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S6, Ep 4: The Democrat's Are Creating A Police State...With Your Money

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Dinesh D’Souza talks about his new film, “Police State.”

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Friends, Dinesh D’Souza is out there again with a another documentary and we’re going to talk to Dinesh D’Souza here in mere moments, but the documentary is surrounding the abuses of big government and basically turning our government, a government we fund with our taxpayer dollars against We the People. 

It ought not be happening, but it is happening. And there are plenty examples of this in a recent example that I can cite for you that happened just over this last weekend. How many of you know the name jamol Bowman, Jamaal Bowman is a fat, disgusting socialist, Marxist, a former teacher, a former school principal, we’re told least according to the write up and I saw and this guy claims die. 

I have no idea how a fire alarm works. I don’t know, socialist representative Jamaal Bowman, a Democrat, socialist from New York, pulled the fire alarm and a House Office Building Saturday, as Democrats tried to delay a bipartisan vote on a Republican stop gap, continuing resolution spending bill over spending bill so what Jamaal Bowman did by pulling the by the way, folks, it is beyond dispute. They have him on video they have we see the still photo of him pulling down the fire alarm. 

So Jamaal Bowman, in violation of the law pulled down the fire alarm to disrupt an official proceeding of the United States Congress. If that sounds familiar, it should. There are those rotting away in prison right now without their due process rights for violating 1512 C, that is a code which details and obstruction of an official proceeding of the Congress. Jamaal Bowman is guilty of doing that. And this socialist Marxist not because he’s socialist, not because he’s fat, not because he’s a Marxist, not because he hates the country. That’s not the reason why he deserves to be thrown in jail and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

As a conservative I can tell you that this man deserved that deserves that treatment because he broke the law. He deserves to be treated just like those in the January 6 detention right now. He needs to be thrown in a dark hole just like it’s been done to the January six defendants he deserves that type of treatment. Why? 

Because as Americans Real Americans believe in equal justice under the law. What’s been typical, but still, nevertheless, jaw dropping the watch is all the left wingers now coming out and saying oh, he deserves due process. Oh, he deserves this. He deserves that. All this stuff. These left wing nut bags, were so willing to deny the January 6 protesters, many of them just protesters, not even rioters just walking into the Capitol. 

So this is this is going to be a test of just how far America has fallen under left wing Democrat socialists. Marjorie Taylor Greene out there demanding the Jamaal Bowman, a Socialist Democrat from New York who pulled the fire alarm to delay an official proceeding that he get the January 6 treatment. 

“Oh, I’m gonna talk about Jamaal Bowman pulling the fire alarm. Capitol Police So you’re questioning him right now, because it’s on video that he this is the exact he violated the exact same law that January 6 defendants are being prosecuted for every single day. He violated the exact same law interrupting an official proceeding. And it’s by pulling a fire alarm. It’s on video and the Capitol Police have have the information. They have it on video. Have you seen the video? I haven’t seen the video yet. But I’m going to be demanding and I’m demanding that the Department of Justice prosecute him the same way they prosecuted January sixth defendants.” 

Yeah. Listen to the basket of bias press reports. Did you see the video because we didn’t bother because every single time a socialist does something wrong. We don’t care. We didn’t go look for the video because we don’t want to make life tough on Democrats. If Democrats do or say anything of Democrats fart, we don’t want to know about it. If Democrats pass laws that harm the American people if they violate laws that harm the American people. We don’t want to know about it. We’re your press. We only care about subjugating you. 

We only care about enslaving you. Did you see the video? Did you see the video? Because we didn’t because we don’t care. We’re we are enabling the secret police we are enabling the deep state in the basket of bias press. Speaking of that police state. We’ll talk about that with Dinesh D’Souza up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Dinesh D’Souza, Best Selling Author and filmmaker of blockbuster documentaries like 2000 mules, which shocked America awake to the shady activities of leftist in the last presidential election. He’s got a new documentary out called police state and the trailer is phenomenal. Dinesh, welcome back. 

Hey, what a pleasure. Thanks for having me. 

It is it is something that we have have been as conservatives, because we are typically law enforcement Law and Order kind of guys. It is something we have been distressed to see devolve. The trailer is bone chilling. How did you put it together? 

Well, all films really begin with a big idea. And the big idea here is that when we think of police states around the world, we think of things like wow, they, you know, they have mass surveillance, they have censorship they have targeting of political opponents, they have political prisoners, they have ideological indoctrination in the media, as well as in the education system. And so it sort of hit me that all of these things that really define an unfree society are now present and spreading in the United States. Which raises the question, are we becoming a police state? So that was the first kind of insight that drove the movie? And then I said to myself, How do I get into this? How do I show it? Well, there are really two ways. One is to bring in a lot of people who are insiders who are sort of who have worked the police tape people who are whistleblowers, or people who have been on the inside not just of the FBI, but of the digital platforms of the Department of Homeland Security. You see you’ll, you’ll see a lot of those guys in the movie. And then ordinary citizens who have found themselves at the receiving end of the police data. And that’s important because they’re gonna be people who say, Well, you know, I’m not Trump, and I didn’t go into capitol in January 6, so I pay my taxes, you know, the FBI has never come gonna come bashing down my door. And the theme of this film is to convince that guy that he could not be more wrong. 

