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Folks, it’s I’m on vacation, or we’ve been featuring the Salcedo show axioms. Now these are principles that I’ve put together over the course of the Chris Saucedo show. And it’s kind of bled over to the Salcedo storm podcast. We have six definitive axioms, they’ve been developed and put into words over the last decade, since the Chris Saucedo show was started at the blaze in 2013. 

But I’ve had these notions in my gut and in rattling around in my brain for decades. So I just wanted to, to get these down because I keep on threatening to publish them. And maybe I’ll write a book about them one day, and I’ve only got six. So I think we need to at least have at least have 10 to make a compelling book. And today we’re going to be focused on the sixth, and arguably one that encompasses all the others axiom. 

And it has to do with the Constitution and government power. The founders of this country recognize that government was a necessary evil. And they looked at it very much as such, because of their experience with King George. So the founders of this country sought to make a government of by and for the people, a government that was accountable to the majority of the people, so that the people’s will would be done in government. So they meticulously constructed the Constitution. 

And the Constitution is chains on government. I can’t stress this point enough. The Constitution was created to thwart people like Barack Hussein Obama, it was created to thwart people like Beijing, Biden, it was created to thwart guys like Mitch McConnell, it was created to stop those in government from assuming power to enrich themselves and victimize our people. So the this last axiom is encompassing of that principle. Now, you guys have seen out of control government for the last decade, decade and a half since the occupation of the Oval Office of Barack Hussein Obama. 

Now we’re going on two decades now, since that shrub sent us on this path, this path of totalitarianism where the government dictates that people and not the other way around, a lot of folks have pointed to something called the Patriot Act, the Patriot Act, which was passed by George W. Bush, and many are saying now it should never have been passed. It has been perverted and distorted by left wingers to to facilitate their goals. Now, we all may have trusted George W. Bush, that he was implementing the Patriot Act to you know, protect the American people. 

But it has been abused in such a way to where now our people are being surveilled by the deep state. President Trump had his campaign spied on an American citizen, a candidate for president had his campaign spied on, they wouldn’t have been able to do that had they not garnered this power. And that informs the last salsa It’ll show axiom at least for now. Number six comes your way on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Salcedo show axiom number six, it is best not to give government more power, lest it be abused, it is best not to give government more power lest it be abused. You know, as I said, it encompasses all the other axioms. And all the other cautionary tales I say in the Saucedo show axioms. 

Particularly it talks about or informs the number two, which was if they don’t have our money, they can’t harm us. Money is power, of course. So there’s a there’s a bit of a derivative there between Saucedo axiom number two, and number six. But number six is a speaking as to why power is so antithetical to freedom. When you consolidate power into the control of a few, you have a tyranny. 

When the power belongs to everybody, then you have freedom, then everybody has liberty and freedom. Now you see examples of government abusing its power everywhere. And what I hear from a lot of conservatives, and we make this mistake a lot. You know, in particular, I mentioned the Patriot Act. But sometimes I see our side when Republicans are controlled, they want to pass all of these laws to have government constrict left wing nut jobs, to which conservatives say no, no, you can’t do that. 

That is not in government’s purview government should not be allowed to do that, because sooner or later, there’s going to be a Democrat, or a leftist or a communist in in power. And you may trust the Republican or the conservative with that authority. But you sure as hell won’t trust a leftist a socialist or a Marxist without authority. So it is best not to give government that power, lest it could be abused by the next guy who takes over and government can’t get power, unless it steals your rights. 

It’s a one to one trade off. You give up your rights to give government more power and authority to tell you what to do. So the least amount of power you give to government the more rights and liberty and freedom that you have. There is I’m not sure I’m gonna make it an axiom. It may be I may, I may make this an axiom further down the road. But I believe when you’re a lawmaker, and you are determining what to vote for, if the piece of legislation that is before you, if it doesn’t advance the liberty and freedom of every single American, then you should vote no, if it does, if the laws do not advance the liberty and freedom of everybody not picking any winners and losers like the socialist Democrats like to do, but you you make sure that anything that you vote for increases everybody’s freedom, everybody’s liberty, then it’s worth voting for. 

But if it doesn’t do that, then it’s not worth voting for. So many of the left wing passes in this country, whether it be gun restrictions. There’s there’s a prime example. You give up your rights to firearms, and that gives more power to government, because they can tell you what to do when you’re not as well armed. And yes, the way our government has been behaving lately, it has been weaponized against our people, just like the government and China’s weaponized against their people, just like the government in Russia is weaponized against their people. 

The government in Iran is weaponized against their people. Ours isn’t as in your face yet, but the more power it Garner’s then it runs the risk of being able to, to clamp down on your rights and they will get that tyrannical to where they could take your livelihood. They could take your possessions they could take your life if you get in their way. And so that is the danger of imbuing government more power, because there’s a trade off. There’s an axiom. 

I wish I could say I came up with it, but I didn’t. There’s an axiom that states, a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take everything you have. And I think that maybe the Chris Saucedo show, axiom number six is a way to maybe modernize that or drive that message home. So, the Salcedo show axiom number six, it is best not to give government more power, lest it be abused. 

There you go, folks. Learn it. Own it. Know It. Okay, my friends, that’s gonna wrap up this special series, the Evergreen series known as the Salcedo show axioms. Make sure you visit Texas Make sure you visit Chris Get the latest information from my show and Texas scorecard there. Get the latest on the Salcedo storm podcast at both places till we visit again remember this a society’s worth it isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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