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So...They Lied To Us!

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Dr. Robert Malone is an internationally recognized scientist in virology and immunology. He’s a bioethicist, an author, and the co-creator of the mRNA technology used in some of the controversial China-virus vaccines.

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It’s cliche, it shouldn’t be but it’s cliche. How many times have you heard the slogan? I want my country back? Yeah, I think taking your country back starts with getting rid of the current government you have the my my favorite quotes of all time from Samuel Clemens. Mark Twain says loyalty to country always loyalty to government when it deserves it. 

And frankly, your government hasn’t been very loyal to you lately hasn’t been very loyal to me lately. And because of that, I believe there needs to be a wholesale remaking of our government structure courtesy of our people. It’s not working for our people anymore. They’re too powerful. They have too much unchecked power they have Allah allowed our government to grow beyond the consent of the governed. And it’s just it’s not fair to our people. 

It’s not right, that we’re forced to finance these people. And their priorities are all screwed up. I’m sorry, they just are. They don’t put us first they put their concerns their profits, their own families first over their duty to our country, and that I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush. But I am comfortable in saying a majority of our government now is no longer in it for our people. Tucker Carlson and, and Glenn Beck, my old boss, Glenn Beck sat down for an interview. 

Tucker Carlson kind of echoed, hey, we want our country back but did so in a way that was that was rather unique. He he didn’t go back, you know, to the Constitutional Convention days. When we were ratifying the constitution. Our and our nascent country was just getting started. No, he, he went back to an era where most of us who are alive today can remember, have a listen to this exchange, where the sticking point is in America right now is there’s a lot of people on the right and the left that are both saying, screw the Constitution, we need a radicalized leader. When you know when you look at Orban I think Orban is great for his country. That’s not our system. 

I think, you know, the Moscow might be great love to visit. That’s not our system. So I think and I believe you are you’ve already said this, but I want to make sure it’s very clear on the record. The only path forward for America is through the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. No. Okay. I say before Glenn goes on. And before we hear Tucker’s answer, I think he’s absolutely right. It’s it’s our mutual compact. It is what we Americans say we will live by, it’s our promise to each other. It’s our deal with our own government. 

Our deal with John Cornyn, our deal with Ted Cruz, our deal with our members of Congress, and those in Washington, you will obey and you will live here and you will be restricted by that constitution. But so many of these people who are in political positions of power are now trying to undo all of that, oh, no, I don’t want to be confined by the Constitution because I can’t do what I want. Well, screw you. You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred. So I think it’s where Glenn’s going. 

The only way forward, if you are to be an American is the Declaration of Independence which informed the creation of the Constitution and the inclusion of the Bill of Rights and I I’m kind of with Glenn. That is, if you’re an American, that’s the only way forward, correct, of course. And by the way, I should just be very, very clear. If I was, I’m like the one person on the planet, you don’t need to guess about my motives, I’ll just say them. And if I was advocating for a different form of government and from for authoritarianism, for strongman, I would just say, so I would have no shame in saying that, because I really believe that it’s within my rights to say what I think if I, I’ve been called a racist, if I was racist, I’ve just say it, I’ll just say it, but I’m not. 

And I’m not advocating for that. I’m advocating to return to America of say, 9093. How radical is that really radical? No, I don’t think it’s very radical. In fact, I think we should be demanding it. And if there’s one thing that I will fault Americans for its low expectations, you should not put up with this. You should not allow them the governor of Texas should not allow millions of people to cross his border. And I don’t want to hear, you know, the excuses. And I don’t want to hear the excuses for why it’s okay to have 10s of 1000s of people dying on the street or sleeping on the sidewalk in tents handed to them by the Episcopal Church. 

Yeah, you know, this, this idea of going back to 19, not even 1980, not even 1984 1993. Clinton was in office, right? Coming out of the George HW Bush broken promises, and the expansion of government under his watch, into the Clinton era, where, frankly, the Soviet Union we were we were getting the peace dividend from the fall of the Soviet Union ushered in by Ronald Reagan, and made possible by Ronald Reagan. I don’t want to credit Bush Senior Bush Senior had you know, he had one job, just don’t screw up what Reagan did. And he had a four year term and basically screwed it up. 

