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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Sleepy Joe Falls Down...Again

Chris and Sean talk about aggressive wasps, the biased media, and Americans who are fed up with illegal immigration. Chris also features a unique take on Joe Biden’s latest fall.

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You know, the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him, I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say, he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did. He had guts, he still struggles for podcasts How do you all feel with Joe Biden falling down at the Air Force Academy? For those of you don’t know, Beijing Biden was delivering remarks at the Air Force Academy graduation was shaking hands, he turns, he trips over a sandbag and collapses in a heap. I mean, it was, it was pretty awful to see now, somebody with his advanced age, the immediate concern as well that he hurt himself. But then after that, it’s like, Man, what a disgrace having him as an occupier of the Oval Office. This man trips all over himself. The man is, of course, you know about his mental acuity. But he can’t stop falling now. They made the president board. I remember this president board trip one time. And it became a definition of his entire presidency. Beijing Biden trips weekly, it seems, and the bias, precious ignores it. I folks, I gotta tell you, I know that I have had debates, after debates, after debates with this with some of my friends about the futility, they say of me, taking the press to task, but I don’t know, I just can’t. They’re on equal treatment between Democrats and Republicans, between conservatives and liberals. It stinks to high heaven. If President Trump had been falling down as much as Beijing Biden is he would be massacred skewered across all of media for weeks on end. And why our side doesn’t do that. i It’s beyond me. I’ve been making fun of Beijing Biden since he fell, and I’m going to continue to do it. Because you know what, frankly, there’s no more goodwill, Beijing Biden has used up all of the goodwill that he could have ever had with me. Because of all the damage he’s doing. You know what? And thank goodness we have, there’s a there’s a Trump and person hater out there. Do you guys know this guy? His name is Sean Faraci. I believe I’m pronouncing the name correctly. Anyway. Here he is doing his trump impersonation and basically doing a play by play of Joe Biden collapsing in a heap by the way, he had to be helped up by three or four people just to get him onto his feet again. And all the left wingers are like oh, it was the sandbag it was a sandbag on the stage. You know, it’s funny. Nobody else except for Beijing. Biden tripped over the sandbag it Nope. Nobody else but him but it’s all the sandbags fold. I guess. I guess we should just count our blessings. This was one thing Joe Biden couldn’t blame on Trump. I suppose. Graduation day United States Air Force had doubt go sleepy Joe. And the crowd goes crazy the best crowd response he’s ever gotten Believe it or not. He went down harder and faster than his build numbers and couldn’t even get back off the ground. Look at that. What a disgrace. Let’s take another look slow motion and down he goes down go sleepy Joe. And he’s on the ground now and take a look at this. He’s gonna try to get up that’s and he can’t do it. He’s back down on the ground. And then he points take a look at this. He’s got a point. What do you think took him down white supremacy. Look at that. He said there was the ghost of court. Bob took me down. What a disgrace never would have happened if I was your president never would have happened if I was your president. That’s, again, that’s a Trump impersonator. I wish Trump had said something like that. That would have been completely awesome. You know what else is completely awesome. We folks, we try to stay away from many political things. Leading the way configuring you got a big healthy dose on the Sunday shows. So the show behind the show is completely awesome. Shawn Chasteen my pal and yours joins us next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. 