The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The BIASED Press, Still Enemies Of America

On this Salcedo Storm Podcast: Lyndsay Keith is the Host of TBN’s nightly world news program, CenterPoint. She brings her diverse background in politics, media, strategic communications and broadcasting to help viewers navigate the current media and political climate.

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Things are so bad out there. How bad are they? They’re so bad out there that lifelong committed admitted communists are saying they may vote for President Trump. Folks, you would you have to be such a colossal screw up as Joe Biden and his regime are that that you would consider as a Democrat socialist or Marxist to vote for President Trump because things are just so bad. 

The brother of disgraced former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo as Rush Limbaugh called him Fredo. Fredo Cuomo, where was he at he? He was on PB DS podcast. I have no idea who that is. But he had these words to say:

“If it’s Biden, Trump, look for me again. We survived a Trump administration. Would we survive another one? Yes. Yes. I don’t think there’s any greater risk to America with him than with Biden. And for people who are now going to attack me and say, What are you talking about? Trump is like this crazy man and it? Well, look, you know, as Patrick says, the data is the data. Nobody was trying to kill us when Trump was president in a way that they’re not now if anything, there’s more hostility, and you can have reasons for that. Any way you want? Um, yeah, wait a minute.” 

Well, we all know, it’s because Joe Biden’s weak. Joe Biden’s feckless. Joe Biden really doesn’t give a damn about this country. If it doesn’t make him rich. This man is for sale. We all know it, he has no core conviction. And so he doesn’t give a damn whether we live or die. The Democrat Party doesn’t give a damn whether we live or die. And so everybody knows that. This is the reason why so many of the world’s bad actors are getting what they can get. Because we don’t have grownups in charge. We have selfish, self interested people in charge that are willing to sacrifice the country, frankly, world stability, just to get what they can get. They think they’re all feeding at the trough. That’s why. 

“I’m just saying, existentially. I’m not afraid of a Trump presidency. existentially. I’m not afraid of another Biden presidency. Because unlike many people in America, I believe that the country is much stronger than any individual leader. We survived the Russia thing. We survived January 6.”

When it what Russia thing. The the Russia thing that you manufactured, that you left wingers manufactured the idea that Trump was colluding with Russia was completely a complete fabrication. What are you What are you Russia thing? Russia is trying to influence our election? You mean that thing? You mean, the non breaking news that nations around the globe try to play in other nations elections? 

You mean that? I mean, this is absurd. The United States of America tries to get involved in other people’s elections as they try to get involved in our elections. That is nothing new. The Russia thing Yeah, the Russia thing where you Democrat socialists made up charges of collusion and took the country on a ride for two and a half years. Based on a fake investigation generated by the FBI. 

“We survived having Biden as a gaffe machine. We survived Congress going after each other and doing nothing for the rest of us.” 

We went, Whoa, hold on before we go, Biden is just a gaffe machine. Is that what you’re trying to summarize his occupation of the Oval Office as being? Oh, forget the 8.6 million illegal aliens. Forget the massive crime forget the degradation of the United States military. Forget the rampant inflation, how much it’s costing Americans, everyday Americans to make things go. Oh, no, it’s just because Biden’s a gaffe machine. This this guy is out of touch. 

“You survive these things? Are we better for it? No. Should we be doing things differently? Yes, I think it happens. I don’t know when I don’t even know why. But, you know, in terms of who I’m going to vote for, I would really have to see where we are at that moment in time. And you’re open to Trump vote, I am always open. And I’ll tell you this, people sell bullshit. You’ve never voted for a Republican in your life. Wrong. And not only have I the first vote I ever cast was for a Republican.”

Wow. Okay. So folks, Fredo Cuomo is, is not ruling out Voting for President Trump. And I’m sorry, things are so bad in the United States of America under Marxist rule, they’re so bad that even committed left wingers are thinking, man, just just to save the country, just to make sure that my family that I have the ability to maybe have a retirement, I have the ability to save what little of America is left, maybe I’ve just got to vote for President Trump. This idea of making America great again, who, as much as we loathe that on the left, I made just have to do it. We talk about some of the news of the day in the last couple of weeks, I had a sit down before the Thanksgiving holiday with Lindsey Keith an actual journalist. Unlike Fredo Cuomo, she’s an actual journalist, and you’ll hear how the conversation went coming up on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

A poll was taken among the Palestinian people. And it turns out the Palestinian people not only do they support the government they voted for yes. The terrorists of Hamas. They also support the slaughter of Jews that Hamas had undertaken on October 7. So this idea that the majority of the Palestinians are just captives of Hamas, and they don’t support the extermination of Jews is belied by their own sentiments. The people of the people of the Gaza Strip the Palestinians, seem to be in full throated support and the majority of the slaughtering of Jews. And I think we have to have a recognition and a discussion about that, in reality, so we can chart a legitimate course forward, there’s also talk of a of a prisoner release that we may get into a little later on as well. Let me bring on Lindsey key. She’s the host of TB NS nightly world news program Centerpointe. She brings her diverse background in politics, media, strategic communications, and broadcasting to help viewers navigate the current media and political climate. Lindsay, welcome back. 

