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Wesley Virdell is running for the State Representative race for Texas’s HD 53. Wes is an Air Force veteran that worked in Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and currently serves as the Texas state director for Gun Owners of America.

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There wasn’t much that was cool about the Paxton impeachment. One side effect though I think it’s kind of like the China virus. You know that the China virus when it came in, it was devastating. It ruined our economy and became a bludgeon for the left to politicize science politicized medicines, strip our rights, strip, our our medical freedom, and impose tyranny. 

But there were silver linings as there are in in all bad things. We were able to get into the classroom, parents were able to peer into the classroom and see all the left wing nuttiness that was going on inside of Gov Ed, that the Texas State House has sought to impose and not even regulate in the state of Texas on unsuspecting parents, and innocent children. And that’s right, the the Texas State House under so called Republicans have been working to keep your kids inundated in porn and filth, in the LGBTQ ABCDEFG cultural Marxist tradition, and of course, critical race theory, even though they outlawed critical race theory, they put no penalties and for school districts when they violated that law. 

So to was it with the ken Paxton impeachment, the impeachment was much like the China virus, because we got a window into what kind of people we’re dealing with as conservatives, as real Republicans in the Texas State House, the leadership, those who are compromised, those who don’t know their rear ends from a hole in the ground. Those who pushed unfair practices, like for example, just getting some Tom, Dick, or Harry in, don’t put them under oath and let them say whatever the hell they want to say, and try to generate as much smoke when you know there is no fire it what do I mean by that? 

Well, folks, this is the way it all went down. Andrew Murr and Dade Phelan and their cabal inside of the Texas House, we’re still trying to get all the names associated with this. But they put together this secret investigation that nobody knew about with Obama lawyers and left wing DOJ lawyers. And they didn’t put anybody under oath. They gathered all of this so called evidence which turned out to be double and triple hearsay. And then they they all knew it the the house managers, the House leadership, they knew they had a big nothing burger. 

All that they had was a bunch of malcontents, all they had as a bunch of disgruntled employees who hated Ken Paxton, and they were willing to say anything so long as they were never under oath. I mean, it’s quite easy to say stuff about people and say that you have proof that they are what they are when you don’t have to be under oath and held criminally liable. For example, it’s it is okay for Andy Murr and Dade Phelan and all the Democrats to hate Ken Paxton in the Texas scorecards, Dirty Dozen to hate Ken Paxton. 

It’s okay. And they can get out there and you know, Charlie Garin can say he thinks that that AG Paxton is the worst sob he’s ever run across. You know, that’s, that’s Charlie gerunds opinion. We’ve all got opinions about Charlie Garin to write just people’s opinions. You don’t base and impeachment. invalidating. 4.2 million votes based on your opinion But that’s exactly what the Texas House leadership did. 

And they knew all they had was a bunch of basically left wing talk show hosts spewing their opinion about Ken Paxton, they knew they had no legal basis for what they were doing. So they made sure they deliberately made sure that they didn’t put anybody under oath, because they knew everybody was willing to lie their butts off about Ken Paxton and give their their opinions about what happened and embellish their stories. 

But the house degenerates, they also knew that nobody was going to be willing to perjure themselves under oath, to say those things, that they had proof that any of this was true or real or factual. They knew it. So they did it on purpose. They made sure none of the witnesses were put under oath. And then when they got under oath, in the Senate trial, then they all change their stories. They all started to hem and haw, and reverse course, because now they would have been guilty of perjury. And they would have been thrown in the clink if they lied under oath in the Texas Senate. 

So what about the challengers, to all of these co conspirators? All of these Republicans who are really Democrats who believe in delivering for anti American leftists and socialists in the Democrat Party, what about challenges to them about people who are actually conservative people who are actually Republican taking their place and actually representing the constituents and the various districts around the state of Texas, we will talk to one of those individuals trying to get rid of the architects one of the architects of the Ken Paxton impeachment coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

The individuals who orchestrated the the fake and false impeachment with no evidence. These individuals deserve to be held accountable and they deserve never to return to government in any form or fashion. One such man is a guy that name of Andrew Murr mustache and all. What he perpetrated the hoax that he perpetrated on the people of Texas is unforgivable. And it has earned him and his co conspirators all over the state of Texas primary challengers. Here’s one of them. Wesley Fidel, he is running for the State Representative race for Texas HD 53 House District 53. Wes is an Air Force veteran that worked in intercontinental ballistic missiles and currently serves as the Texas State Director for Gun Owners of America West Welcome back. 

