The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Salcedo Storm Podcast
The Ladies Weigh In On Government's Abuses

Chrissy Clark is a reporter for the Daily Caller and Newsmax contributor. And Brianna Lyman is a reporter and commentator at the Daily Caller.

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I’m guilty of this, I’m guilty of getting used to Twitter 2.0, where I can virtually be me, I can actually say conservative things, and not have to worry about being censored. I’m still getting emails from folks who are unlucky enough to still be doing business with, with Facebook, they are censoring people left and right over there because they’re a bunch of left wing nut bags. 

But you know, that is not just the fact that these social media companies are are silencing free speech. It’s they’re silencing debate on ideas, because the assumption is, or the left wing is right, and you conservatives and the Republicans, they shut the hell up. 

For example, Texas passed a law saying that if you are a social media company, you can’t discriminate against somebody for their politics, you can’t silence them, if they say stuff that is counter to your left wing sensibilities. Well guess what Beijing Biden doesn’t like that. So he’s going to sue, he’s going to sue Texas, to stop that law from taking place because Joe Biden wants censorship. 

Democrats want censorship, like good little blanking communists, they want to censor those who disagree with them. And this is why we have come to know that they used our money to silence us when they paid off Twitter, and goodness knows how many others of these social media companies they paid off with American taxpayer dollars. 

And the information they’re suppressing is just pretty much common sense stuff that we’ve been at loggerheads with the left for years. For example, if you say that there are two genders, then that is now censored on places like Facebook, not anymore on Twitter, but on Facebook, Carrie Lake, stretching her legs a little bit looking at the reporters for The Washington Post in the New York Times. And she had some choice words about this, have a listen to Carrie lake at the Iowa State Fair. 

“Each one of us from the New York Times. You know, there’s only two genders, right? There’s only two genders. And they know that in Iowa, I challenge the New York Times reporter and the Washington Post reporter to try to milk the cow and then try to milk a bowl and see how that goes.”

Just great. That is so great. But see now, if she had done that, if she had done that, in a in social media setting, back under Twitter 1.0, she would have been censored. You can’t say that Facebook today. You can’t say there are two genders, without getting thrown off the platform. Milton Friedman story to economist if you wanted to post something about Milton Friedman, something he had said which shouldn’t be controversial, but it is because it it flies in the face of left wing extremists and they have lost the ability to debate so they just shut you up. Here’s Milton Friedman with some basic common sense. He was saying to Donahue, back in the day Listen

“Tell me Is there some society you know, that doesn’t run on greed? You think Russia doesn’t run on greed? You think China doesn’t run on greed? What is greed? Of course, none of us are greedy, if only the other fellows grew. This the world runs on individuals pursuing their separators the great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus. Einstein didn’t construct his theory under order from a bureaucrat.” 

Seeking out that that could be viewed on Facebook on meta or beta, whatever the hell they call it could be viewed as anti government sentiment. So the truism that true inspiration, nobody has ever been inspired to create a bunch of governments gun. Nobody has been inspired when government says hey man, just use all your talents and you get no reward for it. Your reward is the is the love from all of the apparatchiks in government they gotta get rich off of your thoughts. That doesn’t inspire a lot of people to be the best they can be. 

“Henry Ford didn’t revolutionize the automobile industry that weigh, in the only cases in which the masses have escaped from the kind of grinding poverty, you’re talking about the only cases in recorded history or weather where they have had capitalism and largely free trade, if you want to know where the masses are worse, worse off, worst off, it’s exactly from the kinds of societies that depart from that. So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear that there is no alternative way. So far discovered of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by free enterprise.

And a free enterprise system. So so there’s Milton Friedman, stating the obvious that there is nothing that we have that can that can touch free enterprise or capitalism. Now, this goes against the socialist mindset of those who run beta of those who used to run the communist who used to run Twitter. So this idea of putting up this, this counter narrative, this counter information to their narrative is what’s unacceptable on left wing social media. What if you’re the N double a PCP, the National Association for the Advancement of progressive colored people, and you get out there and you say, for example, you know, what, defunding the cops is stupid that defunding the cops where the Democrats want to do? Is is stupid. 

