Texas Heartbeat Act
  • The U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the two legal cases filed against the Texas Heartbeat Act.
  • One legal case is brought by the federal government.
  • The other case is brought by abortion providers.
  • It’s likely a ruling will not be immediate in the case.
  • The third called special legislative session concluded with a few things left undone. One of those things includes prohibiting employer vaccine mandates.
Constitutional Amendments
  • Election day is Tuesday, November 2, for eight ballot propositions to amend the Texas Constitution.
  • Most controversial propositions seems to be Proposition 2.
  • Texas GOP came out in opposition to the ballot proposition.
Non-Returning Lawmakers List Grows
  • Currently, 18 lawmakers have announced they will not be seeking re-election to their current positions.
  • Fifteen of these lawmakers are from the Texas House of Representatives.
  • Three of these lawmakers are from the Texas Senate.
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