Anita Scott is the Texas Home School Coalition Policy Director, a native of Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, and comes from a blended background of homeschool and public school experience.

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Some headlines for you and your own personal knowledge and it’s going to inform our discussion today. First, Tyler Public Library keeps sexually explicit books available for minors. Local officials rejected parents request to move the books out of the section for teens. Texas scorecard writing despite parents request to move to sexually explicit books from the teen section to the adult section. The Tyler Public Library maintains that one of the books in question belongs in the teen section. To sexually explicit books. All boys aren’t blue and out of darkness were placed in the young adult section, which is meant for minors between the ages of 14 and 17. Out of darkness depicts sexual abuse including rape between a stepfather and an underage stepdaughter as well as other sexually explicit scenes all boys aren’t blue tells the story of an LGBTQ ABCDEF ABCDEFG cultural Marxist activist George M. Johnson. The book goes into detail about the sexual trauma Johnson experiences child at the hands of a relative and the sexual encounters as a young adult. After these books were placed in the young adult section of the Tyler Public Library, many parents demanded these books be placed in the adult section due to their sexually explicit nature. Well, that didn’t happen. Folks in charge seem to think out there in the Tyler government and the public libraries that kids should be exposed to this kind of stuff. Some would call that grooming I would call it grooming. I find it unacceptable. But there you go. Meanwhile, in New Braunfels, Texas parents protest filthy books in the public library their local librarian included at least 25 explicit books and a recommended reading list for the entire state of Texas local and school librarians continue to use their profession to ramp up LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism around Texas rights the Texas scorecard and I would say your liberty loving Latino would say continuing their efforts to groom children for sex with adults. That’s just my opinion. crowd of concerned parents recently met at a New Braunfels city council meeting to read excerpts from pornographic books that a local library highlighted for Pride Month initiatives like unite against book bands said that dirty books in the library were a falsehood and the library staff does an exceptional job maintaining collections representative of our communities diversity Yes, yes. Pushing sex on the children is a sign of diversity. Now you see how they bastardize the language then this coming out of the Texas scorecard as well anti sex offender registry Association meets in the blue city of Houston. These are these are people who don’t believe in a sex offender registry meaning if you did a child, these people believe I should be able to remain anonymous. They say the group sympathizes with sex offenders and calls pedophiles minor attracted persons again, trying to normalize intimate relations with children. These people are sick. These people are grotesque. And these people populate these positions in government also positions inside of Gov Ed, which led to this poll the newest poll shows a 16 percentage point increase from a similar poll in 2017. About parental school choice and education freedom. Although the Texas legislature, the Texas House failed, and not really failed, they just killed something that they didn’t like because, frankly, they’re getting paid off to do so. And they would sacrifice your children on the altar of Gov Ed, for their own personal enrichment. They didn’t fail. But anyway, according to this article, they failed to pass school choice legislation earlier this year. With many Democrats and leftist Republicans are like voting against it. A new study has found that a majority of Texans support expanding educational freedom. A new poll conducted by the University of Texas shows 60% 66% of rural voters supported school choice legislation this session, along with 59% of urban voters and 55% of suburban voters. In other words, the vast majority, nearly two thirds of all Texans, regardless of political party, they support parental school choice, and your benevolent overseers inside of the Texas legislature said no, we’re too busy making money to make sure that you parents have the proper authority that you deserve, over how your children are educated in what they’re learning. 