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Shawn Chastain joining us once again. Hey, man. Hey, how are you? I am doing quite well. Thank you hope your weekend is progressing. Well. Uh, what is on you? I’m gonna let you lead this week. What is on your plate? What have you observed? At 702. I woke up Friday morning, I walked out of my house, get in my truck to go to work and was promptly stung by a wasp. And did you swell? Dude? My hand is I mean, from shoulder to fingertips. It looks like a balloon animal. You know. I mean, it’s just so swelled up and tight. And which hand left? Oh, well, so that’s not your board. opping hand. Well, in the book, I’m a board up again. So I can’t you know, it’s a thinking man’s version of the joke. Why does the dog lick his balls? Because again, make a first. That’s why I can’t make it first. Well, that that went somewhere. I wasn’t anticipating really fast. Sure. Good grief. Okay, so Okay, so So you’re allergic to wasp stings? Yes. And bees and all that stuff. Yes. So did you know that ahead of time? Oh, yes. And I mean, I guess there’s really nothing you can do what’s called other than know it. It’s an epi pen. That’s what Yeah, I don’t know that. It’s that bad. I was driving along as it continued to swell. And I’m thinking man, should I go to a hospital because I was kind of wheezing and a little bit and but I powered through and just went to work and just sat there and swelled the whole day, man. Glad you find that funny, Chris. The way you well, if somebody just had plopped in on on the podcast and to hear you say, I just sat there and swelled all day. I mean, it just kept getting worse and worse and tighter and tighter. Okay, so some Benadryl that didn’t seem to help much checking, you know, the Tylenol and the Benadryl pills. And, man, it’s still really, really tight. And then of course, you know, for sick abuse over the internet, see? See how bad it is. And the cell phone could last that it usually goes away within 48 hours. And you’ve had it Hello? Yeah, so it’s been 48 plus whatever time it is now. Yeah, dude, seven. Yeah. So. But then the internet says it can last three to 10 days. I’m like, yes, me, I can’t do 10 days. Well, you’ve got to get it. You gotta get an epi pen. Because it’s not like the wasps are going away here in North Texas. And you know what? This happened to me. Two weeks ago, they had built in essence to my mailbox. And you know, how, actually, you and I had talked about this various various stories over the last few years. How we are we are being told there’s a more invasive, more aggressive species of Wasp migrating into the United States. And I think we’ve got I don’t doubt that, because this thing came out of nowhere fast. And it was literally I was two steps out of my house, Zach. Yeah, yeah. Well, this one got me. I was just checking the mail, checking my mailbox, and it stung my under my left eye. And on the right on the left side of my head. It hit me twice. Well, I know. They were really angry. So yeah, this aggressive species is here, I’m afraid to say and if you know you’re gonna get that kind of reaction, man. You really ought to have an epi pen. You really ought to have Yeah, I think 700 bucks now than they used to give them away. But now they’re like, Oh, the 300 400 500 I don’t know. I don’t know. I really I really honestly don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me everything else is going through the roof. So wouldn’t surprise. Well, it was the guy who, like bought the rights, the epi tennis. I don’t know. I don’t know the story, but anyway, well, there’s got to be a generic version out there somehow. So yeah, dude, I would really investigate that because like you said, you can’t go around like this, you know, every single time you get a beasting, you know, 10 days walking around swollen like that. That’s just there’s just no bueno. All right, well, I just decided to substitute my old spice with Wasp spray. Fantastic. Yeah, I’ll bet you know that that citronella smell is always really good. Yeah, no, well, yeah. And then I get one of those bugs apples too. They have them they haven’t pretty cheap at at the green greenery stores or inside of a Home Depot. And they have. I don’t know if the wasps are necessarily attracted to the ultraviolet light ones that are out there. But I think there are Wasp killers Wasp traps. So you can set? What? I don’t know, man. Well, whatever it is, it hurts and I’m tired of it. I don’t doubt it. I don’t doubt it. Well, that brings me to speaking of being tired, I am tired of woke. Now, I’m not going to bore you. With what I have discovered that this is a this is a cultural phenomenon that I that I think is firmly grounded in Cultural Marxism, which the traditional Marxism economics wasn’t enough, they didn’t they couldn’t defeat America that way. So I think they’re, they’re going the cultural route, as well as the economic route. And that leads me to what happened with Chick fil A now you and I have sung this restaurants praises for four years, Chick fil A was yummy food, great service. And you know that they had a Christian ethic that they live by. And now they went with this hiring of the dye agenda coordinator and the the CEO saying that you as a white guy have got to shine my shoes as a person of color or find the