Why? Because George W. Bush wanted to show her that how magnanimous he was and how much he loved Democrats. So we caved to them and it cost him the election forever. Like that’s not acceptable. It’s not okay for my kids to use drugs at the breakfast table. I’m not going to have a debate about it. No, is the answer. I’m within my rights as a father to say that the US government is within its statutory rights as a government to say that we don’t need more laws. We have the laws, the they’re not being enforced on purpose. And to your point. Why? And of course, the reason is because people will lose faith in liberal democracy. Yeah, well, we’re not a democracy. We’re a representative Republic. People lose faith in a government that doesn’t stay in its lane government that is allowed. 

Again, I think Tucker’s right. allowed by we the people to stray out of that lane. Our government demanded needed the people to be vigilant. They needed us to, to guide them and tell them no, you can’t do this. We’re not gonna let you get away with this. And we got into something that Ronald Reagan called trust me government. Oh, no, no, no, you guys sit back and go run your lives. I’ll take care of government. No problem, you can trust me. But bullcrap we couldn’t trust them. And they’ve shown us we couldn’t trust them. Why? 

Because the founding fathers knew that absolute power corrupts absolutely. That’s why they set up a system that required the checks and balances, they set up a system that required our participation, because the worst temptations of any man will make them betray their own. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing right now. The temptation of power, the temptation never have to worry about putting food on the table. It’s incredibly powerful. And you need people there to keep them honest. We need to be there to keep them honest. 

Other people need to be there to keep us honest. That’s the way the system is supposed to work. Tucker says those in charge, intentionally wrecking the United States of America. And he’s right. The people who run our country are destroying it, and they’re doing it on purpose. And there’s no doubt about that in my mind, and I’ve withheld judgment for a number of years now, but with what they’ve done at the border, completely changing the population, the country letting in millions and millions of people who have no connection to the United States can’t possibly help our economy can’t possibly unify our very fractured civic culture, and whose loyalty to a knowledge of the United States is completely in question fact. 

Their identities are in question. We don’t know who they are. And they’re coming through a country in the middle of a drug war. The whole thing is not, by the way, bad management of they’re not doing the job. No, they’re destroying the United States on purpose. And so I’d begin with that. So the idea that those same people are going to somehow affect positive change in Eastern Europe a region they know nothing about and yeah, about before he goes on before he loses that that point I don’t want it to be lost the government, the government under Beijing Biden is doing this to us on purpose. 

They are flooding our country with foreign nationals who don’t know our system don’t have a devotion to our system or our ways or our Constitution. I think we need to get that through our head on 100 on my orcas, Beijing Biden his regime, the Democrat Party, some complicit Republicans are doing this to us. It’s the ultimate betrayal of their constitutional duty. The only reason why we have a government is to protect us and this government is betraying us it’s demonstrable, they don’t know anything at all. 

It’s like insane to me. And the fact that Republican leaders who really are either in many cases just don’t they just don’t know. Or they’re controlled. That is true. Or on boarded. This is just infuriating. Yeah. infuriating. It is it’s more than infuriating. It’s an I don’t know how anybody could be the stupid there, folks, this calamity of 10 to 12, possibly 15 million illegal aliens with this country. You would have to be a complete and utter moron not to know this is being done intentionally. 

You have to be a complete idiot. You Nobody, not even Joe Biden could screw up this badly. It’s being done on purpose. And guess what? It’s not only being done, the policy isn’t being done to us only that. But Republicans are voting to fund it. Republicans like John Cornyn, because they want the harm. They want us to experience this. For what dark designs I shudder to think speaking of dark designs, what about what this government did to us during the pandemic? We talk about that coming up next on the Salcedo store and podcast. 

Dr. Robert Malone folks is our guest. He’s an internationally recognized scientist in virology and Immunology. He’s a bio ethicist and author and CO creator of the mRNA technology that is used in some of these controversial China virus vaccines. Dr. Malone Welcome back. 

