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The Dark Side Of The Leftist LGBTQ...ABCDEFG Agenda

Ron Miller is a former Army Paratrooper turned complex commercial litigator. Feeling called to seek justice for children, adolescents, and other vulnerable members of society from wrongful gender medicalization, Ron left his commercial litigation career to form the law firm Campbell Miller Payne, which is the first and only law firm in the country that focuses exclusively on the issue.

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Folks, I want to play something for you this is this is a D transition or you know what a D transition or is D transition or is somebody who bought into this, this push by the sickos on the left who bought into this something called gender confusion, who bought into this transvestite craze and had their psychosis rather than counseled and, and confronted and challenged, they had it reaffirmed, and it ended up destroying their lives. Now some people affirmed it for the profit motive. 

Other people’s affirmed it because they thought they were standing up for the individual who was conflicted, telling them what they wanted to hear. Some of this affirmation came from people who really didn’t care just didn’t want to be offensive. And it cost one woman everything. This testimony I gotta be, I gotta caution you. It is powerful. It is very, very sensitive. So if you have kids listening with you the podcast, you might just a cautionary tale here. Because it deals with subject matter that is very adult. 

And sadly, this subject matter is being foisted onto our kids, which is a sin in an all in and of itself. But listen to this D transition or who was trying now to fight to save others from her fate. Listen to this. 

“Monday transitioner. And I live in Lowell, but I work, worship and do business in Nashua. And so I’m an active community member of the 603. And I’m here in support of SB 272 today. So like many children and teens, today, I identified myself as transgender for years. And when I started to feel confused and ashamed about my developing body, I asked everyone in my life to call me by a new name, and use male pronouns to refer to me. So in other words, I went through a social transition from female to male, everyone in my life immediately affirmed my new identity either out of full support for it or just to stay neutral and not cause any issues. But the constant affirmation both active and passive, solidified me in my transgender identity.”

So those are the people that this young lady relied upon those close to her to say, hey, you know, maybe you want to stop and think about this, maybe, maybe you want to go talk to somebody professionally. Maybe you want to have a second or third, maybe even a fourth opinion, because what you’re talking about doing has consequences. When you get out of the pronoun silliness, and you start getting into hormone blockers and surgeries, that it’s serious, then it’s a big deal, then it’s to the point of no return. 

This is what this female needed somebody to tell her, but they didn’t because they thought they were sparing her feelings. 

“No wasn’t meant to lock me into an identity that would later leave me broken or shamed and more confused than before. They were really all just being nice. But the social transition eventually wasn’t enough. And I soon felt I needed to take testosterone. And when that wasn’t enough, I had a double mastectomy. And when that still wasn’t enough, I had a total hysterectomy, including the removal of my uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes, and both ovaries.” 

Now, there’s some aspects of this, I want you to recognize the left wing nutcases out there have been saying, Oh, this is all reversible. If you change your mind, you can go back and say, Tell me, where does this woman go to get her new fallopian tubes? Where does this woman go to get her new uterus, there is no place for that. Also, I want you to just do some math in your head, the cost of the hormones, the cost of the fallopian tube removal, the cost of the uterine removal. It’s all chi Ching chi Ching chi Ching for unethical doctors. So I want you to think about all of that. 

“There is no point of contentment during a gender transition, we get fleeting moments of euphoria, but ultimately one step leads straight into the next. And I thought that in the end, I could really become a man. But all I became was a mutilated and abused version of my old self. social transition is a big deal. And we’re lying when we say that any of this is reversible. This is a big decision with lifelong consequences. And New Hampshire doesn’t even require that parents be involved. If the roles of mother and father don’t include authority over the emotional, social and physical future of their children, the rolls no longer mean anything.” 

The attack on the nuclear family is chronicled, and it is the agenda of the American left. This is how they destroy us. This is how they destroy western civilization. This is why what they’re doing is so consequential and is not just a fad is not something we can dismiss. the fall of Western civilization is a big freakin deal. And I think that conservatives, fair minded Independents and Democrats ought to do what they can to stop the fall of Western civilization because it has been so instrumental in easing the sufferings of our imperfect world, the communist world. If they’re in charge, our existence is going to look a hell of a lot more different. By the way. The communist world doesn’t tolerate this kind of stuff. Doesn’t doesn’t tolerate this fanciful, whimsical idea, oh, men can be women and women can be men. 

“Like me, transgender, identifying youth have a high risk for depression. The Trevor Project, which is an LGBT advocacy group, reports that 45% of LGBT teens have seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year. More than half of that number is transgender, identifying youth, teachers and school administrators are mandated reporters. And if a child’s suspected to be four times more likely to attempt suicide than the other students his age, his parents have a right to know, and SB 272, we’ll ensure that parents are notified if their children are identifying with a high risk community, and will allow the parents to decide the next best step for their child. Please vote in support of SB 272. And I’m happy to take any questions.” 

