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The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Texas GOP Chairs Need To Call Out Fake Republicans

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Kim Shaw, Candidate for Marion County GOP Chair.

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You know what, I’m only shocked by it. And I am not. Even though I watch politics more than the average bear. I don’t know every jot and tittle of what every political office does their rights responsibilities. Hell, it took me so long to figure out what the railroad Commissioner did here in Texas. It took me a long time to figure out I mean, I kind of knew what the ad Commissioner does, but I knew I didn’t know every jot and tittle of it. 

So where I’ve been probably the most deficient for the longest has been county judges. But I got really up to speed on the judges responsibilities just before the China virus and during the China virus. But these county chairs, these, these Republican Party slash Democrat Party, county chairs of the official Republican slash Democrat parties in the various counties in Texas, what is it? They do? 

I think, well, some of you might be saying, well, who cares? You know, What difference do they make? Well, folks, Rhonda McDaniel is the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee. And look at the job she’s been doing. Right. Well, well, we have a Republican primary to put on Oh, where are we going to host those primary debates? Oh, we’re gonna go to Never Trump networks. So we can have a fair and Republican focused debate which didn’t happen. It was all a Trump bash fest. 

I think Trump had every right to be upset about the way that the lack of fairness, there was on display from the Republican Party. And so the RNC the Chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel. She made those decisions, she made those choices. And in a republican party that was supposed to be fair to all of the candidates. She was decidedly unfair to the front runner that the hands down front runner, President Donald J. Trump. Another thing that these PARTY CHAIRS are supposed to do is raise money, raise money and promote their candidates. 

Now, I don’t want to pick on Rhonda McDaniel too much but report came out here recently. I think it was just before Christmas, that the Republican Party on the national level is the lowest level of funds that they have been since 2016. Meaning there’s not a lot of fundraising prowess. They’re at the RNC. So all of these PARTY CHAIRS in the various counties around Texas, they have similar responsibilities. But, you know, I have wanted these chairman and Chairwoman to get more active, like Matt Rinaldi like the conservative Republican chairman of the party of Texas. I’ve wanted them to get more to say, Look, man, when you’re a Republican, there’s a set of policies and positions that come with that label. 

In other words, if you say you are a Republican, there are certain standards you must live up to, to be considered a legitimate Republican Speaker Dade Phelan doesn’t live up to that criteria. Charlie Garin, the 21 Republicans who voted against a parental school choice and education freedom, the Dirty Dozen, as articulated by the Texas scorecard. They don’t live up to those standards. So it is my fervent wish that these chairmen around the state of Texas, all 253 of them, that they that they look at the the party that I am the Chairman of X county of the Republican Party. So you’re really the standard bearer, the keeper of what it is to be a Republican. 

And when somebody steps out of line, whether it be Dade Phelan, or, you know, these, these pro Democrat Republicans, John Cornyn, in my view, the these chair Chairman, chairwoman, they ought to step up and say, Look, you might call yourself a Republican, but you’re not behaving as a Republican. So some parts around the state the parties have gotten serious and started censoring some of these pro Democrat Republicans. But I want them to be a heck of a lot more aggressive. And we’ll talk to somebody who wants to be a Republican Party Chairwoman, coming up next to the Saucedo storm podcast. 

Folks, let me bring on our guest Kim Shaw. She’s a candidate for Marion County GOP Chairwoman and Kim. Welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Thank you, Chris. I’m happy to be here. It’s an honor. 

You know, I’ve got I think a lot of people don’t know what chairmen do around the state of Texas or basically in politics. What is a Republican share person Chairwoman share man do?

So we promote Republican candidates of course we Uh, you know, organize, block walking, and getting out the vote, we help voters get registered or citizens get registered if they’re not registered to vote. We educate them, like I’ve educated people on which candidate to vote for which candidate it has, you know, the most conservative values out there. And then also to throughout the year, we have meetings where we invite different speakers to tell us like we had Kristen Bentley, our SRC chair, come and tell us what’s going on in the state of Texas and what she did during the last legislative session, or we have our state senator come or our state rep come and just, you know, keep us informed and keep Republicans unified and updated on what what’s important. 

So you are running to be a chair, the chairperson of Marion County, give us give us some cities in Marion County that Texans would know and maybe some folks outside of Texas would know. 

Right. So Marion County is a very small county. It’s not well known. The biggest city would be Jefferson, Texas, and Jefferson has got a population of about 1800 people. We’re we are over towards the Louisiana border. We’re so East Texas, that the next county over is actually a parish. But Marion County is a beautiful part of Texas. It’s got like the pines on the west of it. And it’s got the Big Cypress Bayou cattle Lake area on the east part of it. My husband and I retired from Dallas, and we chose Marion County because of the natural beauty but also to because of the people in Jefferson. We just love them. A lot of conservative values. I think by last count Jefferson pretty much is like 80%. Republican. So we need to keep those strong Republican conservative values there in Marion County. 