That’s true. It’s true. And I want to explore that. Did you get into the history of police states, because I remember distinctly Ronald Reagan, talking about the mindless police state of the Soviet Union. I, I hear individuals today talking about, of course, what happens over in communist China as their government locks their people into burning buildings. So they can combat the China virus, and then they just, you know, there’s just people die the way these totalitarian governments treat people and the secret police, that they institute to keep their own people under heel. Did you get into any of the history of that? 

Absolutely. I mean, the movie actually begins with the the kind of traditional images of police states. And that’s what we think of as a police state. Now, we’re not there yet. But the question I raises, are we moving in that direction? You know, if you think back to the 80s, and 90s, a lot of people thought, hey, listen, we need to have a lot of trade with China, because through this kind of constructive engagement, China will become more like us, but But isn’t it a fact that here 20 years later, we have become more like them? 

Wow. Well, it is true. It is very true. And if I could go back in time, and caution, Ronald Reagan, this engagement policy that he was conned into into doing with Communist China and those before him, I would have said turn around. Dinesh D’Souza is our guest right now, folks, the upcoming documentary is called police state. I’m gonna give you information on that here in a minute. But I want to cuz I think you you you segmented rather brilliantly Dinesh, where we’re where we are now and where we’re headed. And I want to, to use some headlines to illustrate that. The CIA just held a clandestine meeting with his Eminence Dr. Fauci, the CIA is investigating allegedly the origins of the China virus. But here’s the CIA allegedly allegedly conducting this investigation. And they brought in Dr. Fauci through the backdoor. They didn’t sign him in. They didn’t publicize it, they did it all on the down low, hoping they wouldn’t be discovered. This is an element or the foundations of a secret police. No? 

Yes. I would look at it this way. We don’t have a full fledged belief state. And that’s why we still have to maintain the facade of procedure. And that’s why for example, we keep hearing the Biden regime always talking about rule of law. Yes, we’re going after our main political opponent, but no one’s above the law, Dinesh, we have to do this. We’re obligated to or, you know, we have to do censorship because we we’ve got to protect the American public from misinformation and disinformation. Or they say, yeah, the reason that we do all these things with elections, you know, mail in ballots, and so on, we have to protect democracy. Now, when you have a full fledged police state, sort of Stalin, and you don’t have to give any explanation. You don’t need to tell someone, I’m arresting you because you just do it. Right. So at that point, that you don’t need Fauci to go into the CIA and try to convince them, but we’re in a kind of developing police state, which still needs to sort of convince the American people that these things are good, and they need to go along with this belief state needs the constituency to drive it forward. And so you have all kinds of deception being practiced, that’s aimed at conning the American people, that tyranny is actually a good thing. 

Right? And then let let’s bring up some cases where the facade has fallen where, whether you call them the deep state permanent Washington, the police state, where they have allowed the American people to see their agenda. This gentleman by the name of Hulk in Pennsylvania, here’s a Catholic father, who sin was defending his 12 year old son from a crazed pro abortionist, and then he found himself rated by Joe Biden’s terrorist regime in this country with guns fully drawn tack gear, SWAT gear, his family of seven, as they were eating breakfast, here they come guns drawn busting into his home. You can see how they’ve treated anybody associated with President Trump, how they have made a big show showing up in the middle of airports showing up at their homes in the dark of night, putting them all in chains. This level of brutality is the police state unmasked. Isn’t it? 

Absolutely. And you know, I’ll tell you a little secret, which is that we have Mark Hulk in the movie. Mark Howard had some of the FBI body cam footage of that raid. So we’ve got that in the movie. And he gave us a kind of blow by blow description of what happened. And so we recreated that opening scene to open the movie, because we want that’s the beauty of a film is that it’s not just, you know, us talking about what happens. We can sort of take you there we can we can show you what the police state feels like. So you’re not only intellectually comprehended, but you can emotionally kind of experience it. And and that’s why I’m excited about this film. I mean, it’s like no other film I’ve done before. And we’ve rented out, we’ve bought out hundreds of theaters across the country, and are showing the film on just two days, October 23. And October 25. Yeah. Tickets are on our website, at least state 

Yeah, before I before I get to the nuts and bolts because I want to cover that extensively. So folks, Can folks grab your pen and paper and or your digital device? So you can take down the information? Because after this next question, Dinesh and I are going to go over all the information so you folks can see this film. Dinesh, I want you to I want to circle back to something that you had said, because it focuses right there on the the house incident. There are folks listening on the the gettering rumble chats to us right now there are folks listening on the on AM 700k SCV, there are folks listening on the Salcedo storm podcast when this has turned into a podcast. That will be saying, Oh, come on, it’ll never happen to me. I want you to deliver a succinct message or a or a comprehensive message to those individuals who say it’ll never happen in the United States. 

