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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Sound Of Freedom

Chris and Sean talk Sound of Freedom, gas prices, the U.S. military and much more!

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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But the truth is, I really did he still struggles for podcast. Joe Biden continues to make history and not in a good way. Not only do we learn last week, that the Secret Service is the equivalent to the keystone cops. They have a very finite universe of people to test and to find out whether or not they brought cocaine into the White House. The the Secret Service also admitted to Republicans and I’m, I’ve got a couple of theories as to why. But they also admitted to Republicans that on at least two other occasions in 2022, another illegal substance was discovered in the Beijing Biden White House, that would be marijuana. So not only is Joe Biden changing the name the White House to the crack house, we now have the Secret Service, sadly, joining the ranks of the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS those committed to covering up for the illegality of Democrats. Now, let me state for the record. I do not believe that the Secret Service, is this incompetent? I just don’t. So the only thing that can be going on here is politics to protect left wingers, the same thing that happened with Chief Justice John Roberts, who claimed I just can’t find the leaker of the dobs case. No, he found them. They just happen to be left wingers and so in an effort to protect and keep the Democrat party around for some reason, Republicans think we got to have a democrat party around. Conservatives don’t But Republicans do so never to do that they cover for these Democrats. So because we don’t want to rip the country apart. When really all that would happen is the Democrat Party would be ripped apart and it deserves to be ripped apart. Secret Service found marijuana twice in the White House in 2022, long before cocaine was located in the West Wing, writes Fox News Secret Service revealed the information to members of Congress during classified briefing on the investigation into cocaine found in the west wing over the Fourth of July weekend. Now why why would the Secret Service reveal this to two members of Congress? I think the audience folks was not Republican members of Congress. I think the audience was Beijing Biden. The reason why they notified the Republicans Hey, yeah, pot was found in the White House too, but we couldn’t find out who did that either. The reason why they did this is to send a clear signal to Kamala Harris and Beijing Biden and his effed up regime. Hey, guess what, we’ve got enough dirt on you to have your shot to have you tried for treason. So you might as well resign. I think that Joe Biden was being sent a message by the deep state by permanent Washington get out. We know where we know where the bodies and the bones are buried. Get out while you still have your reputation somewhat intact, while CNN can still keep your reputation intact. Lauren bowburn was speaking on this on the location of yet more drugs in the people’s house. Listen to Lauren Bovard. And did they give you any idea of what who the suspect might be or if they’re gonna figure it out? No, there’s a list of more than 500 individuals that they looked into their backgrounds for prior drug records or use and nothing was was determined from from their analysis, and the Secret Service is very eager to close this within the next couple of days, why do you think that is? Because everything in this administration is about covering up for the Biden crime family. This is the third time that drugs have been found on the White House property since 2022. Yeah, it’s a problem. And she’s right. The entirety of Washington DC is now arrayed and making sure there is no smoking gun that is allowed to come out, to basically reveal to the country that the Deep State has facilitated us being run and being being ruled by some of the biggest moral degenerates in human history. That the reason why I guess they just don’t want to face a revolt from We the People, because folks, if it was confirmed, without beyond a shadow of a doubt, what we are what you and I already intuitively know that these people are sick, they’re sad, they’re depraved. They don’t belong, running a popsicle stand much less the most powerful nation on the planet. If it was confirmed that those in the deep state and permanent Washington had forced these people upon us and then covered for these people. There would be a complete complete meltdown in the society and a complete loss of trust in government there already is, but it would be confirmed that that loss and trust was earned. Folks, the show behind the show gets underway next on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? 