“Darren White is with the NAACP Oakland branch, which penned an open letter to their city, blaming failed leadership, the defund the police movement, and anti police rhetoric for creating a heyday for Oakland criminals. We’re not trying to say you know, mass incarceration and arrest everyone. We want the people that are out here committing these violent crimes, arrested and charged car do we need more cops on the street? Yes, we do me more from every community in the US police.” 

Oh, okay. There you go violation of betas community standards. So let’s silence the NAACP because they’re not sticking to the left wing narrative that much more on this folks, dispelling the left wing narrative with a couple of massively intelligent ladies on the Salcedo storm podcast. 

The news cycle is slowing down a little bit not much but it’s slowing down a little bit we are able to get in some more subjects out there. So I want to be able to bring up a panoply if you will, of issues and stories to my to my guests and also have a a coveted female perspective. Christy Clark is joining us a reporter for The Daily Caller and a Newsmax contributor and Brianna Lyman is also reporter and commentator at The Daily Caller. Ladies welcome. 

Good morning. 

Okay, let me just that the big story of course is the law fair that’s going on. Give me and Chris you’re gonna go first. Give me an overview if you will, about not only the all out protection racket that is going Going on from all of government approach to protect Democrats in particular the Biden’s from being found out, and the the equal all hands on deck to get Trump. 

Yeah. Wow, it’s gotten so crazy Chris, I really just didn’t think that we’d be in a position like we are today. But wow. I mean, you’re looking at, I just I’ve thought about this long and hard when it comes to COVID. When it comes to which I know none of us want to hear that word anymore. Come on. But when it comes to COVID, when it comes to what’s going on with Trump, when it comes to DOJ, and Russia collusion, you can look back to the last six years. And it’s just crazy, because I’m not one to use the word conspiracy theory in the way that Democrats use conspiracy theory. And I’m not here to say that the lab leak was a conspiracy theory. I’m talking general, deep, deep rooted conspiracy theories. They’re starting to take root and they’re starting to make sense to people because there’s so much distrust in our government. And I think Joe Biden, Mr. President, unity was supposed to be that person who wasn’t going to do that, and not that I ever believed in for a second, but there are a lot of people that did, and it’s been quite the opposite. It’s actually entrenched all those years of media distrust of government distrust and just made it even worse. 

Well, Brianna there, Rob Finnerty on Newsmax came up with a line and I’ve been using it ever since. We’ve got to come up with new conspiracy theories, because all the old ones keep coming true. And it is, it is really indicative, Brianna, of where we are in this country. And as Chris, he points out, the last six years I we have seen a meteoric decline in what it is to live in a free and fair society. Yes? 

Absolutely. And, you know, we talked about conspiracy theories. I think the biggest one that we’ve recently have come to fruition is they have told us for years, that big tech and the government is not trying to censor or stifle conservatives. And Jim Jordan has been releasing in dribs and drabs information showing that the Biden administration was again, actively working with Facebook or trying to get Facebook’s represent, I should say, to censor and silence conservatives. And like Chrissy said, items like the COVID-19, right, the lab leaf theory, the vaccine theory, they said that they didn’t want people who were saying that they didn’t need to take the vaccine, or they were skeptical of the vaccine being promoted on these platforms. And so when conservatives raise these really real issues, especially when it comes to things like the vaccine, I think people need to remember, is that public opinion that’s bound to every government, when you stifle the public opinion, the government is allowed to go unfettered and do what they want. And what did they do in this instance, that’s the mandate. They fire people, they kick people out of the military. So that’s the real life consequences of when you lose free speech at the hands of government when it relates to conspiracy theories. 