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The establishment media is out of touch with the real things real Texans care about real news for real Texans. That’s what Texas scorecard does every day. Learn more and subscribe for free, Texas I want to bring on Anita Scott, the Texas homeschool coalition Policy Director a native of Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, and comes from a blended background of homeschool and gov ed school experience discussing how school choice and will affect homeschooling and about something called u i l i need a Scott. Welcome to the Salcedo storm podcast. Chris, I just want to tell you, it’s an honor to be with you today. I’m extremely blessed to be a part of this conversation today. Right back atcha. I feel the same way. So I guess I’ve got to start here. What is u i l because I’m unfamiliar with with that term? Sure. Great question. So u i l is the university Interscholastic League. And it’s an organization that creates rules and administers almost all athletic musical and academic contests for public primary and secondary schools in the United States. Okay, and so that this is a federal governing body and how does that impact Texas? Well, it impacts Texas because for more than a decade, Texas was behind with homeschoolers being able to participate in university Interscholastic League extra curricular activities, debate, music, academic chat, academic programs. chairs. So homeschoolers, for decades hadn’t been allowed to participate in basketball, baseball, golfing, and prior to 2021 35 Other states have already offered you are L extra curricular activities to homeschoolers, you may be familiar with Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow was a homeschooler. But in his State of Florida UI l allowed home schoolers to participate so he was able to participate in football, which is why we know him so well now. Well, in 2021, Texas homeschool coalition partnered with the Texas legislature. And in a bipartisan effort, we were able to pass a historic and landmark bill, which allows now homeschoolers access to UI l extracurricular activity. So it’s the HB 547. And that passed in 2021. Okay, and and so what was done in this session, if anything, to actually advance this type of, because I know because we’re gonna talk about school choice here in a minute, and nothing got done on school choice, but what about what about athletics and participation in our activities? So two great bills passed this session, Chris, one is HB 699. And the other one is HB 37. Oh, wait. So HB 699. So this is what happened in 2021. What are HB 547 was passed, oh, glorious day, you know, we got across the finish line homeschoolers are celebrating. But you i l attempted to create an amendment in the bill, which would basically mean, if a homeschooler enrolled in UI, l extracurricular activities, that would automatically bump up that districts classification. And let me give you an example of that. In certain districts, they will have a small UI l program. And by that I just mean, a district can be a one a which means it that district may have anywhere from 200 100 to 200 students in that school. So they should only compete against other schools have that same bandwidth, right. And then you’ll have a to a school that may have anywhere anywhere from 200 to 350 students, and it goes all the way up to five A and that can have anywhere from maybe 800 to 1000 students. And so you only want one a competing against one eight schools, you only want five a competing against five eight schools. Well, when we pass a bill in 2021, URL attempted to create an amendment to the bill that would basically mean if a homeschooler participated in UI to participation, it would automatically bump up their classification. So schools were afraid to allow homeschoolers to participate because they didn’t want to be in accurately right. Right and lose the ability right to you know, only compete against their classification. So HB 699, spearheaded by Representative James spring, that bill now just basically says, okay, schools, any homeschooler if that district allows the homeschool to participate, that this bill now guarantees they will not be able to inaccurately rank a school that allows the home schooler to participate. And so schools were afraid to participate. home schoolers were they would want to, you know, join you aisle in their district, but schools were just like, man, we don’t want to lose our official ranking. So with the passage of HB 699, public schools can now opt to allow homeschoolers to participate without the threat of you know, losing their current their current conference classification. And then we have HB 37. Oh, wait. And this one now, it when districts opt into HB 547, they will receive an allotment of 1500 per activity per homeschooler. And this is, right. And this incentivizes because here’s the thing in a district your high school is the one that pays you i L for their district to participate, and they pay for the middle school and they pay for the high school. Well, you know, Texas homeschool realizes that they bear the institutional costs of students who want to participate in URL. And so we created and drafted this build and Chairman Brad Buckley awesome and filed it. And so we watched it cross the finish line with Senator Paxton sponsoring it in the Senate chamber. And so now, it’s it’s just legislation has now become law as of September 1, where most schools opt in, they receive an allotment of 1500 per activity per student. Nice and that comes from federal tax dollars or Has it come from where? The state you said not federal. To my knowledge Christmas would be safe because it’s what it is if you are ill in every state, but because we passed it in Texas, we were, I think, Texas, I think we