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Charles Blain Charles is the President of Urban Reform institute, a think tank that focuses on free market solutions to urban issues and creating opportunity for all in America’s metropolitan areas.

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you know, this one you can’t blame on me, folks. Gov ed, and education in this country in general. Look, I I have been noting and sounding the alarm about the decline for many, many moons now. I wish I could say I was the one who was the leader of opening up our family’s eyes as to the destruction in so called education is causing to the American family into the American fabric. 

But as is always the case, almost always the case. It was Mrs. Salcedo, who was the visionary who said there’s no way in hell our children are going to be subjected to Gov Ed just no way. And I because I think I’ve told the story before. I’m a graduate of Gov Ed when it was actually public education. It’s no longer that. But I turned out conservative and okay and very pro American, very pro freedom. My wife give her credit was one to notice. Hey, that’s not what the GOV Ed schools are anymore. That’s not what so called Higher education is anymore. 

So we we private school, our children paid a hefty price for doing so. And we shouldn’t have to no American should have to to rescue their children from the debauchery and the degenerates who run guv ID and that’s of course, not at all a slam on teachers. Teachers are every bit the victims that our children are by and large except for the real sickos there are some real sicko teachers out there who push this anti American crap. But look, by and large, they all deserve to be better compensated for what they do. The problem that we have with Gov Ed is it’s a system that is a failure. It’s a system that cranks out uneducated kids and angry stupid kids. 

For example, Riley Gaines, you guys know her Riley Gaines is, is somebody who’s not stupid she, she travels around the country now, because she was disadvantaged by the stupid people. She’s a woman that was forced to compete with a biological male. And of course it ruined a lot of her chances. So she’s been out there trying to protect women, which is the smart thing to do against the stupid people on college campuses. Let me play something for for you from Penn State University. This is Penn State. Where Riley Gaines was speaking recently. And the left wing indoctrinated crap for brains kids had a meltdown over this. However, there were some folks on campus that they weren’t anticipating listen to yourself. 

“Thank you very much. Better here, let the whole world see who you are. You’re gonna tell me what are you gonna do with that? You yourself? You’re such a loser. Now that you could hear the anger in this young man’s voice and there’s a camera man just documenting everything. And you Oh, you’re gonna fill me? Go blank yourself. You’re such a blanking loser. And then it gets in another guy’s face. 

“Europe loser. Yeah. Are you want to lose $150 million to the campus for all your friends? I’m State Senator Chris, gosh, I want to play some you guys don’t March or don’t behave yourselves. You’re very anti trans people. I support the people who are here. It’s like Raleigh gains.” 

Yeah, free speech. I support free speech. Riley games should be able to have her perspective on college campuses. It’s not anti trans to stand up for women. You shouldn’t be allowed to disadvantage women, or is that what you’re saying? You know, see, but folks, I Monday morning quarterbacking here, but I would just love to be on in that guy and say, Wait a minute. So by supporting trans, you hate women who are do not Well, yes, of course you do. You’re looking to disadvantage them. You want them to compete with biological males and you want them to be cheated out of scholarships, you must then be cheated out of opportunities. You think crap for brains, you think that women should lose the opportunity to benefit trans and then you turn it over on them? Now to the trans have a free speech, right? Absolutely. Get up there and say your piece to the people who support trans running over women’s rights. Sure you have the right to get up there and make your case well, sodas, Riley Gaines. But these people don’t believe that why? Because they’ve been raised to be leftists. 

They’ve been raised to be absolute idiots. What’s funny about and more ways than one is the folks noticing just how clueless and disingenuous and anti-American the younger generations, you know, millennials, Gen Z are, are the comedians that the comedians, in a world where you can’t say something that offends somebody. And folks, it isn’t about being offended. It’s about control. It’s about saying, You offend me. So you, you lose your right to free speech. That’s what thereafter, you don’t have the right to think differently than I do. That’s what they’re after. But it comes out of this whole, I’m offended business, and the comedians are taking notice. 

“They have adults going, I was offended. I was offended, and I have rights. So what be offended, nothing happens. You’re an adult, grow up, deal with it. Offended I don’t care. What happens when you’re offended? I’ve been to a comedy show. And the comedian said something about the Lord and I was offended. And when I woke up in the morning, I had leprosy. happens, I want to live a democracy, but I never want to be offended again.” 