Yeah. And pivoting back to the the idea of cover up, you’ve got the cover up of Joe Biden’s criminal activities and his family’s criminal activities being run by government, not by the Biden family, by government, they are running the cover up, and you’ve got this all out assault on President Trump. And I think it’s typified in this cocaine at the White House. The New York Post citing a report out there, White House, cocaine belonged to somebody, quote, in the family orbit of the Biden’s the Biden family orbit. And they were told, according to this report, Chrissy that Joe Biden has been told which family member possess the cocaine, but whereas we’re told, You can’t ask about it, you can’t know about it. And I think even Democrat voters, the most staunch Democrat voters are like, What the hell is this? 

Yeah, well, one of the things I think they’re just really rouse me up, Chris. You know, I write about issues about transgender people and transgender kids, specifically. And this all ties together, I promise. But yesterday, I was reading this article about how California is their attorney general is going after parents who want to know that their kids gender identity, right. So us, the state government going after parents for the way that they pair it, and yet the man that runs our country supposedly can’t parent his child correctly, and is so just, he did such a horrible job. Like, let’s be honest, I mean, anybody would be fairly disappointed to know that this is how their child turned out to be like Hunter Biden, a crack addict who has hot like, children with people who really probably shouldn’t have children with it we’re supposed to be is this is like, it’s a messy, messy life. And the problem is that Joe Biden just, he feels it. What do you do when you have an attic? Anybody out there that’s dealt with that painful, painful struggle? They know that you you take the money away from them, you try to cut off the lifeline of where the cocaine comes from. I have a feeling that Joe Biden has done quite the opposite, given all of the testimony that we’ve heard from people like Gavin Archer and Gary Shapley and the people over the IRS. We know what was going on Joe Biden was fueling, essentially, well, after Biden’s cocaine problem is terrible, and yet they’re judging our parenting. 

Do you know how much cocaine $5 million in from a Ukrainian oligarch can buy? I mean, seriously, do you know how much cocaine? Do I want to know? Yeah, well, but Brianna, about that, you know, first off address the cocaine that, gee, it was somebody in the Biden family orbit Who the hell could have seen that coming? Right. That’s number one, but also about this whole Hey, Joe Biden family man, a Catholic family man from Scranton, that had to be dragged kicking and screaming to acknowledge his son’s illegitimate child, a four year old, innocent little girl. And now that the polls show that America thinks that Joe Biden is a degenerate for ignoring that little girl, oh, now all of a sudden he wants to pay a visit? 

Yeah, well, when it comes to the cocaine, it is a slap in the face to the intelligence of every American who can put simply two and two together. And I think it would behoove the Biden administration to simply come out and say, Yes, Hunter Biden has published and struggled with addiction, if it wasn’t that conquers, which we obviously, you know, we’re inclined to say was, and give the American people some answers, because this is the administration that is proud of being the one of truth and transparency, and they’re offering neither of those things. And don’t tell the American people that the one spot in the United States that has the most security and probably the entire world doesn’t have cameras or any kind of security in that specific area. I mean, who are they trying to fool here? And when it comes to Biden ignoring his granddaughter, I would say that the way the media has portrayed, this has been incredible. I believe it was NBC last week or the week before they put out an article. And they said that Republicans are trying to tear down the credibility of Biden as a family man, Republicans are the problem here because they’re trying to tear down. Neil Biden is his own problem. He ignored a grandchild look, you can be upset that your son knock up a hooker. But you can still acknowledge it. That’s your granddaughter and say, Look, we love her. She’s part of the family. We don’t like perhaps the way that she was conceived or any of the situations surrounding it. But that’s the life. And so when Biden tries to claim that He’s a family man, he’s only a family man if he thinks that will look good on him. And now that the tides are turning after the New York Post decided to finally catch up to The Daily Caller and other conservative outlets and qualify knotwork. Now they think that they can turn this into some kind of PR point for the Biden administration. 

A real Catholic wouldn’t have any problem with acknowledging family no matter how they came into being. Christy Clark is our guest along with Brianna Lyman, they are we they work for The Daily Caller. And they they show up in the Newsmax show every once in a while and have conversations with me. Let’s talk about one of the big news stories overnight that the Democrats across the country are celebrating an Ohio special election. I’ve got to admit that when I heard the Republicans in Ohio, were trying to make it more difficult to amend the state constitution to defend the unborn. I was like, Is that really what you should be doing? I was a little suspect of of this, this prop one or whatever they call it out there. This issue number one, Christie, where were you on this? 