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Texas most time for the show behind the show and Shawn Chastain is here. Hey, buddy, you keeping cool? Trying? Yeah, it’s a little nicer today. Yeah, I think this week, it’s been brutal, man. I just golly, it’s just awful. You buying into the whole Greta Thunberg and John Kerry and everything. Oh, it’s the hottest days ever. You know what? I saw a couple of those articles that came out. And they said, it’s the hottest Fourth of July ever. And then you’re reading the article, it says, well, it’s 1979. It’s like, oh, wait a minute ever started in 1979? Who knew? Well, and then for the longest time, they told us what temperature doesn’t have anything to do with climate. Right. Okay, well, then why are you saying it does now I don’t get it anyway. But I mean, reliable measuring of temperatures only goes back about 150 years max. And who knows how reliable that was at the time? Well, not not to mention not to mention how reliable it is today, you know that they’re and rushed it a lot when he was with us rush did a lot of great work, saying that these sensors that these agendized so called scientists put these sensors in the middle of heat islands, so that you know, the temperatures are one to two, maybe even greater degrees higher than they normally would be the actual air temperature. It’s just it’s just such hubris to think that man can do anything about it either way. I It just everybody needs to go watch the George Carlin bit. It’s about 12 minutes long and why we don’t need to protect Mother Nature. You know, you want it you’ve made mentioned a couple of times on the podcast how, how you like, you like working with your hands. Because it’s something you can do something about you like YouTube videos, the how tos, because at the end, and by the way, I had to do cure egg cleaning this weekend D scaling. And so what am I doing? I’m on YouTube, watching this guy, just a dad is his handle. I’m just a dad. And he puts out all these instructional videos, but they drive me up a wall because I mean, he just goes through every detail like, okay, here I am filling up my jug of water and I’m gonna put water in this and it’s like, Dude, can you just cut to where you were? Yeah, where you need to do anyway. But, but I get it. I understand that mentality even more so than I did before? Because I saw sound of freedom this weekend. Yeah, did your wife go with you? And we talked about it last week. No, could not. No, no. And you know what? It’s not just my wife. It’s my mother in law. It’s I had a member I’m with them all. Yeah, I couldn’t I don’t think I could watch that. I cried. Then I got angry. And then I got determined you I’ll tell you this you can’t watch that movie and not be changed one of my one of my crew members over over Newsmax said she she does a yoga class. And one of the Yoga people said Hey, what are you gonna do with your weekend? She says Well, I’m gonna go see sound of freedom. And he says to her Oh, I didn’t know you’re a Republican. And it’s like as if only only Republicans care about about stopping the sub human sex slave trade. But what a thing to say and what it is an admission you know, that’s the really bizarre part about this you know that now it’s all Q anon and hardcore right wing and mega Maga and all that stuff to watch this movie for so that doesn’t that kind of align the media and those people saying that kind of stuff with the child traffickers Yes I mean that’s a weird that’s that’s pretty weird take two are pretty weird kinship to have you know just to bash Republicans is oh yeah, I’ll get a bed with the child traffickers now because they’re anti Republican. You know, you know who Mehdi Hassan is. He’s that that idiot over at MSN BS. And, you know, I’m amazed to say that the New York Times put out a a tweet that was not left wing biased sound of freedom. Starring Jim Caviezel tells a story of child trafficking and people combating it and it was that that’s exactly what it is. None of this Q anon stuff was even present in a whole bunch of left wingers were saying that just to to keep their own people from seeing it which again, what is your motivation for that? What and then here’s Mehdi Hassan saying embarrassing once again from the content free normalizing extremism New York Times Twitter account. And I I finally called out this douchebag. I said, Did Mehdi Hassan of MSNBC just to cry? Raise raising awareness of the subhuman grotesque and growing child sex slave trade? Because that’s what this tweet looks like. Can you please clarify Mr. Osan? Are you committed as most Americans are to killing the child sex slave trade? I mean, these these idiots in an effort to lash out against Republicans are supporting China the molestation of children. It’s sick. Yeah. Yeah, I mean, then that just shows you how deep their hatred for a conservative way of thought is, and that’s why you should avoid them at all costs. Yeah. And you’re not gonna see it a No, dude, I just met you know, having grandkids to seven year olds and a three year old I, I can’t think about that kind of stuff. It took everything I had to watch the Jared documentary. Could you see that? Oh, the subway guy from Subway. Yeah, I didn’t see it. And to know that there are people like that out there. It’s just terrifying. And about