’s Israelis living anywhere within the internationally recognized borders of the state of Israel, because to them any Jew in that territory is considered a colonizer. And this language is used to dehumanize people and to license their murder”

Which is exactly what college professors are teaching their kids to do. Call your opponents a Nazi. And that way you can beat them up. You can beat them with an inch of their lives. You can even kill them because they’re standing in the way of our Marxist leftist utopia. Call them colonizers and you can do whatever the hell you want to them. And that allows you to exterminate finish Hitler’s job, you know, exterminate Jews. 

“So it’s it’s really important that We understand what this what that land acknowledgement means, like we honor who originally had the land.” 

Yeah. What about that? If that’s what it means. So here in America, they bash the United States of America. And there’s some, there is some foundational historical perspective as to how we didn’t treat the Native American Indians that well, as a government. Oh, you know, 200 years ago as we were expanding, doing Manifest Destiny and expanding our country across this continent. Okay. So there is some, some criticism there. But wait a minute. The Jews are native to Israel, and it was the Muslims who displaced them. Ah, but the left wingers who hate America as quote unquote colonizers, they also hate Jews who were the victims of the Muslim colonizers. 

The Muslims were the colonizers. The Jews were the Indians in this scenario, but they’re still disparaged. Why. Why? What are the Jews in the Middle East? Israel have in common with the United States? Oh, we’re pro freedom. We have constitutions. We believe in the rule of law, and the right of the individual. And that’s something these college professors and these dumb ass kids, they just can’t get behind. We have much more to talk about with this on the show behind the show. Our buddy Sean Chastain roars your way next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Folks welcome the show behind the show and our buddy Sean Chasteen Hey man. 

What’s happening pal? 

Not a lot you know you and I before we started talking on the podcast we were talking about a song that I downloaded Tom T Hall and it’s what is it younger women are faster horses younger women older whiskey. And I think it’s faster horses is the name of the song and I downloaded on the iPad because I remember listening to it. Country music when I was growing up with my dad and it just something that stuck in my brain and it reminds me of a mutual friend of ours who came up in this golden age of country in you know the 50s 60s 70s and media where you know, men could be men and it was cool. It was okay. Thoughts. 

Why don’t you think about just how radically it’s changed in 50 years, 40 years even five I mean, as a kid getting home and watching Daisy Duke and the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee written on the top of the car you know in a rebel flag and nurse Dixie at the hospital you know where the where the ambulance guys would go in the chips guys would go and was just just unabashedly sexuality and nobody seemed to care and women didn’t seem to be objectified by it. I don’t know everybody seemed alright with it. 

Because it is normal, young men, men are supposed to be attracted to women. And that’s okay. Women are supposed to be attracted to men. That’s okay. But, and I think it’s, I think, frankly, I think all of that the the downhill slide of the United States of America, I believe started with Barack Hussein Obama, they, they got more in in that regime. And I believe we can trace trace back the genesis of, of this society and the Western world’s decline dating back to his election. 

I don’t think so. But you hate. You love hating on Barack Hussein Obama. So I’ll let you have that. Well, you know, long before that. Well, I think I think George W. Bush, you know, paved the way for a Barack Hussein Obama’s. 

You know, his I mean, I wasn’t thinking the President had a whole lot to do with any of it. We’re just thinking cultural shifts. I mean, you had the women’s movement, you know, the era and all that stuff. And that kind of put a kibosh on the teenage tip films of the 1980s and and shows like The Dukes of Hazzard and stuff like that. We’ll do one then then I don’t know that anything presidential had anything to do? Well, I think I think it was, do you want to believe Go ahead. No, I was in normalization, how you live? 

Yeah. What was a normalization of that thought pattern of giving voice to those who wanted to take away others based on you know, frankly, backwash. Oh, crazy stuff. I’ll give it an example. Penn State University, I’m watching these young kids, Riley Gaines, you know who she is. She’s the rather attractive swimmer, who was out there saying, Hey, can we not discriminate against women can’t, can we like keep women’s sports, you know, women and not having biological males competing. And so these kids on Penn State’s campus are just cursing out these people who are trying to defend a woman’s free speech right to disagree with these left wing nut bags, right. And this kid behind a mask, of course, wearing a mask, gets in this guy’s face and calls them an F in this and an F and Nat and Fu and all this in his face. And the guy says, you’re about ready to lose $150 million to your college if you don’t, if you guys don’t behave, my name is state senator. And he starts going off on these on these get because these kids are nuts, and then the kid he actually responds to the dollar figures, right, believe it or not, and goes, would you support this hate? He goes What’s hateful about listening to a woman who wants to preserve women in women’s sports? And that’s where we are. It’s, it’s the silencing of those with whom they politically disagree. 