Yeah, I was I was equally you know, when I think back to how we got justice Cavanaugh, it was really just the Democrats tried to go overboard thinking about one issue so hard, that they ended up getting rid of the filibuster for judges, and then that ultimately led to Mitch McConnell being able to push those nominations through. And so it’s curious whether or not that would be the entire, like whether Republicans were really thinking about how this is going to play long term, not just on one abortion issue. So yeah, that was my initial thought as well. And then I did a little bit more analysis on it and found that there is dark candidates that really tied their whole messaging to this. So there’s obviously a very contentious Republican Senate race out there. And there’s candidates that tied their whole campaign to this issue. So they’re probably about to go into some intense, Ron DeSantis, like restructuring a now they’ve just completely lost everything. So that’ll be interesting to watch the whole shake up in Ohio as well. 

No, look, I don’t. I don’t think the issue is lost. I think you know, when you have stats coming out of Texas, that 10,000 babies have been saved because of because of our restrictions on the slaughter of children in the womb, I think that there’s a case to be made, hey, more Americans are being born and we don’t have to bring them across the illegally across the border to to do a replacement rate and look over what they’re doing what they did themselves over in China. That’s the reason why they’re going to go to war with us is because they’re getting so old so fast. Don’t follow the Democrats don’t follow communists into this abortion cycle. What I want you to to do to contact the next Briana alignment is is this story that’s come out of something called the Cochrane Library. Have you heard of the Cochrane Library before? If not these folks basically These are evidence based medical decisions. They recommend medical decisions based on data. You know, I know crazy data. I mean, I actually instead of your feelings operating on actual data, well, anyway, the Cochrane Library, look at 78 Mask studies and concluded there was little to no evidence that face masks provide any efficacy against viral transmission. And I say finally putting to bed this idea of forcing people into masks. What’s your reaction to that? 

I’m not surprised. You didn’t, I don’t think you even needed. You know, 70 plus studies to tell you this, because you did have in the height of the pandemic experts getting on TV saying, look, the regular surgical masks you’re wearing are not enough the and 95 for the only ones that offer even some type of protection. And even then, I mean, I weren’t, and then the five and I call COVID. But we see three years later, now the science is suddenly coming out. And that’s the most people would want you to believe. But if you look at some of the emails that have been foiled for Fauci, and for the National Health Institute and other organizations, they were having these back channel communications, in the height of the pandemic, they were raising the concerns that the so called conspiracy theorists, were posting on Facebook, right about the mass about the vaccines about the lockdown, and we were all labeled as crazy right wing nut jobs who wanted you know, everybody to die of COVID When in reality, it turns out it was the truth and I will not forget, and I don’t think I really want to forgive either those on the left, especially those in the mainstream media who said that people who you know, don’t wear masks or don’t get COVID or don’t get the vaccine should be you know, cattle together and sent elsewhere. Right. They told us that we should be locked in the house. We shouldn’t be allowed to go to grocery stores. Remember how they treated us when you go? 2024? 

Yep, yep, just like China. They want to keep you inside the house. And you know, what if the if a building catches on fire, oh, well, just like they did in just like they didn’t shine, folks. We’re talking to Christy Clark and Brianna Lyman, they’re both of The Daily Caller. Let’s see. Chrissy I want you to tee off on this. This is Mitch McConnell. Now, I guess they do something out there in in Kentucky where they get Republicans and Democrats together. And they start making these pitches to the various people and the heckling and the booing from all sides happens. But this is Mitch McConnell, listen to how he was greeted. 

“We’re up against folks who closed schools and then told you that teachers unions know what’s best for your kid. We’re up against folks who’d rather let repeat offenders walk free and get tough on crime. I’m glad Governor Beshear finally decided to come to fancy farm.” 