Well, all I would say to that guy is you tell me about your life for five minutes. And let me play the FBI for a moment. And I will tell you what laws you have broken, and what my excuse is to raid your house and to grab you and throw you into the slammer. So you might think, Well, I haven’t done anything. Now. You don’t have to do anything. The point is that if they if they want you, this is how they get you give a concrete example that’s not in the film. But it’s true. That the fellow I know who is a Hollywood director, in fact, he was involved with the Die Hard movies. And he was the friend of this mafia guy. They had gone to school together, and they were apparently buddies and the FBI was actually going after the mafia guy. But this guy refused to talk to them. He’s like, listen, that guy’s my friend. I got nothing to do with any of this. So I’m not going to talk to you. So what did they do is they call him up on a Sunday night. And they started asking him minut questions about when he met this guy, how they became friends where they went to dinner, and so on. And so this guy in a kind of weak moment talks to these guys. And they record him and then they arrest him. And he goes, What are you arresting me for? And they go lying to a federal official? And what do they do? They comb through the interview, and over a long period of time they find a contradiction. You said you met him on Friday. But in fact, then later you said you met him on Wednesday. So both can be true. So there you go. There’s a statute in the federal regulations lying to a federal official is a federal crime. And so this guy who has nothing to do with anything, because they got mad at him, because he wouldn’t, you know, cooperate with them. They decided, let’s go get him. And this guy believes served two years. So what I’m getting at is it is very easy in the giant Accordion Book of federal statutes to find something if they want to get you it’s very easy to do it. 

And folks, by the way, Merrick Garland lied to federal officials, he lied to Congress, he’s still walking around a free man because Merrick Garland is the Attorney General of the United States and he is a he is an approved federal liar. Just like a lot of individuals are approved federal liars and so they won’t get the treatment that you get if you continue to give these people your money and your and your trust blindly. Now, Dinesh D’Souza, the name of the the documentary that’s coming out in October is police state, as you mentioned already, October 23 and October 25. That’s when they’re going to be screened. Now for you folks in Houston. Cinemark Memorial City is going to have an AMC Gulf point 30 AMC Willowbrook AMC deerbrook kt Cinemark, AMC first colony, The Woodlands Cinemark 17. Webster Cinemark 18 and Cinemark Rosenberg 12. Now Dinesh for those outside of Houston where can Where’s a central place they can go to figure out where the film police state will be shown. Well because we bought out these theaters you don’t buy tickets the normal way Fandango? Don’t go to the theater just go to the website police state Police State Film dotnet the cool thing is you You put in your zip code and boom and all the theaters around you pop up when 2000 meals came out a year ago we did the same thing and then at the last minute people like oh my gosh my theater sold out and stuff so I think it’s really fun to plan early plan to go with extended family or go with friends or your church or go with your conservative group is this is a movie made for the theater so it’s a unique experience in the theater and it’s really fun to see it with like minded people. 

Right and when you when you say like minded people those who don’t believe in mindless bureaucracies and mindless police states, those who oppose those Soviet style, those dictatorial style type which excludes apparently Democrats that so So again, what is the what is the central website so folks can go. 

It’s police state And yeah, you know, when you’re talking about the potential audience for the film, there are people on the left who go well, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Dinesh. I’ve never been censored. I’ve never been thrown off digital media. I’m not worried about the FBI. And my answer is well yeah, that’s because you’re helping to build the police state. Yeah, exactly. And you know what, just talk to the United Auto Workers Union Dinesh who are who know what blind allegiance to Democrats now mean? That means their whole industry is going to be wiped out because of this electric vehicle nonsense. And yes, there is a price when you devote your life to Democrats. Dinesh D’Souza, appreciate always sir, the good work you do. Let’s get you back on before the debut. Okay. 

I look forward to it. 

That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Do yourself and me a big favor, visit a couple of websites for me, will you please first one, Texas That’s Texas That’s where you’ll find all the latest and greatest happenings in the great state of Texas, including holding those who call themselves Republicans who deliver for Democrats, we call them pro Democrat Republicans holding them accountable for the passion impeachment and their failures in the legislature to do the will of the people of Texas. Also check out Chris That’s where you find us on all the social media hookups, and on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas and every afternoon on Newsmax TV. Till we visit again, my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there, my friends. 

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