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S6, Ep 3: Voices Grow Louder Against Pro-Democrat Republicans

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:

Conservative Texas State Senator, Bob Hall.

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Congressman, Jeff Van Drew and Representative Brian Harrison on the Newsmax show. The subject matter was the Republican Party and the identity crisis the Republican Party is going through. I don’t think I’m talking about a school when when I tell you that a growing number of Republicans have lost the will to fight have lost the will to fight for us. It’s always been a problem. 

But there’s there only seemed to be up Ronald Reagan or a Donald Trump in the wings, ready to inspire or a newt Gingrich ready to inspire the Republicans to find their center and say, Oh, gee, we’re supposed to oppose Democrats. But folks, I’ve come up with something it’s it’s kind of an axiom maybe in the making. The new definition of bipartisanship, bipartisanship used to mean Hey, one side gets a little something the other side gets a little something and they come together with an agreement. Okay. 

Now, the new definition in the modern era, courtesy of the biased press, courtesy of the Socialist Democrat Party and courtesy of milk toast Republicans, the new definition of bipartisanship is the Republicans and Democrats get together and they agree to do everything the Democrats way. And that’s pretty much what we’ve seen from John Cornyn Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and frankly, the Texas House leadership. 

And there is an excuse that those on the federal level have like speaker Kevin McCarthy for example. This is when I was talking with Congressman Jeff Van drew about McCarthy is getting you know hammered from both sides. You’ve got the Conservatives are saying look, you made a promise to us you got to behave like a conservative like a Republican supposed to. Then you’ve got these milk toast wishy washy Dade Phelan, Andy Murr, Charlie Garen type Republicans who go to Speaker McCarthy and they say, Look, if you go with the conservatives, we’re gonna sign a discharge petition. 

And we’re gonna we’re gonna vote with a Democrat socialists because we’re really Democrat socialists, but we get we get elected in Republican districts or borderline districts. So don’t you dare do that you’ve got to stay moderate, which means and bipartisan, which of course means as you know, do everything the Democrats way. When I talked to Brian Harrison about was the revelations and folks, I assume, because I’m I do radio and television in Texas. 

I talk to Texans all the time that that those around the state of Texas know and understand how the Texas legislature works, how speaker Dade Phelan, became speaker Dade Phelan and how Dennis Bonnen became speaker Dennis Bonnen how Joe Straus became speaker Joe Straus. 

They did so by by getting all the Democrats to give them a seal of approval. Then they peeled off just enough Republicans to put them over the finish line, and then they blackmailed the rest of the Republicans who might have been inclined to stay more conservative and more in line with what their constituents sent them to Austin to do, but the net effect Out of all of this is that the Democrat Party runs the Texas House through speaker Dade Phelan. They let they they lead the passion impeachment and speaker Dade Phelan marshaled his troops in line. You know, it was it was Brian Harrison, who told me that the currency of the Texas House is deception. 

That’s the currency and Dade Phelan. And Dennis Bonnen and Joe Straus, they succeeded by pulling the wool over the eyes of the average Texan. They don’t they they even tell you and I’ve heard the story from several members, some on the air, some off the air, but they will tell you, they sit you down, does the GOP leadership and they say, You know what, so and so representative that just got elected. 

You can forget all that conservative crap. You can forget delivering for your constituents. You are not part of a legislature. You are part of a fraternity and our Democrat friends, our brothers and sisters on the Democrat side. They are part of that fraternity. So you’re not going to go on Newsmax and you’re not going to go on the Chris Salcedo show, and you’re not going to go into media. And you’re not going to bash the good hearted, lovable Democrats. 

Now, folks, that would be all well and good if the Democrats were constrained by the same rules. But as you all know, the Socialist Democrats get out there and they call us Nazis, and they call us totalitarians, and they call us racist. They call us all manner of names. And there’s speaker Dade Phelan in his so called leadership team is going home. So that stuff’s got to end. One of the senators who voted in the past and impeachment you get to hear his take coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Headline from the Texas scorecard. Dan Patrick says Dade Phelan needs to be a man admit the passionate impeachment was wrong. Since AG Paxton was acquitted on Saturday. Patrick has been critical of the house lead impeachment and there’s plenty to be critical about let me bring in state senator Bob Hall, who is one of our favorites are in the program. A staunch conservative believes in the rule of law. And I’m curious, I know how he voted, but I want him to be able to get it on the record here. Senator, welcome back. 

Thank you, Chris. It’s great to be back with you and I appreciate the job you do and trying to get the truth out. 

Thank you, sir. How did you vote on the past and impeachment? 

I voted for acquittal. And and I had very good reasons for doing that. 

Well, I want you to go over them step by step if you could. I did have one individual one of these left wing nut balls, who said make make no mistake, Ken Paxton wasn’t acquitted. He was pardoned. So even as the Democrats socialists and those carrying their water in the Republican Party in the Texas House, even as they lost miserably and were shown to be dishonest liars, they still trying to spin even though we couldn’t prove our case, Ken Paxton is still guilty in their minds. And that is exactly who we’re fighting individuals who believe in guilty until proven innocent, which is is not American, is it? 