I mean, you can believe what you want to believe. I don’t know that the President has a lot to do with it. But I understand where you’re coming from. I just think it’s, you know, just a change of of tide. Yeah. And some of it’s probably for the better, some of it not. 

Well, I mean, let’s go on back to the song. You know, today that song couldn’t be recorded. I mean, you couldn’t say that it’s, it’s about faster horses, younger women and older whiskey. You could, you couldn’t do that. Today. There’s so many other things that you couldn’t do today. And that has comedians that is free speech, guys, like you and me, kind of pulling our hair out going well, why the hell not? Yeah, you know? 

Yeah, I wish everybody could just relax and realize that as our mothers all told this Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us, you know, so. 

But that’s not the case today. Today. It’s like a case where it’s just nobody believes right? It’s so funny you say that because I was just watching a comedian on Instagram. That was had a comedy routine based around that saying sticks and stones went when did we stop believing that as a people it was a British comedian. And he’s like, you know, seriously, you were taught that from a young child now. Now they’re saying Oh, words can harm you. He’s like, grow up, grow up, grow up, deal with it. You know, you don’t have the right not to be offended. What happens to you if you’re offended? Nothing. Nothing happens to you if you’re offended. You don’t and how many times have you and I said this? You don’t have the right to walk around America or this world and not be offended. You can’t you can’t believe in freedom. And then say I don’t want to be offended. 

Then if you if you’d love to be offended, you will be right are just about everything. So yeah, exactly. Just I don’t know. Chill out and be happy. Be kind. 

Yeah, what’s your what’s what’s wrong with them? And by the way, by saying, I think it’s not fair to have biological males competing against females. That doesn’t make you a hater. 

No, no. No, it does make you a hater though. Tell me protesting against the Israelis and supporting the baby killing, women raping, grandma stealing terrorists that are the people of Gaza and the West Bank or the West Bank or no West Bank Calcutta right. Yeah, not walk away Renee by the Left Bank. I don’t like calling them Palestinians because there’s no such thing as Palestine. Correct. Except in the Olympics when they walk in with the flag, but which drives me insane. Yeah. but anyway to see these these chickenshit college kids like we we talked about last week, protesting and wearing masks, and these days, there are plenty of things to worry about. But keeping pests out of your home shouldn’t be one of them. It not just not not act, you’re just showing their assets basically. Well, it’s all coming back to haunt them. And I really liked that. With so many of them being dogs, like we talked about last week that I wish they that would happen. And so many of them getting turned down from jobs already. And then so many huge money donors Yank in that coin from the universities until presidents are fired. And they get a handle on these kinds of behaviors and different things they’re taught. 

So well, let me ask you a question about that. Let me ask you a question about that. Because we saw marches on Capitol Hill, we saw a Hamas direct direction, a Hamas direction, yeah, a Hamas direction. In the Capitol, none of those people will be stuck in in dark holes. And none of those people will be will be had their due process rights denied. None of them will be treated like the January 6 protesters at all. Some of the January 6 protesters who never even entered the building will have been treated more harshly than these pro terrorist Jew hating folks who who raided the Capitol. That’s number one. But on college campuses, even on Harvard, Bill Maher is out there. Blasting if you’re a graduate of Harvard, and you’re out there and you’re out there standing up for terrorism, he is saying that you’re part of the stupid factory. Harvard is a stupid factory. And he’s he is telling parents don’t send your kids to school. Because when you when you send kids, your kids to to, to so called Higher Education. They’re making your children dumb. And I think as I think Americans were really taken aback by the size and scope of these left wing pro terrorist, so called protests that took over these college campuses, and eventually the US Capitol. So do you were you surprised and shocked it was that big of a movement we’ve allowed to enter into our country? 

