The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Biased Press LIED About Sound of Freedom

Sean Spicer is the former press Secretary for President Trump. he’s in the Navy reserves. He’s a TV host who has launched his own youtube Channel @ Sean m Spicer.

Transcribed by Otter.Ai

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One might even go so far as to say it’s mediocre. I guess I should salute you with a worthy adversary and all that. But the truth is, I really did he got this no single score podcast. As I mentioned on the show behind the show was Shan Shan stain in the last podcast. You saw sound of freedom over the last weekend. And one thing I think I made note to Sean was you can’t see this movie and not be changed. I was. And I hear I thought I was ready to see what I saw. I cried through a lot of them the film, it was a triumphant film, because good one in the end. But it really does lay out in stark detail what we’re up against. And, frankly, and let me just let me just go here because I touched base on this was Sean. But let me just go here with CNN. What CNN did, what CNN put out there. There’s a couple of things that either happened here, either they were, they never saw the movie, or they were they were jumping out there in defense of Democrat policies, because their Democrat policies, even though they have exacerbated and made worse, the human trafficking industry. By worse, I mean, the Democrats have made the human sex trafficking child sex trafficking industry much more successful, and to the United States because of their open border policies. So either CNN was running interference for this because CNN, by instinct, supports Democrats no matter what they do, no matter how many children’s suffer, no matter how many Americans suffer, CNN couldn’t give a crap less, or, or they just never saw the film. For those of you who didn’t hear how CNN handled all this, or basically telegraphed, in my opinion, where they stand on child sex trafficking, here’s what they did. They invited some Kook left wing fringe nut nut bag to say the movie was all about Cuba non conspiracy theories. By the way, I watched it. And I saw nothing, nothing resembling Cuban on theories. There was nothing about this film that didn’t focus on the that grotesque and sick industry of exploiting children. But here’s how CNN portrayed it. Listen, and you seem pretty familiar with him because he doesn’t really hide his association with this real wild plot that that involves, you know, drinking the blood of children and things like that. They’re talking about Jim Caviezel. Jim cabeza was the lead actor who portrayed Tim Ballard in the movie. And so they they couldn’t attack the movie. They went after the actor, how dare the actor participate in such a thing? And he believes that there is a segment of the population out there they claim although I’ve never seen any evidence of this, that that Jim coveys will believe the Democrats are out there harvesting this, I believe it’s called Adrenochrome. From frightened children to prolong their own lives, what in antiquity they called ambrozy up but at any rate, they can put they went to it Have the actor rather than dealing with the substance of the film. This is your first clue that these people over at CNN and this nutbag. They got on to talk about this. Were agendized and had no idea what the film was about. No, he doesn’t hide it at all. And you have a lot of people who are in this world of Q anon who say, Oh, they don’t know what that is. I’ve never heard of it. They’re just asking questions with somebody like Jim Caviezel. He is openly embracing it. He’s openly using its catchphrases and its concepts. He’s speaking at Q anon conventions? Yeah, I have no idea to prove that’s true. I have I have no evidence to prove that’s true. But let’s just say for example, it is, none of it found its way into the film. None of it found its way in the film, not one mention of Adrenochrome. And this film is being marketed to either specific q&a unbelievers or to people who believe all of the same tenets as Q anon. But claim they don’t know what it is, know that the film is being marketed to people who see that this industry of child sex trafficking is a problem, which apparently excludes you people on the left. This film is being marketed to a decent and moral people who say that intimate relations with children is wrong. It is out there saying that those left wingers, these Democrats who are wandering around this country, saying that we should change the term pedophile to minor attracted persons. It’s being marketed to those of us who say that it’s wrong. Apparently, that group excludes CNN and excludes this nutbag author. And the sound of freedom does focus on a real issue of sex trafficking. But that theme, it’s sort of like that kernel of truth that feeds the Q anon conspiracy theory. It’s not a kernel of truth. It’s the whole damn movie, you ignorant, rich, the entire movie was focused on that, and that alone, and heroic efforts by people with a conscience which excludes CNN and their stupid guests, that’s what the film focused on, and you apparently didn’t see it, or else you would have known. It wasn’t the kernel