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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Texas Battles Joe Biden's Democrat Illegal Immigration Push

Mike Banks is a Navy Veteran and a former Agent in Charge of the U.S. border patrol. He is the Texas border czar overseeing operation Lonestar.

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Ever find yourself in a department store with a question, but you can’t find anyone who actually works there. So you just wander. That’s what it feels like when you call most banks. But at frost, we have live customer service 24/7. So you can speak to a real human right when you call every time you call no phone tree. No bots just help from a real human when you need it. It’s about being there for you. It’s about more than money. Frost Bank your know the job was dangerous when you took it for him. I have a question should be respectful of me. One might even go so far as to say he’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that but the truth is, I really did he score podcast. Well, at least one member of the Senate who calls themselves a Republican is actually standing up and saying, Well, all of this corruption that is coming to light about the Biden’s something really ought to be done. Now it’s not Senator John Cornyn of the state of Texas. No John Cornyn is too busy fixing his lips firmly to Mitch McConnell’s and to Joe Biden’s butt cheeks. He trades off you know, every other day on Monday. It’s Biden’s Tuesday. It’s Mitch McConnell’s and his kisses both butt cheeks, you know, alternates days. Ted Cruz, on the other hand is doing this, according to Fox News, the only conservative senator from the great state of Texas. Okay, I added that but this is what they said. Texas GOP senator Ted Cruz, I will I will amend the fox script to denote exactly what we are enduring here in Texas. The only conservative Senator the state of Texas has. Senator Ted Cruz is urging the house to look into impeaching Beijing Biden after an IRS whistleblower on the Hunter Biden probe told Congress that the cokehead son of the occupier of the Oval Office that would be one Hunter Biden invoked his father’s name to pressure a communist China regime apparatchik they call him a business partner over at Fox air quotes, news. But we all know that in a communist country, there is no such thing as business. Everything is run by the government, if the author of this piece Who is it it’s Kyle Morris, if he if Kyle Morris actually knew and understood what communism means, he would never refer to the the partner as a business partner, just a partner in China’s Communist government. So anyway, Joe Biden’s cokehead son invoked his father to pressure a communist China apparatchik, a member of the China Communist Party through WhatsApp and claimed the elder Biden was in the room while he was making deals, asked at what point the investigation and problems pertaining to Hunter Biden turn into an issue for the occupier of the Oval Office, which could lead to an impeachment effort. Crew said, it’s right now. Look, this WhatsApp is direct evidence of Joe Biden abusing his government power to enrich his son and assuming 10% for the big guy to enrich himself. Cruz continued. Remember this WhatsApp says we want to know this is not just me, Hunter is just mooching off my dad. Of course the house needs to investigate it. But the stunning thing is what the IRS whistleblower says is the Department of Justice Merrick Garland, preventing an investigation into this message. Garland has denied that there was any interference in the Hunter Biden probe. Has anybody believed that for one second? No, not at all. Merrick Garland views himself as the Biden’s personal attorney, and he’s running the Department of injustice in a way to run interference for the current occupier, the Oval Office, the man who butters his bread, that that was not a sexual reference at all, to all you kids out there in the audience. No, that is that is just the when you’re corrupt, you rely on other corrupt people to keep you in positions of power and authority because you don’t have any right really to be there because you’re not really the sharpest tools in the shed. But you make sure that you protect the big guy if I can borrow some some verbiage from Hunter Biden, the Koch head, you protect the big guy so you can continue to live in the lifestyle in which you’ve become accustomed living off of government and the kindness of the US taxpayers. Folks, this is all corrupt. It it is it is so in your face. And you know what really is stunning is the level the Republicans will go to the you know the Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn type Republicans how the how far they will go to make sure they protect the Democrats so as to not destroy the legitimacy of well, a their own power and government in general, our government needs to get back to a government of by and for the people a constitutional republic. And we are so far afield of that right now. And it seems you’ve got Republicans who are invested in making sure Democrats get away with their corruption. And one has to ask the question, why, why are they so eager to do that? Why our senators like John Cornyn, whose state is being directly harmed right now, by massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration, why would he be so apt to protecting those doing so much harm to Texas? Well, thankfully, there are some here in the state