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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Ted Cruz Says Fight Woke, Save America!

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Texas Senator Ted Cruz joins me to talk about how to save America!

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My friends, the woke crowd, they are there they are out and they’re playing for keeps. And it’s across every spectrum of American life, from sports, to our entertainment into politics. It’s everywhere. Even in the world of high finance and business. 

How many of you are aware of what happened to Elon Musk? Elon Musk had this story that was generated by the folks over at Media Matters, Media Matters generated this story. And what they did was, is they took a post that they deemed were controversial that they deemed were either anti semitic or hate filled or what have you. And they followed the posters, you know, people who are the equivalent of the Ayatollah Khomeini, or the equivalent of Rashida MF to leave or the equivalent of AOC these Jew haters, right. 

So they followed these accounts. And then they went about not not those in particular, but these accounts with people with views, like those that I just mentioned, the Ayatollah Rasheeda, Talib, and others. So what they did was, is, as you know, ads appear at random on Twitter. And when you refresh it, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh. And then you keep on doing that with a particular post, you can get a particular ad to show up next to one of these controversial posts. 

And that’s what x is alleging that they did over at Media Matters. And there’s a massive lawsuit going on right now, not only from what’s happening on the Elon Musk side and x, but also the Attorney General of the great state of Texas, Ken Paxton is looking into the possibility that laws were broken here in this particular case. Now, Elon, and again, I am an industry full disclosure, I have not seen these tweets that the left wing is claiming were anti semitic. Although I do know Elon Musk just got back from a trip as he received a tour around Israel by by the Prime Minister’s team. 

So I don’t think Elon Musk is a Jew hater as he’s being accused. But a whole bunch of these, these woke companies are pulling their advertising are threatening to pull advertising off of Twitter. And that was a discussion on CNBC, between Elon Musk and one of their anchors. And it went in a very unexpected turn here. Listen. 

“Obviously, you know that there’s a public perception that you’re clarifying this now. But there’s a public perception that that was part of a apology tour.” 

If Yeah, you know, folks, I don’t think that’s public. I think the media there’s a biased left wing media perception out there because they’re trying to brand what they are, which is Jew haters, they’re trying to brand everybody else with that label. Again, I don’t think Elon Musk is a Jew hater. And I don’t think that Jew haters get of get invited by the Jewish government to go on tours around Israel. To see the sites where Hamas did their butchery. But, again, the media, the biased media is saying that Elon Musk is somehow anti semitic. 

“If you will, that this had been said online, there was all of the criticism that was advertisers leaving, we talked about why you don’t advertise. You don’t want them to advertise? What do you mean? If somebody’s gonna try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money? Go fuck yourself.” 

Okay. So I don’t think he’s leaving much to the imagination right there. There’s no ambiguity in his statement. And you understand what he’s saying? Of course, you want me to compromise my principles, you want me to say that I believe in something I don’t just so I can keep money rolling it. That’s what you’re saying. And I think Elon Musk, it is nice to be the richest man in the world. And you can actually basically tell other advertisers to, you know. 

“But go fuck yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is. Hey, Bob. Sure in the audience? Well, let me ask you, then. That’s how I feel. I don’t advertise. How do you think that about the economics of x? If if, if part of the underlying model at least today and maybe it needs to shift? Maybe the answer is it needs to shift away from advertising? If you believe that this is the one part of your business where you will be beholden to those who have this view? Why? Oh, man, I understand it. But there’s a reality to right. Yes, no, no. No. Jacobina is right here. And she’s got to sell advertise? Absolutely. So no, no. No, actually, what this advertising boycott is, is going to do it’s going to kill the company. And you think that and the whole world will know that those advertisers killed company and we will document it in great detail. But there are those advertisers, I imagine are going to say they’re gonna say we can kill the company. Oh, yeah. They’re gonna say Oh, to talk to Earth. But they’re gonna say that they’re gonna say, Elon, that you killed the company, because you said these things, and that they were inappropriate things, and that they didn’t feel comfortable on the platform. Right. That was that was horrendous. And let’s see how Earth responds to that. Something, okay, yeah.” 

Okay. All right. So you understand what he’s saying? Twitter, especially to the left, Twitter is like they can’t do without it. Can you imagine all these left wing influencers? If, if all of a sudden Twitter goes away tomorrow? What Elon Musk is like, yeah, you know what I thought this was a great experiment trying to restore free speech to America. But if, if these advertisers are saying that they’re leaving because they’re, quote, unquote, uncomfortable, and really what we know and what Ilan seems to know is, this isn’t about anybody’s morality or anybody’s conscience. 

They’re out there trying to punish Elon Musk to send a message to Elon Musk. We don’t like your free speech. We want you to bring Twitter back to a left wing bastion and start silencing conservatives again, and we’re just they were just looking for an excuse to pull their money anyway. And Elon Musk is saying, Okay, do it. And if you tank the company, guess what? You’re going to have a lot of problems. 

