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Texas Politicians Declare War on Texas GOP


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Welcome to The Luke Macias Show. Governor Abbott has now vetoed well over 70 bills and the deadline has passed. But he still won’t exactly say what his plan is and we will break down the various different property tax proposals for you. Today, Texas Monthly has put out a statement basically begging Tony Tinder hole to be more like Briscoe, Cain. And Justin Holland has decided to go to war with the Republican Party of Texas, followed by his little Lieutenant Jared Patterson, we’re going to break down all of that as well. Let’s get to the show. We’ve now surpassed over 70 bills that Governor Abbott ultimately decided to veto. This was his way of applying pressure on the Senate and the House to pass legislation that he wants to become law. There are two different policies that he’s arguing about with both chambers, but his messaging is honestly all over the map. First, we’ll talk about school choice. This is the one area where Governor Abbott has been consistent. He started the session saying hey, I would like to see school choice legislation come forward. It is a priority of mine. It needs to happen. He went across the state to all these rural areas that people said oh, well, these voters don’t support school choice. We know from the ballot referendum that went on last March that they definitely support school choice. So Governor Abbott went to those districts and said we need school choice. And since the Texas House of Representatives and leadership in the House is refused to get behind that policy and push it aggressively. He finally decided to start enacting some pain on those lawmakers, one of them being Glenn Rogers, who’s a state representative from the Mineral Wells area Palo Pinto, Stevens and Parker County. Glenn Rodgers has prided himself on being somebody who gets along with leadership unlike all those pesky conservatives, he’s one of the most liberal Republicans in the legislature. And he likes to project on conservative lawmakers that they are just people who can’t get along with anyone, people who won’t go along with what leadership wants. But this session, Glenn Rodgers found himself being the one who is actually teaming up with Democrats, which he does often teaming up with liberal teacher unions and saying I want to protect the existing monopoly. That is the Texas Education System, the public school system in Texas outside of charter schools, which had been able to expand considerably and give parents more choice. Most of the public education system is a monopoly run by liberal teacher unions. And without people like Glenn Rogers, they can’t keep that power. And so Governor Abbott, vetoed numerous Glenn Rodgers pieces of legislation, Ernest bales pieces of legislation, Travis Clardy, saying In his veto declaration, we will consider this type of policy at a later special session after we deal with school choice. So it’s basically his message to them, get on board, get out of the way, stop siding with Democrats to help protect the liberal monopoly that they have. Now, secondarily, actually even primarily because the governor really started targeting the Senate before he started targeting the house, he has targeted a lot of senators, including particularly Senator Paul Betancourt who has been the leading property tax reformer in the Senate. Now, I want to rewind just to make sure we understand what the current differences are between the House, the Senate and the Governor. They’re a little hard to understand. But let’s break it down. First and foremost, we came into a legislative session with over $30 billion in surplus. And the governor never once said what his actual dollar amount of new property tax relief was that he wanted. Now, ultimately, the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker have seemingly been all on board with the less than $13 billion, they will return to taxpayers of the surplus. So they grew government considerably more than any time in Texas history. We have the largest budget in Texas history. We have expanded government on almost every single level. But when it comes to property tax relief, they’ve left less than $13 billion to be divvied up through all property taxpayers. So all they’re going to do is they’re going to fund $5 billion of the existing compression they’re giving just as a reminder of what compression is, it’s essentially a check that the state writes to school districts, and then your property taxes are subsequently lowered. But $5 billion of what they’re doing has already been compressed, meaning it’s your current tax bill. If they don’t write that $5 billion check, your current tax bill remains will go up automatically. And then what they’re also delivering is less than $13 billion of new relief. The house pushed aide feel and pushed appraisal CAP reform. That’s what he wanted across the board appraisal CAP reform and the Senate pushed homestead exemptions as well. Part of what they wanted for overall relief delivered to Texans. Now, ultimately, what Governor Abbott did was when he came into the special session, he decided, how about this, I’m not going to side with the house on appraisals, and I’m not going to side with the Senate on homesteads, I’m going to try to get kind of cute, I’m going to go all in on compression, which is a legitimate policy position. But what he wanted where he got cute was