The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
Texas' Only Conservative U.S. Senator, Ted Cruz
The ONLY Conservative U.S. Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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We are blessed with an abundance of natural resources. We are blessed with a huge landmass. We are blessed with a bunch of God fearing mostly conservative people. We are blessed to have plenty of resources at our disposal to keep our people fed to keep our people prosperous. We have the majority of our people, as I said who are conservative, we have a majority of our state senate that is conservative, we have a majority of our Texas house that is conservative. And frankly that those are all positives. We have a a senator by the name of Senator Ted Cruz, who is a conservative who is going to bat for us and fight for us as as often as he can up on Capitol Hill with a very limited backup. We just have some things to clean up in this state, for example, the the small cabal of people who dare to call themselves Republicans in the Texas House who have thwarted good conservative legislation. We have we have John Cornyn, who had every turn has betrayed Texans, whether it be on the Second Amendment, whether it be on the border, to remind everybody about what the border is all about. Many of you might remember the omnibus spending bill, it’s a fake budget because we have less lazy legislators. The Republicans had enough numbers to make sure that that that omnibus was put off with a continuing resolution until the house came into power the GOP house, and we would have had a better deal for our people. Mitch McConnell decided with John Cornyn ‘s full backing, he didn’t want to do that. And 18 Senate Republicans along with John Cornyn voted for that omnibus $1.8 trillion to send money to Ukraine, and then to leave our border wide open at provision inside that Bill prohibited prohibited the federal government from using any money to stop illegal immigration only to facilitate it. And John Cornyn, knowing the destruction that that was causing to Texas he voted for it, because he thought Ukraine was more important than all of you, defending Ukraine’s borders more important to John Cornyn than defending Texas’s borders. And that’s why by the way, John Cornyn also teamed up with Democrats to make sure that once All of the lawless people coming across that border, Narco terrorists, Ms. 13, gang members and the like, once they got here, he wanted to make sure that there were fewer firearms for you to defend yourself from the Democrat criminals that were led in across that border. So he colluded with Democrats to make sure that he could limit your Second Amendment rights. And he agreed to it, making sure Texans paid for these unconstitutional attacks on due process called Red Flag laws across the country. So where we have many blessings in the state of Texas, and we should be thankful it should not stop us from trying to improve and get rid of those who are the cancers to that prosperity, to a land of liberty to a land of freedom. We should not stop our efforts to remove them. Because there’s probably only one thing worse than a radicalized Socialist Democrat, trying to take away your rights and freedoms. That’s a Republican who tries to help Democrats facilitate that goal. My next guest has no problems standing up to leftists. He’s made a career that Texas Senator Ted Cruz on the Salcedo store and podcast and now a word from our sponsor. Does the state of the economy have your head spinning? 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Senator Ted Cruz, our only conservative Senator here in the great state of Texas. Senator Welcome back. Chris, it’s great to be with you. Thank you for having me. juxtaposition of two cases, you’ve got the Hunter Biden sweetheart deal. And you’ve got another sham indictment of President Trump. We’re hearing that one of the charges against him is a is a civil war statute he allegedly violated aren’t these two side by side juxtaposed aren’t they an example of what many conservatives have been decrying as a two tiered justice system? I think it is undoubtedly that we are seeing every day greater and greater evidence that the Biden administration has politicized and weaponized the Department of Justice and the FBI, and the entire administration of law enforcement and and it is dangerous, that this administration treats law enforcement as their go after their enemies to target their enemies and they have no greater enemy than Donald Trump, which is why they seem to keep indicting him every day that begins with a why. And simultaneously, that their overarching effort is to cover up and protect Joe Biden and in the course of that to protect Hunter Biden and every other member of the Biden family to avoid any accountability for corruption and selling influence, which sadly now appears to have been a family business thoroughly. Yeah. Well, let’s talk about that. Senator, the ft 1020 threes. We