Well, I’m right there with you. And that kind of dovetails perfectly into my next question, what are the biggest critiques I have of the Republican Party as me being a conservative, I haven’t been part of this Republican Party for a while, because they’ve there’s been an emphasis on getting along and placating and caving in to Democrats that that a good Republican is one who sells out to Democrats. You see that from Speaker Dade Phelan. And one of the big problems I’ve had with with county chairs all over the state of Texas, not just in Marion County, but everywhere, is when you see Republicans like for example, let me give you one, John Cornyn, when you see Republicans like John Cornyn openly violating what it is to be a Republican, and the county chairs are only a few want to censure him or call for his resignation. Because so many of them just want to get invited to good cocktail parties. To me, that’s a big problem. All right. Right, how are you going to fix that? 

xSo I’m very much a believer in the sensor. I feel like that’s about the only way that we can let someone know, hey, you really are not listening to us? You know, I mean, the county chair, yes, we organize people, yes, we get the vote out, but also to I think we have to keep our elected officials very accountable and very transparent, and remind them that they work for us, not the other way, way around and high. Yeah, we sent you down to Austin or high we sent you to Washington, DC, but we did pass some platforms that we would like for you to, you know, consider and, and, and, and further promote. And, again, what happened down at the state convention and the platforms that we came up with, for that committee to come up with those platforms, was just amazing to get it down to eight, I think as to what are the most important things to the Republican Party of Texas, and then we’ve got elected officials who just kind of who thunder their nose at us and go Well, you know, we don’t represent you. I mean, I don’t you know, that’s kind of the feeling that I’ve got is that they just really don’t represent the platforms that were set up by the state convention. 

Right. And I think that when you’re a Republican, that comes with a set of values that is to be lived up to a set of values that you Institute into, into policy or into I’m implementing to candidates for said policy. You know, there are some party chairs around this state that are into protecting what I would call pro Democrat Republicans, fake Republicans. There. Something happened. I don’t know if you heard about this in Orange County, Texas and the Orange County Republican Party there, they wanted to censure Dade Phelan for his antics for his pro Democrat antics for what he’s been up to. And the county chair there. I’ve got the name of Leo LeBeau, over Boeve I can’t can’t pronounce the guy’s name. He basically violated the rules to protect speaker feelings so he wouldn’t get a censure vote leveled against him. Wow. What What? What can you do collectively as chairpersons, to bring to bring accountability not only to the candidates that you’re supporting, but also to your own party chairs to say, look, we’ve got to come together. And there’s got to be a common set of principles that we’re united behind. What can what can you do as a party chair to facilitate that? 

Well, so back to this Orange County. I I’m curious as to what his precinct chairs thought, I mean, did he go against the wishes of the precinct chairs? I mean, we really, the precinct chairs should be able to voice their opinions and voice strongly, you know, what the voters are telling them, that’s where we need to be more connected with the voters. If the precinct chairs are bringing, you know, hey, we need to censor him. Then as a county chair, I would put it up for a vote. 

Well, they tried. They tried it. But again, all the precinct chairs were in agreement, Dade Phelan needed to be censured. But then the GOP chairman Leo Labov, he killed the motion he just refused to take it up, he violated the party rules to protect Dade Phelan. Yeah, and, and, and why why are we protecting an elected official that when your precinct chairs are saying, No, this is what we want to do. This is what our what our Republican citizens are telling, telling us they want. I feel like the precinct chairs are taking the pulse of the people. And to me by by disregarding the people’s opinions, that you’re canceling out their freedom of speech, you’re canceling out the wishes of the people, um, just because you’re protecting an elected official, which, you know, again, a elected official works for us and the sensor to me, the censure to me is a way to let a elected official now hey, you know, we really think you you violated Republican rules here, and we’re not going to stand for it. 

On these on the statewide so I brought up John Cornyn already. The people that are I mean, how would you handle it? Because I know that Lamar County and a couple of other counties have have publicly called on John Cornyn to step down. You know what he’s done? You know what he’s done with the Second Amendment. You know, what he did with that omnibus that omnibus vote for the border, basically, funding all of Joe Biden’s massive illegal immigration, which is harming Texas, he voted for it. What would what would your solution be if you get the county chairmanship to Republicans like John Cornyn, who portray their voters who betray their state? 

I think what we need to do is start looking for some strong candidate to run against John Cornyn, we need to look at who’s supporting John Cornyn expose, who is supporting John Cornyn, expose that expose, you know, all the all the PACs that support him. And we really just need to start saying, you know, folks, we need to get behind, you know, this candidate, because we feel like John Cornyn is not representing Republicans from Texas, up in Washington, and just start, you know, talking about a new candidate and candidate searches like and, you know, start interviewing, you know, start bringing new candidates in who would be interested in that. I get that but would there be as again, at pointed I pointed to Lamar County and some others, right, who basically put out proclamations I know there are rules that you have to follow, but calling on basically in my mind If if all of the and forgive me for not knowing the number right off the top of my head of how many counties, Republican county chairs there are I think there’s 200 and some 232 52. Two, yeah. 253. We have, that’s how many counties there are in Texas. So every every county would have a Republican chair. Right. So if all 253 chairman or chairwoman said about John Cornyn, you’re not keeping faithful to Republican Republican Party platform. A vote of no confidence, a letter of no compromise. You don’t have the support of the of the Republican county chairs. I think that would go a long way. But oh, yeah, yes. Because it doesn’t happen. Right? Because it is a vote of Yes. 