of truth. It was the entire focus, you dumbass. Tell us how those two things work together. Sure, and the most durable and the most believable conspiracy theories are not entirely false. There’s something in them. That is true. And the rest of it is false. But the believers point to the one true thing and they say, Oh, you don’t believe that this particular thing is true. In terms of child trafficking. We know trafficking is real. We know it has real victims. No one is denying that. Oh, nope. Yeah, but nobody’s focusing on an either. You spent the entire damn segment trying to say don’t see this film, because there’s a bunch of Q anon conspiracy theories. Instead of saying no, this is a worthwhile film, Americans need to wake up to the policies that the Democrats are pushing that enable and bolster this industry. No, you didn’t spend any time in the damn interview focusing on what you claim you know, as to be real, which is the sex trafficking that is now a burgeoning and growing industry courtesy of the left wing around the globe. But these films are created out of moral panics are created out of bogus statistics. Tell me which one, by the way, folks, he goes to the entire interview, not not citing one bogus statistic? Tell me what sound of freedom put out there. That was not true. That was bogus? Oh, no, they never will. Because either this, this complete a one nutball didn’t see it, or he doesn’t want the CNN audience to see it. They’re created out of fear. And it was something like sound of freedom, it specifically is looking at q&a on concepts of these child trafficking rings that are run by the high level elites. And that’s just bullshit. That’s utter bullshit. And that’s, that’s all they trafficking. Over there at CNN. What that guy just said, is complete what I’ve seen the damn movie. That’s complete bullshit. And shame on CNN and CNN should be known from this, this point forward as the pro pedophile network, because of what they’ve allowed to have happen on their air. And of course, anybody who was would stop something like this from airing, they were fired. Isn’t that right, Mr. Chris Licht, only people like Tim Ballard and only people like Jim Caviezel. And by extension only people like the ticket buyer can help bring these trafficking rings down. So there’s a very participatory elements. You’re not just going to see a movie you’re just killing two hours on a hot day. You are helping bring down these these pedophile rings and save children. Now it’s not true, but it’s a very comforting and it’s very warm feeling to have. Oh, it’s not true. You mean awareness of a problem? Never results in the problem being solved. Is that what you’re saying? Dumbass? Is that what you’re saying? Mr. Dumbass, that why do we have to endure all of your LGBTQ ABCD EFG cultural Marxism, awareness, awareness, awareness. All You Left wingers are out there doing talking about awareness, awareness, awareness of your bullshit. That’s all you talk about. Is awareness of this awareness a better way? Oh, yeah. Oh, but when it comes to being aware of a cancer of the absolute sick and disgusting and depraved practice of sexually exploiting children, oh, no, no, no, there could be no benefit of the American people becoming aware of how much of a cancer this is, Gosh, this guy, and CNN, there’s a special place in hell, where they deserve to rot. Tim Ballard reacted to this. Listen, every every show I’ve seen, they just like to throw the word out Q anon. They make zero connection to the actual story. It’s really difficult to make that connection when it’s actually based on a true story. Every kid is real in the story, every bad guy is real. You know, they play with some timing and things like that to fit it all in. But where’s the Q anon doctrine being spewed in the film and the script? I have no idea. Because this is, this is actually what it looks like, because this is what happened. I was there, and several others were there to confirm. So this is just some other agenda. You know, I mean, who would want to get the backs or running interference for pedophiles and human traffickers? That’s the more important question and all this. Why would you want to lie to push an agenda? whose goal is to have children be in captivity? It’s kind of sick. Yeah, it is sick. Yes, CNN. What’s your agenda? Trying to run interference for the Democrats whose policy support this crap? What’s your agenda CNN or whatever the name of this idiot they had on peddling a book. Q anon queueing on Q anon. Don’t do anything. Don’t see the movie. Don’t don’t raise awareness. Don’t become aware of child sex exploitation. And by God don’t do anything about it. What message are you sending CNN? Again, I think there is ample room to call CNN and those who work there, the pro pedophile network. I think they’re because because of this segment from the Independent Journal review, over the weekend, sound of freedom pulls off another miracle during an epic run at the box office. The film sound of freedom continues to be a box office success and its second weekend. The film grossed 6 million on Friday according to Deadline. The film now shown at 3265 theaters across the country is expected to have a