he tried to write this special session call as the only thing you can consider is property tax compression. He basically tried to write the bill, in his special session call and tie the hands of the Senate in the house. Now, I will tell you, this is actually not a tool that the governor is afforded. He is given the ability to be the only one who can call the legislature back for a special session. But he can’t write the bill in the call. So he can say come back and deal with property tax relief, we need to deliver it to Texas, but he can’t actually say, Hey, you have to deliver it in exactly this way. That’s the legislative process. So Dan, Patrick has rightfully pushed back on that and said, No, the governor doesn’t get to decide. Now what they feel and decided was, this is awesome, because it’s at least not what Dan Patrick wanted. So I’m going to pass all compression and leave. So early on, Abbott basically decided, hey, that’s what I’m gonna push. So he was out there saying, passing all compression bill passing all compression bill passing all compression bill. And then Dan Patrick said, look, I think that a homestead exemption should be part of the overall relief package. Now, I want to explain how this effectively works out there is a bucket of school property taxes, it’s $55 billion. Okay, so $55 billion, is what the state of Texas is currently collecting from all of us in the form of school property taxes, that’s not true cities, counties, muds, PUDs, hospital districts, anything else. So of that $55 billion. What the governor said was, I want it all to be compression, you basically take all property and evenly push them down. Okay. So if you have a $350,000, single family home or a $500,000, single family home, you’ll get, you know, on average $700 of relief, if you own a hotel, if you own a really big office building, you’re going to get substantially more property tax relief, right, because you own a $5 million building. So you’ll get 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of dollars of property tax relief. So Dan, Patrick came in and said, instead of applying it evenly through all buildings, and all property, all dirt, I want some of it about I think 30% or 40% of the overall relief to be focused in on home owners through it increase of the homestead exemption to $100,000. Now understand this, both plans take less than $13 billion out of the pot of 55 billion. So if you fast forward six months and some bill passes, the $55 billion pot is going to be approximately a $42 billion or 41 point whatever billion dollar pot about a $42 billion pot. So they’re not arguing over how much relief to give to Texans. They’re arguing over how to give it to Dan Patrick came out and said I would like to challenge the governor to a debate. He clearly has an issue he believes in he thinks overall compression. I think some of it should be focused on homeowners. Let’s publicly discuss the differences. Well, then Abbott shifted from this being his plan to putting it back on date as the House plan, which is really funny because he came out and said, look, the House and the Senate have different plans, they need to compromise. Now that’s basically the governor saying, look, the Senate wants to go homestead and compression. They want all compression they have to compromise. What does that imply? There’s going to be some homestead exemption increases and some compression increases. That’s what it implies. But maybe not as much as Dan Patrick once that Tony Tinder hold actually tweeted about this just the other day. He literally said Governor Abbott is asking us to compromise. But the house can’t compromise if we won’t even come to Austin. Dave needs to call us back so we can get to the work of finding a solution. There’s tons of text going out. Look, I have friends on both sides of this discussion. Chairman Matt Renaldi. Dan Patrick, other conservatives have said, hey, if we’re only given $12.6 billion out, then yes, we should focus more on actual homeowners because the average person who’s getting literally tax out of their home needs to get more relief. And then the other side which is Texas for fiscal responsibility, and don have fines and the Texas Public Policy found nation. And at this point, Governor Abbott, who’s, you know, kind of temporarily joined that team. They’ve said, Hey, we just want all compression across the board evenly distributed. Sadly, we’re not taking enough out of the bucket. And the governor who’s basically been tweeting, we need to get rid of property taxes, we need to get rid of property taxes, also just sign the budget. And we haven’t exactly seen how much he line item that looks like you might align on and vetoed like a handful of very small higher education programs. But other than that, it looks like the governor largely signed off on all the spending. So he is saying he wants to get rid of property taxes, but he’s signing off on the budget that spends all the money and leaves just this little bit of money to actually deliver meaningful property tax relief to Texas. It’s sad to watch and the conflict is honestly getting more and more silly. The longer it goes. By the way for any of those of you who are in North Texas, you’re very familiar with Chris Salcedo, some of you in Houston as well, who have heard his radio program for a very long time. Some of you might not know that Chris Salcedo has actually brought a podcast to Texas scorecard. It’s called the Salcedo storm. It’s gotten great