were number 38. Now allow homeschoolers to participate. While sports. Gotcha, I need a Scott as our guest, folks, she’s the Texas homeschool coalition policy director. And she is a native of Texas, Texas, up there in North Texas. In Dallas. Let’s talk about school choice because, well, it sounds a lot, a lot of good things got done for some of the homeschoolers, except for helping out the parents in academics and, and being able to escape what gov Ed has descended into. And I don’t need to tell you about the curriculum or whatever. There have been several stories at Texas scorecard that have run about administrators because they can because they have no accountability. They are gloating, that they that they are breaking the law that yes, we know there’s a prohibition on critical race theory, but we’re teaching it anyway, those same administrators when Governor Greg Abbott, put a prohibition on forcing masks on to kids unless the parents agreed those school district forests, districts forced masks on kids anyway in defiance of the law, because they could because they knew they wouldn’t be held accountable under the law. So there’s so many reasons to bring accountability into schools that have not happened. What is your take on the fight for school choice, parental school choice and parental school freedom in the state of Texas? Well, you know, Chris, one of the things that the pandemic did was that it exposed to parents, what was actually happening in the classrooms. And prior that parents hadn’t had a front seat view of what of what was being taught. And there are many who say, wow, you know, the pandemic really created a learning loss. Those of us who have been in the education system, you know, in the frontline in the trenches, we know that COVID did not create a learning loss, it only exposed just a learning loss. Our children have been away from their grade level, our children have been away from reading on grade level for decades. And so that wasn’t caused by the pandemic, the pandemic just exposed it. And so when we talk about educational freedoms, our parents are now saying, wait a minute, my child is not reading on grade level, but we want to kind of we want to push these political interest ideologies into the classroom has is going to help them with math, how is it going to help them with reading? How is this going to help them with their science scores? How is this even going to help them pass, you know, a nationally normed test or a state mandated test? And so now parents are saying, you know, what, more than ever before this is the year for us to advocate and mandate educational freedom, then? You know, I was I was doing a another podcast just this morning. And the interviewer said, you know, what’s different about this year? And I think, Chris, what is different about this year is that Texas homeschool coalition can come with data that says 70% of Texas families are saying, We want educational freedoms. And that’s 70%. That’s not 70% of home schoolers. It’s not 70% of Republicans, it’s 70% of across party lines, political life, yep. socio economic status, you know, I can name all the lines. And so this right here just showcases how our families are ready. They’re, they’re more than ready to say I want to be the one who is a decision maker for where my child goes to school. And I don’t need to parent the government to co parent me, co parent with me, a determined, you know, our zip code now mandates where my child goes to see I think, I think it’s exactly I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. And Anita, because the reason why the numbers are so high universally and by the way, it’s not just Texas, there are 27. There are 27 states that have joined the civilized states in our union, that net that promote some sort of school choice program. Sad to say that that Texas Republicans have kept this state as part of the knuckle dragging states who deny parents school choice, but the reason is, is the parents have seen what you what you noted. They’ve seen what’s going on in the classroom. They’ve seen that Teaching of hate. They’ve seen the, what I call the LGBTQ ABCDEFG Cultural Marxism agenda that is being marketed to kids. And they’re hearing and administrators and even some teachers, I’m sad to say, say that, that parents don’t know what’s good for their kids. And that if right, if little Johnny or little Susie wants to transition to a different sex, they ought to be able to do so without mom and dad’s permission, and the school will facilitate that. And parents are going, you’ve got to be kidding me. So I believe that gov Ed has earned the ire of Texas parents. And my question to you is, what do you think enables both Republicans and Democrats to legislate against the majority of their voters? Well, you know, what, if your question is so great, what would make it where a Republican and a Democrat would want to dig their heels in the sand and push back against this, regardless of the party line, it’s about limited government. And we’re offering freedom to families, and we’re offering freedom to citizens. That means we are now saying let’s limit government control. And that’s, that doesn’t sound great to anyone on the