know there are several and one that has caught the attention of most of us is the one that accuses Joe Biden and Hunter Biden of selling American foreign policy for for $10 million. A Russian oligarch who cited in this ft. ft 1023 says he has the tapes. Where are we on acquiring those tapes? Well, unfortunately, I don’t think we’re anywhere. The FBI refuses to answer direct questions as to whether they have the tapes. According to the FDA 2010 23, there were 17 tapes between the Russian oligarch and the Biden’s 15 of them with Hunter Biden, two of them with Joe Biden’s we don’t know if that’s accurate. We don’t know if the tapes actually exist. We don’t know if the FBI has the tapes. We don’t know if they did anything to try to get the tapes. We don’t know if they did anything to investigate the ft 1023. Because the Biden FBIs position is they will not answer questions about any of this and they’re not accountable to anybody I will say. So last week, Chuck Grassley released the full ft 1023. It is a damning document. As you know, Chris, I do every week a podcast called verdict with Ted Cruz. I do it three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday’s podcast, which went viral nationally, was a detailed analysis of the ft 1023 Of the four pages of serious allegations of criminal conduct of bribery, by Joe Biden, then the Vice President, United States today, the President of the United States and the corporate media has engaged in an almost total media blackout on this, they don’t want to cover these very serious allegations. And the FBI and DOJ say not only to have no interest in investigating them, but instead seem to be actively committed to covering up any effort to get to the truth here. By the way, let me say about that podcast, folks. It is a it is a tremendously beneficial podcast. Great information always was Senator Ted Cruz verdict was Senator Ted Cruz and I highly recommend it. Now. I don’t know I’m not sure if you’ve seen this yet a senator. But the Federalist did a bombshell report that they have informants that are telling them that the FBI did in fact, corroborate many of the aspects of this ft 1023 that were that you and I are speaking of. And they did so before the 2020 presidential election, but the FBI intentionally covered it up and sat on it. If that can be determined and proven through more whistleblowers. Isn’t that criminal liability on the FBI as part about covering up unknown crime like this? Well, it depends on the facts and circumstances. But But I gotta say, if you look to a different aspect of this investigation, if you look to the testimony from the two IRS whistleblowers who testified before the House of Representatives last week, those IRS whistleblowers testified that number one, Merrick Garland, the Attorney General, lied to Congress, in fact, lied under oath, in response to questioning that I questioned him before the Senate Judiciary Committee. If it is true that Merrick Garland lied under oath that is a felony punishable by serious jail time. Secondly, the allegations they put forth, are that Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice engaged in obstruction of justice that they actively worked to protect Hunter Biden to inform him of the investigation so that he could potentially destroy evidence so that he could potentially avoid questioning and also that they actively blocked investigation into Joe Biden. So for example, one of the more stunning elements that the IRS whistleblower has released released is the WhatsApp texting texts that was sent by Hunter Biden, allegedly, to a Chinese communist official, in which five times Hunter Biden says I am sitting here next to my father, and he’s shaking the Chinese Communist down for millions of dollars. And he is threatening retribution by Joe Biden, if they don’t pay him. Now, according to the IRS whistleblowers, the investigators wanted to use GPS test evidence to determine was Joe Biden sitting next to Hunter Biden, when Hunter Biden sent them that sent the message saying I’m sitting here next to my father. There is a pattern, unfortunately, of the Department of Justice and of the FBI, interfering with the investigation of corruption by the Biden family, by the way, yep. You mentioned that these allegations occur before the 2020 election. We know the FBI had in their physical possession Hunter Biden’s laptop in December of 2019. So a full year before the 2020 election and you If they did nothing to investigate what was in it and even worse, they told social media to be on guard for hacking leak operation by the Russians and the FBI played a critical role in social media and big tech suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story, when the FBI knew that the laptop was genuine because they were in physical possession of it, that is yet another manifestation of the profoundly politicized Biden, DOJ. Senator Ted Cruz, our guest right now here, folks and Senator, I hope that Senate and House investigators can get