Well, there you go. And that’s why you know, out in the People’s Republic of California, what they’re doing is so dangerous. That the children’s psychological well being that the folks on the left couldn’t give a damn about any of that just the advancement of their left wing ideology. And they’re willing to sacrifice children’s lives to get it. The party of abortion has no compunction about the suicide rate among individuals who go down this dark path, folks, there’s a law firm out there that’s been founded just one that has been founded to fight this fight. going to introduce you to one of the partners in that law firm coming up next on Salcedo storm podcast. 

Today folks want to bring out our guest Ron Miller former Army paratrooper turned complex commercial litigator that’s gonna ask him how that happened feeling. Feeling called to seek justice for children, adolescents and other vulnerable members of society from wrongful gender Medicalization, Ron left his commercial litigation career to form the law firm Campbell Miller pain, which is the first and only law firm in the country that focuses exclusively on these issues. Mr. Miller, great to know you. 

Yeah. Thanks, Chris. Thanks for having me. 

Nice to meet you, too, sir. And thank you for serving the country. Let’s, let’s talk about let’s talk about this in general, because I played a soundbite on the intro of one of these individuals, who is I classify them as a victim of this trans movement, this, this push by those with an agenda to have individuals who wouldn’t normally question their sexuality, drive them to extremes and listen to this. This person who’s detransitioning, after this person’s life has been ruined. Listen to this at the transitioner. 

“And I live in Lowell, but I work, worship and do business in Nashua. And so I’m an active community member of the 603. And I’m here in support of SB 272. today. And I thought that in the end, I could really become a man. But all I became was a mutilated and abused version of my old self. Social transition is a big deal. And we’re lying when we say that any of this is reversible. This is a big decision with lifelong consequences. And New Hampshire doesn’t even require that parents be involved. If the roles of mother and father don’t include authority over the emotional, social and physical future of their children. The rolls no longer mean anything.”

Yeah, there’s a lot going on here. So let’s, she was talking about she had her uterus removed, her breasts removed. And all of the left wingers who say, Oh, no, this is completely reversible. That’s not reversible. 

No, it’s not reversible. And unfortunately, you know, her story is, is just one of many that sound nearly identical, it’s the same, same kind of set of statements, the same kind of lies that are told to each one of these, you know, vulnerable and impressionable adolescents that are seeking, you know, either a therapist or a doctor’s care for legitimate, you know, concerns that they have about their depression or any other of their psychological issues. They’re, they’re trying to get treatment for that. And they wind up getting treatment under this gender affirming care. Procedure is what they’re calling it gender affirming care. And so, you know, it’s not reversible, you can’t reverse a double mastectomy, you can’t reverse the permanent changes that copious dosages of testosterone and other puberty blockers and cross sex hormones will have on a body that is going through puberty, some of those things can never be restarted again. And our clients are seeing that, you know, their lives are permanently affected. And this is not just something you can stop taking the medicine from in your body right itself. 

Yeah, no, it’s completely true. And as the case always with my political enemies, with leftists, they find communities that have a legitimate struggle for for equal treatment, and then they exploit them, chew them up, spit them out, and when they’re done with them, as many of these people now are going in front of the microphones, like this young woman did, who by the way can’t grow a new uterus. Sorry, Democrats, that’s not scientifically possible. You can’t grow a new uterus. And they’re discovering that now that they’re decrying this, this effort by the leftist to divide us that all of a sudden the left wingers no longer supporting them. Now they want to go back to being who they were born to be, in this case, a female. 

Yeah, that’s right. You see that, especially amongst the D transitioners, we get reports from our clients all the time that now they’re even more alienated than they were before. Because the community that they found amongst the transgender community now ostracizes them because well, these are the ones who have seen the error of their ways and are trying to correct what they can correct. And so they’re seeing as having, you know, much like in, in a colt, they’re wanting out, they’re wanting out of what they did. And they’re, they’re trying to save as much of their life as they can. And they’re not, they’re not favored for doing that. In fact, a lot of times they receive very hateful messages from their former community, and it destroys them even more psychologically. 

