Rick Berman is a board member of the RAM Foundation, and president of RBB Strategies. RAM Charities for Vets serves as the approving support, the “Good Housekeeping” seal for veterans charities.

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You know, the job was dangerous when you took it. Fred, I have a question for me. One might even go so far as to say it’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he got this no single score podcast. Money is tight in Beijing Biden’s economy in it. It is because of Democrat socialist policies, we have less money in our bank accounts. Our money doesn’t go as far because of their massive inflation. And they’re terrible government spending, we have to be very, very prudent with how we spend our money. When I was on vacation, I left a series of of Axiom Salcedo show axioms and the newest one is if they don’t have our money, they can’t harm us now, primarily that’s geared toward government. But it also is geared toward those in the private sector, those who would take our money and then use it for you know, nefarious causes, meaning private companies that that take our money and take their profits from our money. Then they turn around and donate to causes that we don’t necessarily support. Like for example, Bud Light, Bud Light was the king of beers Bud Light was number one. Numero Uno is matter of fact, there was an article out Newsweek I gotta pull it up right here. It stated the end of May beginning of June sometime around that period. Who’s the author here looking for it? Baba Baba, not really listed. I mean, I just saw his mug there it is. John Hubway sheppy S C H W E PPE or Schweppe maybe it’s Schweppe. So anyway, this guy John Schweppe notes the following the boycotts, meaning the conservative boycotts are starting to take their toll. Since introducing its line of tuck friendly swimsuits, Target has lost billions of dollars in market cap, Bud Lights, inexplicable choice to partner with Dylan Mulvaney, the biological male, whose massive social media presence is devoted to claiming girlhood was such a disaster for the company that is now struggling to give beer away for free. So that’s what I would call an effective boycott. And I don’t normally call for boycotts. But I will say you are bat guano crazy. If you donate to a company if you buy or partake in a company that you know, is openly antithetical to your beliefs and your freedoms. And that’s exactly what target is. It’s exactly what Bud Light is doing. They are working to undermine the nuclear family which is the which is the cornerstone the foundation if you will, of Western civilization, they are in the name of woke ism in the name of left wing devotion to Democrats. The left is to socialists, they’re doing this and it’s all well and good. Go ahead and do it. You can just do it without my money. That’s the way I feel about it. Not necessarily a boycott. It’s just I’m, I’m putting my money, where I think it’s going to do me and the community and the country, the most good government wastes so much of our money, and they confiscate that money from us without our permission, and they take whatever the hell they want, or whatever the hell they think they need right now. and they don’t really consult us on this. So that that’s a bit of a problem. That’s a lot of a problem, actually. But with the money that is left in your pocket, I think you’d be insane to donate to a political cause, which, frankly, shouldn’t be a political cause. But a lot of these companies now we’re getting into politics, inexplicably, that I think you’re silly to fund your political opposition, whether it be going to a Dodgers game, you all know what the religious bigots inside the Dodgers organization did, honoring the Sisters of perpetual absurdity, which is a Catholic hate group. Now, if you’re into religious bigotry, then by all means, go to a Dodgers game, go to a major league baseball game, the Texas Rangers, the only major league baseball team not to partake in Division not to partake in this, driving a wedge between Americans and using sexuality in this case to do it. Know that the Texas Rangers said let’s just focus on baseball shall be the unifying sport of baseball, and maybe that unifying flag the American flag, let’s concentrate on that. Okay. So I think Americans have got to be discerning about where they spend their money. I think you want to do your best get a good tax person to sift through the tax code and pay the least amount of money possible to the federal government because all they do is waste it. That’s all they do. They don’t, there is no care given to the amount of money they spend, and they will you are a fool if you give them more than you’re legally required to give them now, it doesn’t just pertain to businesses or to the government, charitable giving, you have to be just as discerning with charitable giving. And I’m going to talk about that next on the Saucedo storm podcast. And now a word from my sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obamacare. If you’re paying too much for your own health insurance, call American medical plans you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you. Not the government a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo, join his fine, tune in to the Chris Saucedo show every weekday afternoon on Newsmax. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to trust that where you get your news? It’s accurate and pro citizen? Well, Texas scorecard has you covered. We give you real news for real Texans go to Texas scorecard.com. Today, my friend, some inside baseball and how media typically works that there are there are stories that interest me and I go after them. That’s one way. But we also get for what the terminology, the parlons inside of media, we also get pitched certain stories. And every once in a while I’ll get one that really, really says I got to talk about this because it’s been something that’s been sticking in the back of my head that I want to get answered that I want to get solved. And a few years ago, I as many of you know I’m I’m very frugal with my cash. I don’t like supporting organizations or movements unless I know exactly who they are. And for the longest time, I was a supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. And then in 2016, that scandal came out about how the top executives were wasting all the donations on lavish spending. The same thing happened with the National Rifle Association, ironically, two years after I joined the thing, and they’re still recovering from that. So there there’s a watchdog that’s been created out there. And this is what spoke to me so much about this next segment, because I know that you all in particular in Beijing, Biden’s economy, you don’t have a lot of money to throw around. So when you’re going to do some charitable giving, you want to make sure that it’s going to a place that shares your values. So let’s talk to Rick Berman. He’s a board member of the ram foundation and president of RBB strategies. Ram charities for vets serves as the approving support the Good Housekeeping seal, if you will, for veterans charities, Mr. Berman, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. Thanks so much, Chris. So about that. How prevalent are shady veterans organizations that that you would actually your service would be needed? Well, I’ll tell you what, the Federal Trade Commission late last year put out put out a an advisory telling people that there are charities that are stealing money from people all the time they’ve been doing it for years. It’s not just among veterans. Although we have focused on the veteran charities. We’re actually focused on 100 veterans charities, if you go to our website charities for vets.org, you’ll see 50 charities that we do not recommend people give money to. And those charities are collecting about a billion dollars every year. Now, they’re not all scams, I want you to understand that, although I’ve got lots of scams on our website, again, that will show you that people have raised upwards of $100 million, that were total scams, and they’ve, they’ve got all the right names, you know, the United States Navy veteran foundation stole about $100 million, the Purple Heart veterans foundation, I mean, these people just pick up names. And they appeal to people on an emotional level. And they get five and $25 contributions, and it adds up to serious money. But if you go on our website, and you look at those 50, that we don’t recommend, by the way, we have 50 that we do recommend, you’ll notice that most of the reasons why we don’t recommend them is that they are just very poorly managed. And you give them money. And they spend it on a lot of overhead. They put a lot of money in offshore accounts. They say it’s a rainy day fund, but they’ve got hundreds of millions of dollars in their rainy day fund. And when people give them money, they don’t expect to be given the money so that it’d be invested in some hedge fund. And there’s no telling how deep it is in terms of scams, because the scams only come to light after so many years. And what we’re doing right now is we are making certain that we’ve got the most rigorous system for uncovering how many of these charities are poorly managed, or literally stealing money. See, no, Rick, this is no I appreciate your methodical, methodical way of of boiling down your criteria and how you’ve identified these organizations. But for me, when I hear an organization that is founded on helping veterans and they all of a sudden they’re, you know, offshoring or making investments and all this kind of stuff. And for management, there’s one phrase that pops into my head, and it’s Stolen Valor. Isn’t that? Isn’t that kind of tantamount to what these people are doing? They’re using the valor of our fighting men and women in uniform, and those who come back injured or their families who who lose loved ones, aren’t they? Aren’t they stealing that valor, to pad their own pockets? Absolutely. And again, I want I want to stress, Chris, that some of these people are just poor managers of money. So you might not see that they were stealing valid valor. But you could make the case that they were mismanaging valor. And no matter how you come at it, there’s still a lot of donor money that’s being wasted. or abused, you know, fraudulently, right. And these days, you can’t, you can’t afford to make these kinds of mistakes, because we have less money in our pockets courtesy of the Democrat Party and their leader, folks, we’re having a conversation with Rick Berman. He’s a board member of the ram foundation and president of RBB strategies, Ram charities for vets serves as the Good Housekeeping seal for, for where you should be putting your money to make sure it’s spent effectively and where it’s supposed to go, which is to veterans and their families. I mentioned the Wounded Warrior Project. And I gotta tell you, this was a, this was a kick in the gut for me, because it takes it takes a lot to get me to donate and I thought I had dotted the I’s and cross the T’s. And I didn’t. And all of a sudden these their executives are dismissed lavish spending. So what can you tell us about Wounded Warrior Project to think with their advertisements on Fox? They’re probably one of the more well known veteran organizations out there have they recovered from this 2016 scandal. they’ve recovered on a limited basis. But they are still on our list of not recommended. And one of the main reasons is that they still have high overhead, which means that they’re spending money on things that don’t have anything to do is supporting, supporting the veterans in the veteran families. My guess is that they’re about if I remember correctly, they’re about 35%. overhead. Wow. 35% overhead means that you