Whenever you see that, that last point, I want to live in a democracy, I want to live in a free place that I never want to be offended, folks. Freedom is for everybody, not just for the left-wing nut jobs. So and I don’t think this is being taught. I know this is not being taught to our younger generation, and they’re doing it on purpose. Because those are in charge want to usher in a new government-dominated society where freedoms and liberties do not exist, so they can control it. And the useful idiots the cannon fodder, sadly, your children are the ones who are being made the sacrificial lambs on this altar. 

And I, folks, I gotta challenge you. Whether you are a parent with kids in school or you have nephews, you’ve got to get out there. You have got to start changing this paradigm or we’re going to lose it all. More on this in the Salcedo Strom podcast next. 

Two things you got to remember. Number one, the worst mistake Our people ever made was allowing the government to educate our children. Number two, you fight for parental school choice and education freedom you are fighting to save America. Period full stop. That’s what you have to remember. So my friends, given that let me welcome on our guest. Charles Blaine is president of urban Reform Institute. It’s a think tank that focuses on free market solutions to urban issues and creating opportunity for all Americans in metropolitan areas. Mr. Blaine, welcome back to the Salcedo show. 

Thank you for having me. Good morning. Good morning to you. Parental school choice and education freedom is the law of the land in 27 of our state’s, the civilized states in our union. However, the state of Texas is struggling to get to the promised land join the ranks of the civilized states in our union, preferring to remain among the knuckle-dragging anti-choice states. Give me your view 30,000 feet up about the struggle for parents to break free of this Gov Ed system that is disadvantaging their children and disadvantaging the state and this country. 

Yeah, I mean, you framed it exactly correct. Texas isn’t necessarily a trailblazer in this movement, we’re trying to catch up with some other states that have done this. And you know, when you talk to these parents, particularly parents in these urban centers, you hear the challenges they have, not with just the campuses, but dealing with school boards and what they’ve been up to lately, not having their needs met, not having the needs of their children met, and just being stuck in a broken system and wanting an alternative wanting an opportunity to do something different. And I think that’s why you see so many parents today kind of rallying around the school choice options that are coming out of the legislature, the polling has changed, they’re being more vocal about what they need. And I think they’re just extremely fed up with such a broken system that hasn’t served their kids. 

Well, that’s true. And the polling and by the way, the polling was remained consistent. When parents finally got wind courtesy of the China virus pandemic, what was actually happening inside of government education, they believed these parents believed it was still gov Ed was still like when they went to school. And they were shocked to learn the utter crap that was being pushed in Texas schools. And they were also shocked to learn that nobody in the Texas House and in Texas government gave a damn about what was going on, because nobody there wants to police. Gov Ed, they just, you know, sacrifice Texas Children and their education who gives a damn, as long as we’re making money, hand over fist. So my gold standard, if you will, and I think I have Governor Greg Abbott to thank, for this for laying out the parameters. Here’s here’s what needs to happen. Every school-aged child in Texas must have an account created for them, where the money gets that would be normally dedicated to that student, if they went to gov, it needs to be put into an account that parents can’t cash. But it’s a education savings account that in a parent says okay, I’m going to direct it here or here or here, wherever they wish. None of the proposals that have been put out there thus far match that don’t lead, isn’t that where we need to be? 

Yeah, I agree. I think that’s where we need to be. And I hope that’s where we’re working towards. You know, I know that in a recent speech that Governor ever gave, I believe it was that Texas Public Policy Foundation, he said that he was working on getting it to all and I think that’s the important part. Because when you hear opponents talk about school choice today, or talk about the current system and maintaining the current system, they always talk about how to tear and how certain people get benefits and others don’t well, if you get to this point where you’re leaving a whole portion of kids out, we’re gonna have that same situation. And so I do think that it needs to be for all kids. And that’s why I’m excited that parents have been more outspoken about it because I think it’s easy for you know, the Texas Association of School Board than the all the actual school boards in the union and all these people to try to frame it one way but when you have parents out there speaking out about it and thinking about what they’re saying in their school districts and in their campuses, it’s hard to ignore them. And it’s hard to say that we’re only going to help a portion of. 