No, No it is not. And but I will say that the end of the the true answer to that question, we will never really know, because of the path that the House took, you know, you find what you’re looking for. And they could have taken one of two roads, they could have gone down the road of seeking truth, and justice, which is what our legal system is supposed to be doing. You know, we don’t take people to court to to, to necessarily punish them. We go in there to find justice to seek truth, or you can seek an indictment. And the path they chose rather than that, of of truth and justice was they were seeking an indictment. And that was demonstrated by the fact that they did not even follow one of the basic principles that comes from Proverbs 17:13. And that is He who speaks first sounds right. Until he is cross examined. There was no crossing ation of anyone. I mean, it’s I mean, it is that that if you sat through trial every time the the prosecution question someone up there, it sounded like, oh, my gosh, I mean, this is this is it. I mean, this is the smoking gun. They’ve got it, you know, me here. And then on the cross examine, you hear that all of what they had to say was, was was less than truthful, inaccurate, or had nothing to do with what the charge was. They their the problem I had, from the very beginning was they did not follow a reasonable process. And our judicial system, even though this was not a criminal trial, and it was not a civil trial. It was in that category. They were not seeking truth and justice. No, no one who was quoted or use their information, provided it under oath. That is no one. There was under oath. No one in the house actually heard anybody say anything that they said, all of the information was gathered by hired lawyers, and they were all Democrats, but that’s almost irrelevant. The lawyers to interview people. And the information they took down was second, third and fourth hand. I think I saw someone somewhere or I think someone said something kind of thing throughout the whole process. So you had no one under oath. You no one was cross examined. So you take those three things, and there is no way to say they were seeking truth and justice. They were seeking an indictment. Had they done those things? Had they required the testimony to be under oath, had they a cross examined at at and they would have reached the same conclusion we reached. 

Now wait a minute. Well, wait a minute. See, Senator, that’s why I’m see what i This has been from the very beginning. And I think this is every one of those socialist Democrats in the Texas House, colluded with their speaker who, as you know, it’s it’s all the Democrats colluding with fake Republicans to install a speaker in the Texas House. That’s how it works. I believe there’s a reason why you don’t put somebody under oath, is because you want them to be able to lie, without the threat of perjury. I believe this was done intentionally, as you rightly point out by Obama lawyers, hired by air quotes, Republicans, who said look, if we put these we put these people under oath, they’re not going to give us the dirt that we need to file this impeachment. So you’ve got the Ranger Maxwell, you’ve got Vassar, you’ve got all of them, who went out there and said awful things. But they made sure they made certain it was deliberate. They didn’t put them under oath, because as you rightly point out, they wanted the indictment. They wanted to bloody up Ken Paxton, and pray that they were able to bury all of this and attend passions attorneys wouldn’t have the time to unpack all of this, which thank God, they were good. And they did. This was all a political maneuver from the very beginning. And it’s it should scare the daylights, Senator, out of every Texan to know that there are Republicans who colluded with Marxists to railroad somebody who has been put in elected office by millions of Texans should not be the lesson here? 

The lesson here, I can’t disagree with what you’re saying. But the big lesson to me is that we Have a we do not have the proper guardrails in place, thank you for an impeachment in the future. And, and to me, it was so important that, that we make sure that the outcome here was one such that future generations do not use this as a precedent for how you can do an impeachment that that’s that’s where I was coming from, from the very beginning in this when I saw the process was so flawed. If they do this, they could next week, they could throw another one over the transom to us, Jared was based on some some conversation that took place in the dark of the night and the dark alley, between we can’t really tell you who but who said it. And but here, here’s what was said. And therefore we’re going to, we think we need to have an impeachment of Dan Patrick, of Paul Betancourt, Brandon Creighton, you know, pick the Abbott, anybody, and they just throw it over there. And we find ourselves in a position of having to hold another trial just like we did, which is what Patrick’s told us when it first began, it’s I went to him and said, I said, Governor, we cannot do this, they did not follow the right process. This is garbage. And we are going this is going to be a dangerous precedent for future legislators to have to deal with. We can’t do this. And he said, We have no choice, we have to hold a trial. And I will tell you, I was incredibly impressed with how he handled it with such an even hand. He did nothing during the process to try to influence anyone. He stayed out of it. The Senate senators created the rules, which I took exception to, but he stayed out of it. And he kept emphasizing, stop listening to the media. Stop reading stuff and stop expressing your opinion out there to the media about this thing once it started. Yep. And once we got into it, he said our object you you have to get your head around listening to the testimony and make your decision based on what you hear in the courtroom. They’re on the Senate floor. He said that multiple times, listen to the testimony and make your decision based on that. That was difficult for some people because most everybody had heard nothing but media attack media attack on how what a guilty sorry rotten crook, Ken Paxton was, and so that it was not like a normal jury who doesn’t know much about the trial, people’s headsets where he’s got to be guilty. Yeah. And so we had an upside down trial. But in it that they had great attorneys, though that that was a very expensive attorney to the house had. They had every opportunity to present evidence. And the trial, the end of it came because and I guarantee you there were there were Senators who believed him to be guilty going into it. I you know, that is my true belief. I can’t tell you speak for him. But the conversations they believed he was guilty. When they did what Dan Patrick said, listen to the evidence and make your decision. They realized that the house had no evidence. Yep. Hearsay that had innuendo. And they couldn’t even write the articles so that they made sense. 