Hey, thanks for having me on. Glad to be on. A

ndy Murr is one of the architects of of the architects plan Karl Rove a political hit on Attorney General Ken Paxton, how do you read the impeachment and the total acquittal the entire episode. 

So I’m glad that ended up being acquitted. We ended up watching I remember As I was actually on the House floor, just outside of it whenever they presented it, or they took the vote on it, I remember a couple of really good legislators coming out. And one of them in particular, they gave us no time to go over the evidence. I know another legislator who had asked for more time and they told him Nope, can’t do it. He asked for witnesses to be subpoenaed. And they told him no, and the fact that they presented all of this with no sworn testimony to the house, and now they’ve wasted probably five to $10 million, which is absolute insanity that they’ve done that with a taxpayer money with no evidence presented. 

Now, your opponent, Andy Murr, apparently has a legal background. And I want to go over for the folks what he conspired with his with his co conspirators to implement here, even though in Texas the past impeachments, they took months to build with full transparency. And witnesses were put under oath. Mr. Murr and his cabal of pro Democrat Republicans, they worked in the dark of night, using DOJ and Obama lawyers purposely didn’t put anybody under oath, they did that on purpose. And they gave House members only 48 hours to vote. In your mind, does Mr. Murr have any defense for his bastardization of the process here? 

I don’t think he has any defense at all, you know, and it’s very questionable that a lawyer would even attempt something like this. They they’ve gone through a lot of training, a lot of ethics training. And this does seem very unethical to me. And, you know, it’s put merge voting record front and center. And I think it’s a great thing that Texans are seeing what’s going on, because behind the scene, you know, a lot of people have been trying to show here’s what’s going on in the Texas legislature. And I mean, they literally just showed all their cards, they put it out on front. So now all Texans can see what kind of conspiracy they’ve been doing. 

Has your campaign been able to draw any connections between mer and the Obama lawyers and, and Karl Rove and the Never Trump Network? Have you been able to draw those connective tissues? You know, we saw it on the Tony Busby and the other lawyer for Ken Paxton did a great job on actually exposing that. George P. Bush on the same day that the so called whistleblowers had gone to the FBI to report that they were suspicious about their boss, the very same day, George Bush ended up going and refiling or filing to renew his law license. I think that’s really good evidence there. I’ve also had been told from sources that I can’t talk about, but that there’s been communication behind the scenes with Karl Rove and many of those people on that legal team, which is really sad that Karl Rove was brought in and given information about what was going on. But yet the Texas people, the Texas legislature were left in the dark to a secret meeting that nobody knew was happening. 

Yep. Karl Rove the bush, the Bush dynasty has been disastrous for the state of Texas. And we’re seeing the dumpster fire now. Now catching and, you know, as we’re watching one of the legacies of Bush one of the legacies of Karl Rove, one of the legacies of John Cornyn, the legacies of Andy Murr and Dade Phelan with a foreign nations flag being planted on Texas soil. It was something to behold. Wesley Fidel is our guest right now he’s running to replace Andy Murr in HD 53 House District 53. Let me ask you about Phelan because he’s, he’s getting censured all over Texas. Calls for his resignation are coming in all over Texas. How? How is Mr. Murr being regarded in his own district? 

So he’s been censured, and at least two counties now he’s been admonished in at least one county, I think there’s more censures coming. And then the rpte just took up the option to censure him. They’ve got to give him two weeks to come face, the RPT and answer for what he’s done. And then after that, they’ll take a vote on censure. And if I’m a betting man, I’m betting they’re going to censure him, you know, it’s been shown full to the public what’s going on and, and I’m, I hate that Ken Paxton, had to go through this, but I am thankful that that what’s being shown to the public is front and center now so hopefully we can put Texas back on track. We’ve watched many sessions for these legislators have come into the districts and told people what they wanted to hear. And they go back to Austin do the opposite. And then they blame it on Democrat chairs, who my opponent had voted for the back in the 87 session to allow Democrat chairs to happen. So I mean. 

Andy, Andy Murr, along with Phelan in his in his lieutenants, they’re all pro democrat, republican. So let me just let me ask you about the ethics of this man, because you’ve got a man with legal background who said, Look, we can’t put these witnesses under oath, because we’ll never get the salacious crap and innuendo Though and triple hearsay, if they’re under oath, they won’t be able to make a definitive case. And even with the scant 48 hours, we’re giving members to vote. Some people might point out that these individuals, you know, it was third party fourth party innuendo, and none of this is solid basis for an impeachment. He did that on purpose. He kept witnesses from going under oath on purpose. Doesn’t that speak? Doesn’t that speak to the lack of morality? And how unethical Andy Murr is. 

