The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Stopping The Advancement Of Leftists, Before We Push Them Back!
Michael Quinn Sullivan is a graduate of Texas A&M, former newspaper reporter, one-time Capitol Hill staffer, a think tank vice-president, an Eagle Scout, and is the publisher of Texas Scorecard.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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Make your appointment today at your That’s your and save yourself $1,000 Just by mentioning this podcast g4 by goalpara powered by technology inspired by patients you know the job was dangerous when you’re talking for him I have a question for me one might even go so far as a mediocre I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is I really did he still single score podcast. You values matter anymore. Mountain. Let me personalize this. Do values matter to you anymore? I don’t know, I think that the the lack of values the lack of morality, if you will, as as more and more Americans are turning away from God and His teachings. I think that we can map out the decline of our society. I think it’s already happened to our pals over in Europe. I mean, what I saw a stat and this was some years ago that church attendance in the United Kingdom was like 10% only 10% of that country attends church services. And I think you’ve watched the the advance of socialism and collectivism commensurate with that decline in in church attendance, because and this is, I think this is elementary, the more you turn away from the teachings of God, which is about freewill, devotion to a moral code morality, then all all of a sudden things become permissible. All of a sudden things that you never thought could be, could be permissible all of a sudden become permissible like putting smut into schools and calling it art and and trying to normalize adult sexual relationships with children trying to normalize governments, illegal and anti freedom usurpation of power and authority away from the from the individual. So I think that is it is part and parcel as nations and Ronald Reagan spoke to this quite eloquently that the precursor to every great nations fall is a turning away from their gods, or, or God. And that is the moral compass by which a society governs itself, they turn away from it, and then just say, oh, everything goes, and then that’s how great societies fall. There’s also something called the Tentler cycle out there. If you guys heard about the Hitler cycle, Alexander, Hitler was a Scottish historian. And he laid out because through observation, of course, that great societies tend to take with with very few exceptions, as a matter of fact, I don’t think he actually found an exception to this. I think many of us who were conservatives, were hoping that America’s constitution was so great that we could have perhaps avoided this. But here’s what Mr. Taylor said, was the course of great civilizations. They start out in bondage, the United States did, we were under the oppressive yoke of a king, remember, then they evolve out of bondage through spiritual faith. spiritual faith is the next step, one of our foundational principles in this country, the First Amendment, the freedom to worship God, then from that came courage, then Liberty, Liberty was a result of the American Revolution. Then out of liberty comes abundance that then that’s when the tiller cycle turns with that abundance courtesy I would rationalize of the Democrat party comes selfishness, then complacency, and that’s where our people have been. Then apathy, and I think that’s where we are And then dependence. That is that is the slave state reinvented that the precursors to the slave state depending on the government, which is where the Democrats have taken this country, then back into bondage and that it’s a cycle that this guy the Scottish historian observed, and that leads me to the story that came out over over the weekend. It got a lot of traction over the weekend, but it came out late last week, courtesy of the blaze and Newsmax is writing this up because Newsmax had a visitor to the Eric Bolling show, reacting to reports that Fox News is promoting far left and even satanic charities through its employee donation portal. Beth Ailes, she’s the widow of Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes told Newsmax on Friday that what the country is seeing from the network Fox is industrial, industrialized devil worship. Because a lot of good stuff is like what the hell is this? On Friday, the blaze reported that Fox News company portal app, Fox giving matches employee donations now, on its surface. That sounds really cool, right? Say I want to give to all I don’t know, Catholic Charities, or I want to give to Samaritan’s Purse, Fox says they will match your donation up to $1,000. If you’re an employee to encourage charitable giving, but here’s where it gets weird that some of the approved matching funds are being donated to the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, the left wing, anti American Southern Poverty Law Center, and other left wing Marxist charities, Beth Ailes, whose late husband established Fox News Channel, as a conservative broadcasting pioneer, appeared on Eric bowlings the balance and said she couldn’t believe it when she first learned about what Fox News was doing. Hell, I don’t think I don’t think anybody can believe it. I don’t I couldn’t believe it. My jaw hit the floor. So let me get this straight that Fox News is matching funds to the Satanic Temple matching funds to the butcher shop. Planned Parenthood. Good grief. So folks, back to my original question, do you think values matter? Well, I can