Rod Miller is our guest right now, folks, he’s served in the military and he is a litigator, he started a a law firm, dealing with the issues that we’re talking about right now, this this rise of, of this, this transition push by the American left, it’s destroying so many of our young people’s lives. Let’s start off in the People’s Republic of California, where they are now talking about it basically stopping parents, and criminalizing parents who want to be informed about their children, who are expressing doubts or concerns about their proper pronouns, or whatever being fed largely by what’s going on, psychologically, inside of Gov. Ed, they want to keep the parents in the dark. What’s your take on this? That I think it’s I mean, it’s just further it’s more of the same this is already going on, it’s just not backed by statute and the fact that California is wanting to codify this. I mean, it’s grotesque, it’s one of these situations that a parent is, should be considered the first psychological, you know, line of defense for their child, not somebody kept in the dark, if they’re, if their kid is struggling, they need to be the first ones and formed. Yet, we’re seeing this all over the place where schools are keeping this information away from the parents, all under the guise of the child’s best interests. And so it’s one of these things that doesn’t make any logical sense. But you see it in California, or you see it in California, you see it in Canada also. And so it’s one of these practices that has to go, but seems to be picking up some steam for whatever reason now. 

Well, I know the reason because there is a desire among those who are ideologically of this bent to separate the younger generations from their parents. We’ve seen this play out time immemorial, throughout human history, where the underpinnings of a stable civilization are always the emphasis on the nuclear family, and give our enemies credit. They know exactly how to destabilize a society. And they are trying to destabilize the foundation of Western civilization, which is the American family. No?

Yes, yeah. And they’re using social media to do it. A lot of this, a lot of these clients that we interviewed say that they first found this, you know, idea from social media, they got discouraged with their own physical appearance based on the appearances of the, you know, influencers that they followed. And then with that discouragement, they started Googling, and they found online communities that only affirmed them and said, hey, you know what, maybe you’re transgender. And as soon as they talk to a therapist about it, if they talk to the wrong one, or for the left’s perspective, the right one, that therapists will just fast track them down, of course of gender transition, no questions asked, right? 

What I get asked this, because we’ve interviewed on the Newsmax show, moms and dads who have their school districts, and of course, the federal government to targeting them as terrorists. If they say, Look, I don’t want my school district making these decisions for my children. I don’t want them. We didn’t want them making the abortion decision for our children in the past. And we sure as hell don’t want them hiding information about their gender preferences, or their gender confusion, any of this stuff. And if parents insist that the school districts inform them, the school districts are going to extreme measures, even targeting these parents for legal action. The parents want to know what legal defense they have against an oppressive state against gov. Ed. And can parents start going on the offense and suing gov ed, and making sure they pay a price for this activity? 

Yeah, that’s that’s a great question, Chris. Unfortunately, it’s one that no court has really addressed yet. This is such a new practice and it’s such a new phenomenon as far as the amount you know of the the The amount that’s taking place across the country, there’s just no court that has has decided any kind of constitutional issue or any kind of, you know, state by state law issue as it relates to the parents right to be involved in this decision making process. Given that it’s also further complicated by HIPAA and other medical statutes designed to protect the privacy of patients. There’s all sorts of complications that will need to get resolved through the courts. It’s just hadn’t gotten there yet. 

Ron Miller is our guest right now he’s a litigator for Campbell Miller Payne. It’s a law firm seeking justice, the only one of its kind seeking justice for children, adolescents and other vulnerable members of our society, from a wrongful gender. Medicalization, let’s leave the People’s Republic of California, come home to the great state of Texas, Texas scorecard reporting that a woman is suing doctors who pushed her gender mutilation procedures and treatments. The lawsuit alleges that nine clinics and doctors participated in advising and coercing her into receiving a double mastectomy, and cross sex hormone treatments. Let’s deal with the doctors. Because you and I know the price tag that doctors are getting filthy, stinking rich, off of pushing these what many medical professionals would consider unnecessary procedures? What’s your take on this? 

Right? Yeah, we’ve seen studies that project that this industry, this just with the cross sex hormone industry is projected upwards of $5 billion over the next five years. So there’s significant funding involved in this practice. And we’d be you know, we’d be kind of naive to think that it wasn’t influencing some of this decision making. We think that there’s a money influencer, but there’s also an ideology influencer, that’s causing these doctors or encouraging these doctors to look the other way or just ultimately disregard their standard care for these patients. 

Right. And it reminds me of Planned Parenthood, it’s like, yes, we fully expect Planned Parenthood to go over all the options with mothers who have unplanned pregnancies, which is BS, because you know, the Planned Parenthood has a financial interest in counseling people to abort their children. So they can make a lot of money. About these clinics, who are arrayed who are so called giving advice. What legal liability do they have, if they are giving patients bad advice medically for their future? 

Well, there they’ve got civil liberal, civil civil liability due to the well, just the breach of care, the breach of their standard of care if that causes complications or problems down the road, that pain and suffering physical disfigurement, you know, the emotional, psychological issues, lifelong permanent effects. They add up financially over time, just the medical treatments that will be required. But think about it. I mean, how can you put a price tag on the damage, the permanent irreversible damage that’s been done to this child’s body? I mean, you can’t put a price tag on a mother’s inability to ever breastfeed her children. But what we do, and one of the reasons that we bring these lawsuits is, you know, we let the jury decide not only what kind of monetary amount would compensate the pain and suffering that this person has gone through and will go through in the future, but also, what amount sends a message to these practitioners, that will discourage them from doing this ever again. So there’s two reasons for these damages amounts, and it’s to compensate the plaintiff. But it’s also to send that message so that this practice stops. 

