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The American Cultural Rebellion Is In Full Swing

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Derek Johnson is a Farmer, an Army veteran, a wounded warrior and a country music Artist. Derek is best known for his two Billboard Hits “Real Cool Kinda Hot” and “Right Beer Right Now”

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Most of the time when I’m checking email or the way you guys communicate with me, it’s pretty much pretty much standard fare. You know, I saw this on the show. saw that in the newspaper and you guys are telling me what your reflections are on the news of the day and maybe a perspective you’d like to see me explore on either one of the show’s over the podcast. I do get us a submission from time to time that just makes me go. Hmm, there are some creative people out there. 

A guy sent me a voicemail at the new Chris And I don’t know I’ll leave it up to you guys. You guys do me a favor. If you like what this guy is putting out there. You’re gonna get the gist of it. When you hear he’s, I think auditioning to be a Chris Salcedo show correspondent. And you know what if you guys like it, I may bring him on to the podcast may bring him out of the radio show if, depending on what kind of feedback I get, but I thought at the very least, it deserves an A for effort. 

And at least honorable mention on one of the many venues that we have here on the Chris Saucedo show slash Salcedo storm podcast to get media out there. So have a listen to a guy that identifies himself as lefty Winger. 

“Lefty winger, reporting live from fantasy land where Hillary is planning to run again. This time she thinks she can do it. She has just decided where to begin. She plans to go to each state first. So she can say I started my campaign here. And she said people will believe whatever I say when I say now let me make myself clear. And it’s reported that Hillary has cloned herself. She has made a Hillary for each state. And each Hillary will be programmed as talking guards, which will make them great in the debates. It’s also reported one reason for cloning herself, in case they want to put her in jail. She plans to let one of the clones serve the time. She said this time I plan will not fail. And each clone is out training women to follow their every command to stand up to their wife husbands and say we will never vote for another man. And as reported if things do not turn out well. Hillary will just blame one of the columns. And she also plans to do Bill one, so Bill will leave her alone. Let’s see winger reporting for the Chris Saucedo show where we use a little pawn to make the news fun.” 

Okay, so what do you guys think? I thought it was I thought it was pretty creative. I was chuckling As you could hear I was smiling all the way through. There was a kernel of truth to every element of humor. I thought it was good. Not bad at all. 

And a nice diversion from reality. Because reality is sucking. Speaking, speaking of non reality this is this is floating around Twitter. And you guys want to know how good deep fakes are these days? Deep fakes for those of you don’t know, deep fakes are these things that are out there, that can make people it’s computer generated, can make people say certain things they never said they can sample my voice. Bret bears voice Martha McCallum’s voice and make them say things and there is an A The video component to this you guys will probably see around Twitter. But I thought this was just creative. Yes, dangerous. Absolutely. But it was posted by don don Jr. to reflect his distaste for the Never Trump bias at Fox News. And the this is what he said in his tweet, reliable sources telling me that Fox had scheduled this to air before the debate. 

“Listen, even though President Trump is kicking everyone’s ass in the primary polls, we’re still trying to set him up with our bullshit Republican primary debate. I mean, maybe he’ll show up and we’re just hoping everyone takes shots at him so we can help Ron DeSantis because we’re Fox News and we suck. We don’t really give a shit about our viewers opinion. We only care about getting a big fat paycheck and about not getting fired like Tucker Carlson, first republican primary by Martha McCallum and Bret Baier. Because we’re FoxNews and we suck.” 

Now, complete, complete fabrication complete, deep fake. But, man, somebody, somebody had a good time with that. And again, kernel of truth, not necessarily with Martha with Brett, but the overall editorial perspective of Fox kernel of truth in there they are the Never Trump Network. So that kind of lampooning and satire tends to resonate out there and again, beats head and shoulders, the reality. The reality is there are stories out there about secretaries of state being pressured to take President Trump off the ballot, because of these four indictments, these 91 charges which are absurd on their face. 

Basically, folks, if anybody that’s looked at this stuff close up and applies an equal standard of justice, either President Trump is not guilty of anything, or Democrats are guilty as sin because everything that they have accused President Trump of as being a crime Democrats have done 1000 times over. 