tell you about one news organization that has solid values that more aligned with with us, the pro American conservative folks who believe in God, that would be Texas scorecard, and their founder is up next on the Salcedo store on podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? Let American medical plans relieve one burden health insurance, American medical plan specializes and under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays and no deductibles you choose your doctors you choose your hospitals. These plans have nothing to do with your income and are 30 to 60% less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans you deserve better. They will customize a plan managed and chosen by you. Not the government a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fine tune in to the Chris Saucedo show every weekday afternoon on Newsmax Tucker Carlson is getting a wake up call with his experience with Fox News I’ve had a couple when DirecTV stopped carrying Newsmax I said to myself self Why am I funding AT and T direct TVs parent company so I made the switch to Patriot mobile, I thought it was silly to send my money to those who were actively hurting me. 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It’s time the establishment media went the way of the dinosaurs and for free digital journalism to rise a Texas scorecard we bring you real news for real Texas with no paywalls ever go to Texas today Michael Quinn Sullivan is a graduate of Texas a&m former newspaper reporter one time Capitol Hill staffer, a think tank vice president Eagle Scout and as the publisher of Texas scorecard. He joins me Now, Mr. Sullivan. Welcome back. Hey, good morning, Chris Salcedo, how are you? My friend doing? Well, sir, thank you for being here. Look, there is there was a question I get asked quite frequently by folks who are in the conservative movement. How do we fight back? It seems with all of our betraying so called Republicans, that it’s difficult to find a way forward to fight back. Well, this story that you and I are about to lay out methodically for the folks I think is an example of how we fight back, there was a woman who was seeking to be the journalism director over at Texas a&m. And this This woman is working at the University of Texas right now. Sadly, she’s she’s a cancer there and will continue to be. But let’s, let’s start at the very beginning, where what we found out about this woman, and why the Texas scorecard decided to publish details about what we knew. Go ahead. Yeah, so this, this woman, had been a New York Times editor, her big push at the New York Times and then moving into academia at the University of Texas and Texas State versity had been around Dei, diversity, equity and inclusion are all really nice words, those are all words that hey, you and I like having a diverse, you know, set of friends, we like, you know, being equitable in our dealings like to include, you know, people and things, all those good things, until they get taken, and of leftist who pervert them, and have been using those concepts and that in the new capital D, capital D capital I, as a way to push all leftist propaganda into government agencies, into corporations and into education. At one point, this, this woman was speaking to NPR said that, you know, as journalists, we shouldn’t worry about facts so much. She said that, we need to make sure that people understand what’s important and what’s true. And kind of implying that you can skim over the facts to tell people something that’s true, right? So meanwhile, Texas a&m University, my alma mater, I’m increasingly embarrassed to say, Texas a&m, hadn’t had a journalism department for a long time. They decided to to open the journalism department and the person they decided to hire was this lady to come in and believe the journalism department. So one of our fellows, one of our summer interns, Woz is going to be a journalism major at a&m Currently at Texas a&m in the in the nation’s journalism program, and she was horrified to see who was coming and who wouldn’t try to write about it. Yeah, who wouldn’t be and by the way, folks, this this leftist named and it’s fair to call her leftists leftist, a Kathleen McElroy is her name, former New York Times senior editor and a proponent of the die program, diversity inclusion equity. You see, we don’t adopt Michael, as you know, on the Salcedo storm podcast or the Chris Saucedo shows, either on television or on radio, we don’t adopt the left’s language. Because as as we’re going to detail they bastardize the language, and they do so with an effort to take away our rights and our freedoms. And so we just, it’s by instinct reflexively. We don’t adopt them. So this woman at Fox, as you heard, right, as Mr. Sullivan was, was detailing this woman believes that you know what facts and and all of you know, journalism one on one, we don’t need to be doing any of that anymore. We need to be telling the people what we believe they need to hear, which there’s a word for that. It’s called propaganda. This woman would make Joseph Goebbels very, very proud. So that’s where Texas scorecard that you guys publish this. This piece, Mr. Solomon, and people started looking into this woman her past and what she was going to bring the Journalism which is, of course a bastardization, which would be really it’s not journalism, what she practices is in journalism, it’s activism. And so take the story from there what happened next? What happened at the same time, we’re, we’re exposing who this person is, again, just looking at her writing, you know, I, I would I could not pick her out of a lineup walking down the street. You