weekend of between 20,000,022 point 5 million and it likely will hit it. On top of a strong first weekend, the film could end up could end the weekend with a gross of $81 million. The site wrote, noting the film is likely to break 100 million in gross receipts. And I think it’s easily going to make that the film has been consistently beating out in Sidious. The door on Thursday. Sound of freedom gross what deadline estimated to be 4.5 million, which was a 4% increase over the day before deadline noted that gave it a gross of 58 point 5 million as of last Thursday, folks, Jim coversyl. Who is the star the aforementioned star of this film, he portrays Tim Ballard says said as he was betraying Ballard, I was thinking about my own children. When he was doing it could have easily said that 300,000 children under the age of 18 were lured into the sex trafficking business in the United States and the United States. But this is something CNN says Oh, no, we can’t do anything about don’t go watch a film about it. Don’t raise awareness about it. We because that goes against Democrat policies don’t don’t become aware we are the biggest consumers of child trafficking and pornography in the world says Mr. cabezo. The United States the home of the free land of the brave. This is ridiculous. And so the film is a threat. Yes, it’s a threat. It’s a threat to that booming industry that CNN appears to be running interference for Ballard founded the anti trafficking group operation Underground Railroad, which has one mission and child sex trafficking. And its opening weekend sound of freedom plays third of the box office totals behind insidious the red door and Indiana Jones the dial up depends. Can Ezel said he wants movie goers to leave the film with a new heart. According to the Catholic News Agency, a heart that is not afraid. He added. I was praying the other day. This is probably what offends the folks over at CNN. And they’re they’re Q anon obsessed left wing authors. This idea of praying to God, I was praying the other day, and I said, can we love God’s children more than we fear evil? Can we love Jesus more than we fear the cross? And this is the problem right now with modern day Christians is that we want the easy route and And right now, you see the world changing. You’re going to have to make a decision. At some point. He said, Right, everybody within the sound of my voice, you’re going to have to make a decision. CNN made there’s, where are you? Coming up next? Some other things CNN don’t want you talking about. We’ll explore that. But my buddy Sean Spicer, on the Salcedo storm podcast. And now a word from our sponsor. Are you sick of all these Medicare commercials? 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These abusive medical practices are being pushed by the radical woke leftist in our state. You can go to Texas To learn more and get real news for real Texans. My friends. Let’s have a conversation with my buddy Sean Spicer. He’s the former press secretary President Donald Trump. He’s in the Navy Reserves. He’s a TV host and has launched his own YouTube channel at Sean and Spicer. Hello, my friend. Good morning, Chris. I wish he was under better circumstances. I know, you know what I’m talking about this this strike in Hollywood, these actors, these actors that are that are no longer working as providing the crappy. I just I think we should take a moment and wish them well on their year long strike. Hopefully it doesn’t go longer than 510 years. Yeah, but they should. They should stay strong. It’s just it’s a shame when Hollywood goes on strike. It is and you know, what are you going to do for writers? I mean, I mean, your show in particular. I mean, I know how much you rely on these writers. I mean, you’re you’re it’s comedic gold most of the time on your program. You know, I’m saying, yeah, thank you. It’s i I’m thinking of striking myself. No, wait a minute. I got no way I’m going to, I’m going to share this hold on Shawn. I’m going to share this. I asked Sean Spicer because, you know, he’s got so many irons in the fire. I wanted to make sure that I properly denoted what he was up to to properly promote him. I said, Hey, why don’t you send me a two sentence bio. So here’s the way here’s what he sends me. Sean Spicer might be the smartest guy I know. If you Google awesome. He’s the first thing that pops up. Check out his videos on YouTube at Sean Spicer. So that’s comedic gold right there, folks and the writers that that provided that they’re on strike. I know I I’m glad I was on today. And not on Monday, because it just would have said like, Hey, he’s a man. But in all seriousness, I’m wondering, will we miss Hollywood? Well, will America miss a bunch of anti American leftist folks? No, I think the answer is clearly no. I mean, the writers have been on strike for how long now? A month and a half or something. I mean, no late night. Remember, all these late night shows are just reruns. There’s no live guests the other night. Jimmy Fallon did like his Christmas show. And I think it’s just proof that no one actually misses it. And the problem that you have sometimes when you do a strike like this, is that you’re hoping that the force