Yeah. Okay. So there he is trying to convince I think that people that were shouting retire, were actually the conservatives. Were actually the conservatives. They’re not the Democrats. Democrats kind of love Mitch McConnell, they’re in Kentucky because they get everything they want with this guy in the United States Senate leading the Republic, so called leading the Republicans. But I think this speaks larger to an identity crisis the Republican Party has, the Republican Party is no longer an opposition party to Democrats. And isn’t that a problem? 

Yeah, I mean, that’s a lot to throw out. And one question, no, no, I know. You know, Republicans do have an identity crisis, because for so long, they’ve played defense. And they thought that appeasing people was going to work because their policies weren’t considered the nice warm and fuzzy policies. So they, they try to do that, or they try to, like, muddle their way into American’s hearts, by being kind in other ways or appeasing in other ways. And that you have to realize, via Trump, that that’s not working. It’s never going to work. And the reason why Trump was so far ahead in the polls, is because he’s a giant pulsating middle finger, the people he everybody hates. So I think it’s a great idea that these Republicans go on offense, but unfortunately, Mitch McConnell kind of signifies outside of I think, if you look at his judicial track record, outside of his judicial track record, he is very much that traditional, defensive Republican, and Republicans are turned off by that not to mention that Mitch McConnell is the most hated us politician in America. 

Yeah, one. Donald Trump. Well, I mean, yeah, John Cornyn is one of that ilk. Mitt Romney and 20 House Republicans voted to protect Adam Schiff look at what they don’t recognize is when you play nice and you get on your knees to be deferential to a Democrat they’ll kick you in the teeth because that’s what Democrats do. That’s their personality that’s who they are as people so and the Republicans just keep on Hey kick me on the other tooth you missed a tooth keep on kicking me and and their constituents who these Republicans are portraying want no part of it. I want to ask you Briana about Musk. This was a part I was talking to the audience about this a part of the musk interview with Tucker that I missed that he fired 80% of Twitter when he took it over 80% are gone. And he says, you know, you’d be surprised when you’re not running a political activist company, and you’re not trying to censor people. You’d be surprised how few people you need. And it’s like, isn’t that the less isn’t the lesson here? I mean, because in the Soviet Union, the state was arrayed at it arresting the people and China, the state is a rage and arresting people. And in Twitter 1.0. They were arrayed at silencing people and advancing communism. And now when you don’t have to concern yourself with that you can actually run a successful business. 

Yeah, and when Elon Musk, you know, if you go back when he was starting to fire people, he was saying, first of all, we don’t need to have all this overhead. Second of all, we need people in the office and you have people of my generation who do not want to work in an office, they want to remain working from home. But when you look at the agenda that Twitter has had, when the Twitter files were released, we saw these back channels showing us again, that even low level employees were involved and engaged in censoring conservatives. So I just think it’s great idea to clear house. Elon Musk is a businessman, he is going to do anything he can to cut costs and to maximize profit. And unfortunately, or ideally, that’s how the United States to be run. 

Right? We should be cutting overhead and some of these giant governments, right like the IRS at 7000 additional agents, probably not right. But again, they have to be able to target people like Matt tyy who exposes government corruption. Yeah, so if we could take that same approach to the government, I think that would be great. No, you don’t need any 7000 agents if America is actually behaving like America, if your government is of by and for the people, you don’t need a 7000 IRS agency you don’t need a government that’s so big that the 535 individuals in Congress have no prayer of overseeing it you you don’t if you pare down government you don’t need all of that stuff. Last thing and this is frankly folks I gotta be honest with you this is the reason I brought the ladies on was to talk about Barbie. The Barbie the Barbie movie because look Russell who is the executive producer of this program, he had it his take on it I’m I had my take on it. But you know what I wanted to pick the brain of of females of real women you know not not not dealing Mulvaney real women who could tell me what this is all about. This is a billion dollar worldwide grossing movie that people are flocking to. So Chrissy, you get the first bite of the apple Go ahead. 