Yeah, does. We actually kind of have a history of him doing similar things like that we had been notified that he didn’t live in the district two years ago, from one of his close friends and we ended up going up the appraisal district and he was actually living outside the district. They had homesteaded the home and his wife’s name. We don’t know where he’s living at right now. But I mean, there’s a trend there of being unethical, in my opinion, not being honest to the voters of the district and not being honest to his fellow legislators. I think it’s time that we now that they’re exposed, I think it’s time that the voters go to the polls and don’t vote for those incumbents that have betrayed us and also cost taxpayers millions of dollars. And even more than that, really when you look at some of the bills that they didn’t get passed. 

Yeah, I’m with what that wasn’t they didn’t get passed. They targeted them for defeat on purpose, things that would have benefited our people. And of course, would have been a disadvantage Democrats in their pro pro enemy stance would have protected us from the Democrats. And of course Dade Phelan in his cabal and, and Andy Murr couldn’t allow that to happen. Wesley Brunel is our guest right now folks he’s running in HD 53 probably could use your help and defeating one of the architects of the architect’s vision to take out Ken Paxton with a fake impeachment. It’s essential we identify as you’ve been pointing out these pro Democrat Republicans, if you win this seat in HD 53, and the next Speaker of the Texas House wants to I don’t know what wants to basically be elected by Democrats and then peel off, peel off enough Republicans pay them off to become the next speaker. Will you hold your ground even if the speaker in that cabal threatens that none of your bills will get to the floor? Will you hold your ground and make sure that you don’t contribute to the illusion that the the speaker chosen by Democrats has the blessings of Republicans? 

Absolutely. I have two points on that. One is that when I watch these legislators will seen a lot of freshmen legislators go to the capitol and then the first thing they do is they’re afraid if they oppose the speaker who is a pro Democrat, Republican, that they’re not going to get appointed to the committee, they want their bills being killed. And in so doing, they end up becoming one of the most effective and effective legislators when they get there. And then I also look at I like to look at George Mason there were three guys that refused to sign the Constitution at the Philadelphia convention. And the reason they didn’t sign it was because it didn’t have a bill of rights in it and that those three guys willing to be in the minority forced the conversation that ended up leading to a majority vote with a Bill of Rights Can you imagine if those three guys had let fear control them? So I think even if we’re in the minority at some point we have to be willing to stand up for what we believe in and like I said those who give in because they’re afraid they end up being the most ineffective legislators there and I have no intention of being ineffective. 

Right and you know what, not that we want to become the minority but you know, frankly, I if the Democrats ever do turn the Texas House blue Dade Phelan, Andy Murr, The Dirty Dozen identified by the Texas scorecard the the sicko 24 that I’ve identified that voted against poor mental school choice, they’ll all become Democrats. They’ll all they’ll all they’ll all shed their the veneer. They have nothing in common with conservatism, nothing in common with the Republican Party planks. They deliver for Democrats, they must be outed and voted out. Because frankly, Republican voters in the state of Texas deserve far better than Andy Murr. So Wesley Pradel if folks want to help you in your efforts, to to supplant and to get rid of one of these pro Democrat Republicans, where can they go? 

They can go to Riverdale for texas.com and just Google Westford Hill Gun Owners of America and you’ll probably end up getting to one of my websites and I would love to have everyone’s support. It’s time that we take these guys out and everything is front and center now so it’s up to Texas to hold the line and get rid of these guys and put real Republicans in there guys who won’t support Democrat chairs and Democrat bills and and you know, we watched real quickly we watched a lot of Republicans refused to stand up for House Bill 20. It took 10 There was a point of order challenged by the Democrats it only needed 10 Republicans to stand up and challenge that point of order and they can only get six two. We need more guys in that stand up force. No kidding. 

Or else we’re going to see more foreign flags planted on Texas soil. Wes Brunel. Thank you very much, man. Keep us posted on the campaign. 

Okay. We’ll do Thanks, Chris. 

That’s it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Visit the Texas scorecard folks go there for the fallout from the ken Paxton impeachment as millions of angry Texas Republican voters start holding people accountable for what they’ve done. And service to socialist Democrats. Also go to Chris saucedo.com That’s where you find me. The Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and on Newsmax TV and by the way, folks while you’re there at the new Chris salcedo.com Check out the social media hookups we are everywhere including back on x we took a hiatus for two and a half years when they went went full blown censorship and communist and now with Twitter slash x 2.0. We’re back until we visit again my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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