feedback. We’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from a lot of scorecard listeners, followers, subscribers, who continue to get great information from Chris Salcedo. So if you’re looking at somebody, if you’re looking for somebody that has a national perspective, he’s on Newsmax on a regular me. He has his show on Newsmax, he has his podcast, he’s talking to commentators and elected officials all across the nation on a regular basis. But he lives here in Texas, he cares about Texas, he cares about the future where State’s going, and he’s now coming to on a regular basis through a podcast hosted here at Texas scorecard. So if you haven’t listened to the Salcedo storm, I would encourage you to go there, follow along see the kind of content it is, it’s different than what I’m giving you. Okay, so you will you could listen to the Salcedo storm and listen to look and see a show and you’d be getting different information from a different perspective. But of course, both of us are very conservative Texans who care about the future of our state. So if you haven’t checked that out yet, please go and check it out. Also, Texas Monthly, you don’t have to check this out. But you could, especially if you want some entertainment Texas Monthly issued their most recent Best and Worst list. And this is what they do every single session. They say here are the best legislators. And here are the worst legislators. It’s always entertaining. Because the people they think are the best legislators are literally the worst. And the people they think are the worst are usually some of them are actually the best. Now some of the people they say our worst are not necessarily good people, but they actually have to have a list bigger than one or two or three people. One of the people that they gave the worst legislator award to was representative Tony Tinder hold. And the funny thing is, you know, everyone saw this coming, but I love the write up that they gave. So I’m going to just read some excerpts from the write up. Why did Texas Monthly this liberal publication say Tony, Tinder is one of the worst legislators let’s see what they had to say. Tinder Holt has been prone to paranoid outbursts since his first election in 2014, during which he insisted the armed resistance was the only thing that would stop a migrant infiltration at the border. Now, by the way, since 2010 year old got elected, we have had millions of people cross the border, but you know, oh, well, what does 22 year old know his constituents in Arlington area deserve better? So it was heartening in the 2021 session to see Tinder hold maturing, playing well, with others cracking jokes on the floor making valuable contributions to debates. This is what the left does. They try to basically say, hey, remember when we looked at you and you are kind of seemingly doing things that all the other Austin swamp creatures do? We want to always positively talk about you in that way. Which is why when we get to the work, the best lists, they highlight people like Laci hole and other liberal Republicans. Here’s what I think was really funny. This year, it all went wrong. He could have continued to evolve and shoulder more responsibilities, like his one time ally Briscoe Cain. Instead, he made himself a menace from the first days of the session. Now, last week, we literally talked to you about the fact that I don’t know there’s almost 50 bills that I came up with in a day that the Texas House of Representatives killed. And by the way, I’ve had people email me and text me this bill, this bill, this bill, this bill. I mean, it was very clear that if I had actually spent two days and texted a few more people, I’d have a list of 7580 90 100 bills that were conservative bills. The Texas House killed Tony Tinder Holt knew that and he came into this session ready to go to war for our conservative values. And Texas Monthly and other liberals recognize it. And they literally are going come on Tony Can you just be like Briscoe Cain what do they mean by that? What Why are they saying Briscoe Cain? The reason is because you have to understand that Austin, the insiders in Austin that are killing all these conservative policies. They don’t mind if you’re privately conservative, okay? They don’t mind. If you vote, just click the right button. And if you go and meet privately in the caucus and talk to other members and say I want more conservative stuff, okay, as long as you don’t publicly take these stands on all these conservative policies, as long as you don’t call other Republicans out for killing all these bills, if you’re just part of the system and are the conservative part of the system, then we’ll log and applaud you will even tell people like 22 year old couldn’t you be like this guy? Can you be a little bit more like this guy? It’d be so much better, Tony, then you wouldn’t be on this liberal magazine’s worst list. I for one, I’m very grateful that Tony dinner Hall decided not to just be like one other conservative member who wants to look most days like most everybody else, just vote a little better. We don’t need more legislators that just vote better. Did you know that the conservative policy that died? I talked to you about this last week, all the conservative bills that died, they died because they weren’t voted on. If they had been voted on on the House floor, that whole list I went through yesterday. Would any of them failed? Would any of them have failed a vote on the House