Texas Scorecard
Texas Scorecard
Texas Scorecard Radio (June 18, 2020)

Episode 142: Who is the biggest threat to the future of The Alamo? This week Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said that no one has put Texas’ most famous landmark in more danger than Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush. Also, a Democrat running for a North Texas congressional seat says that rioters should “burn it all down.” Cary Cheshire drops by to discuss both of these stories. Central Texas Bureau Chief Jacob Asmussen discusses liberal local government officials eagerness to throw people in jail and/or fine them for not wearing masks and how they are doing it with the blessing of Gov. Greg Abbott. State Sen. Bob Hall drops by to chat about what Texans can do to stop Gov. Abbott’s contact tracing contract. Michael Quinn Sullivan has this week’s Texas Scorecard Radio commentary.


  • Who is the biggest threat to The Alamo?
  • Burn it down?
  • No mask? Go to jail.
  • What can you do about contact tracing?
  • Greater Love