Surprised shocked that it has gotten so far that I’ve been even, you know, even seemingly more conservative colleges, you can’t even you can’t even trust them anymore. I mean, TCU and Fort Worth, had protesters, you know, Texas Christian University, and protesters. So it’s just you know, how seemingly every single college or university has just become so crazy liberal. And I’ve got an example for you that it does make you stupid or in that they’re not learning a whole lot in college. So my sister works at a North Texas University. And she has quit her job because her my other sister and my mother are all moving to Washington State. And the kids that she teaches has had a little party for a little going away part. And they, you know, of course, wanted to know what she was doing and she said, Yeah, we’re moving to Washington. And the kids all went, Wow, that’s so cool. You get to be right in the heart of government must have said no, no Washington State chose to go. Yeah, that Capitol right there. They did not get it. She asked forteen of them. Oh, Lord, that. Where is the capital of the United States in Washington? Well, Seattle’s capital of Washington. Washington is the capital of Seattle. I mean, the United States. Oh, dear God, I had no idea no 14 graduates, student, college kids could no idea good Crieff, Washington DC was different than Washington state. 

That is insane. And that is why they are they are out there doing what they’re doing. Because they don’t know the basics. They don’t know the fundamentals. Because gov Ed has been saying, Sorry, you’re gonna you’re gonna say I’m ideological. But this is, these are backwards, not even liberals anymore. These are full blown communists, full blown Marxists. And I’m gonna give you another example. Let’s get into something that’s a little tad bit more complicated. Now, these these left wing nut bags, whether they be professors or these students, what do they say about the treatment of the Native American Indians here in the United States by the American government? What do they call us colonizers? Right. Sure. Yeah. Yeah. They said, and you know what, there is some truth that the the American government didn’t treat the Native Americans that great on our expands our manifest destiny across the continent. Okay. So I think there’s room for some criticism for what happened. They’re not incorporating Native Americans in the initial days now. Now, if you look over to Israel, who were the Indians, the equivalent of the Indians, for Israel, for the Holy Land? That would be the Jews. So yeah, that would be Yeah, that would be the Jews. So they saw a bunch of these radical Muslims come and displace the Jews, the way the American people displaced, the American government displaced the Indians. However, the Jews now buy these dipshit college students are called the colonizers. I heard this, and I got to credit Bill Maher’s program, because it’s a perfect analogy. Why does it work one way and not the other, and I can tell you why my friend and you’ll expand on it. It’s because it’s all in service to to being anti Western, anti freedom, anti liberty and in service to left wing extremism. They hate America, because of our freedoms and liberty. They hate Israel because of their freedoms and liberty. True? 

Absolutely, man. And I, the thing that I always go back to, is that if you look at communism, yes, sure, it may look great on paper, but it only works out for a very few. And then the rest of them are the plebes, you know, they they are the downtrodden, every single one of them doesn’t matter your how strong your political beliefs are, or whatever you’ll be, you’ll have your government assigned job and your government assigned department and you’ll like it. And so, I don’t know, it just it just never ceases to amaze me that everybody thinks it’s going to be this utopia that everybody’s going to be, you know, all for one and it’s just not going to be, there’s still going to be the rich and they’re gonna rule. And they’re gonna rule harsher than ever, because there won’t be the rules that we have now. 

Well, I don’t I don’t disagree with any of your analysis because communism sucks. It is always such socialism sucks. It is always suck. There’s no there’s nothing that is. And, frankly, the folk, the folks who are dupes of this, who say that the only way you can have a quality is to turn over your turn over your life to a centralized government. It is the biggest fallacy out there. That now all that being said, None of this is happening in a vacuum. Because you and I sit here today, talking and the show behind the show. And I came out pretty strongly on Friday. I don’t know if you watch my preamble on Newsmax but I basically said that the Republican Party’s did basically said it was dead. They still can’t find a speaker of the house. And you know, I’ve got to say man, Texans were a mess. 

Wrong those voting against conservative Jim Jordan and wondering, yeah, voting including my rep. Kay Granger. Can I call her office? Yep. Well, would you tell her? Yeah, I just said, I said, Why is Kay Granger? Not voting for Jim Jordan? Of course, the little 19 year old girl who knows nothing about the world probably doesn’t know that Washington, DC and Washington State do different things. She said, Thank you for your opinion. I do not have that information right now. So you can’t tell me why she’s not voting for Jim Jordan? No, sir. Thank you for your opinion. Thank you for now. Yep. Kay Granger went on x, and said she voted her conscience. She voted her values. 

