Texas Republican Caucus Endorses Corruption In Latest Election - Episode 95 - Texas Scorecard

Jim Murphy is your next Republican Caucus Chair.

The election of Murphy sends a clear signal that corruption will be elevated this session. Dishonesty is not only expected but will even be promoted from within the ranks of the Texas House.

How is this the message you ask? Well give me 15 minutes on today’s podcast and you will know.

Poncho Nevarez had an incredibly honest quote in his 2,000 word essay  following his decision to not seek re-election.

“As I made my way through my first session, I became aware that a lot of what makes a high-functioning legislator is a talent for coloring outside the lines. I had that in spades. Guys like me tend to float through a lot of things because people perceive a potential in us, and they make allowances. Bodies like the legislature reward that, especially during the session.” – Poncho Nezarez (Former Democrat State Representative)

It’s honestly astounding that so many legislators lack any self-awareness of how problematic the culture of the pink dome is, and then after they leave can look back and realize that all the wrong behavior is rewarded.

So where does this leave us?

Well if you are a Texan who wants to see Republican results this session the Texas GOP Caucus is sending you a message that what they respond to is power. This means their power needs to be confronted to advance your goals.

I believe Texans will rise to the occasion but wish the caucus would send a better signal worthy of positive feedback.