The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Salcedo Show Axiom #1

Chris is on vacation…So some principles to know: Salcedo Show Axiom #1

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We have greatest of all time support and a 90 day buy back guarantee order your goat gun at goat You know, the job was dangerous when you took it for him. I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to Hey, he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he got a score podcast. Friends, it’s a vacation week for me. So I have come up with some what we call the business evergreens. bits of information that not only inform me what I think but actually can be listened to anytime of the year, any day, and it will be relevant. Now. Through my years in broadcasting, I have started to develop an AI and I’m up to six. I’m sure I have more. But I’m up to six Salcedo show axioms. Now, some people call these life rules. Some people call these eternal truths. I call them axioms, because well, how many of you know the phrase? Well, that’s axiomatic. That means it applies all the time. And these are things that I have come up with about my political enemies, their words, not mine to describe our fight with the left. So this series that we’re doing, we’re putting together six of the Salcedo show axioms. And this is number one, this is the top Salcedo show number one axiom coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you not the government or liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show every weekday afternoon on Newsmax. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to trust that where you get your news is accurate and pro citizen? Well, Texas scorecard has you covered. We give you real news for real Texas. Go to Texas Today all right, my friends time for Saucedo show axiom number one now this is translating from the show to the podcast. As you all know that the show is very much part of the Podcast, the podcast very much part of the show. So everything’s part of me and how I see the world and my opinions on these on these matters. The first Salcedo show axiom states, it is best not to give government more power, lest it be abused. Now this was this was one of the first axioms I came up with because even back when the Saucedo show started, this was one was 2013 A decade ago, when the Saucedo show started, we noticed that there were certain overreaches in government, breaches of government authority and power that were not consistent with the US Constitution. This is also a recognition that the US Constitution was created to restrain government because the founding fathers of this country knew and understood that government’s natural tendency was to take over government’s natural tendency was to justify its existence and its sustenance. It’s money. It’s it’s taxes that it gets from you by doing more stuff. That’s how that’s how people in government think they earn their money by passing more laws and more restrictions on you. Now, it is grown more nefarious there. There are people who work for the government who are good people, but they just, you know, they just go about doing their job. And they think that this is what their job is, with little or no consideration to the founding document that they’re supposed to also be enforcing in government. And as you all have probably gleaned by now, one of the biggest influences on me was Ronald Wilson Reagan, and his first nominating convention. Ronald Reagan, basically gave me the foundation for this Salcedo show axiom. It is best not to give government more power, lest it be abused. And this is what Ronald Reagan had to say, as your nominee, I pledged to you to restore to the federal government, the capacity to do the people’s work, without dominating their lives, I pledge to you. I pledge to you a government that will not only work well, but wisely, its ability to act tempered by prudence and its willingness to do good, balanced by the knowledge that government is never more dangerous, than when our desire to have it to help us, blinds us to its great power to harm us. So Reagan often said different variations of that quote, another one that I have heard him say is, we cannot allow governments, our our desire to have government help us, blind us to its enormous power, to harm us. And that is the that is an understanding of the founding fathers and Reagan knew and understood this. Now, a lot of Americans have forgotten this. And some people who dare call themselves Americans never really believed it. In fact, dare I say, there are some inside of government in particular today, that dominate the Democrat Socialist Party that now dominate what you and I would call the deep state, or permanent Washington, who believe that a government of by and for the people is so chaotic. And the idea of freedom and liberty, democracy is so antiquated that these people have sold out to the idea that the best type of government is one that is totalitarian one that takes your choices away from you, one that governs every facet of your life. And they’ve begun to take your money to implement these types of policies and empower government to take away your rights to say no, they but they believe people’s ability to say no, is part of their biggest problem. Because if everybody would just do these leftist think what what left wingers say Oh, everything would be utopia, everything be so wonderful. Yes, so wonderful. So so devoid of freedom, and then everything all the work you could do out there isn’t to better your life, but to better some elitist, and his family’s or her family’s life. And that is often where this left wing, communist socialist collectivist view leads, you get an entire nation enslaved toward what they call the benefit of the common good. And all of those at the top of the heap. They never go hungry. They never they have their freedom. They get to travel and do all this kind of stuff. But it’s not wise for everybody to do it just us because we are special. These left wingers say and we’ve always rejected that, as Americans. So my friends, learn this axiom and know it well live it, own it, know it. It is best not to give government more power, lest it be abused. No matter how much you want government to help you. It is always not wise to give it more power. Because a government that is powerful enough to give you everything you want, is also powerful enough to take everything you have. It’s best not to give government more power, lest it be abused. That is number one, folks. The Chris Salcedo show axioms. The other five coming your way on future Salcedo stern podcast. Until we visit again, my friends remember this, a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. 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