The Luke Macias Show
The Luke Macias Show
So.... I Wrote a Song
If you’re wondering just how frustrated I am with the liberal alliance between Republicans and Democrats in the Texas House of Representatives, then you’ll have to listen to the song I wrote.
Maybe the fact that I wrote a song is evidence of how bad it has gotten.
Watching Republicans like Briscoe Cain act like they are conservative and file bills just so Dade Phelan can kill them is beyond disappointing. Then he goes around and tells the grassroots that a vote to impeach Ken Paxton is not a vote to convict but a vote to send it to trial, just to turn around and join the prosecution team.
Did conservatives get some good things out of this session? Absolutely. We fought like heck to get them. But dozens of conservative bills were killed at the hands of Republican leaders who give Democrats the power to kill many conservative policies.

So. I wrote a song.


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