nearest black guy to shine his shoes. I mean, they’ve just gone full blown, woke, what do you think about this? And read much about it, I did see that they are, you know, some diversity officer, whatever. That is what? I just don’t understand how these companies keep doing this and not learning the lesson. I mean, Bud Light is what a month old now? Yeah, at least target target. She had a billion dollar loss, the footsie it’s up to 18. Now total $18 billion in losses for target. So I don’t I don’t understand why these companies keep looking at this stuff. But what really needs to happen is our side needs to do the same thing. What do you mean? Well, we need to make the noise because, you know, the squeakiest wheel has made the most noise and has gotten its company’s attention. With the diversity stuff, I, you know, the the Conservatives need to start taking some of the playbook from these guys and start doing some of the same stuff. You know, I think in a normal world, that would work. But let me tell you something about the mentality of, and you you’ve probably heard this term ESG environmental, social governance. Yeah, the people that we’re coming into, and you and I have personal experience with companies like this. These these CEOs are taking over these companies, and their left wing their left wing crazy people, and they don’t care about delivering for the shareholders. They don’t care about delivering a good product, they they will say we need to lose money to show how good global citizens we are, they will actually say this to their boards. So whether they I mean, the folks over at Bud Light the folks at Target, they’re like, yeah, they wear it as a badge of honor. We’re losing billions for the woke cause, and the shareholders are the ones getting hosed. So yeah, I don’t know that it really matters to them. Well, then we need to, like I said, start doing what they do and take these board spots back and just start saying no, yeah. I hear you. I hear that man. I’m right there with you, too. Did you you know who Tara Reed is, you know that name right. Tara Reed? Yeah, she’s the she’s the the gal that was in Joe Biden’s Senate office. accused him credibly many say of of rape. She’s defecting to Mother Russia. Because she says she fears for safety as as she says left wingers are targeting her. I’m like, wait a minute. You want to go to Mother you want to go to Mother Russia to get away from left wingers. It’s that bad in the US. What’s your take on this? So, I mean, again, I’ve been, I don’t know, I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention lately to a lot of stuff. But so we have another connection to Russia. And Joe Biden. Was she a spy? Was she? I mean, how is she going to Russia? Yeah. Well, I mean, you know, the Russians over there are using her as a good bit of propaganda. They are Yeah, she would imagine. Yes. Oh, yeah. It’s not safe in America. Look at where their vaunted, you know, American ideals got them. And yeah, I mean, she was she a Russian citizen? No, no, she’s just affecting she’s just she says she doesn’t feel safe here with the left wingers, you know, all the death threats, because she’s credibly accusing a Joe Biden of of rape, so she doesn’t feel safe. Well, so why wouldn’t he go to Canada or Mexico? Or I? Or? I don’t, I don’t get to do that. I mean, that seems to me, like, maybe she got called home. You know, I mean, I know I watch a lot of spy movies and read a ton of spy novels. But that kind of sounds like she got called home. You know, she was one of these deep plants that well, that’s in here forever. That’s deep, man. I mean, that’s deep undercover that she’s been here this long. Other incidences, now we are ground zero of for illegal immigration in the state of Texas, as you know. But thanks to the efforts of Greg Abbott and others, the these blue cities are starting to these sanctuary cities are starting to feel the joys of illegal immigration. They spent check this out man $151 million in the city of Chicago to welcome and accommodate illegal aliens. They did they took they put it to a vote, and that the residents there are pissed. They are angry. I can imagine he that’s $151 million that fix a pothole project a school something like that. Yeah. And now they’re saying, Give us reparations? Yeah, right. Some of those folks in the black community, you know, when, when Governor Abbott first started busing these migrants all over the country. I said on the show that it was a dumb stunt that just could have cost the Texas way too much money in, you know, fuel alone, and that it’s not going to do any good. This is just a start. But thank you for getting work. I mean, it is still a start. But at least immigration is in not even immigrate illegal