know, she is just a another human being. There’s no animus here. What there is, though, is a real big body of work of the things that she has written the things that she’s advocated for the things that she’s agitated for. Its we’re riding with it. Meanwhile, over in the Texas Senate, you have one of the real good guys in the Texas Senate, Brandon Creighton from there in The Woodlands. And he is pushing legislation to deal with this, the polarization and the propaganda zation of higher education, dealing with di programs and other such things. And this events moving through Governor Abbott speaks out on it. Of course, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has been talking for years, about the about the problems in higher education. All these things are happening at the same time as Texas a&m, you know, allegedly, the most conservative public university in the state, nay, the nation is offering this person the job, not just, you know, low level staffer, but literally to lead the Journal, the New Journalism department of Texas a&m. So you have a lot of Aggies, a lot of former students, who I’m proud to say read our content. And that content sort of being shared around. And so those human beings, people who have day jobs, people who have families, people who have other things they care about. They though, decided they did not want Texas a&m devalued by having a another leftist brought onto the staff. And they started agitated, they started making phone calls, they started reaching out to people on staff at texting and trying to, to explain happened. The net effect of it was Texas a&m changed the offer to this. Oh, hold on, hold on before you before you go there. Before you go, let’s let’s detail what the initial offer was. Because Michael, I think this gives everybody a window. Those of you who are a&m alum, those of you who are donors to Texas a&m, because of the values, as Michael was alluding to, that they allegedly stand for that there’s a standard there. And these people were offering a committed leftist, a five year contract and automatic tenure, which, which is frankly, I think, is unheard of, but but they wanted this leftist to be hired and never to be able to be fired for all the crazy crap she was about to unleash on Texas a&m. And so as soon as you guys started detailing who this woman was, how anti American she was, how anti Texan she was, then all of a sudden, the offer started changing. Tell the folks about that evolution. Yeah, so you go, as you very ably described that this isn’t just wild offer five year contract, automatic tenure, meaning she couldn’t be fired. Again, something that Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has been talking a lot about, I think everyone thought he was a little crazy when he started talking about it a few years ago, the problem with tenure. Now, of course, he looks a little prescient in his in his concerns. So there, there she is, with this very lucrative offer. We’ve now been kind of a skunk at the party, exposing who she really is. A lot of Aggies, a lot of former former students and donors start speaking out. And the board of regents now suddenly become aware of this and the Board of Regents say to the interim dean of the College of Liberal Arts, hey, you need to backup your buddy. So he changes in several iterations. Now the job offer to what is finally offered to her is a one year contract where she will go job performance will be I mean, sit down, Chris, this is shocking that her performance will be reviewed annually. Oh, to see if she’s performed? No. I mean, wow, I held up an annual review, you know, annual review of job performance. I mean, clearly, that’s something normal people deal with, right. And for her, this was completely unacceptable. She did not want an annual review. She she not want the possibility of of people questioning what she was doing in the name of the state of Texas in the name of Texas a&m And to all the students that become Yeah, and she knew she knew what she was going to do. She was going to put in some radical stuff. And she and left us believe they’re entitled to other people’s money, they’re entitled to jobs, I am going to I’m going to do what’s best for humanity, they claim in their own minds, so I shouldn’t be able to be fired. And the idea that she would subject herself to what we the little people have to go through in our jobs, you know, performance, that that’s just so mundane for a leftist. Folks. There’s a couple of things I want to talk about with Michael Quinn Sullivan, at the Texas scorecard in great detail as you know, as we detailed he’s an alum of Texas a&m And I want to get into this, but I do want to give credit to Valerie Munoz and liberty loving Latina, South Texas as Now Texan and a student at Texas a&m. She’s the journalist in the Journalism Department who brought this story and is an she has the byline so kudos to Texas scorecard forgiving Valerie Munoz, you know, what a feather in her cap before she’s even started studying and praise God she gets exposed to real journalism, not the fake journalism this. This, this professor was was thinking about bringing in McElroy, and it also bears pointing out that she’ll continue to be a cancer in Texas at UT Austin. Right, Michael? That simpler. And that’s one note about about Valerie Ballard who’s willing to write the story, put her name on it right the store, we put her name and everything we write it, Texas School court, she was willing to put her name on her about it, knowing that very likely, she was making an enemy of the person who would decide whether or not she graduated, Valerie’s committed to the truth committed to making sure