Hey, Chris, how’s it going? 

It’s going well and I wanted to get this is where I wanted to start. Because you and I are gonna probably get into discussion, because you are, you’re a journalist, and I’m a former journalist, I’m an opinion host now. And the the biased press, the left wing press, and the way they can conduct themselves is completely completely transparent. Let me give an example. Here’s Dan Goldman. He’s a congressman. And he jumps on MSNBS. And he says something that bit of a Republican said it because we know this, I mean, Paul, ghosts are put up an anime, you know, a cartoon, and he was censured by the house for doing this. Here’s Dan Goleman. And I want to get your reaction as to what he says and be the lack of coverage of what he said, listen to this: 

“His recent true social post is incredibly, incredibly scary for anyone that might be trying to work in government. And it is just unquestionable at this point that that man cannot see public office again, he is not only unfit, he is destructive to our democracy. And he has to be, he has to be eliminated.”

So he’s talking about President Trump, President Trump has to be quote, eliminated. Lindsey Keith, your reaction? 

Yeah. To your point, Chris, it’s really interesting that someone can have rhetoric like that, you know, we’ve seen this from the left quite often, and it just gets dismissed as Oh, well, that’s free speech. But if the right does that, then they need to be removed, they need to be censured. And this goes back to like, the beauty of America. And what we’re being thankful for this week is that we celebrate free speech. And even if you disagree with someone speech, they still have the right to run even as president United States, and they have the ability to let the people vote for what they want to represent them. And so when you have rhetoric like that, it really actually doesn’t represent what our constitution stands for. But to your point, it gets dismissed, because there’s a lot of people actually in the media on the left that probably agree with him. And so they’re not going to bring it up for point of discussion, because there are in agreement with him. 

Well, yes. And when you say we, I would agree, we support free speech. They they don’t and I’m when I mean by they the left wing, those the vast majority of what I call the basket of bias press, they don’t support those things. Let me give an example. You are probably aware of what’s going on between Media Matters and Elon Musk, right? You’ve got media matters that are alleged to have. They’ve created an account and an A followed some you know, pretty seedy people, a lot of Jew haters out there like the the likes of Ilhan Omar, the likes of the Ayatollah Khomeini, they follow those guys. And then they, they see these ads popping up next to some of these seedy characters that they had to refresh and refresh, and refresh, to get that to get those screencaptures. And then they alleged that’s the the X experience. And the effort is, and we can see it’s very transparent, to take down Elon Musk because he dared to restore Twitter to somewhat of a free speech debating forum which the left doesn’t believe in anymore, correct. Right. 

You know, really is a problem that is seems to be very consistent on the left, is that you have to be completely bought into their mindset, their ideology to be correct. So it’s their way or the highway. They talk about diversity a lot and equity and inclusion. But that’s not when it comes to difference of opinion. They want everyone to share the same opinion. And if you are on board with them, then you should be you eliminated. So that is, you know, it is a massive problem because, you know, I worked in the tech world for quite a while. And it was very interesting to me because I actually came from when I had worked in the RNC, then I went into a big tech job. And I was actually shocked, because people would come to me and this was in 2016, after Trump had just won. And they said, they’ve never talked to a Republican before. These are real mates like smart people, people who have gone to Ivy League schools. They’ve never spoken with Republican before or conservative. And so I was this odd man out. And when, you know, they would come to me, and they’re very kind, I would tell them the opinion of conservatives, and they were blown away, they were shocked. They were, they’d never heard anything like this, because they’ve never spoken to a conservative. And so the problem is, they are in these, you know, groupthink type of settings, and they don’t expose themselves to the truth about the other side. And so they only want their side and it is a really consistent problem that I see. In it’s hard to believe that such books smart people could be, you know, so shallow, shallow. Think of a guide to work. 

No, no, I’ll see it folks. This is why I love Lindsay Keith, she’s thinking of a kind word. I’m thinking of a brutally brutally descriptive word. And that just That’s why That’s why she’s probably the better angel in this conversation. Lindsay Keith, the host of TBN, nightly world news program, Centerpointe is our guest right now. And, you know, this reminds me of a conversation I got in two with with a left winger, of course, an anonymous left winger on on x. And I said, Look, I just read a quote this morning, about us about from a saint that said that charity, if you’re trying to convince somebody that your point of view is correct, have the idea of charity in your mind, and you might be able to bridge that gap, you might be able to convince them. So I bring I bring this up in a Twitter conversation and an X conversation with this leftist. And the response I got I said, I said, Well, you know, what if we if we approach this with charity in mind, do you think we could find some areas of agreement? You know what her response was? It was your real, you are really dumb, is what she said? It’s Oh, my gosh, so? So I guess your answer is no, we can’t find any common ground. And that’s, that’s the totalitarianism that I think that we’re seeing. As these narratives were being used Lynsey that were not factual, that were being used to supplant freedoms and rights and liberties of free and free speech, online and in our own government. And I think that’s why they’re so dangerous. 