is that it forces people back to the negotiating table. But if the folks see that they don’t need that anymore, and frankly, this is where the rise of reality television has come into play. Because people have realized we don’t need this unscripted stuff. They just, you know, have another episode you know, some some new game show that the Brits have done that they redo here in America but that’s the Reality, I think it’s gonna get filled. And I think the funny part is these guys are cutting their nose off to spite themselves. Because there’s ways to fill this much cheaper, and capitalism will take its rear its head. And so I just, I think that this has been this is going to be interesting because these guys are all like whining about being underpaid, and maybe some of the guys, you know, at the lower end, I’m sure that they are I mean, yeah, but again, when I, when I started on Capitol Hill, I made $13,800. I mean, I don’t know that there’s that many professions where you jump in with no skill set and say, Can I have a million dollars, please? Well, I’m with you. And I think that there’s an I think it’s appropriate. Abraham Lincoln said, it is best to be thoughtful than to open your mouth and confirm it. And I think that’s precisely what these these strikers are doing. They have this over elevated sense of self that we rely on them so much, and that that day’s gone. I think they’re finding that out right. Now, let’s, let’s you and I pivot to issues. I mean, start with areas of input first, you’ve got this this 2015 email that came out, the Republicans got their hands on from a Burisma executive detailing what Hunter Biden’s job was, was when he was hired for $50,000 a month to to the board of Burisma. He didn’t speak Russian. He didn’t speak any foreign languages. He has no energy experience, but they hired him with the expressed purpose of killing us investigations into Burisma. And then we have this tape, Sean Spicer of Beijing Biden, bragging that he fulfilled the contract, the obligations of the contract, and here is Joe Biden, in his own words, listen, they walked out express consent nice and I’m not gonna we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said you have no authority. You’re not the president. The president said I said call him I said I’m telling you not getting the billion dollars. I said you’re not getting the billion I’m gonna be leaving here. I think it was about six hours I look guys, I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of got fired. The Democrats say what Joe Biden just admitted to on tape as an impeachable offense. What do you think? What do you think’s taking the Republicans so long? So I don’t know. That’s a it’s a good question. Because there’s clearly there’s clearly enough here in terms of the the WhatsApp message that Hunter sent, where his dad is, quote, sitting next to him, and they’re not getting the stuff. And then the text or the email that you just portrayed, and then the Biden comments themselves. So I There are days when I give the benefit of the doubt to these guys. I don’t think Jim Jordan, tricking violent by any standpoint. But I am concerned. I think part of this, to be honest with you, Chris, is that these guys are scared. Every time Republicans try to come out with something they they they bungled it. And I think they’re like, Oh, God, because the media and look, I get it. It’s not. It’s not completely unwarranted. If it wasn’t for, you know, voices like you some of the videos that I’m putting out, like, we’re not we don’t control the The New York Times and The MBCs who collectively yawn at this stuff. And I mean, at some point, I’m like, okay, I get, you might be skeptical, but like, then you explain it, right. I mean, that’s, that’s kind of, I think, where you and I are a little different on this, in that we’re like, Okay, here’s the evidence. I mean, if this was like a crime scene, we’d say, Okay, here’s the evidence. Here’s what the victim said, Here’s what the motive was. And then somebody tell me why I’m not why I’m not these dots don’t connect, because right now I’m going dot, dot, dot, they all connect. But I’m going How does no one else see this? Because I’m with you on this. I just don’t understand where I get it. You know, let me let me kind of just for your audience purposes tell you it’s another story. We’ve gotten this image, you know, of old Uncle Joe, who’s sweet grandpa that calls all six of the kids that he acknowledges every day. And then he goes out and his big dilemma every day is chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Right. It’s good old Joe backslap and Joe, and then Axios comes out with the story the other day called Old Yeller, where apparently it’s a rite of passage. And I’m not kidding. It’s the the quote Jen Psaki on this, where she says, I don’t know that, you know, I know I’ll be sort of in the inner circle when you read the out. And and then it goes on and the article to say it didn’t take off the law for that to happen. And my point in telling this story is that I think it’s very similar, which is that we have this image that the media wants to portray and protect. That’s the key word protect on all of these aspects of