the Dade Phelan of the world and the And the pro Democrat Republicans and not to mention the Democrats in the state, they have done their level best to royally screw up the government-run education system in Texas. And because of that fact, parents, we know and here’s the dirty little secret. They know, parents, the minute parents get education, freedom and parental school choice, they will be moving their children out of Gov Ed. And then gov Ed is going to have a choice to make Mr. Blaine. Gov Ed can continue to push their critical race theory teaching, teaching white kids to be ashamed of their skin color and teaching black and brown kids to hate white people, they can continue their LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist agenda, or, or they can pivot back to reading writing arithmetic, real American history and the sciences. And then they can start attracting these parents back if it’s going to be their choice. And so the hiring practice inside of these ISDS is going to significantly change. Because you’re not going to want to hire the biggest left-wing lunatic you can find that hates the United States of America, you’re actually going to want to find an educator, correct? 

Well, exactly. I mean, this is, you know, competent, we know competition produces better results. And so if you give the parents a choice, you’re also given the ISDs a choice, because we have been everything you just mentioned. But coupled with, you know, these massive bond propositions where they’re spending money to build stadiums, and you know, all big auditoriums and pools and all these things, where they’re not actually paying for what needs to be done, which is just simply educating kids. And so you’re gonna give the ISDs a choice as well, because it’s competitive, they’re going to want to lower these kids back. And so to do that, you need to get back to the basics and hire teachers that can teach, make sure the schools are safe, make sure that the kids are actually learning at grade level and being able to contribute to the workforce when they get out of school. And so I do think that and on top of that, you’ll also probably see teacher pay raises in these ISDs because they’re going to be competing for better teachers. And so I think when you get to that point, you’re going to see these ISPs compete and we’re gonna get better results all around and you get those, you give the parents a choice. You’re also given the ISDs choice, right now, they have the upper hand, and they’re able to just kind of go off crazy with all of these policies that they’ve been doing. 

Yeah. And by the way, that’s the norm, wherever school choice is implemented, you see better results in in gov ed, and also in private education. Charles Blaine is our guest right now president of the urban Reform Institute. And I wanted to get your reaction to the promotion of law breaking inside of Gov Ed, here in the state of Texas. This infuriated me when it happened, Governor Greg Abbott, issued a prohibition on mandating masks to children basically saying this is up to the parents to decide. Government should not be making that decision for parents. And these ISDS went against a lawful order. And they broke the law. And they did so with impunity, because Dade Phelan in the state legislature and others who think like him, don’t believe that government ought to be held accountable, then the legislature passes a prohibition on critical race theory being taught. But according to the Texas scorecard and others, they have found that ISDS are still teaching critical race theory because the legislature in all of its stupidity, passed a law that had no punishment if it was violated. So they’re like, Oh, well, we’re gonna continue to teach racism in schools against the law. Isn’t it wrong for gov ed to teach our children that lawbreaking is okay. 

Oh, of course, it is. I mean, you know, they should definitely be leading from the front and showing kids what to do, when not what not to do. And I think, you know, a part of that is what you mentioned with some of these laws, not necessarily having teeth so that enforcement isn’t really an issue that they have to worry about. And then the other part of that is it goes back to the school choice argument, which is that they don’t have to worry about losing kids. I mean, unless a parent chooses to move out of a district or try to get their kids to private school, if they have the resources to be able to do that, then these districts aren’t really worried about it, you know, they can keep doing this stuff without impunity, because there’s no teeth, and then there’s no consequence in the end, because the parents are the kids are stuck in that district anyway. And they know that and they take full advantage of it every chance they get. 

I gotta tell you, every single interaction I have online, or with these left-wing extremists, you know, what they lead with, I assume toward public education. I support public education. I support public education. That’s all if they’re like little parents, you know, so Oh, you support gov Ed? Well, guess what we conservatives and we real Texans and we Real Americans, we support children. And that’s the distinction that I think is at play here. Because this is what they’re fighting for. On the other side is big government and government large s and padding their own pockets with resources and whether or not the kids are of any benefit, whether that they get educated whether or not they’re left behind. these shrubs, whether they be in the Republican Party or the Democrat party, they really don’t give a damn do they? 