So she’s telling folks like you, Sean, that To hell with yours. You’re you’re just you’re just a constituent. You’re just a voter. Yeah, I didn’t really get the overwhelming sense that my phone call was gonna change your mind or tip the scales. Yeah, I felt it was kind of a waste of time, which it probably was, but at least I did it. And I don’t get it, man. I’m so fed up and tired of them all. And, you know, if if Donald Trump is the nominee, and then you’re gonna see them all going, oh, yeah, we love Donald Trump. Yeah, we’re just liking but they ain’t. And I don’t know what to do about it, man. I mean, we just the only thing you do is hope that this time will be different. And we’ll elect the right people. But I don’t even know if Kay Granger is going to be opposed this time in the primary. 

So Oh, no, she is we actually yeah, we interviewed her challenger on Newsmax on Friday. Here’s the thing. Don bacon, one of these other moderates, one of these other moderates, showed up on CNN, and basically saying, you know, Jim Jordan, he has been known to cause chaos in the appropriations process. Now, as you know, the appropriations process is them getting their grubby little hands on our money, right? Yeah. So they can pay off their cronies. And as you know, Kay Granger, has been one of the most prolific Bringers of the bacon and then diverting that millions and millions and millions of dollars that she got from the Army Corps of Engineers into her son’s construction firm, which was in charge of this disaster called the Panther Island Project in Fort Worth. So this woman sides against Jim Jordan, because he as a conservative might dry up all that money. 

Yep. And yeah, I’m glad her glad her constants are put at ease, because mine certainly. I mean, it’s just same old song, man, it’s unit party, and they don’t care about us, and it’s getting harder and harder to care about them. Even though I know I have to. 

Yep. Well, so we so we can do it is man and you know what people people in Kay Granger’s district have known she’s corrupted on the take for a long, long, long time. And they keep on electing her. So you know, it’s it’s on them. And frankly, it’s you. I mean, you may be probably the biggest voice in her district, other than her challenger to come out and say that she is the she is part of this Cabal. But I think, you know, there’s there are 20 of them. 25 of them that said, No, we need to stick with the Democrats because they’re fleecing they’re fleecing the taxpayer and they’re keeping the gravy train running by the way check this out in your in your show prep for this week with your hosts at Fox News actually had a pretty decent piece on this and check it out about about the minutes almost verbatim the same points I was making in my Friday preamble how speaker fight the real reason why Kevin McCarthy still hasn’t been replaced and this guy I can’t remember who the author is off top of my head but it is a great article that shows conservatism gets in the way of their money of their of them getting our money and it’s just sickening man it’ll turn your stomach so go go get a no what and let’s let’s be bipartisan now because Sheila Jackson Lee who is a Houston leftist who’s running for mayor down there in Houston. She has a they have leaked audio of her berating a staffer calling them an effing idiot serves no GD purpose. Nobody gives an s about what you’re doing. And you ain’t doing s she says as like Holy moly. And so the Sheila Jackson Lee just showing, you know, how the kind and gentle party really is behind the scenes. Did you hear this thing? 

Yeah, do it goes on and on probably almost every workplace at some point or another so yeah, I mean, I’m not gonna give her a break, but it’s not that out of the ordinary dude, I have never. I have never believed it was yelling. It may have been really dumb. 

Yeah, the kid they were yelling may not know that Washington State in Washington DC different places. No, no, it’s fair enough. It’s a fair point. But of course, it was Sheila Jackson Lee’s party that that turned our schools into the dumb factories. They are of course fully funded by the Republican Party. So there’s, yeah, there’s that. What else is on your plate this week? 

Um, not much. Bevin. Just got in from cleaning up the bike. I put the fuel pump in yesterday. So that worked out I was relieved to hear it fire right up. So happy about that. 

You get the flush everything else. I know. You talked about this last week to get the flush everything out before you did that. 

Yeah. And boy, it was. It wasn’t just for desperate need of changing not only because it’s gone dead. But like the little filter sock that’s on the bottom of the fuel pump. completely disintegrated. Oh, wow. It was just Yeah, it was a real mess in there. So yep, got it all cleaned up and put the new pump in and everything went fine. 