your fellow citizens are aware of what’s going on in the world around them and in their name. So very proud of a Valerie and the kind of kind of young woman that that she is. Now the really cool. Now side effect of the story is the interim dean at Texas a&m, who made the initial job offer, he has as of yesterday, tendered his resignation also. So one story exposing the leftist agenda at Texas a&m, two very prominent people are out the door Texas a&m, I consider that a pretty good return on return on investment for a for an article. It’s a victory, it is a victory because it is a defeat for left wing nut jobs and an advancement and stopping their advancement. And, and frankly, it’s a win because not only do they we stop their advancement, we actually dealt them some defeats, they actually took a step backward, which is good for freedom good for liberty, I want to talk to you about a&m Because you’re an alum, your passion and look, since I got here from California in 2006. The cachet that being an a&m graduate is is something that just always fascinated me. It it struck me that if two equally qualified people are up for a job and one happens to be a graduate of a&m, the a&m Graduate tends to get the the nod because of the Aggie code because there’s a code of conduct that the the alum live by, and it says And so would you comment on that please. And then also talk about how the current regime in charge of a&m seems to be antithetical to that code. Number for those who don’t know, Texas a&m originated as a as a military school, we were all male, all military, when, when the school was started in the 1870s, of the Corps of Cadets at Texas a&m continues to be the the number one non Academy commissioning institution in the nation for armed forces. I was in the Corps Cadets and marched in the fight in Texas Aggie band, I sometimes feel like like Paul, St. Paul, when I talk about I know, I’m an Aggie Aggie, I’ve done it all. And yet, and yet in so many ways, Texas a&m has been thriving on the cachet, developed as an institution that literally was formed to take young men and women from rural Texas with a rule Texas values, give them some, a little bit of education, give them training and leadership, and then send them back into their communities, whether some back into their communities, to you know, to go about life, right, you go go serve in the military for a brief period of time. But But regardless, that developing leaders who would serve their communities instead, you know, like all these institutions and sustainment and living off this cache, but instead, what’s happened over the past 2030 years, has been the Texas a&m as an institution now with 70,000 undergraduate students, one of the largest universities in the nation is, is dressed like UT, dressed like, you know, UCLA and go through the list of all those schools. It’s a big attractor with all the money to two people who don’t actually share those values. In fact, very often, they come in to Texas a&m, specifically wanting to change those values. So there’s this tension at Texas a&m between former students like myself, and then even prospective students who were drawn to the cache of that reputation. But on the other hand, you’ve got a lot of folks on staff who couldn’t give a rip less about, about about those values and those ideals, and instead want to turn Texas a&m is interesting, another leftist institution. And so the point is, are we going to allow that or are we going to to demand that Texas a&m be something more than another indoctrination camp for Marxist there you go and you I think that is that is precisely what the alum and the donors want to maintain. And I think that’s why this left wing former New York Times editor and the liberal arts department head is suffering from that they ran into a buzzsaw of conservatives who want a Texas a&m to stand for something rather than being just another left wing anti American Kook fringe, gathering for a bunch of impressionable sorry, dumbasses. That that would, would lay to waste, the Texas miracle laid to waste the values the foundation of values of this country. So I think that’s noteworthy that and you know what, I hope we see more of it. And again, folks, this answers the question that maybe many of you asked Michael Quinn, Solomon, many of you asked me your liberty loving Latino, how do we fight back? Well, there it is, get the information out and then act on that information. The reason why this stopped was because the the individuals who were donating knew had the ability to influence what goes on at a&m, they put their foot down and said this far no further. And that’s what we all need to do. Now, I wanted to ask him about a couple other things in the news before what before we have to scoot here, Mr. Mr. Solomon, CNBC is attacking Texas. They’re using woke criteria, the saying, Texas is the bottom of list of places to live in America, if you value slaughtering children in the womb, if you value being able to cheat at the ballot box, so they put out this hit piece on the state of Texas because we’re standing up for conservatism and the rule of law. What is your takeaway from CNBC is attack. I say let’s make Texas even worse. I say let’s, let’s make it an even worse, we’re already number one on their list. Let’s get hired. Let’s do better. And I say that only half kidding. Because no, it’s it’s kind of like a CS Lewis’s famous screw tapes were written from perspective of the devil, you know, I’m absolutely more than happy to be thought of as bad by the devil. Right. Exactly. And I think that when you see CNBC and some of these other leftist groups are trying to paint us in this negative