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Texas House GOP "Leadership," Delivering For Democrats

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast:  Nate Schatzline is a family man and conservative in North Texas. He represents the District 93 in the dysfunctional Texas House.

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My friends, Texas is setting records. And well, these aren’t good records to be setting. We are now staring down the barrel of a fifth special session. Now why are we having to do a fifth special session? 

Well, it’s because the The cats out of the bag, the jig is up. We have the Democrat party that’s in charge of the Texas House using the Republican name. And there were Republican priorities set by the Republican Party of Texas there was there were several priorities set forth by the governor, the lieutenant governor, and the Texas House under the leadership allegedly of Republicans set out to kill them all sank screw you out of deference to Democrats. 

And because these Republicans have decided to stab their own voters squarely in the back, the governor has had to send them back to do the will of their constituents over and over and over again. And as you all probably heard, first time out of committee, the universal school choice Bill is passed out of the Texas House. 

And it seems the Senate got to work right away. But what did the house do? Well, the House does what the house has been doing. They mail it in, they slough off, they are collecting your taxpayer dollars, and they’re dragging their feet and then they’re gonna claim Oh, we ran out of time. And some of the guys who actually believe in behaving as conservatives actually believe the Republican Party ought to behave as conservatives. 

Talking about Nate Schatz line talking about Tony Tinderholt  we’re talking about Stephen Toth. And and Brian Harrison, they decided to call out the Texas House and Dade Phelan and his lack of a work ethic listen. 

“To how many times to Senator Creighton have to vote, the parental choice bill out of the Senate Senator over the house for today over there. Because the speaker doesn’t want to call us into session so we can vote on this bill. We don’t work. We’re in session. We’re here. But I saw a huge gaggle at the front like yesterday, and I heard the speaker specifically told members not to worry about being here today. And that we would come back Monday, which we have a constitutional duty to be here, members are paid 200. And I think $90 a day to be here, whether they’re here or not. And so I understand that you’re actually That’s right. I heard that we’re up there. And this is what’s being told to the members that it’s not important to be here today.” 

Wow. Just let that sink in Dade Phelan and his Democrat work ethic is saying yeah, to to all the Republicans, my lieutenants, who have aided me in delivering control over the Democrats, all of you people don’t even bother showing up. We’re not we don’t care what the governor wants. We don’t care what the majority of Texans want. We we are not giving them parental school choice, because the Democrats don’t want it and I get my power from Democrats. 

“And the reality is, is this is incredibly concerning to us because we only have a certain amount of time to get education freedom for all Texas families. And we are setting a dangerous precedent by breaking quorum as Republicans how are we going to call up the Democrats when they do the very same thing in order to kill education freedom and our border bill?” 

Yeah, no kidding before Harrison jumps in there. Yeah, remember, the Socialist Democrats did the same thing. They They killed. They attempted to kill election reform. And they ran away to Washington DC to pal around with Nancy Pelosi and all the other left wingers up there. And now you’ve got Republicans in name only those who are dedicated to delivering for Democrats like Dade Phelan and his lieutenants. Now they’re doing the same thing. Turns out they were all Democrats all along. Here’s Brian Harrison. 

“It’s exactly right. And then the governor Abbott’s right to call us back for multiple special sessions. We’re literally making history a lot of folks don’t know this. This is the first time in the history of the great state of Texas. We’ve had five sessions in the same calendar year. And why has Governor Abbott had to call us back for border security, for school choice and to end COVID tyranny? What do all three of those things have in common? Well, I will tell you, all three of those priorities were killed by the liberal leadership, the failed liberal leadership, under Dade Phelan in the Texas House of represented, we could have had stronger border security, we could have had school choice we could have and kill them eight years ago. And I’m saying something, if they feel it wanted to do those things we could have done them months ago, 10 months ago, when we gambled and said We’re here on a Saturday doing our constitutional responsibility when far too many of our peers are not bothered to show.” 

Yeah, hold on for that. That is exactly what I just said. Dade Phelan, because he gets his power from Democrats has dedicated himself to thwarting the Republican agenda in the state of Texas. And he calls himself a Republican. The truth is, folks, he’s not. Neither was Dennis Bonnen. Neither was Joe Straus. They were Democrats who couldn’t get elected as Republicans. So they pretended to be Republicans, they’re sabotaging the Republican Party and sabotaging Texas, in the name of the Republican Party. 