Now, folks, under normal normal circumstances, any one of us would have slinked away. After getting hit with four indictments. The establishment has spoken. They don’t want me because I don’t owe them and they don’t owe me and they can’t control me. So I’m going to go away. And I really don’t like me. They really don’t like me in Washington and whether the American people like me or not, as in material, it’s all about Washington. 

Well, I think this soundbite from John Bolton is emblematic of, of the frustration of those who are all for Washington and not about We the People. Here’s Bolton on CNN. 

“Well, I thought it was, as with most things Trump does carefully stage they must have thought about what look they wanted. He could have smiled, he could have looked benign. Instead, he looks like a thug. And I think it’s intended to be a side of intimidation against the prosecutors and judges.” 

He’s talking about the mug shots, the mug shot of President Trump where he looked squarely at the camera and says, I know exactly what with a stern look, I know exactly what you’re doing. And of course, it’s a defiant look. It was a look that you’re not going to break me and John Bolton is is really saying What the hell are we gonna do to this guy? What do we have to do? The American people want to but we don’t the elitist? Don’t the warmongers? Don’t. Those who are caving into China don’t? What doesn’t trump get? He’s frustrated. So he jumps on CNN, and, you know, lets it fly with Caitlin. What’s her name? Basically bashing President Trump. 

“That’s what they picked. And we’ll see that picture everywhere. So you think they actually spent time deciding you? Should you smile in this? Should he have this scowl that he appears to have gone with almost as much time as they spent combing his hair?” 

Oh, wow. This is what passes for something resembling journalism these days. That Gee, do you think he spent time to week doing his hair? Do you think he really spent time Korea choreographing all of his stuff is this is what we’re getting paid to put up on CNN. 

“Oh my God, who the hell cares.” 

Yes when I would say oh, these people are jokes. These people are are buffoonish jokes and the fact that they would spend his time talking about it. Should he have this scowl that he appears to have gone with almost as much time as they spent combing his hair Good grief. 

“What do you he posted the mug shot you know Shortly after on his own social media account, along with the phrase never surrender, I mean, a bit ironic given he had actually just surrendered at the Fulton County Jail behind me. But how do you expect him? Nice, unbiased question full advantage as he’s running for President? Well, I think in the same way he’s used the other three indictments. And and I think the evidence is that the indictments have proven the law of diminishing marginal utility, if anything, they’re not they’re not undercutting his support, they’re building it up” 

“Say she was asking, you know, how does he plan to use this latest indictment, and there there’s the pie yeast, that is false. Even John Bolton has to admit that the American people are seeing these indictments as the Shams they are. And President Trump’s support isn’t waning the way it’s supposed to. Because the conventional wisdom is, Oh, nobody wants to elect a guy who’s been indicted. But they all recognize that he’s being indicted by crooked people by charlatans, and everybody gets it. Anybody with half a brain cell and the fact that everybody gets it? I think we’re starting to see that expressing itself in public opinion polls, even in our art, the sound of freedom movie was an expression of this. A couple of hits songs that are out right now Jason Aldean is offering an A newcomer that we’re going to talk about in greater detail coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast.

Folks, here’s what I believe I think we’re seeing something of a cultural rebellion a cultural rebellion as you all know culture does guide our politics does guide the sense of the nation if you will, and I believe that’s what we’re seeing with Jason Aldean ins hit you know try that in a small town and with this from Oliver Anthony listen to a little bit of this. 

“I’ve been selling my soul working home day over time out for both pain so I can sit out here and waste my life away. Drag back home and down my travels away. It’s a damn shame what the world’s gotten to for people like me. People like you wish I could just wake up and and not be true but it is oh it is live rich man for Richmond Lord knows this monitor has total control. We’ll know what you think. We’ll know what you do. And that out thank you know that you do your dollar hates and it’s tax to know him man.”

I noticed there was no political affiliation put in there. I mean to his his lament could have applied to Mitch McConnell could have applied to Mitt Romney, certainly to Beijing Biden to every Socialist Democrat out there. So it is a commentary, a social commentary on what our people are enduring courtesy of the failures in our government. Because, frankly, and I’ve got some stories to share with you about what’s happened in Hawaii. 