I have not seen the Barbie movie. I went into Oppenheimer and that knocking those stereotypes Yeah, of course. Yes. No, but I really do think that what we started is a catalyst. It was not just Barbie movie that’s going to explode. Now Greta Gerwig and her garbage politics are going to be taking over a bunch of Mattel products and serving this kind of movie to a generation of women. We’re now going to get the Polly Pocket version of garbage Barbie. That will get garbage probably pocket and all of this Barbie will probably talk it’s just like it’s gonna go on and on and on. Unfortunately, it’s not just going to end with Barbie. It’s going to be a catalyst that goes on and on. And you know what I’m gonna go into the movie open minded don’t get me wrong. I want to see it but right now I’m not gonna you know, I’m not gonna sit in the very very front row. It’s just not happening. Chris understood. Well, Brianna, you take a swing. 

Well unfortunately Chrissy I did see it and I wasted money on it. Chris cut me off when you feel ready. But let me tell you something. My first reaction there’s a transgender Barbie in this movie. Oh, this movie was branded as empowering women. Right as smashing the patriarchy nothing screams empowering women like hiring a man to undress and drag and make a character of women and then promoting that as women empowerment. Okay, that was offensive to myself, a biological woman and all the women out there. Second of all in this movie, I mean, they they tried to convince you that masculinity is toxic. And I think I finally understood the point because if you watch the beginning opening credits, they have a map of the South China Sea. And what they did with the South China Sea map is they made it look like it belongs to 100%. China, we know that that is a contested area. Right? And I believe it might have been Vietnam, I have to double check. But one Asian nation actually banned the movie because of this map. But no, Greta Gerwig wanted to kowtow to China, which is why she tried to portray masculinity as so toxic, because what is the best way for China to try and infiltrate and take over the United States create a weak nation when you can’t be the softening of men? They don’t want to then join the armed forces. They don’t want to create a strong nation right? So our military will become weaker eventually as you convince these men that’s being masculine and not toxic masculinity just being a man is toxic, right? They also complained about capitalism the whole time. And I will say one of the most expensive parts of the movie was these undertones of anti semitism. And everyone will say, Oh, well, Greta Gerwig, putting her partner is Jewish and the founder of Barbie was Jewish. That doesn’t mean that they can’t have anti semitic undertones. Because first of all, you had a young teen girl calling Barbie a fascist that people don’t know the real meaning of fascism and to throw that term around. So how candidly, is their young kids going to see this movie? 1013 years old, and they hear oh, you’re a fascist because you like capitalism. Great. That is not great. And then you have Barbie wearing this beautiful Coco Chanel necklace. Coco Chanel is a known anti Semite. Right. She was a Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer, absolutely unacceptable in that movie. And the last thing I would say is that, you know, there is no beef Barbie look, everybody should be comfortable in their own skin. But to glorify obesity the way that we’ve seen it done with Lizzo in the mainstream media, also not appropriate for young girls who are impressionable and are going to see this movie not realizing it’s just a shill and a mouthpiece for the left. 

Well, you know, I hear it’s really big in China, and they’re saying, look at how weak America’s men are. Look at how weak America is. And look at what America covets. You know, we over here in China are focused on mathematics and science and making sure that we are the world’s hegemonic in the next in this century, and they’re consumed with Barbie over in America. America is ripe for the pickings and the Democrats in Hollywood have made it so Christy Clark, Brandon Lyman, ladies, appreciate the visit. That’s gonna do it for this Salcedo storm podcast. Do me a favor and pay a visit if you will to Chris and Texas At Chris You can do all kinds of things there. You can check out our locals Hangout, you can check out the brand new website let me know what you think about the format. That’s also cool. Also, check out our social media hookups. When you go to Texas Big news in Texas including their brand spankin new documentary, The Texas heist, you have got to see it if you vote in Texas. Until we visit again my friends remember this society is worth not measured by how much power is stolen by government. Furthermore, how much power is reserved for you and me? We the People stay safe out there my friends. 

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