of Texas, committed to forging that evil agenda against our state as it pertains to the US Mexico border and update from the borders are of Texas coming up in the South Seattle storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? Well, what if you’re under 65 and need quality, affordable health coverage American medical plan specializes in under 65 health insurance plans that have zero co pays at the doctor and no deductible on all outpatient services, including surgeries, you pick your doctors and hospitals. There are private plans and rolling the time and they’re 30 to 60%. Less than Obama care if you’re paying too much for your own health insurance call American medical plans. They have a customized plan managed and chosen by you, not the government a liberty loving American takes on Washington, Hollywood and the whole media establishment. He’s Chris Salcedo join his fight. Tune in to the Chris Saucedo show. Every weekday afternoon on Newsmax genital mutilation is happening Texas kids, these abusive medical practices are being pushed by the radical woke leftist in our state. You can go to Texas to learn more and get real news for real Texans. Alright folks, let’s get to our guest Mike banks is a Navy veteran and a former agent in charge of the US Border Patrol. He has the Texas borders are overseeing operation Lonestar sir, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. pleasures all mine. So you are a veteran of the United States Navy and so I know that you’ve worn the uniform. And I know that this probably informs you of wanting to keeping that keeping that constitution in place, and operation Lonestar is an effort by Texas to stop the law breaking of the Biden regime. Give us a view from 30,000 feet up how’s the effort going? Cricinfo. Look at Brownsville, Texas in early May, the daily average crossings were about 2700 a day. If you look at the daily average crossings in Brownsville today, they’re single digit, and that can be contributed to what operation Lonestar did down there. And what we did was we did a, you know a operation that we’re calling hold the line. And so we went down to the actual riverbed, we laid concertina wire in place soldiers and troopers in place in riot gear and held that line and informed them that they weren’t going to cross illegally into the state of Texas. If they wanted to cross somewhere they needed to report to the port of entry to the federal government. In less than three days, we dropped that traffic and 2700 injuries a day to single digits, we’re now repeating that operation over an Eagle Pass, where we’ve decreased those numbers by about 55%. And the same thing we’re doing kind of again, maintain expand, we’re going to an area where large groups are crossing, we’re gaining control of that area. And then we’re maintaining it. And we’re expanding it to the next area. And I think that it’s a phenomenal job. And the governor has been very clear, we’re going to hold that line, we’re not going to list him in if they want to come in, they need to come in the legal way and go to the go to a port of entry, not cross illegally between the ports of entries. And the Texas DPS and the men and women of TMD are doing a phenomenal job. They’re out there every day laying the wire and and holding that line. And we’re gonna continue to hold that line until the federal government steps up and starts doing its job. Right. And you mentioned the legal way going through a port of entry. I mean, is is is that legal? are laws that stupid in the United States where all you got to do is be a foreign national, you show up to a port of entry and say I want to come in and come on in is is that what we would constitute legal or is that just the federal government blessing illegal immigration? Don’t get don’t get me wrong. The federal government is not enforcing law. There’s bringing their own policies, despite the administration is creating his own policies that are contradictory to the law. Yes. However, however port of entry is controlled by the federal government, and we don’t have the ability to go on there and shut down that port of entry. But we do have the ability to prevent them from crossing between those ports of entries. And so we’re going where we can go and doing everything we can within the within our state’s powers, to prevent them from crossing and just roaming freely into the United States. A lot of Texans a lot of conservatives saw this last legislative session is the most pro communist pro left wing legislative session turned in by House Republicans in recent memory, there was some border legislation that managed to get through. And I believe Governor Abbott did sign that border legislation, what does it do? And so there’s quite a few packet of bills in that package, and one of them was SB 423. And what that does is that gives TMD the authority to use drones, drones are huge in early detection. And so being military, there was limitations on what they couldn’t couldn’t do with drones in the United States. So they gave us the ability to allow TMB to have that authority for for detecting illegal entries. I mean, as you know, it’s always best to see the traffic coming, and then get ahead of the traffic to prevent the traffic from entering. And so that’s one of the things we did the other thing that is done is is declared the Mexican drug cartels, Texas, you know, in the state of Texas, as as terrorist organizations, that was under SB 1900. And that’s