this movie when you when you think about the demand that there is for for six child trafficking like that. That’s just, this is horrifying. Because I mean, that means they’re living next door to you. That means they’re, you know, in your church or in your workplace. And that’s just, man. It’s just too much to think about for me and And I know that’s probably a little ostrich like, but was having those grandbabies. I can’t think of them in that situation. And well, knowing you, I think if you saw it, and this is the God’s honest truth, because this is you and I are not dissimilar, and we hate injustice is we hate, weaker, weaker people being exploited by, by by stronger people and harmed, you would see it. And again, I don’t think anybody with a conscience which apparently excludes the folks over at MSN BS, but you would see it and I think I think you would get determined to do everything you could to support efforts to stop it. And in favor of protecting your grandbabies and future grandbabies. And my children and my future grandchildren. I think that’s the raising the awareness of how pervasive it is, and you said it, and coversyl at the end of the film, details that how America is now the world’s leading consumer of this crap of this is based on degenerates. Okay, now I’m gonna, I’m gonna run something by you. And because I know, I’m a believer in due process. So I think, I think I would, if I was in charge, if I were king for a day, I would probably put in protections to make sure that the due process of people was respected. Now, that being said, I walked through that film saying, you know, if I were president, I would commission, I would commission a special unit, to get as many people trained as possible to be squads to canvass the globe. And your number one job is to ferret out these people, document, arrest them, and if they if they put up any resistance, put a bullet in them. That’s that was just my feeling walk out of out of this film. Yeah, unfortunately, I think that would never happen. In fact, um, I don’t think the real hardcore effort to stop this would ever happen. Because the people who are rich enough and powerful enough to facilitate these kinds of things are involved in it. And so they don’t want it stopped. And I think we would be shocked. I mean, we, we were shocked when we, you know, with just the teasers of who was on Jeffrey Epstein’s, planes and islands and stuff like that, right. And if we knew the full extent, you know, our collective jaws would be on the floor. Well, you know what you said it, because that’s why that’s why, you know, a real serious effort to stop child trafficking won’t ever take place. You remember any roar back, she was the ABC anchor, who was caught on tape that actually ended up leaking out saying, when all this stuff from Epstein came down, she said she had it years before, but in an effort to protect Democrats gives a major Democrat donor, ABC spike the story, they spike the story to protect the Democrat Party, which I’m sorry, if if you are sick, if you’re one of these douchebags out there saying, Oh, I don’t think we should say the word pedophile anymore should be minor attracted persons, you’re a Democrat, you’re a member of the left with that mindset. And that’s why I think the Medion sons and CNN ‘s of the world are out there saying, well, guess we gotta protect our side. And who cares about the lives of these children? who are who are subjected to hell on earth? In their existence? Yeah, it’s just again, to align yourself with child traffickers in the name of hating conservatives. That’s just really, really bizarre to me. Now, I know how you feel that to have to pivot to another big news story. I know how you feel about anybody that was willing to put on the uniform and sacrifice themselves for this country. But I, I fear for my family members who I know are in the military, because of the man who sits in the Oval Office, and of course, after Afghanistan, and after what happened to 13 servicemembers needlessly slaughtered in that cluster, that cluster, when you got the word that Joe Biden was ordering 3000 reservists up to head to Europe. I’m when we’re all presuming to support the Ukraine effort. What was your reaction? Well, the fact that we don’t have enough active military to do that, it’s pretty frightening. We talked about this last week that you know, So many of the military age men in this country are not eligible for the service just because of drug use and obesity and mental issues, that kind of thing, right? Just flat out not eligible. And so, you know, I guess it doesn’t really shock me that we would need to have reservists brought up. I don’t know the full details. I don’t know if it’s some special detail. I don’t know if it’s the regular rotation kind of thing, you know, so I can’t really comment as to what it’s for. Well, I can tell you just, it’s just because we don’t have enough people. That’s terrifying. Well, it was a what these reservists they would not have normally normally been in, it’s a call up. So it, it wasn’t normal. It was something that they had to put