“How many times has quorum been broken in the last couple of weeks. This is the fourth or fifth bipartisan form break in two weeks. At the same two weeks. We’ve also had an illegal and unconstitutional standing at ease for over six days we’re stretching a speaker feeling and his liberal leadership team are shredding not just the Constitution. They’re shredding the house rules. They ignored our request today to do a roll call vote to show the 30 million Texans who showed up to work for them. And who didn’t. It’s a shame Texans deserve better. We’re fighting guys and you need to fight as well speak up as your veterans. Thank you for your service.” 

Yeah, that’s what happened on Veterans Day. So look, you know, our veterans showed up Dade feeling in his bipartisan lackeys don’t want to show up and do their duty. And I think it’s time Texans reject these lazy, leftist individuals who have taken over the Texas House, and some of them doing so in the name of republicanism. Supposed to be the Conservative Party will talk to Nate Schatz line one of the guys in that video coming up next on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Nate Schatz line. He’s a family man and a conservative in North Texas. He represents District 93 and the dysfunctional Texas house, sir, welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. 

Oh, Chris, it’s great to be with you as always looking forward to it. 

Well, there’s a couple of things we’re going to cover first off the left wing, you know the purveyors of the or the purveyor of the quorum report. Think victory labs, saying that what he calls immigrant, anti immigrant legislation, which you and I both know is anti illegal immigration legislation is dying on the vine in the Texas Legislature, as is parental school choice, and education freedom. And I’ve been asking the question, Why are conservative priorities dying and an alleged Republican controlled government? Can you tell the folks why? 

Well, it didn’t. It’s an incredible question. Because what we’re talking about here, Chris, we’re talking about actually securing our Texas border that we’ve been promising from the very beginning of us campaigning for this last election cycle. And so this is something that should have been done in the very beginning of this session, and that really is the issue, we see constantly how our leadership team waits till the very last second, and then allows bills to die on the final day saying, and I quote, we ran out of time. And so we’re talking about a bill that really was a good bill that we got in this special session, something that I fought for, for 16 hours straight on the floor, that as we see would have, you know, allowed for us to create a state felony for an illegal immigrant crossing the border. And we see this that we cannot come to terms with actually passing it on the floor. And I want to be clear here, this is not a Democrat problem that we have inside the Texas House, this is a Republican problem, because the reality is, we have the majority, we should have passed HB 20, that actually would have mobilized the Border Protection Unit during the regular session. But we see that it was killed on a part of point of order, and then upheld by our speaker, which is a Republican, shockingly upheld a point of order on a border bill that would have actually allowed us to shut down our border, mobilize the troops to go down and actually secure it. So that we get and human and drug trafficking and the cartels influence coming across the southern Texas border. But that didn’t happen. And it’s all because of Republicans. And so it’s incredibly sad. 

It is and so let me let me ask you about the border bill, before we go to the other quote unquote, Bill that ran out of time. It was said that that the the left wing influences in the Texas House tried to water down the bill, to the point to where if you captured an illegal alien who who came into the into Texas illegally, that the illegal alien could not be fingerprinted cannot be traced. You’re just to give them a ride back to the border. So they could try and not get captured again, is is that what left wing elements inside the Texas House tried to do to the border bill? 

Oh, they absolutely did. And you know, this is something that, you know, one of the things that I was fighting for is for us to be able to collect biometric data, meaning facial recognition, you know, taking photos, taking fingerprints, and we got that inside of the bill. Now, I think what we should be fighting for is to demand that they that our our border patrol, be able to take those measures immediately when they meet those crossing, right where they’re at. Otherwise, if they take them to the point of entry, and really, if we become just a free Uber service for illegal immigrants crossing, which is, which is very easily what could happen, then we’re going to be in a very, very tough spot because all of a sudden, we’re taking them to the said that we’re just going to turn them over and allow them to be released into our nation because you know that the federal government is not going to do the right thing when illegal immigrants come across the border. 