know, a third of your money that you give them every every gets to a veteran. You can if you went to our highly recommended list, we have 32 charities that are highly recommended. They are spending less than 15% of the money donated on overhead. So if you’ve got double the average on expenses, which is what Wounded Warriors has got, as far as we’re concerned, they’re not really a Class A organization. That doesn’t mean that Don’t do anything good. I mean, even the one, even though the groups had spend 90% of their money on expenses and overhead, will tell you well, 10% of it is going to help veterans and yeah, sure, that’s right. But I wouldn’t give somebody you know, $1 If only 10 cents was going to be helpful, no. And while while we’re at it, give us the organization’s the top three organizations on your list for folks who want to support veterans and their families. Well, that would be hard to say, because, as I indicated, I don’t have a dog in this fight. We didn’t start this to pick winners and losers on a on a granular basis. But we do have 32, if you go to, if you go to charities for vets.org, you’ll see 32. And we’ve actually broken them down into seven categories of where they are offering services. This is something that’s unusual, you don’t see this, in most charity rating systems, but from housing to family support the education, community support. Some of these charities spend money in one particular area where they think that they’re going to do the most good. And so if you’re giving money, you can go to our website, you can say, I want to help build houses or I want to help these guys get a better education on the military. Understood, understood. Okay, well, that’s let’s see. Now, I’m going to ask you to take off your official hat and I want to talk about some, some politics and world events with you because the United States military, I believe is the private organizations, the charitable organizations aside, the United States military is under attack by our own government with various policies that have been implemented from the China virus to the social experimentation being unleashed in our military. What is your what is your overall evaluation of the Biden Milley General Milley military? Well, I don’t know that I’m in a better position to comment on it than anyone else. But I do have, I do have a concern that they’re not focused on getting a military that stood up prepared for defending the country. And they’re just trying to use the military for social change. It bothers me no end that this is where the focus is. There shouldn’t even be 10% of the focus on trying to get people to be politically correct inside the military. And, and unfortunately, there’s too much of that right now. Amen to that last question I have for you just as an American, because you’re a man who helps out veterans, you have, this is why I want your insight on this. Our chief enemy in this in this world is Communist China. Everybody seems to know that except for the Biden regime and the Democrat party. So do you believe with your experience, what you’ve observed the headlines, you’ve read those that you’ve talked to that have been in the service out of service? Do you think our military is ready for an engagement with Communist China? You know, I, you know, Chris, I’m, again, just an American just as an American. Yeah, I think the answer is mostly No, mostly No. And when you see that the Chinese have a much bigger Navy than we do. When you see it. They’re building major ships, and we’re decommissioning major ships. It that’s just a snapshot, if that’s just indicative of what’s going on, you know, with our Air Force, with the number of people who are recruited for the military, and you know, recruitment is way down. We are not able at this point in time to fight a major war, even if it’s a major regional war. And we certainly are not in a position to fight two of them. Absolutely. on two fronts. We can’t. Every military expert I talked to says we can’t fight on two fronts. And you know what, it’s just really sad when it comes to Communist China. We continue to finance their unprecedented military buildup with this with this, and even Joe Biden has come out recently and said he doesn’t want to decouple from China. He wants to keep American dollars flowing to that communist country. Rick Berman, everybody’s a board member of the ram Foundation, and President of RBB strategies, Ram charities for vets, serves as the Good Housekeeping seal for those charitable organizations that you may want to give to that support our vets give the website one more time, right. It’s charities for vets.org. And we’re dot com, quite frankly. Okay, that’s good. Give it one more time just to make sure that folks we’re writing it down. It’s dot com or.org. Either one charities for events, okay, charities for vets.com or.org. It works both ways. Rick Berman, thank you very much for the visit. Chris, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity. And that’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast. Folks. I want to thank you. I know that that your podcast bandwidth is limited. And the fact that you take the time out not only to To listen to the podcast and listen to what we’re doing here, but also tell your friends about us. I cannot thank you enough. There is it’s not necessarily dollar figures to you, but you know, time is money and the fact that you take time to listen to me and honors me in ways you can’t even know. So pay a visit to Texas scorecard.com That’s one way to hook up with the Salcedo storm podcast. Pay a visit to Chris saucedo.com That’s where you can find the podcast with Chris Saucedo shows on que se v TNT radio and on Newsmax on television. And remember this as society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people, you stay safe out there, my friends

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