Well, yeah, I mean, you hit the nail on the head, if too many of these people are supporting an institution, for the sake of the existence of the institution, that is all that they can think about is that we have this institution, and we must protect it at all costs, even if this institution isn’t doing what it is set out to do, and is it doing it appropriately. And I think, you know, the people who are supporting choice have changed it that the general dialogue about that with the average public, and really went to show them that you don’t need to support an institution if that institution isn’t providing what it’s supposed to provide, there are alternatives out there. But too many of these people who are our opponents to choice are just saying that we need to support public education, simply because it exists. And regardless of the outcome, we need to continue to support it, we need to continue to fund it more. And that’s what we’ve been doing. And so it’s time to change and do something different. And it frustrates me to no end. Because as they make these arguments, they make these arguments in the name of the kids thing, they want to protect them. But yet, there’s no there’s no results. There’s no data that shows that supporting these institutions continuing to do what they’ve done over the years, is actually improving the outcome. So we do have data that shows that when you give choice, the outcomes do get better. 

Exactly. And you know, folks that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. And that’s exactly what the proponents of Gov Ed are saying, just keep throwing good money after bad. And let’s hope for the best. And they don’t care whether or not your children, your grandchildren, your nieces, or your nephews, whether or not they get lost in the shuffle as long as they get their payday. And that’s exactly what’s going on here. The last thing I wanted to ask you about Mr. Blaine is is this notion that is also out there, because right behind Oh, I support gov Ed, they come up with this is the number two argument. If we give parents a choice, Gov Ed is going to lose valuable resources that we need. Right. So wait a minute, aren’t they admitting that they know their product sucks? Aren’t they admitting that they know when given the opportunity that parents will choose their children, they love their children more than they love government, and they will move their children to where they have the best opportunity for education and success. And this is this is the other side’s admitting? Yes, we know we provided you with a crappy product. But we want to force you to stay in it. So we can continue to get our payday. 

Exactly. I mean, it’s a slip-up they don’t even realize they’re making I mean for you to say that if you give parents an opportunity, they’re going to flee at school, whether it’s a district or a campus, and then it’s going to you know, lose money and struggle. Well, in that sense. They aren’t doing what they need to be doing. If you know, there was a restaurant down the street and another restaurant opened and suddenly everyone goes to that one. What happened to the first restaurant they tried to change so that they can actually appeal to the customers they wanted. So the argument that they’re making is just absolutely crazy on its face, because they’re admitting that the system doesn’t work. And they’re trying to still save that system. That doesn’t work.

Right, and they’re actually admitting, but we still want to continue to give your your your children if we can carry out the restaurant analogy, bad-tasting food. We want to continue to push CRT, we want to continue to push the LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist agenda. We don’t want to teach them reading writing or the particular sciences. We want to indoctrinate them and make them good left-wing socialists and Marxists. We want to continue to do that with your money because that’s what we left-wingers are all about. And parents are saying no, you don’t get to do that with my children. And that is the word that the left hates the most just asked Dade Phelan. This is the word they hate the most the word? No, Charles Blaine, everybody. He is the president of urban Reform Institute. If folks want to support what you guys do, where can they go? 

They can go to urban reform.org. That’ll take them directly to our website. And then they can just look up our return form on any any social media and we’re there to put out a lot of great information about local government. So anytime anybody’s concerned about what’s going on, feel free to check us out. 

Charles, thank you very much appreciate the visit. As always, that’s going to put a wrap on this Salcedo store podcast. Do me a favor friends visit a couple of websites first off Texas scorecard.com. That’s where you go to map out the fight for parental school choice and education freedom in the great state of Texas, the fight of Texans to have our state join the ranks of the civilized states in our country. Also go to Chris salcedo.com That’s where you find me conservative talk radio on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas simulcast on end to on rumble on getter and just got word of a possible expansion in the very near future too. So let’s get a lot of exciting things happening on the radio show. A lot of exciting things happening on the television show every afternoon Monday through Friday on Newsmax, four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you With me, we the people stay safe out there my friends. 

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