Episode 85:

That’s the first question we ask on today’s podcast. Many of you have already seen the news of the passing of Ross Kecseg. In my conversations with Ross over the last several months, I’ve witnessed what the scriptures talk about when it reveals a “peace that surpasses all understanding” and I want to share some of what Ross showed me with each of you.

When it comes to Texas politics we dive in deep on Steve Toth and Bob Hall’s latest actions in opposition to Governor Greg Abbott. Toth and Hall collectively articulate the frustration of conservatives over the inappropriate actions of the executive branch in Texas. I also wanted to take time to compare Toth and Hall’s latest critique’s with that of the last direct critique that the Freedom Caucus laid on the Governor. The Freedom Caucus took a very different approach, even implying that Abbott’s actions might be “right” and implying that every action of Abbott’s reflects “care” for Texans.

Though about half of the Freedom Caucus has directly criticized the executive branch, the message of their letter, when compared to the message of Toth and Hall, show a true disparity that grassroots conservatives should be aware of.

I hope you enjoy today’s podcast.


Phelan’s Team Is Leaving Him

Today, we look at just how radical some of the democrats are who are being empowered by Dade Phelan. Briscoe Cain has come out and not only said he believes Phelan will lose, but that it’s time to reform the Texas House and David Luther is calling the transgendering of kids a constitutional right.

Texas Implications to Biden’s Downfall

Biden is plummeting, two illegals murdered a young Texas girl and grassroots are uniting against incumbents like Giovanni Capriglione who are refusing to oppose Democrats.

Texas Rangers & The 10 Commandments

The Texas rangers are making Texans proud, in a good way. The 10 commandments are winning Louisiana and Brian Harrison is leading a strong fight to protect children and punish child abusers.

Elon Musk Against Texas Voting Machines

Texas’ wealthiest citizen is concerned about the ability of Texas voting machines to be hacked. We also have Dade Phelan cardinals trying to keep their power with the “Texas Texas Conservative Commitment” while representatives Vasut and Bumgarner reveal a pathway to unity in the GOP that runs counter to that of Dustin Burrows.