Joe Biden. And so, the Republicans are scared because again, I was actually blown away that Axios wrote The Old Yeller story, because the idea that the media is trying to protect this guy, they hide the gaffes, they hide the false walls. They protect his image as this, you know loving grandfather, children that acknowledges it’s the same thing. It’s like Hunter and these guys do all this stuff and you go to somebody and say, okay, just tell me explain to me how you aren’t. I mean, when it was when it was my turn in the barrel it was Trump, Trump, Trump used an R word. Russia starts with our there must be Russia collusion. Yeah. You know, what? I know. I know. I don’t know how if that was the standard four years ago, how it’s like, here’s an email, here’s a text, here’s him on tape and you go, and they’re like, Okay, what’s your point? Well, first off, you got the ladies of the view, when it was when Axios came out with a piece detailing Joe Biden abusing his staff and it’s abuse. If you when you see the stuff that he that he says to them, and he called them it’s abuse, that the ladies of the view say they are turned on by Joe Biden’s anger. That’s how they spin this, that if it was a Republican, they would call it abuse, but if it’s a Democrat, they would excuse it. It’s just like, when if a Republican is accused of rape, oh, he’s a rapist. But if a Democrat is credibly accused of rape, oh, it’s the woman’s fault. It’s, it’s the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen. It goes beyond that, though, because I get it. You’re absolutely right. But the thing that goes beyond that, and I’ve got a video coming out on this that I’ll put out on the YouTube channel, we’re actually go back and remind people remember day one, he sat there with these massive screens of all of his incoming staff. It said mark my word. If you disrespect a member, a colleague of yours or anyone that I find out about me, all fire you on the spot. No jokes. Yeah, no joke, no joke. No joke. So I mean, to quote President Trump, yo, you’re fired. You’re. Hey, that was pretty good. Yeah, you’re fired. Hey, Sean Spicer is our guest folks at Sean M. Spicer on YouTube. That’s where you catch all of his videos. Let’s move on to something that we got yesterday, I got two more things I must get to you. The Secret Service says that even though we have a universe of about 50 people, we cannot identify the cocaine culprit. Oh, and by the way, by the way, we also want to inform me Republicans that we found pot at the White House in 2022. Twice. So I think we can credibly change the name of Joe Biden’s White House to the crack house. That’s number one. Number two, do you buy anything the Secret Service is shoving here. So let me make a couple quick points. One, this is bigger than cocaine. This is a security issue. What if that cocaine was fentanyl? What if the kids security? What if the cocaine was anthrax? What if it was another WMD? Yeah, this is why again, number two, the White House lied twice. First, they told us he was in the West Wing lobby. And it was a quote highly trafficked area as if a bunch of sixth graders were traipsing through the thing. It was actually at the West executive entrance with the Vice President enters right in front of the Situation Room, not a highly trafficked entrance. Number two is they call this queen jump here scolded depresses that they were quote responsible for reporting. the Biden family was in the residence Friday, Saturday, Monday, and they returned Tuesday morning. That is false. They were actually in the residence till 624 on Friday night. Why did the White House lie twice out of the gate? And number three is i To your point I would have immediately there’s only two groups that could have been in that entrance. One is staffers, right? Because anyone with a Westley badge could have been there. And I would have done a full sweep of drug tests of anyone who had a West Wing badge because not everybody who works in the White House can get into the West Wing. That’s why it took me that’s why it took two weeks. That’s why they wouldn’t they drag their feet for two weeks. Right? But but just remember this, and I have some experience in this from my military training that I had to deal with. But cocaine stays in the system for 24 hours, you could have done a full sweep no one who’s bringing a baggie of coke to the White House isn’t a daily user. I’m sorry, no one just randomly brings a bag of coke that doesn’t have a problem with coke. So you would have caught that. I mean, I’m sorry, no one goes, Hey, he’s Blackberry or phone coke. It doesn’t work like that. I mean, you don’t bring coke in your pocket unless you have a problem. So I would have ruled out the staff immediately that would have been left it up to the guests. And of them all of those people are a screen to be signed in. So you definitely know who was who was in that universe. And then you start going down that and said, Okay, now there’s 50 people, okay, we can rule this person out, we can go this person out. We know that this person came after it’s not whatever to get the pool down to 10 or 15. But it was almost intentional that they didn’t want to find the person they