I mean, seriously, folks, Hawaii is, is a checking box, affirmative action, hiring those people out there from the governor down to the emergency response. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing. And people are dead because of it. And you think Americans don’t care? Most Democrat voters don’t care but the rest of us sure as hell do. Let me talk to somebody who might be able to give us some insight on what art and what music can do to reflect. In this case, the pain of a nation, Derrick Johnson, his name is he’s a farmer. He’s an Army veteran, wounded warrior. And a country music artist. Derek is best known for his two billboard hits. Real cool, kind of hot and right beer right now. Mr. Johnson, welcome to the Salcedo show. 

Appreciate it Thanks for having me. Your songs before I get into to all Dean and to Oliver Anthony, your songs. They span a great deal of subject matter and and I was kind of researching, you know, the evolution of your music you do you also do faith. Do you also dip into faith and then also just common sense commentary? 

No, that’s all. That’s another Derrick Johnson ironically, he and I have the same name, same spelling, same everything but I mean, I am a Christian, but I don’t do the Christian music. 

Understood. So yours. Yours is just pretty much good time. Good time. Country music. Yeah. Pretty much good sound country music. I do have a new record though. I’m working on and it’ll be different back into like, 90s type country, heavy fiddle and heavy steel guitar. 

Nice. My daughter is is Gen Z, I guess you would. She’s my middle daughter. And she’s 19 years old. And you know what she says to me and to her mother? I can’t my favorite music is country music. Because a you can understand it be it has a set of values and a set of principles to it. And it has it touches it touches your heart and it touches your real life experience. Isn’t that why country miss the CMAS? And their recent moves aside? But isn’t that isn’t that why you think country resonates with so many people? 

It is that the country used to be a family and it was a lot more family oriented before all the bullcrap moves into Nashville, all your liberals and all your hippies and all the and hippies are cool. But if you’re a liberal hippie, and you’re trying to change the family values to country music, so that’s, that’s what happened to country music, the most recent years. It’s an industry like anything else. And it has an infrastructure like anything else, and you get the wrong people in there. And then other people don’t do anything about it or they’re too scared to say something. And then that’s what you end up with. But the traditional values of country music, that’s what it was. It’s because it’s about life. It’s a lifestyle. 

It is and I think it resonates. It’s American, it is country music is America, very American. And I think it’s reflective of the principles and the values this country used to have universally. Derek Johnson is our guest right now, folks. He is a veteran, Wounded Warrior, and he’s a country music artist. I want you to check out these songs too. They’re really good. Real cool, kind of hot and right beer right now which I’m let me just ask you about right beer right now is did that have anything to do with the whole the whole Bud Light stuff? Or was that just totally unrelated? 

Yeah, totally unrelated. That was my second billboard hit back in 2021. Yeah. So yeah, but definitely, definitely not about Bud Light. I mean, I saw the whole Bud Light thing real quick. I just told people look, you don’t even have to have a left or right opinion on it. We could just all agree that it’s a spot new op, and all be done. Well, I think well, there, there’s that and then again, a lot of folks are saying you know why don’t you guys concentrate on making beer making a better beer rather than all this social commentary? 

And how about that? Now let me get into all of our Anthony and Jason LD ins anthems. I know you know the songs very well. And why do you as an as an artist a what do you think about the music? And I don’t know if it’s if it’s in politic for, for artists to critique other artists. But maybe you can give me your professional opinion on the music. And then tell me what about their messages do you think is resonating so much? 