Right. And I have to point out, folks that was Republicans who were allowing the border bill to be watered down to turn Texas into an Uber service to facilitate Joe Biden’s massive, uncontrolled illegal immigration into this into the state into this country. Nate Schatz line is our guest right now representative of district 93 in the dysfunctional Texas house. Representative, I want to touch on another bill that they claimed we ran out of time by my count, the Speaker of the Texas House, gaveled in and worked 16 Out of the 30 days of the special session the rest of the time, they were screwing around screwing off and doing no work whatsoever. Is is it credible to say that they ran out of time? Or is it more credible? Say they ran out the clock? 

Well, I’ll tell you it is never going to be credible to say we’ve ran out of time on anything in the Texas House, when we have had 10 months to pass something that is literally one of the priorities for the GOP. You know when when we go to our state convention and we expect our delegates to put forward a list of priorities that is our call to action to go down to Austin and fight for those things. And so now we see that we had an opportunity for the past 10 months to give educational freedom to every Texan to where their tax dollars To follow the student to where we could literally say, hey, no longer are my tax dollars going to go towards indoctrinating the next generation to for gender fluidity and for, for all these other left wing godless anti family policies and things that kids are learning inside of schools, but we want them to follow the kid so that our parents can have the final say in their child’s education. All of a sudden, after 10 months, we’re going to we’re going to say that in this special session, we ran out of time, I’ll tell you what it is, Chris, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Democrats coming out against school choice, because I you know, I think you said at one time, we can expect Democrats to do the bidding against their voters and to go after it for the teachers unions and, and you name it, but when it comes to Republicans, we have an expectation, and voters should demand that those Republicans are going to go to Austin and fight for them and fight for their families. And yet we have Republicans not just in quiet back room saying that they won’t support education, freedom, but actually out loud, saying that they would never support this policy, because they only want to support public schools, and government ed, and it’s absolutely shameful. And I’m gonna tell you something, it is setting up for a very tough primary season for them. 

Well, let’s hope so let’s hope so. And that actually leads into my next question. If Governor Abbott decided to call a fourth special session, it would, it would clear the field for these these left wing Republicans who you and I have identified as the problem to allow their conservative challengers and their districts to have basically an open field to campaign. Do you think Governor Abbott should since since the so called Republicans have dedicated themselves to legislating against the best interests and the will of of our people of of Republican conservative voters? Do you think Governor Abbott should call them back into a special session or for special session for parental school choice and education freedom and maybe a border bill if it doesn’t get done this time? So that so that the primary challengers can basically have the field of themselves leading up to March? 

I’d say, well, we absolutely should be called back into a fourth special session. You know, me and my colleagues, many of my colleagues such as representative Harrison, Representative toes representative tend to hold, we’ve said this, bring us back every single month until the next election, if that’s what it takes. This is one of the most important things we could do, especially talking about the Texas border, that we have got to secure a rest, we are not going to have this state that we grew up in to hand off to the next generation and onto education, freedom, we should be coming back every single month, as many times it takes as long as it takes. And the reality is this we want to vote, we want to see which Republicans are going to betray the will of their voters take the side the liberal teachers unions, and superintendents who want to indoctrinate children. We want to see who those people are. Because the reality is, is we’re about to get loud about the Republicans that are betraying the will of the people to go after just securing our next election so that people will not come against them. And you know, the education bureaucrats and you name it back in their district. And so this is the time to get bold. This is the time for every constituent to call not just the governor’s office, but their state representatives representatives office and ensure that their state representative is on the right side of history. And I’ll add this, it’s very important that we don’t just get a education freedom bill, it’s important that we get a universal school choice program Amen doesn’t just cover 1% of students or point 3% of students, but actually applies to all Texas families so that every Texas family can have the opportunity for the money to follow their child’s individual needs. 