know. I mean, you they we know Shawn, we know they know. We know they know who’s responsible to your original point you started off. Who knew it was so easy to get a illegal, deadly, white powdery substance, whether it be cocaine or anthrax into the White House undetected. We would have to believe that somebody could walk in with anthrax undetected, planted and then leave and the Secret Service would have no idea. That’s insane. That is absurd, and nobody believes it. So that’s number one. Number Number two, it wouldn’t says about the decline of this country that now we have it confirmed that the White House is the repository for Coke and for and for pot is just it’s a disgrace. And it’s disgusting. The last thing I have for you is something that is you made reference to your military background. Joe Biden very quietly, is calling up the reserves 3000 reserve troops to support operations in Europe after 10s of 1000s were sent to Europe last year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. First off, I want to know, Are you impacted by this? Because you are in the reserves? And do you think America’s Americans who should be worried about their sons and daughters under a commander in chief of the caliber of Joe Biden? Well, look, I I have to say this first and foremost of any views that I expressed are mine and mine alone, not because the Department of Defense the Department of Navy, but But I will say I have not been notified of anything. I saw this like everyone else. I got a bunch of text last night, maybe buddies of mine that were like, Dude, did you see this? Like what’s going on? Number two, the manner the where I how I currently serve? I have a feeling they know who they want for that. Right? That’s that was that was done with some planning, meaning you don’t just send out an order like that, calling up it because it’s very, there’s a little bit of specificity. So I think that, obviously, DOD did some planning in terms of who they were calling up. And so we’ll see. I think that’s the million dollar question, though. The what you started with the word quiet, is what sort of, you know, I mean, I literally started getting texts yesterday. Hey, did you know about this? Do you know about this? And I think the question is, why? Why didn’t you know you had either people are going to see it 3000 people, and obviously, it’s affects not just the servicemembers, but their family. So we would have known about this, Congress would have had to be notified. But I sort of go Why did you think this gets back to kind of what we were talking about with, with the cocaine and everything else is like, why is this being done? The way it’s done? What are you hiding? And when you do things in a certain way, people become suspicious, and they become suspicious, because you’re You don’t seem like you’re doing things on the up and up. And if you’re going to call up 3000 Folks, out of the selection reserve, why are you doing that? Without telling anybody? I just I think that would have merited at least Corinne jump here, making a statement, saying, you know, I mean, like, what is the it was, it was done sort of, like, we’re just gonna post this to the website and hope nobody sees it, you know, quote, unquote, comply with the law. But it definitely is going to I mean, my guess is that she’s gonna get a ton of questions today. I have a feeling you’ll know if they’re serious about this today, watch this. If Kirby comes out, they’re serious. If Kirby doesn’t come out, they’re not. Because John Kirby was, you know, we’re out in the United States Navy. He’s technically the strategic coordinator for national security communications are something what he’s, he’s just shadow PRESS SECRETARY OF ISRAEL title. So yeah, so I think if they’re really looking to explain that, what I would have curved he’s a smart guy. And I would have, I would have figured that he would have gone out yesterday and explain that. Well, I talked to Rose I talked to Roseanne last night about this. And I know it’s definitely on his radar screen. And I anticipate him asking some detailed questions about this at the at the press briefing. If Kirby comes out and to your point, he may duck they may duck the press because it doesn’t this doesn’t play well with their base. I don’t think it plays well with anybody. I don’t think there’s a majority of the country now. But the reality is just your audience understands it’s Kirby as we both alluded to knows what he’s talking about. He can explain it if they don’t send them out and they extend it just send out Carinthia say, as my colleague before has said, when I couldn’t say the thing that I said before I said what I said to the person I sent it to you then we know they’re not serious because that’s you’re not going to get an answer that’s coherent. There you go from her so that’s that’s your account. Do me a favor. Would you tease the topic of your next video you’re going to be posting on the the well traveled the well populated Sean Spicer YouTube channel. Actually, it’s amazing. Normally we tape a few but I know the answer to this question. You didn’t even ask the two people. We’re doing something I this huge movie that’s come out called Sound of