Oh, nowadays songs a little different. It’s called politics about small towns in the South. That’s really what it’s talking about. The riders behind that song are southern boys out into Georgia boy, it’s talking about small towns in the south. And that’s just how we roll Hold down south, right, but the other song, I’ll get into it, but but I know Alting all his people. So it’s not too political to get into this. But you know that song would resonate with people now this other song. The reason the reason why I don’t I wouldn’t say I have a problem with it but basically we the people control what’s going on in this nation. So I have to disagree with earlier like what we that people control that and the Declaration of Independence is our foundation of this nation. And so when you get a song, I’m talking about rich pan north of Richmond. Well, if if people north south east and west Richmond would understand the simplicity of the government, and understand the simplicity of how our government operates, if you know anything about college football, yeah, this would be like this would be like 100 players telling Nick Saban how Alabama’s programs gonna run this day. Ben ain’t gonna have that. Alright, that’d be like all the players at the Patriots telling Bill the chat what’s gonna go on. Next David and Bella check are known for running strict program. Well, that’d be like all their players telling them how they gonna run the program. So we have 535 Members of Congress that control 332 million people. Now, when the people learned that we control this process, and we inherited this bullcrap, they would fall in with this is where I struggle as a veteran and a country music singer in a different way. It’s because when you try to have a just a cordial conversation with everyday Americans, that’s the same stuff you hear so well, I have two and three jobs. Well, you have two and three jobs because you don’t know the simplest is government. For example, as a veteran, the War Powers resolution, that is where a president can declare war president or Congress. All right now currently the last amended section of the War Powers resolution at at the very bottom of the page. It says I hereby delegate, the Secretary of Defense, the authority and the functions vested in the president of section 1550. Will the President and section 1550 as Donald John Trump is dated December the 20th 2019? Well, that memorandum at the very bottom is Joe Biden, delegating the Secretary of Defense to listen to the orders of Donald John Shaw is a veteran. You know what that means, as a veteran, any veteran out there that hears that that means that Donald John Trump is still your commander in chief by the military standard? That’s what that means, because that’s the very act that the President and Congress declares war. 

Well, you know, and that’s, I think that Rand Paul has been one of the leaders on this saying, you know, what, only the people’s representatives are able to declare war, but they’ve given all these short term wartime powers to the executive, which by the way, the Constitution said he never was supposed to have. He was what once Congress declares war than he could administer the war. But the people’s representatives need to vote on it. But these cowards, and I think it’s what, what Mr. Oliver Anthony’s is talking about is the way things the way things are supposed to work in this country. They’re not. 

And I think that’s that’s all of us, the people. And let me show you something about Yeah, it’s not that way, though. Congress has, Congress has definitely through the years, and we inherited this bullcrap. We all inherited it. So we’re a product I’m inherited. We didn’t create it. We didn’t establish it, but we can change it. And this is where that’s wrong about Congress. So let me show you how the military justice that was signed in 2016. It was the Supreme Court of 2016, that Donald Trump’s Supreme Court, the Ginzburg Supreme Court, they, for the first time in United States history, clarify and bipartisan Congress passed this in 2017. That’s military justice. That is clarifying that military courts and laws are separate from civil courts and laws with President commander in chief are separate roles and duties. And commander in chief is separate from the federal government. Okay, so the military came first in this nation. That’s why the Declaration of Independence is more important than the Constitution because that’s our founding. That’s when we the people get pissed away back then. And did what we should do right now. Now that don’t mean incite violence, but at the same time, that’s what happened back then. We had a war. We had a war about it. But the Revolutionary War was different than any other war. So that topic was different. And it’s wrong about Congress, the military stuff right now and the military. We’re in a military occupancy right now by walls and orders. And we have federal continuity addresses that prove that we’re in a continuity of government. And the most recent continuities rested came out April 2023. In the most recent law and side of it is a Donald Trump law, not Joe Biden. And on January 20 2021, as a veteran, the whole world witness Joe Biden have a military funeral service with three cannons. That’s a custom that’s not an opinion, not party affiliated, religious affiliated. And as a veteran, when we try to talk to the average everyday American, this same group that Oliver North is thinking about, he’s already telling you what we all Do you know if well, Gong is already out? Well, we already know. 