Alright, let’s let’s talk about by the way, Nate Cheslin is our guest right now folks, district 93 representative in the Texas State House, the Texas House such as it is, I’m going to put on I’m gonna ask you to give a behind the scenes look at the curtain because since Charlie Garen had undertaken with 10 other so called representatives had undertaken their coup 11 years ago, and ousted speaker Cradick to put in Joe Straus than Dennis spawn in a now dead feeling that the people of Texas have been operating under the illusion that it is the Republican Party that is choosing their speaker. Now, I’m going to lay out the scenario quickly and I want you to tell me if I fit and laying this out correctly. A left wing Republican is really a Democrat but couldn’t get elected as a Democrat in his district or her district goes to the Democrats and says, Hey, I want to be the next speaker. What do I got to give you and every Democrat says here’s our list, if you provide this will vote for you. He says or she says great, takes that list, and then proceeds with a whole bunch of money backing him or her goes and buys off it 10, 11, 12 squishy Republicans to support him. And that’s how, and then the rest of the Conservatives are told to go pound sand. Isn’t that how the Texas speaker is chosen currently by the majority of Democrats? 

Well, it sure seems that way. Chris, you know, ultimately, you know, we’re looking at the, you know, the group of conservatives inside the Texas House can rarely even get a meeting to discuss, you know, conservative priorities with with leadership team. Now we’re looking at, you know, ultimately, you know, we see Democrats, we bend the knee to them in the Texas House all the time, we see their priorities are passing, we see that all of a sudden, they have chairmanship, which is a whole nother issue, you know, and that’s, I think, is a telltale sign that we have an issue in the Texas House, we are giving chairmanships to the most far left Democrats inside of the Texas House, which is insanity to me, because ultimately, we know that if the shooter on the other foot, there is no shot that if it was a Democrat led house, they would be giving and giving up chairmanship that literally will kill or will pass priority bills, there’s no way they’d give those over to Republicans, if they had the majority. There’s just no Possible way, right? 

I agree. And that’s, that’s the totalitarian nature of the left. And the last thing I have for you, because representatives that I’ve had a conversation with, off the record over the years, have told me about the talk. And the talk goes something like this. And I want to I’m just curious if you got the same talk, so called leadership of the Republican Party in the Texas House, takes freshmen and incoming reps and sits them down and says this is the way it is you’re not joining a legislature, you’re joining a fraternity, and you’re not going to be allowed to go on Chris Saucedo show or or Mark Davis is show or any of these conservatives shows, and you’re not going to be able to bash Democrats anymore. Now the Democrats, they get to bash you and call you a Nazi and do whatever the hell they want to you. But you can’t respond. Because you’ve joined a club and the Democrats are part of this club too. And you’re not going to be allowed. Forget everything you promised your constituents. Forget everything you campaigned on. Did you get the talk when you came in? 

Absolutely. And I’ll tell you, one of the things that that is said constantly inside of the body that needs to be exposed and it needs to be exposed loudly, is they say, Hey, Nate, listen, you can have an issue all day long. But you need to deal with your issues in private and you need to privately correct and privately disagree, but you need to publicly praise. And I’m gonna tell you something, Chris, I will never bend a knee to bullies inside the Texas House that tried to turn my loyalties away from my voters and away from those that elected me to go down and do a job and turn it into, you know, whatever club it is inside the Texas House because my loyalties lie with my constituents alone. And this is exactly what we see when they say Hey, be quiet about that. Don’t talk about that on Twitter, maybe don’t tweet about that, because we don’t want to make people look bad. I want to shout out you know, Representative Brian Harrison, who has been one of the most vocal supporters for the COVID vaccine Freedom Act, since the very beginning of his time in the Texas House. His constant public pressure, I believe is one of the key factors in this special session us banning COVID vaccine mandates from pipe private industry. And listen, no one in the leadership team is going to give him credit for that. But the reality is, is if he did not apply that public pressure to do the will of his voters not listen to them when they said to be quiet. We would not be looking at a special session where we just banned COVID vaccine at COVID vaccine mandates for private industry and this is what we’ve got to do we need to demand of our representatives that they publicly tell the truth and stop covering for liberal leadership inside of the Texas House. 

Can I get an amen? Nate Schatz line everybody? Family Man North Texas district 93 in the dysfunctional Texas house, sir. Appreciate your efforts. 

Great to be with you, Chris. 

Thank you, that’s gonna put a wrap on another successful Salcedo storm podcast. Do me and yourself a favor, folks. Visit a couple of websites Texas and Chris Newly renovated here in the last couple of months. Check out all of our social media hookups there and find the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas on rumble on getter and on Newsmax one and Newsmax to until we visit again my friends remember this a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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