Hey, Chris. Thanks for having me on. 

Pleasure to have you sir. I’ve got so many things to go over and I want to start off Joe Biden. I’m going to play a soundbite from Korean Joe Luc Picard his spokesperson, Joe Biden refuses to take a cognitive test. Even though President Trump took two during his tenure, Joe Biden refuses and here’s what Kareem Jean Luc Picard said in response to that. Listen. 

“I think I think folks need to understand that the President passes again, a cognitive test everyday if you look at what a clinical cognitive test is actually what it actually does. It is a 15 minute appointment. That is that is administered by someone that most of the time people don’t actually know. And, and, and the President has a team of doctors that is with him. 24/7 and he is able to do the work Every day that is rigorous, that is more rigorous than it would be for any 15 minute clinical clinical appointment.” 

Okay. So, again, I’m not going to ask you to evaluate, because I know that’s that’s not something that you would do. But her logic there that Joe Biden takes a cognitive test every day. What do you make of that rationale? 

What I make of it is that she’s obscuring the issue. And she’s basically redirecting and displacing the question. This is classic press management, where she’s refusing to answer the question, and she’s substituting something else. This is just, you know, another Hangout strategy. And I think we all have seen the evidence that that’s been on the video from so many different meetings, the falling down stairs, the falling off the bicycle, the gentleman, and, you know, as if we needed a specific document, we have the results of the hearing, in which it was determined that he was not cognitively competent to stand trial for other crimes. So, you know, that we heard from the special prosecutor, I think that the case is quite clear. And what would you expect the press secretary to do other than to obscure the issue and redirect the press towards irrelevant information? 

Well, as I noted, President Trump went through two cognitive tests passed with flying colors. And his physician at the time, Admiral, Dr. And now Congressman Rodney Jackson stood up before the press, and took every question for hours every question they had regarding the cognitive capabilities of President Trump. And then when confronted as to why the White House doctor was not being made available to the press for a similar exchange. Here’s what Korean Jean Luc Picard said, listen. 

“We’re trying to get back to the norm that it was it used to be where doctors don’t come to the briefing room. It is not it is not the norm. It is not it has happened a couple times over the 35 years. But it’s not the norm. It’s not the norm. She says And so what I’m what I’m gathering from that is Oh, yes, it’s okay. When we need to attack a Republican but a Democrat. No, we got to get back to normal when a Democrats in office, what’s your read?”

You’re exactly right. And we’ve seen lots of examples of this double standard. We see it daily in the censorship, dialogue. The we are in a position where there are two tiers of justice, that’s clear, where the courts have largely been compromised. And this is just more information warfare. I really, to me, it’s just noise. 

I’m right there with you. And I think the majority of Americans are also recognizing there’s really no benefit to listening to the White House. There’s really no benefit. Listen to the government because they’ve set themselves on a course to doing as you call it noise rather than informing and working to the benefit of our people. Dr. Robert Malone is our guest right now here on the Chris Saucedo show and I want to play something that was congressional testimony. It was under oath, you had the CDC and the FDA being grilled by a member of Congress. Again, this is congressional testimony under oath. And I want to get your reaction, Sir, here is February 15. And Texas Congressman Michael cloud, listen. 

“This is the fact that so much of the misinformation that came out during COVID was actually fostered by the federal government in the sense that we actually had the federal government colluding with social media companies to discourage scientific opinion that went against what was the stated mandate at the time. And so to help clear the record, I’d like to ask all, a couple of things. And the mantra at the time was to stop the spread. And so we were understood that we either did not receive it or could not transmit it when it was released. Could you speak to that? Dr. Jernigan, can you receive it or can you transmit it after receiving the COVID-19? vaccines? Yeah, I think having worked at CDC for 30 years and seeing the benefits of vaccine, you know, we have to make the best recommendation you transmit it, or can you receive it after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? We need to make the best recommendations that we had that’s a yes or no question. It’s very simple. Commander Grimes Can you receive? I think we we make the best recommendations for the public is can you still get COVID After getting the COVID 19 vaccine? Yes, yes, yes. Okay, that’s correct. Does it prevent you from transmitting it? Although it may there’s there’s data that shows that earlier in the pandemic, there was some reduction in transmission, the data on that are very challenging to, to pin down, but it does not absolutely prevent transmission. It does not prevent transmission. Thank you very much.” 