To 254 counties. Yes. Because it’s a vote of, of no confidence. And I think I think that sends a big a big message to John Cornyn. I mean, we, as Marin County and Harris Harrison County that I’m closest to, we did sensor, our State Representative Chris Patti years ago. So that is something that that that our party is done with our history and all Yes, yes, Patti, for those. Those of you who don’t remember, Chris Patti was the one who protected taxpayer funded lobbying, even though think about 96%, wasn’t it? Kim of Republican voters said they didn’t want it. But Chris Riley, Chris petty says he knew better than 96% of Republican voters and he kept taxpayer funded lobbying. And of course, it got him a century from his his home, his home counties, and he didn’t run for reelection. So yeah, yeah, there was some redistricting and all that, but over a Marin County and we went we did go to a different district and all but yeah, we did since since or him, and he’s not he’s not our state representative anymore. So it can be effective. You know, can Yeah, it really it really can be and I wish other PARTY CHAIRS would would look at that. 

You know, that effectiveness of the sensor? Sure, folks, we’re talking to Kim Shaw. She’s a candidate for Marion County, GOP chairperson, Chairwoman, and you have a you have a candidate by the opponent, I should say, who we did it also extend the same courtesy to come on and talk with us about his vision. And he, he actually used the occasion as we offered him equal time to say that you’re talking with a host in Houston about what’s going on in Marion County. And I had to, I had to correct him that the Yes, I am a talk show host that’s based in Houston, and also on Newsmax TV across the country. But the Salcedo storm podcast is heard all over Texas. So I had to correct him on that. 

And why do you think you’re a superior choice to your opponent? I think I’m a superior choice to my opponent, because I’m really into unifying the the Republican Party of Marion County, I really want to get past the negative rhetoric. And I want to tell people why they should choose the Republican Party as their as I look for candidates to vote for I mean, we’ve had an important election coming up here in 2024, with the presidential election and all, and so we really need to get out there, get people out there registered to vote and let them know that the Republican Party is the party of common sense. We’re the party of border security of parents rides of, you know, gun gun, not gun control, but gun rights, you know, the Second Amendment and protecting our families. And, you know, getting this inflation under control and letting these families be able to buy, you know, grocery, you know, more groceries at the store. I mean, I sat around the table and talk to people who talked about how outrageous prices are just getting them right now. And it’s this administration, if we can, you know, bring the inflation down and get prices down. I mean, that really speaks to everyone in our county. Our county is one of the poorest counties in Texas, and I know that that bottom line really, really affects people so Again, if we if you could just talk to people about what the Republican Party can do for them, and how their voice can be heard, I think sometimes that people don’t feel like their voices heard in, in politics, especially, but I want to talk to the people. And then I also want to work with elected officials on the local level and the state level. 

Let them know what Marion County people are telling me as I’m talking to them. Should any Republican support or act to appoint Democrat chairman or chairwoman of key committees in the Texas House? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. I, what I wonder is if it was, if the if the shoe was on the other foot, you think they’re gonna put Republicans as head of head of committees? Oh, well, they did it. Once they put when the Democrats I was one of the last grand gestures of the Democrat Socialist Party. They put one Republican in charge of one committee, and then they call it a tradition. They said this has been a Texas tradition. Of course, it wasn’t started until the 1970s. But let’s not let’s just not, let’s not quibble on details, shall we? Yes. They call it a tradition from the 1970s. Ooh, yeah. It seems like Republicans play nice and fair and Democrats don’t. Typically Yes. And surrendering to the unfairness is the wrong thing to do. Kim Shaw candidate for Marion County GOP chair, if folks want to celebrate and perhaps support your endeavor, where can they go? 

So I do have a website. I am an ad on Facebook, but I also have a website for Kim Shaw, for And that would that would be the website you could go to? Well, I look forward I had it’s one of the one of the counties I’ve not been to yet in Texas is County. Look for it now, since you’ve described it so beautifully. I look forward to getting out there. Jefferson is a beautiful historic town. it one time was the second largest town. Besides Galveston. It was a port at one time. Steamboat used to come in from New Orleans to Jefferson. So it’s a little historic town. It’s got beautiful old homes all around it. We would love to have you Chris. Well, I can’t wait to visit and thank you very much for your time. Thank you, Chris. 

That’s gonna put a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast visit the websites kids, Texas and Chris It’s really all you need for for everything in your life. Just visit those two websites you’re gonna be taking care of Joey visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. But it is rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay vigilant out there my friends. 

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