freedom that my friend Tim Cook diesel. I know you’re you’ve been a big supporter. Yes. I have a very interesting take on this. And so this should be coming out today. If you go to the YouTube channel, Sean Spicer and subscribe, you’ll get it right away. But the thing that’s so interesting to me is these guys beat Indiana Jones screened for screen and, and and I actually wrote about Angel studios. They’re the ones behind the chosen movie. I’ve known these guys for a while, big supporters of theirs and they crowdsource and crowd fund their their projects. So if you know the the whole success of the Chozen was crowdfunded, the success of this movie was crowdfunded. So people invest in it, they’re actually going to make a decent chunk of change on this for the return on their investment. And I’m just I’m so proud of what Angel Studios has done. And obviously now watching the left freakout the the movie is about child trafficking. I know MSNBC, and all these guys are like, this is a q&a thing and what do you what are you talking about? I know like how do you attack like it’s a movie number one, right? So let’s be honest, these guys the same people who are attacking that have an attack Barbie. I know I mean, Barbie, Barbie threw in with China Barbie Barbie bought into Chinese propaganda. Oh, but the press is okay with that because it’s part of the studio system. And actually, ironically, Shawn, that takes the conversation full circle because I think there’s a changing of the guard. America is rejecting traditional leftist anti American Hollywood they’re rejecting woke Indiana Jones they’re rejecting woke Barbie and pro China Barbie. And they’re they’re letting their money make their their will known and leftists can’t stand it. When you don’t fund their stupidity and their anti Americanism. They can’t stand it. Sean Spicer everybody, here, make sure you go to the YouTube channel. He said it’s so fast. I’m gonna say it slowly. It’s at Sean M. Spicer. Make sure you subscribe, and keep his voice independent. So you know exactly what is on his mind. With no corporate influence on it, buddy, I appreciate it. Well, I appreciate it. And let’s again, let’s say a little let’s keep the actors in our in our thoughts this weekend. Because Because God knows that these folks are there, you know, it’s going to be one less private plane that they can take if we owe support. It’s a struggle. It’s a struggle. Thank you. Sean Spicer talk to you again. And that’s gonna do it for this edition of The Salcedo storm podcast. Folks, I know I got a little passionate there in the opening. And I if you’re gonna go see sound of freedom, and I think you should, but if you’re gonna go see it, just understand, you will not leave the movie theater unchanged, you will be changed, it changed me and I thought I was ready for what it was going to show me. And I wasn’t and you will cry. And you will be incredibly saddened. You will be searching your own soul is to as to how something like this can happen. And then you’re going to get angry. And then that anger is going to turn into determination. And woe to those individuals, whether they be CNN, their their left wing Kook guests, or the Democrat Socialist Party that stands in the way of those who turn their anger into determination to stop what is a sin? What is subhuman? And it’s practice and ought to be stopped and will be stopped. If we have anything to say about it. Visit a couple of websites for me, will you please Texas They just did a recent investigative report on how Texas now is ground zero for the child sex trafficking trade and what a what a dubious distinction that is courtesy of the Democrat socialists open border policies. Also visit Chris That’s where you can track down me on the Chris Salcedo shows on Newsmax, and on AM 700k SCV, the voice of Texas that’s talk radio and we’re in the process of expanding that not only in the state of Texas, but also beyond Texas. Until we visit again, my friends remember this, a society’s worth is not measured by how much power is stolen by an out of control government. It is measured by how much power is reserved for you and me. We, the people stay safe out there my friends. owning a business comes with pressure. There’s a limit to what I can do and still keep employees engaged. Fortunately, there’s Insperity they put 30 plus years of HR experience to work to help me with hiring, training, HR administration and compliance while giving my employees competitive benefit options. And because I’m able to focus on other priorities, my employees can thrive and my business can grow with Insperity Nothing seems impossible. Insperity HR that makes a difference. owning a business comes with pressure. There’s a limit to what I can do and still keep employees engaged. Fortunately, there’s Insperity they put 30 plus years of HR experience to work to help me with hiring, training, HR administration and compliance while giving my employees competitive benefit options. And because I’m able to focus on other priorities, my employees can thrive and my business can grow with Insperity Nothing seems impossible. Insperity HR that makes a difference.

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