Okay. So Dr. Malone, I let that all play out, because I didn’t want to leave any doubt that these government officials were under oath. And they were being asked to direct question, by the way, it took us three years to ask that direct question. This is something that you’ve been shouting at the rooftops about, about the claimed efficacy of these vaccines. What was your reaction when you heard this testimony? 

Kind of? Yeah, well, we already knew that. Remember that? The Washington Post called me a liar. Yes, directly called me a liar. For saying that these vaccines are not working. They do not prevent infection, replication or transmission. I said that on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, I was attacked by them and repeatedly filed a defamation lawsuit and lost that lawsuit, because the Washington Post was able to assert still, that I was being spreading this information and being untruthful, the data have been clear as as could be clear as glass, and Omicron came out, it’s it’s been abundantly clear that this was all more propaganda from the government that had no basis. In fact, and remember, we had Rob roots from the European Parliament questioning the Pfizer executive vice president directly on whether or not there were any data demonstrating that these would prevent transmission before they were ever licensed. And she said no, there was absolutely no data to that effect. This is a clear unequivocal case of the government spreading myth and disinformation. Or let’s put it more bluntly, lying to the public to justify their insistence that we all take these products that are neither safe nor effective. 

Well, and that’s and this is exactly the point aside from the reputational damage, that the government rightly is taking the reputational damage they tried to dish out there are real world ramifications for what has happened and a lot of people lost their careers and lost their jobs. I want to play the final soundbite for you. This is Matt Gaetz. He is questioning the Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin who went MIA inexplicably, and he was up before Congress because he was battling prostate cancer. But he didn’t tell everybody where he was. He put national security at risk. And so he was up before Congress begging for forgiveness. And then Matt gates asked him a crucial question, listen to this. 

“You didn’t tell the President that you had cancer, that you were being treated for cancer, or that the treatment for that cancer had gone wrong? Because you saw it as personal and medical? And I think a lot of us have empathy for you in that regard. But now that you see how personal medical decisions are, will you call for the RE recruitment, restoration of full rank and back pay for the 8600 service members who were Vax mandated out of the military? No, I won’t.”

No, he won’t. So he’ll beg for forgiveness for his transgressions. But he won’t extend that same grace to individuals who he destroyed their careers, because they wouldn’t take a a set of medication that at best at at the time had not been proven to be effective. What’s your reaction doctor? 

So Lloyd Austin, remember was the commanding officer who signed off on the sideboard doctrine on for the United States military that authorizes the US military deploy psychological warfare against citizens in the event of a national emergency. Lloyd Austin is all in on this. In Chris, I can’t prove this. I don’t have the smoking gun. But it’s might be that this was largely about weeding out a segment of the military that was not fully compliant with illegal orders in this has allowed them to basically cleanse the military, of folks that are identified as right wing because they didn’t want to submit to these mandates. 

Well, I know you’re writing about this on your myriad substack articles, tell the folks where they can go to read what you have been riding out there racing recently. 

Well thanks Chris. It’s RW Malone You don’t have to pay but if you do, it helps us maintain our, our living in carry on. All right also on social media at RW Malone MD on x. Gab, get her into social. 

Right on right on Doc, I always appreciate the visit and the expertise you bring to the program. Thank you, sir, that puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast, visit two websites, if you will, Texas That’s where you’ll find the aftermath of the voting the primary voting in the state of Texas, and what impact it’s going to have in the next legislative session and how our state moves forward. In Beijing Biden’s America plus go to Chris That’s where you’ll find all of our social media hookups, plus email and voicemail is available for you there. And you can see where the Chris Salcedo shows are on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that simulcast on getter and rumble and Newsmax too, and also other TV show on Newsmax one Monday through Friday, every afternoon, four o’clock until five Eastern until we visit again my friends remember, a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay vigilant, my friends. 

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