immigration. Illegal aliens are front of mind, you know, struggling to get that way all over the country and how the how the Biden administration just says, Yeah, we don’t care. I just don’t understand. Yep, screw you, they say and you know what, and I think that those in the black community are starting to get it. You know, just like the the friends, our friends in the gay community who are being they’re the ones going this this transvestite push thing is, the gay community is like, this is BS. This is absolute BS, right? And they’re so everybody’s being chewed up and spit out because they’re not the flavor of the month with the Democrats now, and folks are starting to awaken to all this. But I think you’re right. I don’t know how. And again, I gotta stress this because what Abbott and what DeSantis and others are doing in broad daylight. Beijing Biden, Sean has been doing under the cover of darkness for months. They’ve been doing it surreptitiously. For months. So now these communities are starting to awaken they do they’ve got people sleeping illegal aliens sleeping inside of police stations in the city of Chicago. I mean just strewn out all over the floor and police stations and and the people are going you gotta be kidding me. How is this it all good for the United States. All this all that stuff in Chicago and the crime has got to be going to be going got to rephrase that the crime has got to be going up with the influx of these aliens. Sure it is out there here. Just for good glide for a better life a better life, right? Yeah, well, no, it was bad. Already. 53 people were shot over Memorial Day weekend in Chicago and 11 died. The the only or the store thing that I saw that made the most headlines, were the three Bandidos that got in a shootout at a biker rally and got killed. Yeah. And so love with people in Chicago. And it’s not even a news story. I know. I know. Because it because it doesn’t fit the narrative that says that’s what you call narrative over news. And I’m glad. I’m glad you brought that up. Because the Associated Press. And you, you and I have had debates about how you know, how important talking about the press is and their lack of coverage. And I think the reason why Joe Biden can get away with all the stuff that you mentioned about the illegal immigration is the press refuses to cover it, they just refuse. So. So here’s the Associated Press, and this is biz PAC reviews right up on it. So I’m just going to read the headline, bonkers new AP style guide instructs journalists to respect preferred pronouns, and avoid terms like biological sex. So you can’t say the terms biological sex, and you have to respect people’s preferred pronouns. And they call that journalism. What do you call it? Just bullshit, man. I mean, it’s the my my only thing was, you love to pitch about the media. Yep. And my only thing is that you’re preaching to the choir, it doesn’t matter how much you bench it doesn’t matter how much you call them out. It just doesn’t matter because they don’t care. And there’s no ethic anymore. The only way to stop that is to not consume the media is a tune them out, and you got to tune them out. So their ratings are down to zero, their advertising dollars are down to zero. That’s the only way it’s gonna change so that I mean you love bitching about it, but it’s the dumbest bid you can ever make because it’s not gonna matter until they lose all that money. Well, okay, let me let me give you an analogy because this is what I’ve never used on you before and maybe I’ll make a dent what Prada in Mother Russia when when propped up was was basically state run news prop that was was considered by Americans to be bad it because it kept the Russian people misinformed. That’s exactly what the the left wing press in this country does. They’re they’re not. I’m not arguing with you about any of that. Chris, I’m not saying okay, we’re, we’re captured that I’m just saying that. The only way to kill that is to make them change by not consuming it. Right. That’s the only thing you can do. And the way you can do that is you call out and you show these examples of them being back on Oh, crazy, right? I mean, that’s how you do it. So Sophos golf, I’m not gonna watch and by the way, the Associated Press doesn’t have a quote unquote, network, they don’t have a show, they don’t have ratings. They just write in feed all of these people use a piece so that’s, that’s another that’s a different level. The Associated Press is anything but the press these days. And but but, you know, newsrooms that you and I know just rip and read this crap as if it were legitimate news, but it’s not. It’s it’s actually propaganda. And that’s what we got to call it out as as propaganda. I mean, I don’t know