in touch with the same informants that are talking to the Federalists because because they say they say they they have corroboration that much of this ft 1023 was investigated elements of it. I’m not sure what that means, how much of it, but they’ve actually corroborated it before the election. So I’m hoping that takes place. Now you mentioned the I word impeachment. My orcas of garland of Joe Biden. You heard Kevin McCarthy for the first time saying that the adult the avalanche of evidence seems to to be overwhelming to where it any Republicans like say Mitch McConnell or others who would be inclined to stand in the way of such a thing may not be able to stand in the way of impeaching Joe Biden. What’s your feeling on that? Well, I believe the house should impeach 100 Mayorkas right now, today, tomorrow immediately may orcas is responsible for the other utter chaos at our southern border for the worst dereliction of duty of any cabinet secretary in history and it is profoundly threatening the safety and security of 30 million Texans that of Americans across our country, I believe Merrick Garland, the house should open impeachment proceedings into into him. What it turns on for Merrick Garland is whether the testimony of the IRS whistleblowers is true. We don’t know for a fact that it is true Merrick Garland deserves a chance to defend themselves. He can dispute with a whistleblower say right now garland and the Department of Justice are just stonewalling, saying we don’t answer to anybody. If what the whistleblowers are saying is true, then Merrick Garland should be impeached as well, because what they are alleging is that Merrick Garland as Attorney General committed multiple felonies. Finally, with respect to Joe Biden, there is a growing mountain of evidence about Joe Biden and corruption directly concerning Joe Biden. But at this point, that evidence needs to be corroborated the fda 1023. If it is true, demonstrate serious criminal conduct for which Joe Biden should serve jail time. We don’t know if it’s true. These are just allegations at this point. But I believe the house should begin serious investigations to determine whether or not those allegations are true. And if it is true, as the FDA 1023 alleges that Joe Biden solicited and received a multimillion dollar bribe from a foreign national for a official conduct when he was vice president, the United States then absolutely, the House of Representatives should impeach him and the Senate should convict him. And I’ll note, Chris, you know, the past impeachments we’ve had there have been big debates about whether something constitutes a high crime or misdemeanor. That actually doesn’t matter here. Because the text of the Constitution provides that impeachment lies for treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors. If if this evidence demonstrates the Biden committed this conduct he wouldn’t be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors, he wouldn’t be impeached. For bribery, I specifically enumerated grounds for impeaching and removing the president. That’s great, great information. Now, before I ask you that, the political question I’m dying to ask you there’s two more issues I want you to address if you could. First off Joe Biden is suing Governor Greg Abbott, who has put up water barriers along the Rio Grande, a former opponent of yours and of Governor Abbott’s Robert Francis beta O’Rourke, has claimed that needs to be removed immediately because it’s it’s deterring the massive illegal immigration into the United States. And we can’t have that says Robert Francis, beta, or work. What is your take on this lawsuit trying to stop Texas from protecting itself from this onslaught of illegal immigration and everything that comes with it? I think the lawsuit is absolutely disgraceful. I’m proud of the state of Texas for standing up and fighting to try to secure our border. I’m proud of the governor for stepping up and leading on this front. And I think this crisis was caused by deliberate political decisions by Joe Biden by Kamala Harris and by Democrat members of the House and Senate, who decided to utterly add vacate their responsibility who decided to open the borders fully? Who decided to turn the Mexican drug cartels into multibillion dollar global criminal enterprises? Who decided to allow the worst illegal immigration in our nation’s history with over 7 million illegal immigrants crossing under Joe Biden, who decided to allow the worst drug trafficking in our nation’s history. Last year, more than 100,000 people died of drug overdoses because of Joe Biden, the Democrats open borders, and none of the Democrats care about any of that. What are they outraged about? How dare Texas try to stop this invasion, it is disgraceful. And instead of sending the politicized DOJ, to try to stop Texas from defending our borders, the Department of Justice and the Biden administration ought to do their damn job, follow federal law and secure the border. Sadly, Chris, they’re