Senate side, perhaps or on the House side. Because it’s now saying, Wait, if we’re offering more freedom, we’re saying that we have to take our fingers off of what we’re offering them, we can’t micromanage or mandate it. And that doesn’t always sound great to a legislator, regardless of what state they’re in. Well, I’ve got to say that the Senate did great work, the Senate put out a conservative school choice bill and it was defeated in the Texas House. And I think you’re right that and the problem is, the Texas House has a pattern of passing watered down bills. Like for example, like I mentioned, critical race theory, they passed a prohibition on critical race theory, but they provided no punishments, if you violated their law, they provided no police policing power to make sure that the school districts were adhering to it. It was a feel good I’m sorry, Bs bill that was designed to placate the grassroots and pretend that something was being done when nothing was being done. So the legislature just wants it both ways. They want to be able to keep all the large s and all the the the money flowing into their particular coffers. And they don’t want to they don’t want to bring any accountability to the school districts. They’re willing to sacrifice for adult jobs and adult considerations. They’re willing to sacrifice the next generation. And I think that’s awful of the majority of the legislators, legislators in the Texas House, don’t you? I do because I What’s what’s so sad about it is that these kinds of freedoms will return the control of the of the family to parents. And that inherently means that we’re not co parenting with the government. And the government at the federal level, all the way down to the state level wants to co parent. And so I mean, we saw bills that came out, both on the Senate side and the House side. And some legislators were saying Okay, listen, if we’re offering educational freedoms and homeschoolers want to be a part of this, then we need to have an XYZ criteria. For these homeschoolers. We need to they need to report test scores, they need to and they gave they gave these bullet lists and we’re saying, listen, homeschoolers have all that, you know, when, when, in 1994, when homeschooling became legal in Texas, there is no there’s no compulsory attendance. We don’t the homeschool families don’t have to report to the state, you know, an academic log or how many courses they’re taking how many hours a day they’re taking field trips they’re taking. And so that’s the freedom that’s awarded to homeschool families. And so when we’re talking about you know, these legislators digging heels in the sand, it’s because they want to co parent with the family. Yeah. And that’s that’s just unacceptable. And I have an I have an expression that says the worst mistake this country ever made was allowing the government to educate our children. I believe I’m getting this close to making that a Salcedo show axiom. I’m very, very close. But I think I think it is responsible for the denigration of our societal norms that we’re watching before our very eyes with the transvestite story ours in the end the transvestite SOCO called family friendly, strip teases that they’re putting out there. I think that that can be traced back to a lack of seriousness. inside of Gov Ed and a different kind of agenda and COVID I need a Scott. She is the policy director for the Texas homeschool coalition. If folks want to back you up and give you resources, so you can continue the fight. Where can they go? Oh, please go to Texas homeschool coalition. That is our website. I can even give my email address, Chris, if that’s okay. Folks just want to ask questions just about tracking legislation. Because as you know, we’ll be entering into a special legislative session at some point in the fall or parental choice will be the governor’s legislative priority. So my email addresses and All right. I need a Scott. You’re doing God’s work out there. Thank you very much for the visit to the Salcedo storm podcast. A man thank you so much, Chris. I definitely appreciate it. The biggest mistake this country ever made was allowing the government to educate our children. It’s a mistake. We have to rectify considering what the state and what these leftists are doing to our kids. My friends, a couple of websites, please, I want you to pay a visit to partner with me on this battle to give parental school choice and education freedom is Texas scorecard. They cover this extensively you want to find out how you can get involved you want to find out the latest news, go to Texas Also check out the Chris Salcedo show at Chris Chris Has the Chris Saucedo shows on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas on Newsmax TV and the Salcedo storm podcast all there. A bunch of other stuff too, that you can have a lot of fun at Chris checking out what I’ve done in the past and some of the other resources for you that are there until we visit again my friends remember this, a societies worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government, but rather by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there my friends

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