what you do about the AP but, but what the APS product, the final product wherever you end up. That’s what you got to just, you can’t buy that newspaper. You can’t watch that television show. You didn’t watch that cable network, whatever. Yeah, no, I agree with you, man. Last thing I wanted to get to, too is, you know, you’re a Christian. And I’m a Catholic. So I think I think this is going to white. Okay, let me stop you right there. Yeah. Why wouldn’t you call yourself a Christian? Well, you know what, I’m going to I’m going to I am a Christian. But again, I don’t know what denomination if any, that you belong to. So that was kind of I was what I don’t know which faith discipline you subscribe to. I mean, because I mean, I know that’s what people go after. Catholics. You’re already especially some of these crazy militia types. That Catholics aren’t Christian. So you know, we got to Yeah, that wasn’t what I was trying to say. No, that’s not what I was trying to say. I was just like I said, I was just trying to, to basically show I know I have been very upfront about my faith discipline, which is Catholicism, which is yes, Christianity, but I know you are a Christ believer. I just don’t know what denomination or what faith discipline you follow. I do not have Well, okay, but I do know you believe in Jesus Christ, right you’ve we’ve established. Okay. Well, and really that that was a side tangent folks. But I mean, I take your point, Sean, that Catholics are Christians. And by the way, there’s a with what’s happening out there with the LA Dodgers with the Sisters of perpetual nonsense or whatever they call themselves. The attack. They’re in the culture and the attacks on Catholics by this regime in Washington is very serious. So when a story like this comes up from a cardinal in Newark, this Cardinal is saying, to all Catholics, he wants Catholics to voluntarily give up their right to own and defend themselves with firearms. He says that, if you give up your right to firearms, that’s going to be a step toward, you know, solving the gun culture in the United States, as if it were somehow Catholics and our right of defending ourselves, are God given right, I might say, that is somehow the genesis of all the violence. What do you say? Well, obviously, he’s he’s a left leaning political animal that, you know, haven’t store a rope. Had you heard this story before I talk to you about it. You know, you so you didn’t know this guy from Adam. His name is Cardinal Tobin, by the way. And Cardinal Tobin, Joseph Tobin, as, as the article in Breitbart notes has a history of bashing Republicans. And and you knew that intuitively, because this guy comes out and says, this, it’s kind of whacked out what he’s suggesting, isn’t it? Yeah, of course, it’s whacked out and I don’t see how owning a gun has anything to do with your face. So for him to even comment on that either way. If you if you come out and said the other way, hey, you know, it’s it’s your religious duty to own it? Well, I would just say, Hey, how about you know, preaching me some Ecclesiastes? Shut the hell up about exact, quote, unrestrained gun ownership as a serious threat to the weak in our communities. To which I would say to the good Cardinal, no, the criminal element is a threat to our communities. And that is, since your left wing pals Cardinal have abandoned law and order and what why don’t you actually call for law enforcement in the Biden regime to enforce law and order that might be good, protecting the weak is what we’re supposed to do in this facility. Shawn, anything else? Do we miss anything else? From your point of view, other than you’re gonna go out and get that spray foam for wasps? Yeah, that’s awesome. So just kidding. wrap my hand around the can to pull the trigger, Lord. Well, Judy, it’s sucks. I’m just over it. Two words. Epi pen. You got to get it. Right. All right. All right, pal. Thanks for the visit. All right, let me see. And we are off and running a new week on the Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor, my friends visit the websites I traditionally tell you to visit Texas That’s number one. Texas They just did a a great piece on some of the the fallout from the border crisis dish up by the Democrats. It’s the sex slave trade that is now just growing in the United States and Texas, sadly, is the epicenter. Also check out Chris You can check out our social media hookups or to track down the radio Chris Salcedo show in a TV Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax on TNT Radio dot live and KSC be the voice of Texas until we visit again my friends remember this a societies worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends

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