light. Great, please, we don’t want any leftist move here. We should take that CNBC article. And we should put it as a billboard at every entrance to the state. In order to come in, you have to read this article first. Leave that the you know if it bothers you already, here, here. Here it is. CNBC says Texas is the worst place to live dot dot dot for leftists. There you go. There’s your billboard, there’s your billboard. That’s it. So yeah, and I want you to give me your outlook on the special sessions that are going to be called, because we finally got the property tax relief. Many were clamoring for maybe not as much as many wanted. But you know, $18 billion is still rather historic. Let me ask you about where you see the future special sessions going. There. There are a large number of very big ticket items, still unresolved things in a Republican controlled state. You know, we we just talked about the CNBC thing we got to remember, ultimately, our job is not to compare ourselves to others, but to be the best we can be the least drunk person at the bar. Still should not drive home. Okay, but another another Texas house. But exactly. So we need to be demanding that they actually deliver on all these promises. Things like providing families with more more opportunities to provide the best education for their kids to school choice. We need to be doing some more serious things at the border than than we are currently doing. All of which requires a legislative action. Of course, the Texas House decided over the past couple of years, they would not be a conservative body. They might be Republican in name, but they haven’t been operating that way. So we need the governor. We need the lieutenant governor, we need the Texas Senate. And we most of all need the voters around the state continuing to pressure along pressure. The State House lawmakers to deliver on things of school choice has been an 85 90% issue among Republican primary voters for 20 years. It’s a 7070 to 80% issue among Democrat voters, right. This is one of those popular things that we could do as a state to provide a better educational environment for kids. And yet the Texas House wants nothing to do with it because they’re beholden to the to the Democrat controlled lobby and the Democrat run labor unions that represent government education. Well, that leads me Well that leads me to my last question because We have a primary season coming up. And I, I have said those 23 Republicans who voted against education freedom, that that is your voting God, if they voted for any affirmative for that those Republicans don’t get reelected. Others have said, if they voted for the Paxton impeachment, that is your voter guide. What would you say was more accurate in the primary season? I think what you would find is there’s a lot of overlap between the worst on school choice and with the PacSun impeachment. Both both are really good guides and vote. Both are things that I think that we as citizens need to start taking a lot more seriously. The primaries in Texas, the primary is the single most important election that’s held the primary not the general election, the primary elections, the most important election. And so to the extent that you’re not participating in a primary, you’re not asking these kind of hard questions, except you’re going to get more of what you dislike. So we’ve got to be participating in those in those primaries. I think that this is also a point where Governor Abbott is going to have to do is going to have to kind of put up or shut up particularly when it comes to school choice. He’s made a big deal over the past year of the year, he’s going to be the governor to deliver. And so far, the people that he endorsed in the Texas House had been working against him on this issue. So Governor Abbott’s want to also in the primary season, have to have to make good on the promise to deliver better lawmakers if he is going to deliver on school choice. At some point in the future. It is high time that Texas join the ranks of the civilized states the 27 civilized states in America and, and get behind education, freedom and parental school choice. We need to get out of the company of the knuckle dragging states who deny that Michael Quinn sell them and everybody had Texas scorecard. If folks want to check out what you do, they can go there and check it out Texas, Texas My friend always appreciate the visit. Hey, thanks, Chris. Have a fantastic day. And that’s going to put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast folks. Now you know why I tell you to go to Texas, Texas You’ll find out stuff there you read about stuff there then you can take action and then you can make change the the alum at a&m Texas a&m, were able to beat back a Marxist advance and kudos to them. Kudos to them for taking the information at Texas scorecard running with it and making change. Also head on over to Chris That’s where you find me. Your liberty loving Latino on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas and on Newsmax TV Monday through Friday, four o’clock Eastern until five until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. In short, we the people and you stay safe out there my friends. What could be more perfect than the perfect ratio of sizzling sausage to freshly cracked egg to melty cheese sandwich together in a perfectly toasted McDonald’s much muffin. If we added jalapeno to spice things up, introducing the new cheesy jalapeno sausage McMuffin with egg perriers today with a refreshing medium iced coffee now even bolder at participating McDonald’s compared to prior iced coffee

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