Exactly. Exactly. You know what this has been flawed, not not flawed. This has been a political attack. This is Dade Phelan, working for his political party. He has an Obama parliamentarian, his political party Dade Phelan’s political party is the Democrat Socialist Party. And this is he and his and his co conspirators in the House who dare to call themselves Republicans guys like Charlie Garen, and others who dare to call themselves Republicans. It was they operating at the behest of the Democrat party to take out one of the most effective attorney generals at push pushing back against left wing extremism and Marxism that’s being shoved down our throats on the national level and an attempt here in Texas. But I want to I asked Busby one of the attorneys on Monday. And I asked him this question. I said it from my understanding, and you tell me if this if this is wrong, that the House did this, knowing that they were putting out false information, they knew they were trying to flood the zone with documentation that the Senate wouldn’t have a prayer of sorting through and an effort to take out a politician in the state of Texas. Now that we know that the house had had undertaken such such an activity that they had, that they didn’t put people under oath on purpose, because people would be willing to lie about Ken Paxton but they wouldn’t be go. They wouldn’t be willing to go to jail to lie about Ken Paxton. Like the the Ranger Maxwell who has tarnished his As his badge in his honor for forever, in my opinion, and Busby told me, there are no legal ramifications for Dade Phelan and for his cabal of Republicans who launched this false attack. There are no there’s no legal penalty for launching a fake impeachment. Doesn’t that need to change? Senator Bob Hall? 

Yeah, I, their whole impeachment process needs to change. Because what I what I learned in this, which was all new to me, but I dug deep into it, because I felt like we had pieces of our law in place that would have sent this in a different direction. But the interpretation that is being taken, basically, is that there are only two things that are defined when it comes to an impeachment. One is the house has the authority to impeach. And that’s it. And the Senate has a responsibility to conduct a trial. Each one can set its own rules on how it goes about doing it. And there are no guardrails around there that would get back to what I thought was intended in one of the pieces of legislation that was passed as recently as 1993. And that was that committee hearings had to be given under oath. 

Thank you. And but by the way, says, Senator, that’s the way it’s been done in the past that the past two impeachments and Texas, there was months of transparency, there was there was witnesses that are gathered and put under oath to make sure the truth could be gotten to, Dade Phelan made sure that nobody was put under oath because he didn’t want the truth. He wanted Ken Paxton, his head on a platter, and that is a betrayal. The the Texas House Republican leadership, stabbed Texans in the back, stabbed 4 million Texans in the back, they lied their butts off. And I’m sad to say there are there’s no legal recourse for we the people to to basically make sure that they not only get voted out of office, but they see jail time for what they have done. There’s no legal recourse now, but I believe that has to change. The last thing I have for you, senator is we’re coming up on a a special session. Do you think the Texas House remains committed to leftists and Marxist in gov Ed and denies school choice, even though the majority of Democrats, the majority of Republicans, the majority of independents in Texas, are demanding it? 

I think we’re gonna have a real hard time getting anything passed on school choice. The rural communities are adamantly opposed to it. And you have a lot of influence. You gotta remember that the school districts are the largest employer in most of our counties, particularly rural counties, and they have come out adamantly opposed to it. I think we will have a very hard time with any kind of anything meaningful. Now. I think we will have something but I think it will have something that will have more fluffed and substance to it. 

Well, I gotta tell you that the I understand these lawmakers who are getting graft off of the GOV Ed scam. I understand they’re opposed to it. But if you look at the polling, even in so called rural districts, the people we the people, the only people who are supposed to count, they support parental school choice and education, freedom. And the the, the line that is being used by the so called Republicans in these marks is that well, in rural communities, we really we really need the number one employer because really, Gov it is an adult jobs program. We could give a rat’s about children’s education, that’s not going to fly anymore. And dare I say Democrats in any Republican who gets in the way is putting their jobs on the line. If you don’t want to do the right thing by We the People then tip the heck out the door because you’re going to be voted out and especially you Paxton impeachment supporters, a bob Hall Senator Bob Hall, sir, I appreciate the time as always. 

Thank you, Chris. I appreciate what you’re doing. 

And that’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor kids visit Texas If you want to map the fallout, and just how bad it’s going to get for those Republicans who delivered for socialists and Marxists. If you want to map that all out, you’re gonna want to keep an eye on Texas Also check out Chris That’s where you track down the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that is now simulcast on the getter and rumble chats and on Newsmax to make sure you check that out. Also check out the Chris Saucedo show on television in the afternoon on Newsmax one at four o’clock. Eastern till we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there my friends.

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