not going to do that. Because Washington Democrats do not care about the dead bodies that are piling up, they do not care about the 853 migrants who died last year crossing illegally into this country, they do not care about the women who are sexually assaulted by human traffickers. They do not care about the children who are brutalized by human traffickers. They do not care about the 100,000 people who died of overdoses and by the way, they will profess in congressional testimony, they care but if they cared, they would change their behavior and stop it. And they’re not willing to do that. Because partisan politics matters more to that the Democrats who are decrying sound of freedom, the blockbuster hit of the summer, they won’t go see it, and they’ll decry it. And they’ll call it Q anon conspiracy theory because they don’t want to admit that their policies are feeding, what I would classify as the most debaucherous. Trade that I can that I can think of the sexual exploitation of children and Democrats are locked hand in hand with that effort. Senator, I want to ask you this political question. I’m just not going to be able to get to the war, that the Democrats want appliances because we’re quickly running out of time. You got 20 House Republicans voting to protect Adam Schiff, you got 18 Senate Republicans voting to fund the Democrats the legality through that $1.8 trillion omnibus, which actually, by the way, prohibited we spend money on the border to defend our borders. And I’ve heard you talk about this before, but I think it it bears repeating the risks to the Republican Party, if it is seen as a rubber stamp, and a basically, another part of this trying to facilitate the illegal activity of the Democrats. There is a danger here of the Republican Party, turning into relevancy, if all they are is just palling seen as palling around the Democrats. Yes. Look, there’s a very rare real danger of that. And unfortunately, there are some Republicans in Washington, who were almost constitutionally inclined to want to go along to get along. And then they believe that if they’re just nice enough, if they just go along with what the Democrats want, that maybe the Democrats will like him that maybe the corporate media will like them that they will, that they will not upset anyone and I gotta say, I think the American people are frustrated, they’re frustrated with career politicians, frankly, a both parties who lie to them who don’t do what they said, I’ll tell you what I tell every newly elected senator, every newly elected House member, I tell them, here’s a radical idea. Do what you said you would do whatever you said in September and October, on the campaign trail, do that in January and February when you get into office because the disconnect is enormous. And I believe the way you win elections, is your stand and fight for something that matters. That’s something I’ve tried to do. Every single day in the Senate is honor my promises to the people of Texas Fight for 30 million Texans. As you know, I’m running for reelection. Right now. I’m up in 2024. And Chuck Schumer and the Democrats have made clear, I am their number one target to try to take out in the entire country, they are going to spend over $100 million trying to defeat me and try to turn Texas blue. And look to some extent that’s a compliment. They tell you who they’re afraid of. They tell you who they’re mad at, and they don’t like that I’m standing up and leading the fight against them. But I will tell you to your listeners. If you don’t want to see Texas turn blue if you don’t want to see the Democrats succeed in in flipping the state and taking the out. I need your help. I need you to come to our website. It’s Ted, Ted Ted Come and make a contribution because the Democrats are flooding cash into the state of Texas and they have put a bull’s eye on me straight from Chuck Schumer because they don’t want Republicans who stand up and fight against them. Senator Cruz has been emblematic of this folks. Good policy makes for good politics. And that’s what Ted Cruz has done for us every step of the way. Senator always appreciate the visit, sir and good luck on the trail. Thank you, my friend, God bless. And that puts a wrap on this Salcedo storm podcast do me and yourself a favor to websites to go to Texas They will be monitoring Senator Cruz’s race against his opponent a Democrat socialist, who has done nothing but work to harm Texas not to help Texas they’ll also be tracking some of the big stories here in the state of Texas that impact not only the big state of Texas, but all of the states surrounding us, including our battle at the border. Also check out Chris That’s where you find all my social media hookups from truth social to get her to me we to where else are we? Oh yeah, we’re back on Twitter. So until we visit again, my friends are they calling it x now I really don’t know. Till we visit again. My friends. 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