on the website they didn’t have. So this is what tells me that it’s politically unpopular. They didn’t have a press conference, they didn’t explain it to anybody that is did it, put it on the website to satisfy the law, and then they moved on. So this, this screams, you know, that they know how politically fraught it is. So they’re just going to ignore it. And again, I just think that America’s parents putting their children in the decision making hands of a functional, incompetent. I can’t fit I made my own. I said, I have family members in the military, but I’ll be one the parents didn’t put their children in that. Because they weren’t children when they signed up. No, you understand what I mean? You understand what I’m talking? I do? Yeah, I mean, sure. Bye. Bye. Have active duty fill family members right now. Yeah. Yeah. And? And yeah, I would feel much more comfortable under different leadership. And that’s not only the president, I don’t know how much the President has to do with it at all. It’s it’s mainly the the chiefs of staff or Joint Chiefs of Staff and the the military brass, you know, you want I don’t have a whole lot of faith in those guys. The little that we know of them. Yeah. And I mean, you guys like he’s out now. But Mark Milley that was calling the Chinese saying I don’t worry about it, I’ll tell you before anything happens. Right. So but what I was saying about the call up to Europe, I don’t know, the status of these reservist as far as their jobs go. I don’t know what they need, you know, what they’re wanted for and so, in when I said it may be kind of a regular thing. There may be a need for guys to to get some time in, you know, to satisfy some of their requirements. So yeah, I don’t I don’t, I don’t know the details. So I’m not gonna make a huge deal out of is one process Understood, understood, but I can. What raises red flags for me. No announcement, no press conference, no explanation. No taking questions from the press. They just did it in the discipline. Well, you know, yeah, that you should be happy about that. That may. No, pull. Dude, how many times we sit here and said, Why don’t we keep why don’t they keep their mouth shut about what we’re doing militarily? Well, well, again, and I’m not talking about punishment. They didn’t have a big press conference saying, Hey, we’re shipping 3000 American soldiers over to Europe. I’m kind of grateful for that. Yeah, not me. It to me, it’s a means. To me this they understand what they’re doing is politically wrong, and is politically fraught, none of none of their side and frankly, none of our side support this effort in Ukraine. I focus on I mean, I’m hearing Sean, from from members of Congress, who were supporters originally, of this whole effort in Ukraine, and they’re saying not anymore. It’s a black hole. It’s I mean, Zelinski give me give me tanks. Okay. We gave him tanks, give me planes, we gave him planes. Now I want to be a NATO. It’s like an all I can do is bitch and complain about not being given access to everything he wants. And it’s like this, this open checkbook and unending commitment can only go so far. And I think a lot of a lot of members of Congress are starting to go whoa, whoa, wait a minute. What are we doing here? Well, the only reason they’re saying that is because they’re not the ones, the members of Congress who are heavily invested in our lives and stuff like that and getting fat as butter off of this thing, you know, is that and then those reports about munitions being low, too. Joe Biden did volge unclassified information saying that we’re low uncertain ammunition. It’s like great that that doesn’t make me feel any better about this open ended commitment. By the way, you and I went through the China virus working together. And we saw friends that we had known that had worked in our business and in our company that we were working for for 30 years leave their positions over the China virus so I’m I’m not leave their position voluntarily. Right. They were they were forced out because of company policy. Take Take the jab or lose your job. And that that was the issue and everybody knows about what’s going on with Dan bond, Gino and his his ongoing fight against this kind of stuff. Well, I’m jonesing to hear what your take is. On the new emails that came out this week, a new document I’m reading from The Daily Caller new document released by the House Select Subcommittee on the China virus reveals that Anthony Fauci knew that gain of function research was occurring in the Wuhan lab in China prior to the global spread of COVID 19. And this this, I can tell you directly contradicts his sworn testimony under oath, that he that he had no idea that his quote unquote, grantees were doing gain of function research. He said that he saw the data, and he believed them that they weren’t. And here is, here’s the stanza that is incriminating him in a FOIA email. I’m gonna do it in the Fauci voice. This suspicion was heightened by the fact that the scientists at Wuhan University are known to have been working on gain of function experiments to determine