been signed into law. And the great thing about that is it increases dependencies that we can we can apply to those that are, you know, involved in in drug smuggling. We also have one, the SB 1420 1484, that was signed into law that allows us to create training training programs for DPS with local and local officials, city and local officials, law enforcement officials, to train them and actual border security missions. As you know, there’s a reason why we have a US Border Patrol as its standalone law enforcement agency, because, you know, controlling the border and patrolling the border, it’s a skill set. And so you need to be focused on that 100%. And then also, the the, the 14, SB 1403, which has been signed into law that allows for the state to enter interstate compacts on border security without congressional approval. And so what that does, it allows us to share resources and intelligence with other states that choose to partake in that interstate compact. And so those are some of the main points that we’ve had. And so they’ve given us more ability detection ability, obviously, you need to be to detect the threat coming to get in front of it and stop it with the drones. And so, and then being able to share info and resources with other states to protect the border is huge for us. Mike banks, our guest right now, folks, he’s the borders are in the state of Texas, doing his best to basically stand against the illegality of the Biden regime. I’m curious as to what the Biden regime might say, as as their main partners now these Narco terrorists have been declared terrorist organizations by the state of Texas. Let me ask you about the deployment of these of these floating barriers, there’s been some skepticism that they will actually get in the way and in stop illegal immigration across the Rio Grande. What are they made of? And what is their success rate at stopping people from going across the river? That was the point on the river? Yes, we’re, we’re deploying them in the river. This is actually a technology and a barrier that the US Border Patrol was looking at, and was moving forward on deploying it prior to the new administration coming in and pretty much halting any type of infrastructure that would actually do some deterrence. No, no infrastructure is going to stop someone who’s determined to get in. But what infrastructure does is it acts as a force multiplier. And, you know, anywhere in my 23 years in the Border Patrol, you were where we put up infrastructure, the US Border Patrol was able to control an area with a lot less resources. You take the wall, for example, a wall, stand up that wall and walk away from it. And it’s not going to do anything other than slow down the traffic. But if you if you build that wall that calls for border security technology, personnel, it works as a force multiplier. So what it does is it slows them down. And with the camera packages that come on these walls, it gives you early detection, so you see what’s coming. While that while slowing him down, you can move those those manpower resources into the area in order to stop it. As far as the barriers. These barriers were designed to be placed around the shift in foreign ports to prevent terrorists from swimming up to a ship and placing a mind on Him. I’ve heard everything from where people can climb over them. They can’t they roll they spend if you try to climb up on them, they spend they come in for foot diameters. They come in six foot diameters. They’re interlaced so you can’t play something between them. to keep them from spinning, so every time you try to climb up on this buoy, it’s going to roll backwards and prevent you from coming up. It also has protection below it down to the floor of the river that would prevent people from just diving under the swimming. And so again, we believe it’s gonna be highly effective, but it was it was it was highly effective and being tested. Border Patrol actually use their special operations to try to defeat it, and then much more in controlled environment. But no infrastructure is undefeatable. However, it’s one part of a multi layered defense, if we can stop them at the international boundary in the river. That’s that’s that’s a win if they get past the buoy in some way. You still have the soldiers and the troopers on that riverbank waiting to to repel them. Mike, thanks everybody’s Navy veteran and a former agent in charge of the US Border Patrol. He is the Texas borders are overseeing operation Lonestar. Hey, I’m hoping that the governor’s office can make you available on more often to give us updates on what’s going on down there because there and the next time we talk we can talk about critics who are saying that we are we are actually helping Joe Biden facilitate the importation more illegal aliens and I’m hoping that there is a there is a plan to not be a partner with the Biden regime’s lawlessness. Mike banks. Thank you very much for your service, sir. Thank you sir. Thank you for having me on. And that does it for this Saucedo storm podcast. Visit a couple of websites for me, Chris, and Texas That’s CHR is Sal You can find all manner of stuff there, including the information about this podcast and our other broadcasts on am talk radio and on Newsmax TV. Also pay a visit Texas For enterprising journalism that impacts Texas and beyond. Until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends

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