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The Luke Macias Show
Texas GOP Convention Recap

Last week was the Texas Republican Convention, and we saw some huge wins for Texas conservatives.

Matt Rinaldi won re-election unopposed, Dan Patrick gave a fantastic convention speech where he committed to supporting and advancing Republican priorities quickly next session, and John Cornyn got booed for 80 percent of his speech.

Conservatives also saw some big wins in SREC races with Rachel Horton, Karen Marshall, and Naomi Narvaiz (just to name a few).

We also saw the rules committee and the delegates rise up and remove all election code references from our GOP rules. For context as to why this was necessary, you have to understand that Cody Vasut, a member of the Texas Freedom Caucus, tried to squash the voice of the grassroots last session and amplify the voice of his fellow politicians by making the SREC and Texas GOP chair and vice chair elected on the primary ballot. This was an attempt to give more control to lobbyists and the political elite that was shut down by the Texas Senate and conservatives in the Texas House.

Now, the Texas GOP has amplified their own voice over Vasut’s assault and established the fact that they won’t let Austin politicians dictate their destiny.

We also saw huge support for Bryan Slaton’s policy to ban Democrat chairs. Delegates spoke loudly on this issue when an effort was made to remove the policy from the list of legislative priorities.

Ultimately, the convention was a success. Conservatives saw huge wins and a lot of momentum leading into November and the upcoming legislative session.

We cap off this week with a conversation about Season 2 of Exposed. Jacob Asmussen goes in-depth on public education’s problems and previews the content he’ll be bringing this season.


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