the molecular mechanisms associated with bad viruses adapting to human infection. And the outbreak originated in Wuhan. He wrote that, but we’re just now seeing it because of FOIA requests. What do you think? I am not going to think about it, because it is only that much more frustrating to know that even though he lied before Congress, even though he’s broken all kinds of laws and stuff by doing so that nothing will ever happen to him. And as apathetic because that may be, I’m just not gonna care, because the people who need to go to jail never will. And so I just can’t give a whole lot of brain space to it. I understand the sentiment, but it would be one thing, if we didn’t lose a generation of education, it would be one thing, if we didn’t if a direct assault on our First Amendment rights were not undertaken, our rights in general were undertaken using this virus as an excuse. It would be it another thing if, if we knew that our taxpayer dollars weren’t funding this stuff, but now we do know that again, that makes it that much more frustrating. You know, all that stuff happened. And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it. And there’s nobody going to pay the price for it. So I’m not going to spend an ounce of time thinking about it. Well, how well last thing because we’ve been, I guess, it’s been somewhat of a tradition. How have you been observing gas prices, as we’re heading into the middle of summer? So last Saturday, I filled up yep. And it was 298. The I think I told you last week that I came by the gas station the next day. Yep. And it was 329. And now, I think it’s 317. Which is really shocking, because I saw the sign, you know, they have the regular gas and in red on the signs and the diesel and green. And they were the same price, which, which has me scratching my head, man. I don’t get it a little bit. I’m glad for the truckers that you know, maybe the cost of the summer blend is finally even out for them. And I’m glad for them. It sure would be nice if lowered transportation costs, equated to lower costs at the grocery store or wherever we’re shopping, you know, but it doesn’t seem to have done that yet. See, I don’t I don’t think that’s what happened. I think what happened was, is that conventional gasoline has become a rarity because of policies and that is jacked up, even with the taxes on diesel that has jacked up the cost of what you and I pay to the level to the unacceptable level of what the diesel guys are paying. So not seeing any relief. We’re just seeing more burden. Well, I mean, there’s relief for the truckers because they’re not paying as much. No, no, they are. They’re still paying just as much. They’re still paying an unacceptably high level. But we have just caught up with are not paying, they’re not paying as much as they have been in the very near past. I mean to have diesel at around $3 When it was 678 dollars, you know, you want to take a lot of water costs that they’re saving. You want to take a guess? Gas Buddy lists the cheapest gas by state you want to take a guess which one has the cheapest gas keeps my state safe probably like Wyoming? Maybe Wyoming Where the hell are they Wyoming is no accident. They’re among the highest? Oh, are they? Yeah, they’re in the the top 20 It looks like Mississippi is the lowest cost in our union $2.98. This rounded up to 99 a gallon. That’s the cheapest gas in the country on average is the state of Mississippi. Want to know who’s number one? California? Close. They’re the second highest Washington State $4.90 a gallon? I know. Right? Wyoming your guests? Is the count. They are at $3.60 a gallon. And why? Oh, yeah. More expensive than Texas. How about that? Well, good for Mississippi. Yeah, Texas at $3.15. On average. That’s where we are. So they go not too far more expensive than Mississippi. I mean, you got Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, are the top least expensive. And the top most expensive states would be Washington, California and Hawaii. Can you believe Hawaii, they get their guests shipped to them over there over oceans, and they’re still not the most expensive that’s still belongs to left wing lunatic states, California and Washington. That’s just nuts. All right. Well, hey, you have a great week, and we will talk to you next time. All right, man. And that’s gonna do it for the week kickoff of the Salcedo storm podcast the show behind the show, folks, do me a favor and visit a couple of websites if you could, Texas Check out the latest in Texas news and impacts not only our state but the states beyond Texas. Also check out Chris Go there figure out how to track us down on the Chris Salcedo show on ks evey, the voice of Texas simulcast on getter and rumble and also on the Chris Salcedo show on Newsmax, four o’clock Eastern until five Monday through Friday, and you really should see sound of freedom and don’t forget to stay for a special message after the film until we visit again my friends remember this. A society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends

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