Even the left wingers are going to be a little upset about about Twitter x going down the toilet, because what are they going to do with their lives, folks? In a recent interview on que se v I got into how to push back on a walk with Senator Ted Cruz. You’ll hear it next on the Salcedo store podcast. 

The number one email I get the number one lament I get from listeners. What do we do? How do we fight back? Well, somebody’s made a manual. Somebody has created a manual on how to fight back. Woke ism is the new evil. And Senator Ted Cruz our only conservative senator is an author of unwelcome how to defeat Cultural Marxism and America and he joins us now Senator, welcome back. And Merry Christmas. 

Chris, great to be with you. Thanks for having me. 

Wall Street Journal poll. And I think this dovetails perfectly into what your book is combating a new Wall Street poll. Also, a Journal poll says 45% of Americans a plurality of us believe the American Dream is dead. Now I believe it was the Democrats who killed it. And frankly, some Republicans who allowed it doesn’t that suggest that fighting these leftist elements is what the vast majority of Americans want to do since they’re recognizing the problem. 

I think that’s exactly why but I think the vast majority of Americans, the vast majority of Texans, we want the American dream to be alive. And well, America is the greatest country in the history of the world. And the American free enterprise system has been the greatest engine for prosperity and for opportunity, and for elevating people from nothing to to achieving their dreams. You know, as you know, Chris, my dad came from Cuba, in 1957. He’d been in prison, he’d been tortured in Cuba. And he came seeking freedom to America, America was a beacon of freedom. For my family. It’s been a beacon of freedom for millions of families. But we’ve got to preserve what makes America unique. And what makes Texas unique. And that’s really why I wrote this book, is if you look at what is happening to this country, it is radical. It’s extreme, and it’s dangerous. 

And in particular, what this book is all about is every major institution in America has been seized by the radical left. And this book explains how and why that happened. And each chapter of the book addresses a different institution. So it starts with universities, from universities, it goes to K through 12, education, to journalism, to government, to big business, to big tech, to entertainment, movies, TV, sports, music, to science and x. And the last chapter in the book is on China. 

And I describe how China is a central Nexus that is intertwined with all of them. And what the book does is really two things. Number one, it explains how and why the radical left took over these institutions. But number two, and you just mentioned that this a second ago, it lays out a practical battle plan for how we fight back how we retake these institutions. Because Chris, if we don’t retake the institutions in America, we will lose our nation. 

That’s true. It’s true. And let me let me dovetail into what one of the it’s been on my list for the last decade. I know what’s big on yours. As you know, our beloved state of Texas is is battling to join 32 other civilized states in our union to restore parental authority that was wrongly taken by the state bypassing we want to pass parental school choice and education freedom, despite overwhelming support from from every voter in Texas across all parties, a cabal of leftist made up of virtually every democrat and 21 Selfish woke Republicans. Because they are stubbornly standing in the way we can’t get it done. Republicans are refusing to listen now you’ve called this the civil rights struggle of our era and I believe you are right. What’s your message to these bull Connor’s of the Texas House who remain hell bent on denying education freedom? 

There’s no issue I care about more than school choice. And then I’ve spent 30 years fighting for school choice In the Senate, I’m the leading defender of school choice I authored and passed the most far reaching federal school choice legislation that has ever passed, which expanded college 529 savings plans to include K through 12. Education. That was my legislation that passed. It’s the single biggest legislative victory that I’ve had in in the Senate. It’s what I’m most proud of. But I will say this also. So there are 100 senators, to the best of my knowledge, 99 of them do not get involved in state legislative races. 

And then the reason is getting involved in state legislative races in primaries in your state is stupid, it hurts you politically. When you make an endorsement in a contested primary in your state, what you end up doing, there’s an old adage, you get half their friends and all their enemies, it you lose support every time you do that. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only one who not only gets involved, but I make a regular practice of it I endorsed and State House races, State Senate races. And and what I do is, every two years, I sit down with my team. And I have them compile an Excel spreadsheet of every vote that that a state legislator has cast on school choice. And my basic rule is, if you have supported school choice, and you are otherwise relatively conservative, you’re quite likely to get my support. 

If on the other hand, you voted against choice, the odds of getting my support are zero. And I am very likely to endorse your primary opponent when I do so I don’t do so gently I cut TV ads and radio ads. And I come in and we beat you. And I’ll tell you this, the 21 Republicans that voted this last session to kill school choice, every one of those 21. I want to make an invitation to their primary opponents, run against them. And I will back you if you are an elected representative and you’re voting to deny the children of Texas the opportunity to get an excellent education to choose the education that’s right for them. You need to be out of public service. And I’m going to do everything I can to beat those 21 Republicans. 

The name of the book is on woke how to defeat Cultural Marxism in America, the author, the only conservative Senator, we have in Texas, Ted Cruz, to build on this from the headlines. And I know this is also troubling you greatly. We had a teacher in a New York gov ed school. She was Jewish, she is Jewish. She had to take shelter from her own students because they were frothing at the mouth and getting rather violent, and their support for the Hamas led Palestinians. This is unacceptable, is it not? 