Well, how are you guys doing on the litigation side? What kind of judgments are you winning? Is there? Is there starting to be a downside for these for these individuals who are counseling people to destroy their lives in essence? Yeah, so I mean, the lawsuits are all so new that not none of them have gone to judgment yet. But interestingly enough, just the filing of the lawsuit, we’ve seen some response in the industry. If you’ll look up the Colorado Children’s Hospital last week, or the week before it was right after we filed one of our lawsuits, they announced that they were stopping their gender affirming treatments and procedures, because the practice presented too large of a financial risk to the hospital. 

Yeah, okay. So yeah, we’ve got to start making them pay a price for this, which of course, our political enemies do not like to be held accountable for what they do. So let me ask you the basic question of where you see this going. Do you see other people maybe taking up your mantle founding offices like yours and others state’s defending people who are being exploited I, I would guess for several reasons, I think it’s all at the end of the day political and a loss of freedom and a loss of rights. But people are being exploited out there with this. And I guess we can’t dismiss actual gender dysphoria people. So we don’t want to dismiss that crowd. But by enlarge, that the sheer numbers of all of this to make it viable and economical, it doesn’t meet the science. So where do you see this all going? 

Yeah, so we’re seeing an uptick in the amount of potential clients that contact us looking for legal advice on whether they have a case. And we just know that based on the amount that we’ve seen, and kind of just the statistics of it showed that there’s going to be a large wave of these lawsuits. But of these, you know, D transitioners, stepping forward and telling their story about what was done to them, they’re, you know, collectively kind of becoming more aware of what was happening, because you got to think about their mindset at the time, they’re relying on a doctor, they have no reason to believe that the information they’re being given is anything but you know, in their best medical interest. And it’s not until years later that they start talking amongst each other and figuring out that these things that they have in common were all side effects that weren’t disclosed, or these are all treatments that were not actually irreversible. And so it’s, it’s then that they can look back and see Wait a minute, I was misled. And that’s when they come forward and discuss their stories with us with, you know, different media outlets, or sometimes just on online communities. 

Do you have medical personnel on your staff. We don’t have medical personnel on staff, we have a very large network of medical professionals that advise us and help us make, you know, Well assess cases, but also help treat and advise patients who still need treatment. You know, a lot of these medical providers that they receive these treatments from, just abandon them after they’ve decided that they no longer want to do this. And so they don’t really help them wean themselves off of the testosterone or well prescribe them with anything to assist in their D transition. 

The reason I ask is because Medically speaking, there is no reason for any of them. There is no medical reason for the vast majority of these transition surgeries. The people with actual gender dysphoria are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of our population. So So So the bulk that is needed to make this a viable procedure. Those people don’t qualify that it’s not medically sound. So they’re getting bad medical advice. And that’s the reason why I asked if it can be determined that these people are getting bad medical advice for profit sake. I think that that’s the gold standard. That’s the piece there is a stance, if you will. 

Yeah. And that’s what several of our lawsuits we have the documentation to show that and that’s that’s what we’re going to show a trial is that there were those financial motivators that were causing these practitioners to prioritize the gender treatments over, you know, ruling out the other comorbidities first, they jumped straight to the medicalization because of because of the financial upside. 

Yep. Ron Miller, everybody. He is a former Army paratrooper served this country in uniform. He became a commercial complex commercial litigator and then said You know, he felt called so founding Campbell Miller pain. It’s a it’s a law firm that seeks justice for children, adolescents and other vulnerable members of society. From wrongful gender medicalization run of folks want to check out a what you guys do? Be how they can help you? Where can they go? 

Yeah, you can visit our website at Campbell Miller You can order cm P. P, LLC. That’s Charlie Mike a PA. But Paul Lima, Lima And you can contact us through the website. And we’d be more than happy to talk to you doing God’s work. I know I’m not the only one probably telling you that. But thank you, man. Appreciate the time. 

Thanks, Chris. 

That’s gonna do it for the Salcedo storm podcast. Two websites, you know, Texas and Chris, the newly renovated Chris show up there, folks, tell me what you think about it. Make any suggestions of any changes we should do? And while you’re there, check out the Chris Salcedo shows on Newsmax TV and on AM 700k SCV always at home here on the Salcedo storm podcast. Until we visit again, my friends remember this? A society’s worth isn’t measured by how much power is stolen by government it’s rather measured by how much power is reserved for you and me We the People stay safe out there my friends

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