Well, and I think that’s the problem. Because, you know, from my experience, you can find common ground when you actually speak to a person in person or have an actual conversation with people, but people don’t, they want to just shut it down. And they want to label somebody as a bigot, or an extremist, or, you know, God forbid, not the all these things. They want to label people without really hearing their side or your point, trying to bring some charity and some humanity to the conversation. And that’s the problem with the rhetoric that we see today. And I actually think, you know, not only the media, but social media, because people can just sit behind cowardly behind a screen or their phone and shoot off a text or shoot off a comment. And they’re hateful. I mean, you and I have been in the media for a while you longer than me. But the things that people say it’s unbelievable. And, you know, I read a lot of the comments sometimes just to, you know, hear people say, don’t read them, I’m like, oh, it’s kind of fun. But you have to just take it with a grain of salt, because people are uneducated, on most sub topics, or they’re just angry, or I think oftentimes walking last time, he was talking to somebody, because they have a different opinion than you that you don’t even know you’ve never had a conversation with him that to me really, Chris is the problem with where we’re at. People are able to just jump on social media and attack somebody with out having a conversation and back. So when I was in big tech, people would come up to me and say, like, you can’t be a crazy person and be pro life. Right? Like, you’re not that insane. Right? And I was just, and I would tell them why I was prolonged and how I viewed this, you know, as God calls us to value life, and people would listen and they I won’t say that all of a sudden they were pro life, but I think we move the needle a little bit. And that’s the type of conversations we would be having in America. 

Right I think. By the way, we gotta bring up that Dan Goldman did apologize for his comments. But I mean, again, I don’t think that that would have saved Paul gozar. I think that if there is any fairness left in this country that Mr. Goldman should be, should be investigated for what he said on NBC. By the way, Jen Psaki was the was the so called Anchor who was nodding in agreement the entire time, no word from NBC as to whether or not they support that kind of rhetoric on on their programming, Lindsey Stossel who I know, you know, well, not personally well, but I know you know, his reputation. John Stossel is a libertarian journalist. He’s an award winning journalist. He’s been out there. And he’s he’s been highlighting the things that we weren’t allowed to talk about, when these things were happening. He’s talking about the China virus origins, he’s talking about masks, he’s talking about the Hunter Biden laptop, all of those narratives, which turned out not to be factual. All of those narratives had severe consequences, whether it be electorally, or whether it be in medical decision making or the advancement of medical tyranny. And I think that’s where the biased press is failing us. By and large is pushing back on the narratives. You saw this this documentary, The fall of Minneapolis, which is charging a challenging the George Floyd narrative that’s out there, and also the January 6 tapes, which are changing that discussion. Your opinion is 30,000 feet up? Don’t we need reform inside of news and information? So that we get back to traditional journalism, you know, sourcing, no such thing as anonymous folks, you know, you can’t have these people on Twitter being your sources anymore. You’ve got to start naming names. So people take responsibility for what they’re saying. 

I agree with you. I mean, where we are today as a society in journalism, specifically, is that people don’t ask questions anymore. I always say it’s not. What people talk about is what they don’t talk about is what they don’t investigate. So true. And And to your point of John Stossel. I mean, you think about COVID, if you asked about mask wearing and all of these studies that were starting to come out, they were saying, actually, it could be worse for you, all of a sudden, you are, you know, a a COVID. Back, anti Vaxxer, again, labeled opposed to our job in journalism is to ask questions, it doesn’t mean that we agree with the person or disagree with them. Because we ask the question, I, I think about some of the, you know, I hesitate to bring this up, but like, you think about a lot of the Biden Inc stuff. You have all these House committee is investigating it. And the media, they’ve kind of started to talk about it a little bit. But for so long, you think about the Biden laptop, why would they even ask questions. And that is what the basis is, you should build to ask questions in this country. That’s what makes us different, we have an open press. And our press is protected, unlike many other countries. And so they should take advantage of that. And a lot of times they don’t because it has become so opinion, everything is opinion based, even when they tell you they’re being fact, right. The problem is, I feel really bad for the American people sometimes because how do they know how to decipher the truth from a district? And so it is a challenge, but I agree we need to get back to that and have people just ask what ask the hard question. Well, that’s you agree or not? 

Yeah, you know, what? And to your point, the United States Constitution, it outlines the only protected job in the Constitution is the press and there there is a right there are rights there. But there are also tremendous responsibilities, the likes of CNN and ABC, NBC, CBS, and the New York Times The Washington Post and the the Houston comical in the Democrat Morning News. They’re ignoring those responsibilities when they start off. Well, if Donald Trump is saying it, it must be wrong. Or if Joe Biden is you know, burps he’s admitting chimes, you know, that, that premise, they’ve got to get rid of that. If we’re going to get back to something. It’s it’s free and fair and actually accurate. Lindsey Keith, host of TV NS nightly, world news program, Centerpointe. Lady, it’s always great to catch up. It’s great to catch up. 

Thanks, Chris. 

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