floor? No. The 10 commandments, the other ESG legislation, the de transitioner protections, the one that said hey libraries, if you’re gonna host this sit gross perverted drag queen performance, even if it’s not a sexual performance, like you don’t get any taxpayer money, would any of those bills failed? No. So see what they were lacking was not enough. Legislators willing to vote the right way. What they were lacking was enough legislators willing to fight really, really hard to make the Texas House of Representatives pass them even though they did. One legislator that Texas Monthly highlighted as one of the best is Justin Holland. And this gets us to our next segment of the show. So of course Texas Monthly loves Justin Holland because he tried to pass gun control legislation. He killed conservative gun legislation in his role that he was put in by date feeling on a committee specifically designed to kind of pass gun control legislation and kill good gun laws. But Justin Hall went a step further last week after being on The Best list. Maybe he got to his head, maybe he got on the best list and got really excited. So he decided, Hey, let’s go to open war with the Republican Party of Texas. And this is what he tweeted. Nobody brackets in real Texas politics. I guess there’s a fake Texas politics. Nobody in in real Texas politics cares about the SRP C, or its chair, the state Republican executive committee, you could also interpret this as just nobody in Texas politics, cares about the Republican Party of Texas. That’s what he’s saying that the board of the Republican Party and the chairman of the Republican Party, it’s a defunct organization and needs a total rehaul from the top down. Local parties are a wall, it’s a mess. The good news is that they are all irrelevant and have no local or state respect. We can win without them. This is what Justin Holland thinks. This is his approach. Now this tweet got a lot of traction amongst grassroots Texans who all said, Hey, thank you, Representative Holland, for giving us a window into how the Texas House of Representatives thinks about us. And if you want to window into how they feel. This is how they feel. Why do you think in one day, I could come up with almost 50 bills that they killed? You want to know why? Because they despise you. They can’t stand you. Jared Patterson took it another step. And I think both of these comments kind of intertwine into what the legislature wants from the party, he said. So Aaron Anderson with Texas scorecard, a reporter here she tweeted out about the state Republican executive committee adopting a resolution condemning the Texas House impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton. Yeah, by the way, only 11. So I think the vote was like 53 to 11. Okay, so 53 of the SRC members and the chair and the vice chair all voted to say we’re condemning the impeachment of Ken Paxton that was conducted in the Texas House of Representatives. I’ve already talked about that. If you want to go a couple episodes back, you can see what I had to say. The important thing is that the reporting is simply saying hey, all the SRC the Republican Party of Texas, they don’t like the impeachment of Ken Paxton. By the way, all these precinct chairs, Collin County unanimously passed opposition to the impeachment, Ken Paxton. Even though the Republican elected and all the state representatives put out a joint statement trying to lock arms kind of like you can’t come for all of us, all of us think Ken Paxton should be impeached. And you know what the precinct chair has said every single one of us think he shouldn’t be impeached. Tarrant County passed a resolution with only a couple no votes. Parker County passed a resolution even though Glenn Rodgers sent him this long letter explaining why he voted to impeach Ken Paxton. So while the Republican Party of Texas is taking a position against the impeachment complex, and here’s what Jared Patterson tweets out, he says, dang, does this mean the state party won’t spend the $0 helping Republican House members win elections like they’ve done in the past? Now, not only is that statement demonstrably false, here’s the funny thing of what it portrays what is feared Patterson’s communication with the grassroots? Hey, I know you have all these conservative policies that we killed. I know we killed dozens of bills that would help D transitioners. That would secure the border that would protect kids from getting indoctrinated in schools that would stop teachers from grooming kids and talking about sexual identity and, and gender identity and sexual orientation and all this stuff. I know we killed this long list of policy. But guess what, you didn’t pay us enough. You didn’t give us any money. So be grateful for what we gave you. So while Justin Holland says these guys are a Well, Jared Patterson saying, Hey, you got what you paid for. If you want us to do more, give us some more money. They can’t stay in the Republican Party of Texas, because the Republican Party of Texas under Chairman Matt Renaldi is not a cheerleading squad for elected officials. And that’s what they want. They want a party that just cheerleaders for them. They want a party that just says hey, these guys are awesome. And then they want a party that goes out and raises money, and then just gives it to them whether they need it or not. Because you know what they see themselves as above you. They’re the elites. They are the powerful ones. They’re the ones with the seat at the table, you’re there to just kind of speak into it. And then they will decide what to do. And you better be grateful for what they do. Because by the way, you didn’t give them as much money as all the lobby. So what are you complaining about? Justin Holland does have at least one primary opponent named Dennis London, this man ran last time and is running again. Rockwall county young Republican club, they literally already announced that they’re hosting Matt Renaldi to come speak at their next meeting. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about other people potentially running as well. The point is that the grassroots are very focused. And they’re tired of all of these politicians who continued to just pay lip service to them. They can’t stand us. They can’t stand you. They’re frustrated that even though they passed a handful of good conservative policy, you’re not content. You didn’t give them enough money, and you’re expecting too much of them. That’s the overall feel from the elected class. Now, I will tell you, just to let you know there are two state representatives who came out with counter statements to Justin Hollins. And I think it’s worth at least recognizing this representative Brian Harrison first set a new generation of fearless liberty loving conservatives willing to stand up for the freedom in the next generation are needed in every level of government going along to get along only serves the interests of selfish politicians harming those they serve. I think that’s a very clear and articulate position to take representative Tinder homestead it’s sad to see politicians attack the Texas GOP, which did more to advance GOP policy than I’ve ever seen in any session. Our state party is a model for the nation. And that is why liberal Republicans are attacking them i for 1am grateful for the grassroots Brian Harrison also sent out a separate tweet that was specifically thanking the local Republicans in his area saying I’m proud to stand with those top down Texas GOP activists, the GOP, Ellis County GOP, which is his largest county there in his district. And so again, you at least had some conservatives coming out basically countering the attacks of Jared Patterson and Justin Holland, showing the grassroots like there are some of us that actually care about you, there are some of us who actually want to work with you. And that’s what we need. I know so many of you are very frustrated at this moment in time. And you know what, I’m with you. I’m pretty frustrated myself. But I’m also very encouraged. The reason these politicians are lashing out is because they went home and they tried to sell what they did, and no one’s buying it. And they’re really ticked off. They’re ticked off, that they’re realizing that their only way to maintain their power is to raise an ungodly amount of money and lie to their voters for nine months. Now, by the way statistically speaking, most of them should keep their jobs. Even if a lot of people run against them, even if money is spent against them, the vast majority of them should come back to Austin. Because that’s how it works once you’re in there. But see, they want the waters to be calmer. And they’re upset because all of you who are out there, educating your friends, telling people what’s going on sending our podcast to people, the show, we put out the 48 bills that the textiles killed. I mean, it went really well. And I was on email chains of other people emailing it out to their list, I was getting texts, I got way more emails than normal, a lot of replies back to our email blasts than we we normally get, we get good feedback. And I really appreciate all of you who email back I have gotten, I think, a lot better at responding to emails as they come in, and things like that. But the reality is that over the last week, it has been overwhelming the amount of information that has come in from people, it’s very clear that y’all are doing the work needed to make sure that more and more Texans are educated. And I’ll tell you, the incumbent Republicans that are back home are really sick and tired of the work you’re doing. So they’re lashing out, or lashing out at their own party, the Republican Party of Texas, by the way, that’s also something you should rejoice in, these guys aren’t just lashing out at one local conservative group, which by the way, if you’re a part of a local conservative group, I’ve told you you should be those are really powerful, be part of them and grow them and make them even more powerful. But their problem is that the same things that the local conservative group are saying is the same thing that the Republican Party of Texas is saying. So now they just have to attack the entire party. That’s a victory. That’s a testimony to the work that the grassroots have done to continue to grow our support within the GOP, and we’re not going to stop. If you haven’t been a delegate at a state convention, do it. Go to your precinct convention, go to your county convention, go to the state convention be part of the 10 to 15,000 Republicans that come together and are actually part of making this party even more conservative. Because while the Texas House doesn’t know what time it is, the Texas GOP does. May God bless you. And may God bless the great state of Texas. Thank you for listening to the Luke Misia show. To find out more information about what’s going on here in Texas, visit Texas

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