I got into a conversation. I got into a conversation my best friend this weekend about he wants a foreigner, his his his youngest is are as old as actually is going to start driving soon. So they’re going to give up one car and he wants to, you know, kind of a dad thing to do. I did the same thing. You know, get it, you turn over your car and you get a new one for yourself. You know, you’re in your 50s It’s your midlife crisis, whatever. He wants a foreigner. And I said, you know, because he just from his, he always liked foreigners growing up. And for me, it was the Nissan hardbody. Remember those? I loved the Nissan hardbody trucks and they were small. And they were they were okay. I mean, I mean, for bangers I mean, they weren’t hauling anything. But at the time, I didn’t need it for anything other than, you know, just putting stuff in the back. I got to thinking and I don’t even know if there’s a brand out there that is doing this. Because everything seems to be toward this stupidity of all battery. But if you go hybrid, you know, with a gas driven motor that charges and drives the electric motor. The electric motors are very, very powerful. And for a truck, I always thought that would be the best solution for torque for raw power and for gas mileage. What do you think? 

Let’s call the hybrid? Yeah. So I mean, as I said, hybrid? Yeah, they exist. 

Well, I know they exist, but I’m just talking about the technology itself. Isn’t that really a better solution with it with the technology where we are at this point? 

Oh, sure. Yeah, I mean, it’s yeah, pretty amazing. Yeah. Been around for a long time. Toyota is the leader in the hybrid system. They’ve had that since the Prius the early early. First one was the Prius. Yeah, and they’ve perfected it and it works incredible Yeah. To do fitting on your driving style can be really beneficial now like for me, it really wouldn’t do much because I don’t do a lot of in town driving so much off the highway. But well, I know even on the highway do down the highway. 

If you have a gas driven motor that’s only job is to provide electricity for the electric motor. It the gas mileage is exponentially better then than a standard combustion engine, you know driving the whole car. 

Well, the the way those hybrid system works, it’s not quite like you’re describing. It’s the yes, the gasoline engine charges the batteries, but the gasoline engines drive the car when the batteries aren’t in use. And the batteries are only in use for about 30 to 60 miles I think I get that design I guess I guess what I’m asking is is because you have just a generator right power running the Yeah, I that. I don’t know. I would assume that there’s that it either exists or there’s a reason it doesn’t. 

Right. And well you know what if you look at the videos on YouTube of the f150 Lightning, which is a completely all electric truck, yeah, it’s as useless as boobies on a bull because frankly, it only says oh, it has a range of 200 miles per charge. Yeah, if you’re on a flat road or downhill and you’re not towing anything, and you got a nice strong wind at your back, maybe, maybe you can get air conditioning on Exactly. No radio, none of that stuff. Yeah, then you can get 200 miles on one charge. And practical driving, it’s nowhere near that. But if you had an onboard gasoline driven charger, that would drive that, that and keep the electric current constantly going. I think that that would be the solution of all solutions out there. 

You know, when and why it doesn’t exist is or if it does exist in I just don’t know about it, or if it doesn’t exist. Again, there’s probably some kind of engineering reason for that. Well, you’re the you’re the car guy, and you have a lot of have a lot of experience with our mutual friend, the real car guy. I mean, I think we should ask some questions on that. Maybe we can feature it on a on a future show behind the show. All right. That’s gonna do it. Then do it for this week. Shawn, have a great week, my friend. I’ll talk to you next week. 

All right. We’ll see you man. 

You heard the man. We’ll see you next Salcedo storm podcast until we visit again, my friends. Why don’t you visit a couple of websites. The first website is Texas scorecard.com. The second website is Chris salcedo.com. At Texas scorecard.com. You’ll get all the big news in Texas, how it impacts the Lone Star State and the states that surround us actually the entirety of the country when it comes to illegal immigration and the victims we are made in this state by the Biden regime. I Chris salcedo.com You’re gonna find me the Chris Saucedo shows. Boy, there are various outlets for that in Houston live on the air and the rumble and get her chance and also simulcast across the country. On news max to Newsmax one, you can find the Chris Salcedo show every afternoon, four o’clock Eastern until four. So until we visit again, my friends remember this society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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