It absolutely is. And sadly, it’s a pattern we’re seeing all over the country. The radical left, we’re seeing in high school but we’re seeing in university, anti semitic anti Israel protests engaging in violent protests. At MIT, one of the premier educational institutions in the world. Jewish students were prevented from going to class by anti semitic anti Israel protesters. They said they feared for their safety. And they stayed home and unassumingly the administration of MIT said they weren’t gonna discipline the anti semitic protesters because they were almost all foreigners. And they said, If we expel them, they’ll lose their student visa and be sent home. So understand the administration is so fundamentally corrupt that they want to say, if you’re not from this country, we’re gonna give you special protections to undermine and threaten our students, they should any student who threatens the violence of another student should be expelled by the way, on the other end of the country at USC in California. 

USC has banned a Jewish professor from stepping foot on campus because again, anti Israel anti semitic protesters targeted him and USC as mandate, they didn’t step forward with a natural rational step of saying, we’re going to stand with our professor, we’re going to protect our professor, we’re going to provide security and make sure that our professors safety is protected. Now, they didn’t do that. They mandated that for the rest of the year, he has to teach his classes remotely online, because he’s not allowed on campus. This is a sickness, and it is a sickness that is a manifestation of Cultural Marxism. This is what my book is all about in my book explains what Karl Marx viewed the world as an inherent conflict between victims and oppressors and he viewed it in socio economic terms. So for him, the oppressors were the owners of capital. The victims were the proletariat, the working men and women. The solution he advocated was the violent revolution of the proletariat to overthrow the so called oppressive. If you look at what’s happening with Israel and Hamas, if you ask why is the radical left standing with mass murderers or rapists Justin Amash. 

The answer is simple. The Radical Left has coated Jews as oppressors. And they have coded Palestinians as victims. And once they do that the cultural Marxist support the violent revolution of the so called victims against the oppressors. And so you see left as you see, the squad and Congress cheering the Palestinian atrocities because they support violence and murder and death from the so called victims and this book unwoke is about explaining how this happened and how we stopped them. 

Well, you know, where it’s it falls down on logic because Marxism isn’t logical. And you notice, Senator, that they call America colonizers because of what happened to the Native American Indians because we displace the Native American Indians, however, they call they call Israel the Jews. They call the Jews colonizers to even though they’re native to that land. It tells me their real target is Western civilization, and it’s exactly what that what they’re doing and what you’re outlining, fighting against in your book on woke how to defeat Cultural Marxism in America. 

The last thing I have for you is our our beloved state of Texas is under siege at the border. 8 million illegal aliens have been welcomed in by the Democrats. And you didn’t do this. To your credit, you did not vote for an omnibus bill. There was disgusting and disgraceful and prohibited the spending of any money on barriers to stop this rampant uncontrolled illegal immigration. But after what Israel just endured, with the killing of 1200 of their plus of their citizens at the hands of mostly military age men who came across their border, we look at the millions of unvetted mostly military age men coming across our border. Didn’t those 18 Republicans along with every Democrat who voted for that omnibus? Don’t they have blood on their hands if we suffer and Hamas style attack in this country? 

Look, I will say this, I’m sorry to say, I believe we are today at a greater risk of a major terrorist attack than we have been at any time since September 11. I spent a lot of time at the southern border. What is happening there, if you have not seen it firsthand, with your own eyes as bad as you think it is, I promise you it is 1000 times worse. We are being invaded 8.6 million illegal immigrants have crossed in this country. I was down at the southern border, three, four weeks ago went out on midnight patrol with the Border Patrol, which I do often. We are seeing a constant invasion. You don’t have to go hunt for illegal aliens. You don’t have to look for him. They find you. They turn themselves into you. And the reason is, Joe Biden, the Democrats want them to come. They want to turn 8.6 million and 10 million and 15 million and 20 million. They are trying to invade Texas to invade this country and to turn this country blue forever. 

This is the cultural Marxist. It’s all politics. It’s all warfare. And since we’re wrapping up, Chris, what I what I want to say to your listeners, I want to encourage folks, the book on woke, it’s a fun read interesting. It’s not an abstract academic treatise. It is filled with stories and it, it informs you but it also equips you to fight back. And so I want to encourage you right now, literally right now, pull out your cell phone, go to Amazon, go to Barnes and Noble buy the book. And I want to point out also listen, as we all know, Christmas time is coming. This book makes a great Christmas gift. And so let me encourage you don’t just buy one, buy several copies by your mom, buy a copy for your best friend. Buy a copy for your crazy left wing neighbor to try to beat some sense into him. Or even better if I could urge you to do just one. Buy a copy for your kids and grandkids so they can understand the poison that people are trying to indoctrinate them with. This is designed to fight back and take America. 

That’s how it went folks on que se v the voice of Texas and that’s where you can find the Chris Salcedo show on morning talk radio. That’s where you can find the Chris Salcedo show simulcast on Newsmax to rumble and get her. You can also find a link to that at Chris Also check out Texas That’s where you find all the big news impacting Texas and beyond. Until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is in fact measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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