Yes. See. And that’s that’s kind of I mean, I was I was mentioning earlier, Dolly Parton’s nine to five member Dolly Parton’s nine to five Absolutely. And it was a chart topper and it stayed at number one I remember for months and months and months because that was about Americans getting up every single day. And no matter how hard they tried all of their efforts, were going to the aggrandizement of the boss, and they couldn’t, they couldn’t climb the ladder, but the boss was making money off the backs of the people. And that was a social commentary, I believe, on how things were in the 1970s. The music from all Dean from Oliver Anthony, and from other artists out there are reflecting what the American the results of what the American people are feeling today, as a result of and again, I think you can argue, Dolly Parton’s America was a reflection was a reflection of wayward stupid govern governance. And today, I think wayward stupid governance is also the problem. And I think to your, your broader point, is we have to remember this is supposed to be a government of by and for the people. And we’ve lost that, haven’t we? 

That’s correct. But really think about what I just said, though, when I die, I’m going to have a 21 gun salute. All right, those are customers. It’s not party affiliated religious facility and nothing like that you can be the most left liberal and serve honorably and get a 21 gun salute. But the point being and so on January 20 2021, when the whole world saw a witness and inauguration, any veteran sitting there was looking Wait, that’s three panels at Arlington National Cemetery. When you go to Orleans National Cemetery dot mele, the official site for the military and official site all listen, that’s three volley salute is not to be confused with a 21 gun salute. That’s three volley salute. It’s a military funeral service. The whole world witness Joe Biden have a funeral service. And guess who’s going to have to answer for that Congress is going to have that for that. They’re going to have to tell the people, hey, you’ve been under military occupancy this whole time you’ve been under a fellow continuity directive that showed that three branch earner a continuity government that’s not secretive. That is stuff that every best public information site. That’s what I’m known for. outside the country music I had this blueprint. It’s a book I’m right. But it’s it’s a blueprint of all the laws and orders in a chronological order from 2016 to present day. You don’t have to go back to the 1800s You don’t have to. And this is the problem with papers what we’re talking about. So it’s like a rally calm kind of like Paul Revere. I’m trying to say hey, people wake up. We will throw this well hold on. 

So So when Derrick Derrick Johnson, by the way, is our guest right now, folks, he’s a country music artist. He’s got some big hits real cool kind of hot and right beer right now. So I guess the question is what you’re describing is is pretty heady stuff. And I’m not even sure if you’ve even considered this but how do you break through this this medial wall the way all Dean and Oliver Anthony have How do you through your art break through and get people to recognize this is what’s going on? Can you even do that in a country? 

Yeah, I mean, it’s it’s resonate with certain people out there but you got to you have to get into people you have to say look, this is how our government functions this how it operates now, Marbury versus Madison making those three not all alone that the Constitution so there’s there’s a saying you have to go to our foundation. So people you have to start with things like that. Say, Hey, do you support the military? See most of this demographic that love this song? Oh, they’re blue collar and they love our military. Okay, then how are you telling us? Like, this is what I do when I’m not you, but I’ll tell them to one on top of them. I’m like, Okay, do you love the military likes it? Yeah. Well, when I lay this out, I don’t know if I believe that. So you’re telling me you believe in the military but you don’t believe a veteran that’s showing you where Congress and the president declares war and the war powers resolution that this is it right here? He’s telling me that none of this means anything. Well, Dan, I can show you by aircraft in the sky daily. Aircraft. 

You have got to stay you got to stay in touch with the show and let us know we’re going a with the book. And also if if what happened if you’re able to parlay that into music. I mean, I’m I want to hear that song. Derek. Derek Johnson folks, that the hits right now. Real cool, kind of hot and right beer right now. Country music artists. Hey, sir. Appreciate the time and the expertise. 

Thank you. I appreciate it. Have a good day. 

And sir, your service to our country that’s going to wrap up this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor visit a couple of websites if you would, Texas Big enterprising journalism, including a documentary if you haven’t seen it yet, you must see it, the Texas heist. Also check out Chris Salcedo. dot com when you go to Chris newly minted by the way, you’ll find all of our social media hookups and ways to track down the Chris Salcedo shows on AM 700k SCV the voice of Texas that’s morning talk radio, which we’ll be expanding soon. And also on Newsmax TV every afternoon four o’clock until five until we visit again my friends. Remember a society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government. It’s measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We the People, stay safe out there my friends. 

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